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Attempt Official CA CPT Question Papers for - for Free in a Real, Attempt or Download - CA CPT Question Papers Download PDF. CA CPT Sample Papers The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ( ICAI) has released the CA CPT sample papers for candidates to practice. Download here now- Free CA CPT Question Papers . CA CPT Previous Years Solved Question Papers with Answer Key and Solution for free in PDF.

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ICAI CA Foundation/CPT Papers and Answer keys (All in One) But this is not enough if you are preparing for CA CPT exams. Practicing ICAI mock test papers, vsi mock test papers, model question papers will help you in your upcoming CA Foundation and CPT exam. Last 10 Years CA CPT Question Papers PDF is available here to download. Check CA CPT Previous Year Question Papers from this. Share. Free Download CA CPT Question Paper Dec & June with Answer Key. CA CPT exam has just completed in December

May 18, This article provides exclusive information on CA CPT previous year Question paper, model test paper, mock test paper. Candidates can download the answers in the pdf file format. CPT Answer key June CPT dec answer key. CPT Answer key june

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March PDF. When will result come? December 18, at 7: Hi katar singh bhati Please check following article http: December 19, at 1: December 18, at 9: Hi Vishal Both the Results are published on same date.

December 19, at Want answer key of set C. December 17, at 1: Questions are nt as same as in exam. Hi Rishika These Questions are provided on memory based so some questions are not matched. December 18, at 8: December 17, at December 17, at 9: Hi Krishu There no cut off in the result, if you think that your marks are lower then as you expect then you can apply for certified copy of your answer sheet and match your marks.

December 18, at Yes you are right rishika. Akshatha Shetty says: December 16, at 8: Hi Akshatha Shetty Hi Paper is avaiable for download Please download from above from following link http: December 16, at 9: December 16, at Wil cptl paper is same for 13 Dec and 27 Dec cpt candidates.

CA CPT Question Paper PDF Download

Viswanadh says: Question paper will same for 13 and 27 Dec. December 16, at 2: No Chance for Same Paper. Hi thatraju. Vaibhav says: When will you post Dec 15 CPT paper??? Pls upload cpt question paper with answer key. December 15, at 4: Prachi gwalani says: December 15, at 3: Hi Prachi gwalani Question Paper will be uploaded as soon possible, Keep visit to our site and subscribe our mailing list for more future updates.

ICAI CA CPT June 2019 Mock Test Papers with Answers

Ashwitha H says: When cpt Dec result will be announced? December 15, at June 6, at 3: When cpt Dec will be announced?????? Arvind says: Sir when will the result will appear. July 9, at 4: God is great.


June 16, at 9: Rohit Vadher says: He violated the concept of a Money measurement b Conservatism. An offer made without any words spoken or written is a specific offer b cross offer c implied offer d counter offer. The communication of acceptance is complete as against the offeror a whenacceptance comes to the knowledge of offeror b whenit is put into transmission and leaves his power to reject c whenacceptance is reached to offeror d None of the above.

Proposal may be: The term quid pro quo is applied in relation to a consideration c free consent b capacity of parties d legality of object.

Which of the following is valid? A lunatic person means: An agreement to remain unmarried is a valid c voidable b void d unenforceable. A promises to pay Ba sum of Rs. A sold goods to Bat a price of Rs. Towards payment, B gave a post datedcheque for Rs. Here a A is bound by the payment b A is not bound to accept the cheque c A is bound to accept the cheque at the request of B d None. X, y and Z jointly promised to pay Rs.


Z is compelled to pay the whole amount. X owes Rs. Contract is discharged by a performance of contract b mutual agreement c breach of contract d Any of the above.

Rescission of contract means: Which of the following statements about registration of firm is not true? X, Y and Z are partners. X retired withoutgiving public notice. X and Y entered into partnership agreement where X has to take all profits and Y shall receive wages. A, B and C are partners. B who took the house on rental basis for the firm failed to pay the rent.

In a partnership firm, X, a partner bought immovable property without the consent of other partners.

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Which of the following is not a type of document of title to goods? A person appointed to bid on behalf of seller is called a Puffer b Auctioneer c Damper d either b or c. In case of specific goods in deliverable state the sale is concluded a when goods are delivered to downloader b when contract of sale is made by parties c when money is paid by downloader d when goods are delivered and money is paid.

In case of breach of condition as to quality or fitness a downloader can sue the seller b downloader can sue for damages c downloader can refuse to pay the price d downloader can return the goods. A sent wheat to B and B sent the same to mill. Here it is said that a B has accepted the wheat expressly b B has accepted the wheat by implied adoption c B has accepted the wheat by estoppel d None of the above.

Remember one thing that, this CPT Question paper will be compiled from test takers memory. So there are some minor mistakes in Question paper and Answer key. We have compiled this Question paper, based on the memory of students who have appeared for CPT exam. In that case the answers provided by the institute may differ from these ideal answers.

Every effort has been taken to give best answers. Click Here. Here we have also given CPT previous exam Question paper with answer key. Click below links to download. We will update our site with the latest information on CA.

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So, keep visiting. We will update our site with all latest information on CA course.