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Now KIPS 9th Class Physics notes for FBISE students. You can easily download in PDF or view online like never before. What are you waiting. Physics 9th Class. Uploaded by IQBAL KIANI. Copyright: Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Free download Physics 9th Class Book (English Medium). This book is by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, Lahore.

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What is science? What do you know about the natural philosophy? Initially, the observations of man about the world around him give birth to the single discipline of science, called natural philosophy. Define the two main streams of natural philosophy. Physical Sciences: The branch of science which deals with the study of non-living things is called physical sciences. Define Physics.

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Physics 9th pdf class book

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Download AP SCERT 9th Class Physics and Chemistry Book PDF – English Medium

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Thus perusing only one book is never enough. Describe the role of Physics in making our lives easier, faster and more comfortable than past. In our daily life, we hardly find a device where Physics is not involved. Some examples are as follows: All these devices, based on the principles of Physics, are making our lives easier, faster and more comfortable than past.

The scientific inventions that caused harms and destruction of serious nature are: What do you know about physical quantities?

All measureable quantities are called physical quantities such as length, mass, time and temperature. Physical quantities are divided into base and derived quantities. Describe the characteristics that are common in all physical quantities.

A physical quantity possesses at least characteristics in common. One is its numerical value and the other is the unit in which it is measured. For example, if the length of the student is cm then is its numerical magnitude and centimeter is the unit of measurement. Differentiate among the base and derived quantities. Base Quantities. Derived Quantities. Mass, length, time.

Physics 9th Class

Velocity, acceleration, force. Define the term Unit. This standard quantity is called a unit. What do you know about International system of Units SI?

Pdf book 9th physics class

In , the General Conference on Weight and Measure adopted a world-wide system of measurements is known as international system of units SI. Differentiate between base and derived units. Difference between Base and derived units as follow: Base Units. The units that describe base quantities are called as base units. Base units are seven in numbers. The base units corresponding to base quantities are given in the table 1. Derived Units. The units used to measure derived quantities are called derived units.

Derived units are numerous. The derived units corresponding to derived quantities are given in the table 1. Pick out the base units in the following: Joule, newton, kilogram, hertz, mole, ampere, meter, kelvin, coulomb and watt.

Class 9 Science NCERT Book

The base units in above mention list are: Kilogram, mole, ampere, meter and kelvin. What role SI units have played in the development of science?

With the development in the field of science and technology, the need for a commonly acceptable system of units was seriously felt all over the world particularly to exchange scientific and technical information. Measuring instruments are used to measure various physical quantities such as length, mass, time, volume etc.

The measuring instruments used in Physics laboratory are meter rule, measuring tape, vernier calipers, screw gauge, physical balance, lever balance, electronic balance, stop watch and measuring cylinder etc. What is metre rule? A meter rule is a length measuring instrument. It is commonly used in the laboratories to measure length of an object or distance between two points.

It is one metre long which is equal to centimetres. Each centimetre cm is divided into 10 small divisions called millimetre mm.

What is least count of metre rule? One millimetre is the smallest reading that can be taken using metre rule and is called its least count. Which precautions should be carried out while measuring length with meter rule?

While measuring length, or distance, eye must be kept vertically above the reading point.