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Beautiful Bastard is an erotic romance novel by Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings under the . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Beautiful Bastard. Un tipo odioso [Christina Lauren] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Un Tipo Odioso (Beautiful Bastard, #1) By Christina Lauren. Free PDF [Book] PDF Ú Read Online. Beautiful Bastard Book 3 - Ullv, Beautiful Bastard - Christina .

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Un tipo odioso PDF Vente Irrésistible attraction - Christina Lauren Lauren, Attraction, Relation, . Harika Sürtük - Christina Lauren ePub PDF e-Kitap indir. Author: Christina Lauren Number of Pages: pages. Published Date: 03 Jun Publisher: DEBOLSILLO Publication Country: Spain Language: Spanish. Start by marking “Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard, #1)” as Want to Read: Whip-smart, hardworking, and on her way to an MBA, Chloe Mills has only one problem: her boss, Bennett Ryan. Bennett has returned to Chicago from France to take a vital role in his family's massive media.

Vuzil All in all this book had my heart racing and brought more than one smile to my face. Seuss could put forth a better effort than this. She was dominant and very, very sexy. First Cassandra Clare, then E. Your story may be close to the original material, or it may be completely AU in every way imaginable, but you have been provided with the foundations. Retrieved 12 February Am I the only one who is now picturing serious funk smell in that office? Un tipo odioso : Christina Lauren : I was crying from all the laughing while reading their lines during the sex!

Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Bitch! View all 6 comments. Nov 08, Elizabeth Liz rated it did not like it Shelves: I just can't be that person. I don't hesitate to get effusive with my praise and love and sickening adoration;- If I don't like a book, I try my best to not be a total raving witch about it, and I hope that comes across when people read my reviews.

This review is going to sound harsh, but I really don't know any other way to say what I feel needs 1 Star I can't be a person who doesn't tell the truth about a book, about my experience reading a particular story. I really don't know any other way to say what I feel needs to be said. I've written and rewritten this review multiple times, and, I'm sorry, but this is what I've got. I went into this with the very best of intentions and expectations, even after some less than stellar reviews on Goodreads.

I thought, you know, it's a matter of taste and preference. This sounds like my kind of story, so I'm gonna go for it! One of my favorite authors loved this story in its original form, and, well, that was good enough for me. I was so excited to receive this and start reading! So, when all is said and done, what do I think?

I honestly cannot comprehend what originally drew so many people to this story online that a major publishing house felt compelled to pull it, pretty it up a bit, and spend the money to have it published. There is absolutely no snark or nastiness intended by that comment. Truthfully, I'm completely and totally baffled. I understand sex is a draw. It attracts people in droves. I've been one of those people on more than one occasion.

The opportunity to read Beautiful Bastard is case in point. But, I have read FAR better, far sexier, far more sensual for that matter, far more filthy sex scenes than what is offered up here. There was nothing original in that regard. For God's sake, it was like a bad porno! Is that what's doing it for people now? Is that the big draw here?? So, then, I thought, what else draws me to a story? So, I considered what other characteristics I've enjoyed about the stories I've read and loved or, even just tolerated.

Chemistry, emotion, character growth, great dialog, humor I love all of these things. I am disappointed, in the extreme. Frankly, I don't know that I've ever felt this disappointed in a book, on several levels. Some days I have to wonder about the state of the publishing industry.

I guess this is just one of those days. This review is obviously only my opinion, which I am entitled to. As I said when I began, I do not enjoy being harsh and overly critical.

But, I'm also committed to giving my full and honest opinion. View all 55 comments. Angie Elle Excellent review! I have come to a very important conclusion that has been a while in the making. It may be a controversial opinion amongst some but I stand by it. The publisher saw a fan-fiction, paid for it and put the writers to work fixing it up a bit. However, once again, I find myself disappointed with the state of publishing.

You could join the dots from a mile away: The big problem most P2P work suffers from is the inability to fix the pacing. Fan-fiction is serial in manner, intended to be read on a chapter by chapter basis. The book starts quickly and rushed, things happen quickly without much explanation and the time-scale is a little confusing.

There is very little characterisation of both characters, and their relationship moves quickly and predictably. Once again, fan-fic syndrome strikes. When you write fan-fiction, you take characters that already exist and you use them as you please.

