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Batul the Great - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Batul the Great, or Bantul the Great (Bengali: বাঁটুল দি গ্রেট) is a popular Porbo – 93 For More Bengali Comics & Songs Visit 9 Batul The Great/Bantul The Great (বাঁটুল দি গ্রেট)-This is one of the most popular comic character of the famous Bengali comic artist Narayan Debnath (নারায়ণ. Imprinted since childhood» Batul The Great By Narayan Debnath - Bengali Bangla Comics Handa Bhonda Nonte Fonte and Batul the great in ebook pdf.

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He is the creator of the popular Bengali comic strips of Handa Bhonda(), Batul The Great () and Nonte Phonte(). He holds the record of longest. Debnath (Bengali: নারাযণ দেবনাথ) the senior most 'living legend' comics-artist of 'Batul The Great'(in Shuktara magazine since ) and 'Nonte Phonte'(in He is the senior most comics-artist in India aged 88 years having 'Record' of. Batul The Great Vol 2, Batul The Great Comics Bangla Onubad, Batul The Batul The Great Comics New Collection, Bangla Pdf Comics Free.

Origin[ edit ] Narayan Debnath's first comic book characters in color were for the comic strip and book Batul The Great. By Debnath's admission, he thought up the idea of the superhero while returning from College Street , Calcutta. He has remarked that the character of Batul was influenced by his friend Manohar Aich , the famous Bengali bodybuilder. The name came to him instantly and he thought up the figure of the protagonist rapidly. Initially, he did not know what he foresaw as a future for Batul and did not give him any superpowers.

Unlike other heroes, Batul does not wear any attractive attire.

Batul The Great

Rather, he is always seen clad in a pink or orange vest and a black shorts. He is the terror of dacoits and hooligans, and protects the good.

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Sometimes, Batul's amazing strength is the cause of his downfall. This is especially true when he is trying to operate machinery, since he usually breaks it.

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Another example, depicted in the panel, shows him trying to ride a bull in a rodeo, but due to his weight, the legs of the bull get embedded in the ground. He is also a detective. With him stay two mischievous boys viz. Other characters in the comic strip include Lambakarna, who has long ears and superhuman hearing. Batul's aunt, who cooks food for him; Batul's formidable pet dog Vedo, and a pet ostrich, Uto.

বাঁটুল সমগ্র by Narayan Debnath

He can also ignite flames by rubbing "Uko" on his head. Debnath then illustrated comics on Vivekananda simultaneously in both Shuktara and Anandamela.

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Handa Bhoda was first published in the Jun-July, issue of Shuktara. Chhatrapati Shivaji was published in Anandamela — Shootki ar Mootki was published in in Shuktara. Hirer Tiara was published in in Nobokollol magazine.

বাঁটুল সমগ্র

Rahashyamay Abhijatri was published in in Shuktara. Itihasher Dourath was published in in Kishore Bharati. Koushik Roy was published in Shuktara in Bahadur Beral was published in Shuktara in Petukmaster Batuklal was published in in Kishore Mon magazine. Mahakasher Ajob Deshe was published in in Shuktara.

Batul the Great

And finally Jatoker Golpo was published in in Shuktara. Early life Narayan Debnath in his study. Narayan Debnath was born and spent most of his life living in Shibpur , Howrah , India.

His family hailed from Bikrampur in what is now in Bangladesh but had migrated to Shibpur before his birth. In an interview published by Laalmati Publication in Narayan Debnath Comics Samagra, Debnath confessed that he was interested in visual arts from a very early age.

The family business was retailing gold and he had ample scope to design patterns for jewellery. He did not continue to get his degree but instead discontinued in his final year. For the next few years he freelanced for advertising agencies creating movie slides and logos.

The four volumes of Narayan Debnath Comics Samagra provide rich information about the life of the author. In he was introduced to Dev Sahitya Kutir, a major publishing house through a friend.

From to he illustrated a number of children's books including adventure novels and Western classics in translation.

His journey in comics started in with 'Handa-Bhonda' in Shuktara. He began as a freelancing comics-artist and soon went for comics on his own.