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Thieme eBooks, FAQs. What are my access options in Thieme's E-Book Store? How can I search within the E-Book Store? Can I link to a specific page in book. Thieme E-Books & E-Journals. Shopping Cart. Edition: 9., komplett überarbeitete Auflage. 9., komplett überarbeitete Auflage; Auflage · Table of content. Wagener, Christoph et al.: Molekulare Onkologie DOI: /b 1 Einführung. Geschichte der molekularen Onkologie. More Information.

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This study is currently in the recruiting phase in 23 breast centres. On the basis of these results future studies on the therapeutic benefits of surgery in cases of pCR are conceivable. Clinical prognostic and predictive factors for primary chemotherapy in operable breast cancer.

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J Clin Oncol. Is surgery necessary after complete clinical remission following neoadjuvant chemotherapy for early breast cancer? Can a pathological complete response of breast cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy be diagnosed by minimal invasive biopsy? Eur J Cancer. Selective elimination of breast cancer surgery in exceptional responders: historical perspective and current trials.

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Breast Cancer Res. Multimodal treatment for locally advanced breast cancer.

Result of chemotherapy-radiotherapy versus chemotherapy-surgery. Cancer Clin Trials. Breast tumour response to primary chemotherapy predicts local and distant control as well as survival. Possibility of conservative local treatment after combined chemotherapy and preoperative irradiation for locally advanced noninflammatory breast cancer.

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for operable breast carcinoma larger than 3 cm: a unicentre randomized trial with a month median follow-up. Is radiotherapy an option for early breast cancers with complete clinical response after neoadjuvant chemotherapy? Accuracy of physical examination, ultrasonography, and mammography in predicting residual pathologic tumor size in patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Ann Surg. Comparison of mammography, sonography, MRI and clinical examination in patients with locally advanced or inflammatory breast cancer who underwent neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Br J Radiol. Meta-analysis of magnetic resonance imaging in detecting residual breast cancer after neoadjuvant therapy.

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J Natl Cancer Inst. Accuracy of ultrasound for predicting pathologic response during neoadjuvant therapy for breast cancer. Int J Cancer.

Magnetic resonance imaging as a predictor of pathologic response in patients treated with neoadjuvant systemic treatment for operable breast cancer. Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium trial Can routine imaging after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer predict pathologic complete response?

Under the new law of , the costs for this so-called outdoor relief of the Poor Law of were then to be reduced by establishing workhouses, where those people who were not able to responsibly support themselves in terms of thriftiness were supposed to go de Pennington n. Elizabeth Gaskell, the author of North and South, was a first-hand witness to the effects of the industrial revolution since she was living in one of the biggest industrial towns of the time: Manchester.

Gaskell gained insights into the social and living conditions under which the urban poor lived.

Generally, these novels dealt with the negative side effects of the Industrial Revolution. Hence, the readership was to be informed and aroused at the same time ibid. The authors of social fiction projected the social problems of Victorian society onto individuals in order to draw attention to them.

Margaret Hale is presented from the very beginning of the novel as a strong, brave and responsible woman. For this reason, Margaret is used to accustoming herself to new living situations.

Her responsible nature is also evident after her father told her about his plans to move to the North. In addition to her independent and wilful behaviour, Margaret is highly perceptive and shows a great deal of sympathy for the suffering of the poor.

Das Layout ist sehr gut gelungen. Die Grafik ist schlicht und gut strukturiert. Blau und Schwarz stellen die Leitfarben dar.

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Dies hilft dem Leser sich schnell zurechtzufinden. Darauf folgt der klinische Teil des Lehrbuchs. Zahlt es sich da aus so ein Radio-Lehrbuch zu besitzen? Auch den komplexeren Fragestellungen wie z. Zum Vergleich habe ich mir die erste Auflage des LRKD hergenommen, um mir anzuschauen, was denn bei der neuen Auflage soviel anders ist. Es ist daher bei weitem nicht so lernfreundlich wie sein jugendlicher, aber dicker gewordener Nachfolger.

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