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Sukhan e Raza Matalib e Hadaiq e Bakshish - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File A BOOK EXPLAINING THE NAATS OF HADAIQ E BAKSHISH WITH BREIF COMMENTARY BY Safina e Bakhshish (Natiyah Kalam) [Urdu]. Allama Hasan Raza Khan ke natiya kalam ka majmua. Miraj E Mustafa Tazmeen Ber Kalama Raza By Hilal Jafari. رضا، شرح کلام رضا، ،sharah hadaiq e bakhshish, kalam e raza ki sharah,, Miraj.

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Name: Sharah Klam-e- Raza Fi Naat Al Mustufa(SAW). Name: شرح کلام رضا فی نعت المصطفی Publisher: Mushtaq Book Corner. Publish Date: Jan Book: sharah hadaiq e bakhshish | Online School | Free Learning. Information Bank - Sharha Kalam-e-Raza! Hadayq-e-Bakhshish!. Sukhan e Raza Matalib e Hadaiq e Bakshish Mafta-ul-Aloom Sharah Masnwi Molana Room 1 by - Molana Molwi Muhammad Nazir Sahab CHISHTI KUTAB KHANA BOOKS LIST pdf Safina e Bakhshish (Natiyah Kalam) [Urdu].

This contrasts with the Deobandi view that Muhammad, was only a insan-e-kamil "complete man" , a respected but physically typical human just like other humans which is totally against Barelvi beliefs. But what a patent and tremendous difference between one part [the Prophet's] and another [anyone else's]: like the difference between the sky and the earth, or rather even greater and more immense. He passed following judgements with regard to certain practices and faith in his book Fatawa-e-Razvia. Opposition to other sects Khan declared as infidels the founders of Deobandi , Ahle Hadith , Wahabi and Ahmadiyya sects on the basis of what he considered to be the proper veneration of the Prophet Muhammad and finality of Prophethood in their writings and various book. Ahmed Raza Khan collected opinions of the ulama of the Hejaz and compiled them in an Arabic language compendium with the title, Husam al Harmain "The Sword of Two Sanctuaries" , a work containing 34 verdicts from 33 ulama 20 Meccan and 13 Medinese. This work, initiated a reciprocal series of fatwas between Barelvis and Deobandis lasting to the present. He said that Government has not imposed restrictions and prohibitions to follow Islam.

Mufti Akhtar Raza returns Home He returned home when he was 24 years old and three years later.

And, of course, being anxious of his well being, a large crowd awaited him at the railway station. They gave him a very warm welcome. An article describing his return to Bareilly Shareef was written by Mr. Umeed Razvi. It was printed in the Monthly A'la Hadrat magazine. They showed his Eminence a great deal of love, respect and adorned him with garlands prepared from colourful flowers. From this marriage were born 6 children, one son and five daughters.

Distinguished Teachers He received his education under the supervision of many distinguished teachers, who were great scholars of their time. He gladly accepted this position and commenced teaching. He was also appointed at the same times as the Head Mufti of the institute. The service continued for the next 12 years. He supervised the Madressa with such distinction that it continued to prosper and improve. Later on, due to his wide travels around the world for propagation purposes, he began to give private tuition of the Holy Qur'an and many students came from far and wide.

If we examine the details listed below, we will gain an insight as to the lengthy period in which this service was upheld by this August Family.

One can see by the above that this service has been offered to the world community for the past years. Continuing in this vein, Taajush Shari'ah continues to answer questions pertaining to various issues relating to Islam and the world.

E book kalam sharah raza

Due to the tremendous work load and inquiries received from all parts of the world, many other Islamic scholars work under the direct supervision of Taajush Shariah to fulfill this great need. There is no time to sit at home. It is for you to take care of this task, therefore, I am handing it over to you.?

The great Saint then turned to those present and declared,? On my return from Jamia Azhar and due to preference, I became involved in presenting Fatawa. At the early stages, I performed this duty under the supervision of Mufti-e-Azam-e-Hind to show him my work.

Sharah Kalam E Raza fi Naat E MUSTAFA ﷺ

After sometime, I became more inclined towards this task and continuously presented myself before Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam-e-Hind Alaihir Rahmah. His Islamic Verdicts Fatawa are recognized and accepted throughout the world. As a point in passing, the Islamic verdicts issued by Taajush Shari'ah to date stands at nearly , enough to fill many volumes. Besides this, he has also received many other titles around the world bestowed upon him by eminent Scholars of Islam.

