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On the basis of the recommendation of 7th Central Pay Commission, report of the Committee was received by the Government in Finance. Home; Employee Corner; Seventh Central Pay Commission the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission regarding, Download ( KB) pdf. The Official Committee was also requested to submit its report to .. 7. FIXATION OF PAY UNDER TAMIL NADU REVISES PAY RULES,

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consider, if necessary, sending interim reports on any of the matters the Seventh Central Pay Commission with specified Terms of Reference. 7, Report of the Seventh Central Pay Commission, Download ( MB) application/pdf. 8, Resolution on Terms of Reference of 7th CPC, Download ( MB). Latest Notification pdf download check now. 7th Pay Commission Latest Allowance Report – Recommendations/Modifications. The Union Committee of Secretaries set up to screen the recommendations of 7th CPC.

In a move that will benefit over 1. The previous DA hike was in August last year when the government had increased it to 9 per cent from 7 per cent. Since the hike comes into effect retrospectively from January 1, the employees will also get arrear for the month of January. Now, the central government employees and pensioner will get Dearness Allowances at the rate of 12 per cent. In a decision that will benefit thousands of academicians, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has announced to give 7th pay commission salaries to madrassa teachers of the state.

Based on the examination on these lines, the 7th CPC recommended that 53 allowances be abolished and 37 be subsumed in an existing or a newly proposed allowance. For most of the allowances that were retained, the 7th CPC recommended a raise commensurate with inflation as reflected in the rates of Dearness Allowance DA.

Accordingly, fully DA-indexed allowances such as Transport Allowance were not given any raise. Allowances not indexed to DA were raised by a factor of 2.

Seventh Central Pay Commission

The quantum of allowances paid as a percentage of pay was rationalised by a factor of 0. A new paradigm has been evolved to administer the allowances linked to risk and hardship.

The Matrix has nine cells denoting varying degrees of risk and hardship with one extra cell at the top named as RH — Max to include Siachen Allowance. The CoA had undertaken extensive stakeholder consultations before finalising its recommendations. It had interacted with Joint Consultative Machinery Staff side and representatives from various staff associa- tions.

Commission report pay pdf 7

Most of the modifications are on account of continuing requirement of some of the existing arrange- ments, administrative exigencies and to further the rationalization of the allowances structure Financial Implications The modifications approved by the Government in the recommendations of the 7th CPC on allow- ances will lead to a modest increase of? The 7th CPC, in its Report, had projected the additional financial implication on allowances at? The combined additional financial implication on account of the 7th CPC recommendations along with the modifications approved by the Cabinet is estimated at?

The decision to retain these allowances has been taken keeping in view the specific functional requirements of Railways, Posts and Scientific Departments such as Space and Atomic Energy. It has also been decided that 3 of the 37 allowances recommended to be subsumed by the 7th CPC will continue as separate identities. This has been done on account of the unique nature of these allowances. The rates of these allowances have also been enhanced as per the formula adopted by the 7th CPC.

This will benefit over one lakh employees belonging to specific categories in Railways, Posts, Defence and Scientific Departments. As the HRA at the reduced rates may not be sufficient for employees falling in lower pay bracket, it has been de- cided that HRA shall not be less than? This will benefit more than 7. This will benefit all employees who do not reside in government accommodation and get HRA.

With this enhancement, Siachen Allowance will become more than twice the existing rates.

It will benefit all the soldiers and officers of Indian Army who are posted in Siachen. These have been rationalised and subsumed in newly proposed Dress Allowance to be paid annually in four slabs?

This allowance will continue to be paid to Nurses on a monthly basis in view of high maintenance and hygiene requirements. Government has decided to pay higher rate of Dress Allowance to SPG personnel keeping in view the existing rates of Uniform Allowance paid to them which is higher than the rates recommended by the 7th CPC as also their specific requirements.

The rates for specific clothing for different categories of employees will be gov- erned separately. The fifth had three members, but no military member.

It took three years with a sanctioned staff , which ballooned to , to prepare the report. Part IX is the concluding part of the Report. It declared hike in salary of about 3.

Further, it also insisted on pay revision at the state government level. The Fifth pay commission disturbed the financial situation of both the Central and the State Governments and led to a hue and cry after its implementation.

The state governments which paid about Rs This clearly indicates the burden on the state and the central government.

Many economists[ who? It also recommended to reduce the number of pay scale from 51 to 34 and to not recruit to about 3,50, vacant position in the government.

Report commission 7 pdf pay

None of these recommendations were implemented. It also said that the number of employees of the government was 'not unduly' large, but there was a 'pronounced imbalance' in the skills. The 5 CPC, however, for the first time was asked to examine the terms and conditions of the Armed Forces, and make suggestions for what is "considered desirable and feasible".

Seventh Central Pay Commission | Department Of Defence

These recommendationsby the pay Commission were intended to reduce the defence pension bill; save on training and recruitment costs; provide trained manpower to government departments; and provide soldiers a second career after their term of military engagement. The problem festered, and the pension bill ballooned. This commission has been set up under Justice B. Srikrishna with a timeframe of 18 months.

7th Pay Commission Allowances List/Report 2017 – Hindi/Eng Final Notification pdf Download

The employees had threatened to go on a nationwide strike if the government failed to hike their salaries.

Reasons for the demand of hikes include rising inflation and rising pay in the private sector due to the forces of Globalization.

The Class 1 officers in India are grossly underpaid with an IAS officer with 25 years of work experience earning just Rs.

Pay arrears are due from January till September The Sixth Pay Commission mainly focused on removing ambiguity in respect of various pay scales and mainly focused on reducing number of pay scales and bring the idea of pay bands.

It recommended for removal of Group-D cadre. Seventh Pay Commission[ edit ] The Government of India has initiated the process to constitute the 7th Central Pay Commission along with finalisation of its Terms of Reference, the composition and the possible timeframe for submission of its Report. Its recommendations are likely to be implemented with effect from 1 January