Your story may be close to the original material, or it may be completely AU in every way imaginable, but you have been provided with the foundations. Even if they only bear the smallest of similarities to the original source material when compared with each other, your audience come with the previous knowledge of those characters and fill in your gaps themselves. The one thing that did make me smile was the appearance of a background character called Ed, whose colleagues were called Daniel and Sam, which officially makes me Britain's dullest woman.

And if you can figure out why that made me smile, you can join me in dull geek land! I received my ARC from Edelweiss. I did not receive any payment or compensation to write this review. I am not paid for my reviews, and I do not set out to destroy lives or careers with my reviews. View all 21 comments. It started out roughly and crazy to say the least and my first thoughts were Ryan and Chloe start out in the beginning of the book H.

I mean they literally wa 4. Ryan is a complete ass with no redeeming qualities. He treats Chloe with complete disrespect. She pretty much takes his crap but doesn't take it without putting a little sass into her step.

She knows exactly how to push his buttons, finding ways to piss him off or irritate him if she can and doing it sweetly. These two are completely crazy in the beginning. Ryan thinks that screwing Chloe once will help him get her out of his system BUT he is sorely wrong. The sexual tension and constant bickering between them was funny and the sex; did I mention the sex?!! My was it amazing. Ok so I'm getting off track with this review So they do it in the conference room and then they both kind of freak out.

It becomes a little more personal and the pure unadulterated lust lands up causing them to have some sort of feelings towards each other and It's just so good.

Beautiful Bastard

Chloe's character is very strong willed and hard working. Her attitude and go getter personality had me immediately loving her. She was sexy and delicious and free spirited. Always getting what she wanted from the sexual experience and not afraid to ask for what she needed.

She was dominant and very, very sexy. The man is a dirty talker which is the mark of a sexy man in my book. YES , he can be an ass but eventually that dissipates leaving behind a man that is truly swoonworthy. He stole my heart! I know there have been some mixed feelings on this book and that the reviews are all over the place. Some people hate it, some love it.

Christina un pdf lauren odioso tipo

I personally was able to connect with the characters within the first thirty percent of the book and I was able to experience them falling in love with each other which in-turn let me fall in love with them and the plot line. The writing in my opinion was stellar. This is a page turner and I highly recommend it to those looking for a fast, fun and scorching read. I felt possessive of her.

Like she was my toy and I was keeping the other boys in the sandbox from playing with her. How sick was that? If she ever heard me admit to that, she would cut off my balls and feed them to me. Sex was just the fastest route to the deeper possession that I needed. I was falling in love with her, and falling to fast and hard to easily find any footing.

Dec 04, Aestas Book Blog rated it really liked it. It was basically a light-hearted but not funny enemies-to-lovers story that centered largely around the sexual escapades of a boss and his intern. Despite their intense physical attraction, they have an strongly antagonistic relationship at first…. Then in the stairwell.

Navigation menu. Then in the elevator. The backseat of a car.

Odioso pdf christina tipo un lauren

In case you were wondering, this book has a LOT of sex in it. I mean a lot. Its not kinky, just very very frequent and often very very angry. Did I say a lot yet? Or possibly a better way to say it would be too much, too soon? But about half way through, emotions start to seep into their relationship — or, rather, positive and more romantic emotions and basically, the more they gave into their bodies, the more their hearts slowly began to catch up with the program and they began to fall for each other.

It helped soften the way I felt towards him, understanding his frustrations with Chloe that made him act the way he did. It took a long time really right up until the VERY end for them to actually be in a real relationship together and I guess I just usually want more actual romance in my reads.

I guess I would have liked to know WHY Bennet was so mean to her — I mean, yeah, it was sort of explained but I would have wanted a bit of a deeper reason for that degree of asshatery. They kind of solved their problem and then the book was just over. I feel like I really could have used an epilogue. View all 91 comments.

Jan 05, Merary rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Apparently, some people weren't able to view the review correctly the.

If the problem still persists, please let me know. This review includes content that is not appropriate for those sensible to sexual situations. Read it at your own risk. Okay, I didn't mean that literally. Okay, what's with the trend of pulling fanfiction, publishing it, and pass it off as something original? First Cassandra Clare, then E. James and s NOTE: James and suddenly, an explosion of mindless knockoffs attack the publishing industry with their literary-herpes infection.

Just like herpes, there's no cure but it is treatable. Unfortunately, no one wants to do anything about that. So it will keep spreading and spreading until it completely dominates the publishing industry and aspiring writers with ORIGINAL fiction will be rejected and be kicked off to the streets.

The simple thought of that sickens me. According to the front this thing isn't even trying to hide that it was plagiarized! That's actually very impressive.

