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Vampire: The Requiem - Welcome to the Danse Macabre Since time if the 2nd printing (with corrected errata included) will be available for this pdf? Seems. Vampire: The Requiem Demo Full - Danse de la Mort Your Requiem Begins Here This PDF gives you and your friends everything you need to p. A Kindred using Aura Perception (see Vampire: The Requiem, – of Vampire: The Requiem for . an easier score than taking advantage of the foolishly.

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Vampire: The Requiemis inspired by Vampire: The Masquerade . of Vampire: The Requiem, however. have dreamed even a few score years ago. Kindred . Apr 28M Coteries (Vampire - the Requiem, nWoD).pdf Apr- 11M Damnation City (Vampire - the Requiem. Storytelling System, Vampire the. Requiem, Mage the Awakening, Werewolf the Forsaken, World of Darkness, and Vampire the Requiem Second Edition are.

But, there is no escaping darkness, and when the night returns, so do you: ancient, unstoppable, and hungry. A Thousand Years of Night is about coming full circle — from terrified child to the thing everyone dreads. A Thousand Years of Night is about being untouchable, yet still completely vulnerable. A Thousand Years of Night is about finding a reason to get up every night, even when a thousand have passed already. Love Old and New She sits on the deathbed of her grandchild, holds his hand as he draws his last breath, and then does the same for his grandchildren.

Aspects can be relationships, beliefs, catchphrases, descriptors, items, or pretty much anything else that paints a picture of the character. Used this way, the aspect makes the character better at whatever he's doing, because the aspect in some way applies to the situation.

When one of your aspects might limit or hinder you in a significant way, the Storyteller will offer you a willpower point if you decide to accept the complication. This is the primary way to regain willpower, so it's important to pick at least one aspect that has a downside, or better yet, pick all your aspects to have a downside and an upside. You choose your aspects, so you get to decide what sort of troubles you want your character to get into the most!

Spending "normal" willpower must be declared before the roll, but invoking an aspect can be done afterwards. You can even invoke more than one aspect on the same roll if they all logically apply as an exception to the usual rule that only one point of willpower may be spent per turn. Compelling An aspect can also gain you more willpower, by bringing complications and troubling circumstances into your character's life.

Whenever your character ends up in a situation where one of his aspects could cause him trouble such as Stubborn when he's trying to be diplomatic , the Storyteller can Compel that aspect to limit your character's choices in some way, but you regain a point of willpower.

Vampire the Requiem - Thousand Years of Night (Backer)

If you choose not to go along with the Compel, you can always instead spend a willpower point to "buy out of it". Once in a while if the aspect is very apt the ST may give one final counteroffer of regaining two willpower points for accepting the Compel. Sometimes you will notice that one of your aspects naturally hindered you in a scene just by virtue of roleplaying your character well; when this happens feel free to ask the ST to count it as a Compel so you can gain the willpower point!

Compelling your Aspects is the primary way to regain willpower, but you also gain one point at the beginning of each game session, and may refresh your willpower completely after significant in-character downtime.

The Cerberus Pact is one example of such a group; see p. If you want your character to belong to a hidden elder sect instead of — or in addition to — one of the usual covenants, work with your Storyteller to decide what kind of group she joined and what it exists to do. Does his ancient lover miss the way he used to be, or was she the one who insisted he change in the first place?

This is another good source of Aspirations. The following are a few elder-appropriate sample archetypes. Anchors Provocateur Elder vampires remember eras humanity left behind long ago, and often long for simpler times; but over the course of their Requiems, they reinvent themselves many times over. The alternative is stagnation and irrelevance: death sentences. Mask and Dirge An elder may don multiple Masks over the course of his Requiem.

The Mask you choose for your character tonight may not be the same one he wore when he made the papers way back when or first met the mortal who would later become his childe.

Think about what might haunt him from a past when he masqueraded as someone else. You can use this as inspiration for an Aspiration. A gain or loss of Humanity is a good milestone for such a change.

Is your character a different kind of monster now than he was when he first joined his coterie, or made his favorite ghoul? She hoards fashions, entertainment, art, music, even people — anything she can get her hands on, from every era. Single Willpower: Go out of your way to acquire something characteristic of the time and place you occupy.