Pilgrimage to Makkatul Mukarramah In September , he performed his first Hajj and in , he performed his second Hajj. He is also been blessed with performing many Umrah.

Sufi Books PDF: Download Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz, Attar, Iqbal ++ |

Arrested by the Saudi Government On the 13th of September , a massive protest occurred against the Saudi regime in Bombay. The reason for this was that thousands of Muslims were informed that Taajush Shari'ah has been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia. Nearly people took part in this procession which included many Imams, Ulama and renowned Islamic leaders.

The protesters displayed great anger and showered much scorn on the Saudi Government. As a result of this protest and others which took place, Hazrat was finally released by the Saudi Mischief makers.

Upon arrival in India, he gave a personal account of what had happened to him in Saudi Arabia and spoke about how he was deprived of visiting Medina Shareef.

They then demanded to search my luggage. I then requested my wife who was in Purdah to go into the bathroom. A revolver was then pointed at me and I was not asked to move. They then began searching my luggage. I had in possession at that moment, a few books presented to me by Mawlana Sayed Alawi Maliki and a few books of A'la Hadrat.

I also had a copy of the Dalaa'ilul Khairaat Shareef. They confiscated these books and requested a diary which I did not possess. They then confiscated our passports and tickets. The first question pertained to where I had performed the Jum'uah Salaah.

I replied that I was a traveler and that Jum'uah Salaah was not Fardh upon me, I therefore had performed Zohr in my house. I replied that since I was staying a distance from the Haram, I only went there to perform the Tawaaf.

Urdu Islamic Books

I told them that the great Scholar had presented them to me a few days ago when I went to visit him. I told them that he was my paternal grandfather.

I explained that among the various sects were the Shi'a and the Qadianis. I also pointed out to him that A'la Hadrat had opposed the Qadiani sect and various other corrupt sects and in opposing them he had written many books. By this, one conceives a notion that the Bareilwis are a new sect.

I revealed that this was not so and that in reality we were really the true Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah.

Kalam e Raza | Us Tabassum ki Aadat pe Lakhon Salam

I explained that A'la Hadrat did not lay the foundation of a new sect. His teachings were based on the religion of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, the Ashaab, the Tabi'een and the pious people of the past and that we preferred being called the Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah. I explained that the Wahabi disbelieves that the Holy Prophet Muhammad possesses Knowledge of the Unseen as given to him by the Almighty ; they do not believe that he will intercede for the creation and they consider it Shirk to ask the Holy Prophet or any Saint for assistance.

We believe that he hears our speech by Allah? Our belief is that we accept the Prophet mediations, help, and we further believe that to call for his assistance is permissible.

We believe that the Prophet possesses the Knowledge of the Unseen even though the Wahabis refers to such acts as Shirk. It is for this reason that I do not perform Salaah behind them. I was questioned about the journey to London and asked whether I had attended any conference there. I mentioned that a conference is held on the command of the Government and on the height of politics.

I told him that we are neither politicians, nor do we have contact with any Government. The main theme of the conference was the unity of the Muslims and the issue of Muslim Personal Law. The entire cost of this Conference was borne by the Sunni Muslims of London.

I mentioned that a request was presented at the Conference whereby it would be possible for a Sunni to be nominated in the Muslim World as the Nadwis are given unfair advantage.

E sharah raza book kalam

I further mentioned that this resolution was unanimously accepted and the law passed. After 11 days. I was transported to Jeddah in handcuffs till until we reached the airport. They did not even allow me to perform the Zohr Salaah on the journey and I had to make this Salaah Qazah. He was imprisoned for 11 days and the punishment was that he was not even allowed to visit Madinah Shareef. It is due to this tyrannical behavior that thousands of Sunni Muslims throughout the world felt enraged and hurt.

Based on an article in Urdu-e-Mualla by Hasrat Mohani. Manjnun Gorakhpuri, Dr.

Book raza sharah e kalam

Abul Lais Siddiqui, Dr. Syed Abul Khair Kashfi, Professor. Hasnain Kazmi, Dr. Wafa Rashdi, Mukhtar Zaman, to name a few of them. Read online Moulana Hasrat Mohani Ki Sahafati Khidmaat A book comprising interesting and useful articles relating to various aspects of Maulana's life e. Read online Gulha-e-Aqeedat A collection of messages and letters from the admirers and contemporaries of Maulana Hasrat Mohani.

Mahatma Gandhi, Mr. This book contains her life history in the light of opinions and letters about her by her contemporaries.