I haven't read the fanfic yet, but apparently nothing much was altered to publish. Chloe works as an intern for Ryan, one of the most successful businessman. And here's the catch: He is a bastard. The book starts with Chloe complaining and at the same time fawning over about Bennett's assholeness. If the story could have ended right there, the story would have made more sense. But, more on that later. I got to admit, the sex scenes were better written that FSoG, but they were still worth a few eye-rolls.

Their dialogue is just so. They said the most cliched things in a sex scene. Or if they are not cliched, then they are just way over the top.

Guide Beautiful Bastard (Saga Beautiful 1): Un tipo odioso (Spanish Edition)

That actually reminds me of a Harry Potter fanfic I once read last year where Harry goes to Hermione's room to confess his love to her, and she kisses him passionately once he gets there. The kicker was that Hermione kept screaming: Talking about over the top and ridiculous, here's an example from Beautiful Bastard: Did that make you wet? Did that make your temperature rise and your body orgasm into submission?

Oh, but there's more: He growled, fingers tightening. It occurred to me I might bruise, and for a sick moment I hoped I did. I'll just leave it there and make of that what you will. After the sex, we get into Bennett's head. Asshole isn't even a strong enough word to describe him. He's fucked up in every single way. First, I'm going to show you some of his fuckery: You want to come, Miss Mills?

Answer me or I'll stop and make you suck me off instead. He's such a dog in heat. One of my recurring fantasies was of taking all the damned pins out of her hair before I grabbed a handful and fucked her.

God, she pissed me off. He is so dreamy, y'all. And tomorrow when you're sore, I want you to remember who did it to you. So here were the facts: Not in a romantic sort of way, but in "hit over the head, drag her off by the hair, and fuck her" way.

At least you're honest. It doesn't change the fact you're a piece of shit. Joe, who was basically a good guy, but who wanted to take her away from me.

The image was enough to make me push into her more forcefully. Because Chloe is your property and she deserves to be punished over something that isn't your business.

And here's probably the worst of all: Music was being piped through overhead speakers, and I was glad I wouldn't have to worry about keeping my voice down as I strangled her.

In context or not, this is not okay at all. Her strangled sound made me smile, Fuck you. He is a control-freak, annoying, and a fucking pig. Bennett actually blames Chloe for not being able to keep his dick in his pants. If that doesn't scream unfortunate implications, then I don't know what does. In fact, Bennett called Chloe a "tease" because she happened to wear a dress he liked. Beautiful Bastard - Wikipedia Only because it made her look virginal.

The white dress was the bane of existence, my heaven and hell wrapped in one delicious package. Dude, is just a dress. If you want it so badly, then why don't you just wear it?

1 Saga Beautiful Bastard - Christina - Google Диск

That could have been a very interesting twist. And did I mention he blames her for his dog in heat tendencies? She did this to torment me, she had to. Because all she ever wants to do to you is to incite you. You're the one who pressed into my dick in the elevator. You're the one doing this to me. Apparently, it is never your fault!! If she wants to look good one day, it's because she wants to incite you.

This one really pissed me off. It's the way you react that makes me feel like a fucking god. Prepare yourselves because we're going in. Do I lead off with the fan-fiction talk?

Okay, sure. Let's go back to the beginning. I think that I might have had this book confused with something else when I requested it. This story was originally tit Adult review for erotic content. This story was originally titled The Office. Yes, a lot of people have made comments about the t. Let's get real though I think I would have rather read a sexy fan-fiction about the show.

Alas, there was no sexy time with Dwight, Jim, or Pam. So what are my thoughts about fan-fiction? I understand why some people feel like no one should profit off of taking another person's characters or world and embellishing upon them. It doesn't really bother me personally, as long as it's made known who the original author is.

But again, I understand why some people find it to be morally wrong, even if this doesn't really set me off. I tend to see red more so when I feel like a book has blatantly ripped off another book and it's NOT labeled as fan-fiction, because then the original author is NOT getting credit for creating the world.

But anyway, back to this book. Instead of sexy t. He kept all of her underwear in a drawer. Am I the only one who is now picturing serious funk smell in that office? Oh, also, I felt her up in an elevator and was hoarding her shredded panties in a drawer.

Bennett, recognizing the problem is the first step. If I'd known that I'd still be doing this a year later I would have kept a list, because it's now at the point where I laugh myself silly any time it comes up. But I also knew I couldn't stop.