All Willpower: Choose adding to your collection over your own safety or over the Masquerade. All Willpower: Interfere in a precarious or dangerous situation so you can take credit for whatever happens. Single Willpower: Provoke dissension among others for no reason other than to do it. All Willpower: Cause conflict among others when you know lives and futures are on the line. See p. If his starting Humanity score is lower than 7, place the first Touchstone one level lower than where he begins.

A vampire who survives long enough must face facts: her Touchstones are impermanent. When her bond with a Touchstone persists beyond his death, it haunts her. After a while, this ceaseless merrygo-round becomes a blur that still bears his name.

When it blurs enough, she gains what elders call a faded Touchstone. The vampire moves on, but the memories endure the wear of centuries and the Chapter One: Opening Movement 17 nightmares of torpor.

Pdf vampire requiem

The intense memory serves as a bulwark against detachment, so thoroughly ingrained that your character can only lose this Touchstone if she drops to Humanity 0. Once per story, you can call out something that reminds your character of her faded Touchstone, granting her a brief moment of stability and clarity. Her next detachment roll receives two bonus dice in addition to the bonus from attached Touchstones. Anachronisms People cling to things that remind them of times gone by.

Old, familiar rituals allow an elder to reassert himself in the face of a swiftly-turning world, and help him remember that a time existed before the Curse.

One ancient refuses to dress in anything but the high fashion he wore as a young gentleman in Venice during the Renaissance. Another writes letters to his lover on handmade hanji, and keeps them in a cedar chest at the foot of his bed. Once per chapter, an elder character may regain a point of Willpower by performing her Anachronism.

Vampire The Requiem 2nd Edition - Interactive Character Sheet

It always involves familiar, ritualized behavior, and takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more — for instance, donning an elaborate suit of clothes, eating a specific breakfast with a friend, or performing calculations on an abacus. If the character gets distracted, rushed, or interrupted, the experience is more stressful than rewarding, and she loses the Willpower.

Choose one Anachronism for your character based on the period, culture, and lifestyle in which she was Embraced. Disciplines and Devotions Elders devote a great deal of time to cultivating their fell prowess, and possess correspondingly powerful abilities.

How does she protect herself? How does she exert authority over others? An elder who made a name for herself as an unstoppable killer probably has a high rating in Vigor, while an infamous bogeyman has undoubtedly mastered Obfuscate. Elders often cultivate a broad foundation of Disciplines, seeking out teachers from other clans. Similarly, elders may pick up knowledge and rituals from multiple covenants.

A character belongs to the Carthian Movement now, but three hundred years ago, she was a die-hard Dragon, and she still remembers the Coils she learned as part of her old obsessions. Did your character follow a similar course? An elder character may begin play with one free Devotion, as long as it has five or fewer total dots of prerequisite Disciplines and the character meets all the prerequisites after step seven: Spending Experiences.

See Chapter 3 for new elder-appropriate Devotions. Elder vampires grow in power over the course of decades, only to weaken again when they slip into torpor for years. High Blood Potency is a double-edged sword, and some elders choose torpor deliberately to return to the good old nights when they could feed from mortals and keep a low profile. Blood Potency higher than five forces a vampire to see other Kindred as prey, turning nightly intrigues into existential crises.

Neonates are about as impressive to her as walking, talking snacks. In her areas of expertise, she is unimaginably superior, performing impossible feats as easily as other vampires outclass the kine. Her appetite is nigh-insatiable, as her capacity for Vitae grows to hellish proportions. She can play fast and loose with pouring blood into rituals and Devotions, opening the floodgates to crush whoever is unfortunate enough to stand in her path.

All it takes to maintain this ghastly dominance is a little cannibalism. Okay, a lot of cannibalism. But you should see her dance. By default, elder characters begin with Blood Potency 5; you can spend Experiences in step seven to boost it higher. Players who would rather start with lower Blood Potency can, reflecting time their characters spent in torpor. Merits such as Haven, Herd, Feeding Grounds, and Followers represent resources that a character can depend on even if he falls into torpor and has to pick up the pieces when he wakes up again.

These resources double as signs of status in the Kindred community. If an elder claims a patch of nightclubs as his own exclusive feeding ground, he reserves the right to punish anyone who tries to poach from him.

You can find new elder-appropriate Merits throughout this book. Step Six: Determine Advantages Elder vampires determine advantages the same way others do, with one major exception.

