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game "Final Fan Final Fantasy VII - On the Way to a Smile. by TheGameBard. It appears you don't have PDF support in this web browser. On the Way to a Smile (オン・ザ・ウェイ・トゥ・ア・スマイル, On za Wei tu a Sumairu?) is a series of short stories taking place between the time of Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII On The Way To A Smile. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read onlineFinal Fantasy VII On The Way.

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On The Way To A Smile Case of Denzel. In the past, the world of Midgar was split into two. The upper city, build on foundations of steel known as plates, was. On The Way To A Smile Case of Nanaki. Oh, Gilligan please begone. Just who are you? Nanaki who was also known as Red XIII faced the moon and howled as . Official English releases of FFVII novels: Available soon! On the Way to a Smile – October 30, The Kids Are Alright – January 22, PRE-ORDER NOW.

The room was dimly lit, with minimal but adequate lighting. No one else was there besides Tifa. Just days ago, she was working so much that all her bitterness disappeared as she watched families come and go. But now, the water was cold and she wasn't getting anywhere with all the dirty tableware. Tifa tried turning on all the lights that illuminated the store to try and change the atmosphere. For a brief moment, the store lit up, but due to the instability of the electricity supply, it became dimly lit again. A surge of uneasiness came over her.

After taking the boy to a safe thicket, he stood facing the bear. The claws on its two paws could be seen under its fur. Go, Red! They glared at each other. Go Red! That moment, he heard another gunshot. Immediately out of the thicket came a human—it looked as if he was a hunter—jumping towards the fallen Nibel bear and firing a finishing shot. The Nibel bear stopped breathing. The hunter then turned round and aimed his gun at Nanaki.

It saved me. God has granted him to me. It reminded him of the mad man who once gave him the same name. He raised his voice and gave out a roar to show his dissatisfaction. The father and son backed off a few steps cautiously.

A giant wolf-like appearance. Red fur and a tail that burns. If I had caught you one year earlier I would have been rich! And I am most likely more wiser than you two too. Nanaki turned round and made a little jump into the thickets. See, you fired in the end. Then you would try to force me to talk.

And you thought you could get along with me. He returned to where the father and son had been. Shinra maybe over but we can put on an exhibit with him. Might be best if we took him to the Golden Saucer. The Shinra bought it from us at high prices because they used them as stimulants for the soldiers. Depending on how you cook it, it can be pretty good. He was just staying strong so that he could survive in these times.

All living things had to eat or they would starve. Once Bugenhagen had told Nanaki something. Animals kill others to eat but, monsters only kill. Then they find their next prey. When you think about this difference, humans are close to monsters. So little that he had tried it when he thought about hunting. Yes, thought Nanaki. Many humans are unconsciously taking the lives of other animals and eating them to live. Even if they were conscious about it, they would avoid thinking too deeply about it besides the ones that made a living hunting for food.

Nanaki too was the same. There no point puzzling over matters here. All the smaller animals ran away panicking. The small Nibel bears snuggled up to the corpse—most likely their mother—and nuzzled their nose and paws against it. Nanaki just gazed at them helplessly. Then he remembered. That hunter said he was going to get some people here. If those cubs stay here they will be in danger too. He left the thickets and appeared before the cubs. Come, this way. The humans are coming you know.

The other one followed. Sometimes he would stop so that he waited for the other cub to catch up, pursuing all its strength. Once their distance closed, he would run off again. And so as he repeated those same movements, he eventually arrived at an open area. There were old stones laid out and Nanaki clearly knew it was the work of humans.

Surveying the surroundings, Nanaki could see that many stone materials were piled up without any order around the place. Was someone trying to build something here? However, that was the only signs that humans had been here. The air lingered as if it had all been abandoned long ago. Nanaki laid down the cub he held in his mouth. Such carefree little creatures, Nanaki thought. It sniffed. Perhaps it was curious about the familiar smell that Nanaki had. It then sniffed about its younger brother. Soon as if it was satisfied or had enough of sniffing, it let out a huge yawn and slept, cuddling up to its brother.

