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Practical Chess Endings [Irving Chernev, Kenneth Harkness] on * FREE* Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Practical Chess Endings book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. practical endgame situations, ranging from very simple to mast. An essential and practical book for all chess players, from Games by Bobby Fischer Logical Chess Move By Move by Irving Chernev The Life and Games of.

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Practical chess endings: a basic guide to endgame strategy for the beginner and the more advanced. Pages·· MB·1, Downloads·New!. Books by Irving Chernev. PRA CT I CAL endings, where the win is achieved by turning a Pawn into The book is designed to improve the skill of the practical. Practical Chess Endings: A Basic Guide to Endgame Strategy for the Beginner and the More Advanced Chess Player [Irving Chernev] on *FREE* .

Posted on By anonymous. Blake - Chess Endings for Beginners. Dvoretsky, Mark - Endgame Manual 2nd ed. Kasparian, Genrikh - Domination in Endgame Studies.

Gambit, Buy any book by the British school teacher and chess master John N. They are perfect for young players under Here are some Books by John Walker Chess for Tomorrows Champions provides an entertaining and amusing introduction along with historical tidbits.

Winning on the Openings shows how to take advantage of your opponents mistakes. This is a great way to learn openings. Attacking the King shows how to build up what Walker calls "firepower.

Test Your Chess: Piece Power has got lots of problems well suited for junior instruction. Paul Littlewoods Check Tactics is an outstanding exploration of the main tactical motifs. He explains overloading, deflection, decoying better than ever.

If you only get one book on tactics, this is the one. Purdys Guide to Good Chess is truly a classic for both young and old chess players. Purdy explains chess like no one else. Learn Purdys rules and discover why Bobby Fischer considered Purdy the worlds greatest chess author. This book is challenging but dont let that stop you. It includes 62 masterpieces of chess strategy.

If you have a rating of or higher then study this book and I guarantee you will improve your chess. If I could only have one chess book this would be it. Snyder 3.

1000 Best Short Games of Chess, by Irving Chernev

Levy 4. Extreme Chess: C. Purdy 5. Snyder 6. Snyder Chess Self-Teacher, by Al Horowitz Chess Primer and Chess Fundamentals both very useful books that should be required reading for novices. Years ago, Reinfeld, Horowitz, Fine and Chernev taught beginners. Today, some competent authors who target the child novice are Pandolfini, Walker the British Pandolfini , Heisman and Snyder.

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Lev Albert has authored many books that are geared toward the more mature novice. These lessons cover a couple of topics which take approximately an hour of classroom time. Lazlos Polgar's Combinations is great for novices. Chris Ward authored many puzzle books targeting novice to intermediate players. A beginner should devour these books, because "One who understands combinations, then understands chess.

Judgment and Planning in Chess, Dr. Max Euwe, McKay. The other books would help those in the B-D classes. Pawn Structure Chess was my most important opening book. Game collection. I enjoy endgame studies the same as puzzle books or combinations, mainly to stay in some chess shape.

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There is a plethora of good endgame books. Most impressive Keep in mind that my first published rating was under , so some of these books you would probably consider too basic. I list them in chronological order of my reading them. Pachman's book has a reputation as a classic and I believe it is completely deserved. It's not bad, but it's too hard and at that level, Silman is better.

The "Improvers" version is much easier. Useful tool for low rated player U USCF , The book is very basic and fun to read, yet majority of positions are important and I wouldn't hesitate using them with my students The Art of Chess Combinations - Znosko-Borovsky is a brilliant chess teacher; this and his How to Play the Chess Endings are his two best works. For the beginning tournament player, The Art of Chess Combination gives a wonderful, concise introduction to important motifs in attacking and in some cases, defensive play.

Vukovic's Art of Attack in Chess is a good book, but after reading Znosko-Borovsky's shorter work felt it did not add that much extra. This book is superb. This is a real classic of chess literature. The Game of Chess by Tarrasch This is quite possibly the best single volume on the game of chess for advanced beginners to early intermediate players.

The book covers all three phases of the game - ending first , middlegame second , and openings last. Tarrasch's writing style is very clear and easy to understand. A great book to be studied and restudied. The author has done an outstanding job in breaking chess into first principles, and then using these principles to illustrate how to play chess well. Muller, Karsten - Fundamental Chess Endings. Keres, Paul - Practical Chess Endings.

Levenfish, Grigory - Rook Endings. Shereshevsky, Mikhail - Endgame Strategy.

Capablanca's Best Chess Endings (Dover Chess) eBook: Irving Chernev: Kindle Store

Seirawan, Yassar - Winning Chess Endings. Sutherland, M. Muller, Karsten - Secrets of Pawn Endings. Beliavsky, Alexander - Winning Endgame Strateg. Smyslov, Vasily - Endgame Virtuoso. Horowitz, I. Rosen, Bernd - Chess Endgame Training. Pandolfini, Bruce - Pandolfini's Endgame Course. Fine, Reuben - Basic Chess Endings. Ward, Chris - Modern Practical Endings. Roycroft, A. Alburt, Lev - Just the Facts! Winning Endgame Knowledge in One Volume.

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Mednis, Edmar - From the Opening into the Endgame.