Pdf vampire requiem

Humanity A neonate is isolated from humanity by virtue of what she is, but the world she lived in is still there. Her mortal friends and family are still alive. She can walk the streets and find all the places she used to go. Maybe she even still works the same job. As the years tick by, these things drop away, and as they do, it gets harder and harder to care. For a young vampire, retaining Humanity is like balancing on an I-beam.

Your troupe should reach a consensus about a rough age group for the characters. Consult the chart below to see how many Experiences you have to spend based on that age group. First, this is a good opportunity to embark on Spinning the Web p. You could also hold onto some of your starting Experiences, spending them in similar milestone fashion whenever you play through a flashback scene, such as those found in Chapter 2. You can select most arcs more than once to represent multiple instances or more invested time, stacking the traits until you reach your maximum in each.

Decide on the story details up front or leave them open so you can explore them in flashbacks later. Instead, choose any two Specialties, or one as an Interdisciplinary Specialty.

You studied every culture, learned every language, surveyed every ruin you could find, and visited every major metropolis on Earth.

Knowing you might survive to see the rise and fall of whole civilizations, societal evolution fascinated you. Did it help you cope with your longevity, or just make you feel small? You invested all your time, energy, and resources into this single massive project, and it paid off in spades.

It flourished and you spent decades perfecting and expanding it. Whether it went on without you or you still pay the bills and stalk the halls, you made your indelible mark on civilization.

You cultivated your own unique style and set trends for centuries to come, looking forward to the night you would be a beloved household name, just like Shakespeare or 20 A Thousand Years of Night Picasso or Mozart. Do you see your masterpiece in a museum and smile, or does the strangeness of it all haunt you? You honed your A-game until it was flawless. You were unbeatable at everything you tried: boxing, fencing, gymnastics, football, skateboarding, all of it.

Do you still compete in underground arenas and third-string leagues, or have you sated your competitive Beast for now? You learned to tough it out, sipping animal blood and scrambling for shelter from daylight where no human structures stood, until you could no longer sustain yourself and the silence grew unbearable. Did you hoard all your earnings to set yourself up for a cushy eternity, or invest it in other projects once you tired of your capitalist games? Mortal affairs?

It was all Kindred intrigue all the time, and you became the virtuoso of double- and triple-crossing other vampires without leaving your fingerprints on any of it. In the end, did it all come crashing down around your ears, or did you slip out quietly one night when no one was looking? You toured the world, made a hundred movies and a zillion bucks, and then faked your own spectacular celebrity death that made every tabloid.

Do you pretend it was someone else, or do you still play the dive bar down the street as your own impersonator every Friday night? You started your own wildly successful business, or served as CEO of a huge corporation for decades. You peddled handmade wares across the world, or invented fresh new ways for humanity to empty its pockets into yours. You needed to prey on humanity to survive.

So why not go all the way? You came to view mortal society as a banquet laid out before you, ripe for the plundering. You took anything you wanted, followed no rules but your own, and laughed all the way to the bank. Has your cavalier attitude changed, bringing you remorse and a renewed sense that kine are people too, or do you fondly remember the nights when you took full advantage of the Masquerade?

Mortal institutions of all kinds, from universities and religions to kingdoms and crime syndicates, danced to your tune. A whisper in the right ear here, a timely demise there, and you had history in the palm of your hand.

Vampire: The Requiem - White Wolf | Vampire: The Requiem |

Knowledge is power, but really, you were just in it to sate your boundless curiosity. You became a caretaker of the kine, keeping them safe and happy — blissfully ignorant — in fact.

You only ever did what was best for them, even if that meant a little tough love now and then. Subjugation worked wonders, too. Did you retain your suffocating love of humans, or did you eventually resent their ungrateful terror whenever you let the Mask slip a little? Weapons and causes evolved, but as far as you were concerned, it was always the same.

Spilling blood was spilling blood, and you loved being there to lap it up. Whether you charged in on the front lines or led troops from behind the scenes, you took a grim satisfaction in the widespread carnage. They were just kine, after all. You went through a self-loathing phase just like any other ancient dead thing, but you snapped and did something about it. You and everything like you was a cancer upon the Earth, and you were determined to cure it.

What eternal rivalries and vendettas did you spawn during your slaughter spree? Do you regret it or was it all worth it? Any existential terror she used to feel about what she is exists buried under a host of rationalizations and defenses. The kine respond as they always have: they submit, they succumb, they run, and they die.