But then he was troubled. What should I do now? I have some responsibility towards these cubs. Nanaki laid down and gazed at the brothers. Will they be able to survive without their mother? What do these Nibel bears eat? At a glance they may look like ferocious canivores but these kind of beasts have a varied diet much like Nanaki.

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If that was the case then the forest should be filled with food— Nanaki reached a decision. He will gather some food for them before leaving the forest. It was best they parted before they got too attached to one another. But before that—Nanaki too let out a big yawn and closed his eyes. Moments later, Nanaki opened his eyes again. There were no signs of the cubs before him. Live well.

But just as he thought so, he noticed an odd feeling at his side. They were feelings that forced out all reason from his mind. He was determined to look after them until they became independent. He had no guilt taking the lives of other creatures. This was a fair fight to survive.

Sometimes they would meet encounter other Nibel bears. All sorts of thoughts came and left his mind. Everyday he would discover something new and even though he had his worries, the days were generally peaceful. Sometimes he would question if perhaps such a life might be good. Everytime he thought that way, he would tell himself that it was part of his errand but at the same time, he was aware that he enjoyed it. Before long, many humans could be seen coming into the forest to hunt almost everyday.

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It appeared Nibel bear hunting was becoming regularised. Nanaki no longer knew how many days and months he had spent in the forest. Keeping track of time is a characteristic of humans, thought Nanaki. I can live with humans or beasts but as of now, I live in an age of beasts. It has nothing to do with beasts.

At first, it hurt Nanaki to say something like that but he could now think about it firmly. I will talk about this story once the times have returned to the human world. I spent my time in a forest as a beast. It was necessary to have the emotions of a beast to survive. Gilligan appeared many times inside Nanaki. The faces of the brothers would appear in the soul filled with dark emotions before sinking back into it as if they were disappearing, making Nanaki tremble with fear.

However, his fear would disappear immediately as he ascertained Pazu and Rin were cuddled up against him. Nanaki now understood what Gilligan truely was. It was the fear of loss. It was the fear of losing loved ones that made Nanaki tremble.

Now that he knew, he no longer feared Gilligan. Nothing can be achieved through fear of loss. Pazu and Rin who had grown to the point where they could stand shoulder to shoulder by Nanaki, had established a place to stay and were living together. There was nothing particular that triggered it but one night, the two Nibel bears had started to sleep away from Nanaki. Something has ended, thought Nanaki. He was sad but he thought as it as part of growing up. The next day, the brothers were no where to be seen when Nanaki woke up.

He guessed they had gone off to hunt for food on their own just like they had decided to sleep away from him. At that moment, he heard gunfire. The roar of Nibel bears followed. That was Pazu. Nanaki who could now walk through the forest blindfolded, headed in the direction where Pazu stayed. Before long he saw something that he had once seen before. That day, the boy had fallen back, sitting down scared.

A Nibel bear was loitering around nearby. It was Pazu. He had taken an interest in the thickets nearby. It looked like he was waiting for Rin. Pazu stood up on his hind legs and raised his paws towards the sky as if making an offering then roared. The boy was scared as he searched for an escape route. When he saw Nanaki, his eyes glowed with hope.

You remember me, right? You saved me here long ago. However, he knew what he had to say this time. You will have to abide by its rules. It appeared he was happy to find out Nanaki really could talk. He has some courage, thought Nanaki. Unexpectedly, the boy was reaching towards his gun. Just as Nanaki thought Pazu was going to get shot and was going to leave the thickets, Rin appeared.

With a single swoop of his front paws, the boy was knocked away. He lay there limp, motionless. Pazu and Rin started to circle around the boy. Moments later they once again stood up on their hind legs and roared into the sky. He left his spot and hid in the thickets. What happened!

But the figure that followed behind surprised Nanaki. What is going on, thought Nanaki. Does it mean Shina Company was still active? Elena watched the hunter carry the boy out of the forest on his back before she was heard contacting somewhere on her mobile.

I will try again tomorrow. Then when they saw Nanaki, they hid themselves in the thicket. Tomorrow, Shinra will be in the forest again. It seems the Nibel bears are their target. It will be a busy day tomorrow. Nanaki could sense Pazu and Rin closing in towards him but he remained quiet, eyes closed.

