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Gramathu Meen Samayal Fish Recipes provides you with a wide variety of mouth -watering village special Fish Kuzhambu, This App comes with a unique. Kuzhambu means curry in Tamil and Meen means fish. There are different styles of meen kuzhambu. But this one is simple with nothing to. South Indian cuisine includes the recipes of the five southern states of India: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

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Are you looking for a proper fish curry, then this is it. This recipe is given from my mother. she is a pure vegetarian, but she knows to cook fish. She told me to try. Indian Vegetarian Lunch Menus: 11 menus comprising traditional Tamil Brahmin / vegetarian dishes. Some of them are classic combinations like. I met Chef Paramraj during my travels. His food was home style comforting South Indian food which I liked a lot. His fish curry blew my mind.

There are different styles of meen kuzhambu. But this one is simple with nothing to grind and feels like home. Some dishes are really comfort food. It differes from person to person. But I guess for many, it is biryani and meen kuzhambu. Fish curry is very spicy and it has rich flavor.

Chettinad Fish Curry – Meen Kuzhambu Recipe

We used to speak on phone for monthly once. Yes, as years passes, our friendship got thick. She become one of my family member. She is a very good human, who always gives feedback about my space and recipes.

I always admire her stamina and courage. She is from Chennai too. Is that not enough for our bond? She is one of the well known bloggers in "Tamil" language.

Tamil pdf meen kulambu in

Her blog is a interesting collection of recipes. Never seen these many biriyani varieties in any blog.

Pdf tamil meen in kulambu

I could say, she is "Biriyani Queen". Smash it well and add chilli powder coriander powder and turmeric powder. Add the extracted tamarind water to it.

Mix well and allow it to boil well forming thick gravy. Cook till the raw smell leaves.

Home style Fish Curry/ Meen Kuzhambu – Relish The Bite

Dilute the gravy with some water and check for spiciness and salt. Once the gravy consistency is obtained add the cleaned fish to it.

Allow to boil for minutes. Once it boils switch off the stove and keep for some time. Serve hot with rice, idli, dosa.

Tips to enhance the flavor Adding too much of fenugreek seeds for tempering will give bitterness to the kolambhu. Vadavam is something which is done using sun-dried onions, garlic. Once this packet is over sure I ll make my own and post the recipe. J If u doesn't have vadavam at home, never mind.

Nethili Meen Kuzhambu / Anchovies Curry / Nethili Meen Curry:

Skip that step and continue with the next step. Always make sure to extract thick paste of tamarind juice. Cos the entire taste of meenkolambhu is completely depend on the thickness.