She is what she is, they are what they are, and the Danse twirls on. Only in those few private moments, when the hypnotic sound of the ocean waves reminds her suddenly of the last time she felt sun-kissed, or the breathless whisper of a lover who thinks his love for her is real sounds like the first oath she ever broke, does she let herself regret and mourn the death of her better self. Her human self. The tune of that refrain comes from her clan lineage.

Elder Clan Banes A vampire is ever more herself as time goes by. The Blood calls more strongly and the Curse deepens. Daeva Smile. And despite all that — or perhaps because of it — they love you. They worship you and cry out for more abuse at your hands. Their unspoken need for someone just like you to show them that their worst urges are okay makes them come back to you again and again.

But, who cares about that? Bring in the next mindless crowd to please. Elders of other clans tread carefully around their Daeva Kindred, wary of the ease with which they command the heart.

Most ancient vampires closed their hearts off long ago, tired of the endless cycles of betrayal, longing, and loss. Elder Daeva are the most likely to continue engaging in perversion with other vampires, never having learned their lesson. The thousand-year-old Daeva can sit back and let the food come to him. The hunter becomes the hunted, but the pursued is still the predator.

This effortless attraction turns the elder into an absurd study in self-absorption to the point of complete solipsism. People are just little bundles of reactions and buttons to press. When he takes you up on it, he appears attentive but his mind is on anything but you. He is no longer immune to other blood bonds after he reaches the third stage with one regnant. High Blood Potency Daeva who can only sustain themselves on Vitae end up entangled in ridiculous webs of jealous immortal lovers.

Coping with Change Gangrel Daeva are social predators.

Requiem pdf vampire

Successfully blending in with the herd can mean the difference between a successful feeding and a miserable night. Bring on the next decade already! To them, ever-changing culture is like a rushing river, and worrying about trends, fashion, mannerisms, dialects, and etiquette is as pointless as worrying about the fate of a few water droplets.

The details change, but human nature never does. At best, they come across as quirky and retro; at worst they seem mired in constant mid-life crisis mode, relying on their Disciplines and habits to get by in a world that leaves them behind more rapidly all the time. On the other hand, many Daeva purposefully cling to oldfashioned habits from eras they remember fondly to draw attention to themselves.

Few humans nowadays take the time to write letters at all, much less do it in stunning calligraphy, so the vampire who sends his chosen pet an exquisite hand-penned missive in a parchment envelope sealed with wax quickly earns a reputation. Such foibles lend him an air of mystique, which has been a reliable way to draw in new prey since the earliest Kindred walked among the kine. The most attentive elder Serpents go overboard in their desperation to keep up.

They express themselves through modern technology, using current trends and gadgets to exclaim to the world just how chic they are. This Daeva always sports the latest iPhone, the sleekest car, and a posh penthouse apartment decked out with touch screens and networked smart appliances, all protected by top-notch security systems. On top of the effects the vampire suffers when he drinks 24 A Thousand Years of Night They say your obsession with survival at all costs has defeated the purpose of immortality, dulled its luster.

They look down their noses when you finally deign to show up to Elysium. They expect you to feel ashamed, but they can go fuck themselves. You say what you want regardless of whose delicate sensibilities you might trample.

Not like it matters. Not like it changes what you are, and painting it with a veneer of humanity just makes them less honest than you.

Most elder vampires consider immortality a curse at some point in their unlives, or at least question why they exist and what they should do with themselves for the next millennium.

Ancient Gangrel rarely struggle with such doubts, making peace with endless night as they made peace with the Beast: by embracing it fully and never looking back. The raw hunt is so much a part of a Gangrel elder that people — and vampires — are no more complicated or important individually than clay pigeons on a shooting range.

Unfortunately, the nature of the Beast is to decay when starved, and torpor is unkind. No Gangrel who survives to become an elder has truly succumbed to mindless instinct, though, and these supreme hunters can learn to swallow their pride until they regain the edge.

She has shelter, weapons, armor, mobility, and disguises all right there within herself. Coping with Change Of all elder Kindred, the Savages worry the least about shifting tides of societal change. Nevertheless, the need to stay grounded is a constant across all the clans, and wise ancients recognize the need to cultivate Touchstones if nothing else. Gangrel adapt to their circumstances all the time, and once they get their bearings, they usually keep up well enough to get by without much trouble.

Who cares if they come across as old-fashioned or primitive?