Soon, he could feel the brothers licking his wounds. Thank you, Pazu, Rin. The pain from his wound had lightened quite a bit. Filled with the recovery abilities of a beast, Nanaki got up. Usually they would be sleeping somewhere within his line of sight. It was unlikely that non-nocturnal Nibel bears would be active at night.

Nanaki began to panick and began his search in the forest. He felt he heard gunfire somewhere far away. It was outside of the forest. Nanaki began to tremble all over. He cowered as he trembled with fear. What was I supposed to do again? I know. Pazu and Rin. Those brothers stopped the trembling for me. But neither of them were around. Clenching his teeth, Nanaki stood up and headed out of the forest. Staring down at the ground as he walked, Nanaki endured the trembling.

He knew he was out of the forest because the air felt different. He looked up. A grass plain sloped downwards.

The grass was trampled where the hunters made their path. As Nanaki followed the path with his eyes, he could see a number of lights in the distance. It was a small village. One of the lights, the biggest of them all was swaying with a crackling sound.

That must be fire, thought Nanaki. Was it being used for cooking? He took in everything in sight and thought to himself, trying to force Gilligan out of his mind. But there was no effect. Nanaki walked on with determination towards the lights.

It is , thought Nanaki. The lights lit up Pazu and Rin. The two of them were hanging downwards from a pole. Their arms were stretched up into the sky, a sight that Nanaki have been used to seeing. Their tails had been cut off. Nanaki could feel himself calm. Gilligan had disappeared. There were three mountain huts.

They were lit individually. Listening closely, he could hear the laughter of men and women. Perhaps they were having a toast. It appeared there was no lookout.

Did I come to avenge the brothers? Humans and Nibel bears may have long been enemies but that was in general, nothing personal, thought Nanaki. Humans are the only ones that can possess hostility and grudge. Perhaps it was the air outside the forest but Nanaki became aware that in his heart, he wanted revenge.

He was surprised.

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It sounded as if they were telling him they were in pain. Even though they were big in size, they were still children who were only just born a few years ago. Deep black emotions expanded inside Nanaki. They were taking over his mind as much as he wanted to suppress his desire for vengeance. The sound of a baby crying could be heard from one of the huts.

I see. It must be very cute. A baby— Babies have no sin. Maybe it means you should bear with it, Nanaki. A bullet hit the ground right next to Nanaki. He looked at Pazu and Rin again. Their voice had only been his imagination earlier. They had died a while ago. He looked at their eyes. He could see their eyes were bright red underneath the eyelids of their closed eyes. The lights were being reflected in them. He could feel the flames in his own eyes spreading as they burned. His eyes were growing hot.

He heard another gunshot ringing through the air. He followed the sound the enemy made and burst into one of the huts. The broken glass from the window scattered inside. There were a number of armed men. What moved me was human emotion but in here right now, I have the instincts of a beast.

He could no longer distinguish humans. The sound of gunfire is heard and a sharp pain ran across his cheek. It was the sign. Nanaki leapt onto the closest man. All that he could remember was the pain of a bullet piercing his body and the cry of a boy.

It looked like he had collapsed on a bloodstained wooden floor. He turned his head to look around him. At the side of a room sat a familiar man dressed in red, looking at him. What are you doing here? He said he was waiting for something to happen as if it was self-derision. It was where the helicopter stopped too. Elena from the Turks was seeking something and had gone into the forest with the hunters. Not long afterwards, she returned carrying a wounded boy and at night, two Nibel bears appeared.

There was a lot panic amongst the hunters but they shot and killed the bears. After obtaining what she was after, Elena left in the helicopter.

He heard the hunters firing their guns and Nanaki breaking into one of the huts. A boy was crying and saying something about being friends. You were like a beast attacking humans. He then bid them goodbye. I transformed. Nanaki looked around the inside of the room. There was blood all over the floor here and there. Nanaki tried to get up to look outside. He struggled but he managed to stand up somehow. Vincent began talking again as if he remembered something.

