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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Neither the NACE International, its officers, directors, nor Plans and a Page "The Art of Woodworking" Book. . On behalf of NACE , we would like to thank the CIP subcommittee for its work. Use a Number 2 EXAMINATION RESULTS POLICY AND PROCEDURES It is NACE policy to not disclose student grades via the Find your. Nace Coating Inspector's Logbook [A. Marshall] on review this item; site Best Sellers Rank: #10,, in Books (See Top in Books).

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The Coating Inspector's Log book provides step by step job specific entry spaces for the Picture of NACE Coating Inspector's Condensed Logbook, 5th Edition. The CIP Level 3 Peer Review is an intensive, detailed oral examination that is given in front of a three-member review board and is based on the Coating. Thank you, NACE CIP Committee CIP Level 1 Manual Table of Contents The written exam is closed book and consists of multiple- choice and true false.

CIP Level 1 is a six-day course that offers a full 60 hours of instruction on the technical and practical fundamentals of coating inspection work for structural steel projects. This course provides students with knowledge of coating materials and techniques for surface preparation and application that prepares the student to perform basic coating inspections using non-destructive techniques and inspection instrumentation. Classroom instruction is comprised of lectures, discussions, group exercises and hands-on practical labs that teach the student how to perform basic inspection tests. A written exam, practical exam, and inspector log book evaluation are given at the end of the course. Certification Awarded: To receive CEUs, participants are required to be engaged in the entire course and successfully pass the final exam. At the conclusion of the course you will be asked to complete a course evaluation.

An E-Mail address. To subscribe, send a blank email to: Join-coatings nacecorrosionnetwork. To unsubscribe, send a blank email to: Leave-coatings nacecorrosionnetwork.

Use a Number 2 or dark lead pencil. Fill in all of the following information and the corresponding bubbles for each category: Your phone number. The last four digits of this number will be your password for accessing your grades on-line.

The next section of the form 1 to is for the answers to your exam questions. Answers recorded on the actual exam will NOT be counted.

Students will receive a grade letter, by regular mail or through a company representative, in approximately 6 to 8 weeks after the completion of the course.

WEB Instructions for accessing student grades on-line: Go to: Education Grades Access Scores Online 9. Type in your 4-digit Password the last four digits of the telephone number entered on your Scantron exam form Click on Search Use the spaces provided below to document your access information: For In-House, Licensee, and Section-Registered courses, a Temporary ID number will be assigned at the course for the purposes of accessing scores online only.

For In-House courses, this information may not be posted until payment has been received from the hosting company. Information regarding the current shipment status of grade letters is available upon the web upon completion of the course.

Processing begins at the receipt of the paperwork at NACE headquarters. Courses are listed in date order.

Cip 1 student manual on cd rom jan no-restriction

Grade letter shipment status can be found at the following link: The subcommittee chairman appointed a Scholarship Committee now to be known as Scholarship Task Group to develop recommendations related to such a scholarship.

They are as follows: Paul Knobloch. Paul was generous with his time throughout the development of the CIP, and was a member of the committee that implemented the program.

He was particularly interested in training development for individuals with a practical hands-on background. A maximum of two 2 scholarships may be granted each calendar year solely at the discretion of the CIP Task Group. It is understood that the scholarship is not an official award of NACE International, but is offered in order to honor the efforts of Paul Knobloch on behalf of the Coating Inspector Program. Granting of such a scholarship shall be subject to the following rules. Failure to achieve a passing grade in any examination shall terminate the scholarship award.

The Scholarship Task Group shall consist of three members with one being designated as Chairman. The Scholarship Chairman shall maintain a list of nominations received.

Coating Inspector

The Scholarship Task Group shall review nominations for complete and accurate data. The Scholarship Task Group will not consider incomplete or inaccurate nominations. The Scholarship Task Group will only consider information provided in writing on the proper forms.

Nace book cip

Information provided to the Task Group will not be disclosed to any third party, and shall remain confidential. The Scholarship Task Group will consider all valid nominations, and will make their decision based on the criteria stated below.

All decisions of the Task Group are final, and reasons for the selection will not be disclosed. Criteria for Nomination In making its decision, the Scholarship Task Group shall consider the following criteria: Successful completion of Level 1 is a mandatory requirement.

The examination results achieved will be a contributory factor to any successful application. Who May Nominate Nominations must be jointly submitted by two persons, each of whom must be associated with the Coating Inspector Program, i.

Letter of Notification: The recipient shall be officially notified of the receipt of the scholarship by letter from the CIP Committee Chairman. A certificate for the scholarship will be awarded to the recipient. The recipient shall be granted a scholarship to attend one 1 or two 2 eligible training courses as defined in item 4 below. The value of the scholarship shall consist of course registration fees only, at actual cost.

Eligible Training Courses: The scholarship may be applied to registration fees for any or all of the following, provided the candidate has not already successfully completed them: Payment of Tuition Costs: The scholarship recipient shall notify the NACE Education Division at least thirty 30 days in advance of the course offering which the recipient wishes to attend.

The recipient shall be added to the class roster provided that the class is not fully booked. It shall be the responsibility of the recipient to make all other arrangements related to attendance at the course.

These arrangements include, but are not limited to, transportation, lodging and meals. Time Limit The recipient shall make use of the provisions of the scholarship within two 2 calendar years of award of scholarship.

Should recipient fail to make use of the scholarship within two years, the CIP Task Group may, at its own discretion, vote to extend the benefit period, or the recipient will be declared ineligible for further use of the scholarship.

If a scholarship recipient is unable to use the scholarship due to circumstances such as their work schedule, illness or lack of company support that might not permit its full use, they may make application to the CIP Task Group to postpone the award of scholarship. In such circumstances, the CIP Task Group may, at its own discretion, agree to extend the benefit period. A resume of work experience and education must accompany the nomination package.

This nomination requires that two 2 people complete the attached forms. Please use the Submission CheckList to make certain that your nomination package is complete. Nominee Name: Submitted by: Incomplete submissions will be returned to the nominators with a request that all items be submitted in one package. Nominator 1: How would the Knobloch Scholarship aid this individual in receiving his certification: Nominator 2: It must be completed and returned with the complete scholarship nomination package.

Coating Inspector Program - Level 1

To the Knobloch Scholarship nominee: If you were awarded the Knobloch Scholarship, how would this benefit you as an individual? How will you use this scholarship to enhance the coatings industry as a whole? Nominee Signature: Use of Logos, Titles, and Certification Numbers. Advanced Corrosion Introduction. Environmental Controls Introduction. Product tags. Books , Featured Items 53 , coating 24 , logbook 2 , lining 5 , safety Also downloadd.

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