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Administration Guide CUSTOMER SAP Financial Closing Cockpit Add-On .. download and or dering of software) SAP Online. Closing cockpit configuration document - SAP. The closing cockpit is a very powerful tool in SAP Financial System which Download. Download .. ǀ Agenda SAP Financial Closing cockpit (SAP FCc) Overview Status SAP S/4HANA Financial Closing Customers can start using SAP Financial Closing cockpit with SAP S/4HANA or as well.

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Use. The SAP Financial Closing cockpit supports you in planning, executing, monitoring, and analyzing financial closing tasks for the entities of your group. Speed up even the most complex closing cycles, while meeting regulatory requirements and financial reporting standards. With the financial closing cockpit, you. Closing cockpit – Config Guide Configuration Guide and Transaction Steps Closing . They are using SAP version ECC and are stable on SAP system.

Create Organizational Hierarchy Create Template Create Tasks Create Flow Definitions Define Dependencies Create and Release Task list

User errors, negligence, or attempted manipulation of your system should not result in loss of information or processing time. These demands on security apply likewise to the Financial Closing cockpit Add-On. About this Document The Security chapter provides an overview of the security-relevant information that applies to the Financial Closing cockpit Add-On.

It also includes our recommendations for the network topology to restrict access at the network level. Pay particular attention to the most relevant sections or specific restrictions as indicated in the table below. More Information For more information about specific topics, see the Quick Links as shown in the table below. For an overview of how these mechanisms apply for the Financial Closing cockpit Add-On, see the sections below. User Administration Tools The table below shows the tools to use for user management and user administration with the Financial Closing cockpit Add-On.

User Types It is often necessary to specify different security policies for different types of users.

Streamlining The Financial Close With The Sap® Financial Closing Cockpit

For example, your policy may specify that individual users who perform tasks interactively have to change their passwords on a regular basis, but not those users under which background processing jobs run. The SAP NetWeaver authorization concept is based on assigning authorizations to users based on roles.

This role can define templates, task lists, and task groups but cannot execute, schedule, or monitor any tasks. This role can change task lists and schedule, mass schedule, execute, and monitor tasks but cannot create task lists from templates.

This role can schedule, execute, and monitor tasks but cannot maintain anything. Standard Authorization Objects The table below shows the security-relevant authorization objects that are used by the Financial Closing cockpit Add-On. You need the standard BI authorizations for executing queries. Your network needs to support the communication necessary for your business needs without allowing unauthorized access.

A well-defined network topology can eliminate many security threats based on software flaws at both the operating system level and application level or network attacks such as eavesdropping. If users cannot log on to your application or database servers at the operating system or database layer, then there is no way for intruders to compromise the machines and gain access to the backend system's database or files. Additionally, if users are not able to connect to the server LAN local area network , they cannot exploit well-known bugs and security holes in network services on the server machines.

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It shows the appropriate network segments for the various client and server components and where to use firewalls for access protection. It also includes a list of the ports needed to operate the Financial Closing cockpit Add-On.

The Add- On includes many new and enhanced features. All the data is saved in the database. You can use transaction Fin. For more information, open the Upgrade Monitor and click the icons in the Document column.

For more information, see Installation Information [page 13]. You cannot use the Upgrade Monitor to automate the upgrade process. To copy the templates in the Closing Cockpit to Add-On 2.

You cannot copy task lists with this upgrade option. For more information, see Upgrading Across Systems [page 30]. After you have installed Add-On 2. To copy the templates in Add-On 1. If a task in the template contains a document, that document is saved to an attachment folder in the export directory.

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If necessary, you can edit the CSV files to add or change folders, tasks, and documents. To install the program, apply SAP Note Procedure Exporting Templates 1. Log on to the system where the Closing Cockpit is installed. In the screen that appears, specify the template name, decimal notation, date format, time format, and separator character you want to use in the exported CSV files.

But the A transaction that ends in the number below usually has Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors. I found one link of same added in this message but got confused about the configurations to be made. Any document on closing cockpit will be of helpful to me. Future direction towards Closing Cockpit.

Winshuttle Enhances SAP® Financial Closing Cockpit with Task Loading Tool - Winshuttle Software

Process Description. Subsequent Process Impacted. SAP Closing Cockpit. This greater transparency helps ensure that managers can detect problems such as overdue tasks and resource bottlenecks early and correct them before they impact the schedule. Finally, enhanced reporting features capture detailed data on each task to compare planned performance to actual performance, to highlight areas where system performance adjustments may be required.

Automating the Closing Cycle Companies often perform operations such as period-end accruals, allocations, and closing journal entries manually, which lengthens the closing cycle and increases resource demands and costs.

The cockpit can trigger automated tasks to speed the closing cy- cle. Furthermore, many companies are challenged by complex system landscapes consisting of multiple ledgers and other source systems from different vendors. Moreover, automated tasks and manual tasks are combined on the same schedule, for complete orchestration of the closing schedule.

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It utilizes an intuitive, Web-based environment to enable financial professionals to create the closing schedule as a series Over 20, customers in more than 25 industries and countries rely on SAP financial management solutions for their accounting and reporting requirements. They can create tasks, assign them to task owners, or schedule them as automated jobs in various systems.

They can also assign dependencies and ensure that all tasks, manual or automated, are executed in the proper sequence. Simplified Administration The SAP Financial Closing cockpit provides an easy-to-use, template-driven environment that enables users to set SAP Financial Closing Cockpit Business Benefits The SAP Financial Closing cockpit provides your company with the ability to accelerate the financial closing cycle through enhanced user efficiency, greater automation, and central motoring and control.

SAP NetWeaver unifies technology components into a single platform, allowing organizations to reduce IT complexity and obtain more business value from their IT investments. With SAP NetWeaver, organizations can compose and enhance business appli- The SAP Financial Closing cockpit helps you accelerate your financial closing cycle and meet regulatory requirements and financial reporting standards.

The SAP NetWeaver platform is also the foundation for service-oriented architecture SOA , the blueprint that supports the flexible presentation of data regardless of its origin through portals and reporting improving data usability and management insight.