Maybe I should have stopped them? They will probably be of use. But when you think about them again, the answer maybe different. You should just continue living to think about it. His feelings were half and half. All wrong. I have chosen that way once. Nanaki hastily got up and followed. It appeared Vincent was going east. But before long he entered a secluded wasteland that was just off the road. It had the kindness that made her think everything was fine.

I wonder if I was mistaken. The day when Meteor came flying down from outer space and the Lifestream flowed out from the planet, gathering together and destroying it. Tifa had watched the scene from the sky, together with her companions. I thought it was fine if everything just washed away. Wash away my past. She could feel the obscure terror that came with the relief when the battle was over. I wondered if I could continue living the way I was. If someone else asked her the same question then she would answer them that they should live on no matter what happened.

But when it was about her, she didn't know. Thanks to Shinra Inc. Light overflowed the ground's surface but at the same time, there was something much darker happening. The anti-Shinra group "Avalanche" took action to let the world know what that darkness was. Mako energy was going to lead to the destruction of the planet.

But Avalanche's actions didn't have much of an effect and the world remained unchanged. Once you understood the benefits of Mako, it was hard to turn your back to it. Avalanche chose to take more extreme actions to change the situation. In the Mako city of Midgar where lots of people lived, they blew up one of the Mako reactors that produced consumable energy. Due to a miscalculation in the bomb they made, the area that got destroyed was greater than they had planned.

The surrounding areas of the Mako reactor was also destroyed. Hearing this, Shinra wasn't going to ignore the matter.

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Shinra committed a brutal act in order to destroy the small group Avalanche: the sector of Midgar that was home to Avalanche's hideout was completely destroyed. As a result of Avalanche, countless innocent lives were lost. That Avalanche was the group Tifa joined. She had thought that sacrifices were more or less unavoidable for their great goal.

They always thought that they were prepared to throw their lives away too. As a result of what happened, they lost sight of their goal. During their long fight with Shinra, they soon found themselves fighting the powerful Sephiroth.

Tifa, along with her childhood friend Cloud, the other remaining survivor of Avalanche Barret, Aeris who they met during all the chaos, and Red XIII, set out on their journey. After going through some more events, Cid, Cait Sith, Yuffie, and Vincent also became her companions.

It seemed a new friendship was blooming, but as if there was a price to pay, Aeris' life was taken away. Even so, the journey was not over. Tifa felt that she could leave everything behind her as she experienced the victories and losses in battles during her journey. It all started when she was a young girl. There was some trouble in the Mako reactor which was built near her hometown of Nibelheim that threatened their safety.

Sephiroth was dispatched by Shinra to resolve the problem. He also killed her father. I couldn't bear the hatred I had for Shinra and Sephiroth. That was why I joined Avalanche.

It was the beginning of my own personal hatred. The slogans Avalanche used showing how they were anti-Shinra and anti-Mako were just what I needed to hide my true motive. But the many lives lost as sacrifices in saving the planet was too much. If all that was just for my own revenge, then The sin held its role deep in my heart. I wondered if I could live on with these feelings.

As Tifa looked away from the sky towards the ground, she was afraid of the future. But the Cloud beside her chose to smile gently.

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It was a smile that she hadn't seen before during their journey. Cloud noticed her gaze and asked, "What's wrong? A new I think that's the only way I can be forgiven. All sorts of things I think it will be all right this time.

Aeris, who was now at the bottom of the Forgotten City's spring. The world she was going to save in exchange for her life would surely be all right now. That's what they were told.

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Tifa heard a voice asking if she was all right. She didn't know if it was Aeris' voice or her own. She cried. Right after Sephiroth took Aeris' life, she wasn't grieving. She was sad, but she changed the sadness into the anger and hatred for the enemy. But the pain she felt when she visited the place tore her heart apart. While enduring the pain, she thought to herself how she was made this way by being part of a large group of people and an Avalanche member. She overflowed with tears again.

He was holding onto her firmly as if he didn't want her to go anywhere. For now, I'll just let myself cry as much as I want. I'll leave the rest in his hands. I just didn't know what I should do. Vincent left just like one of the passengers that would sit next to you on a train. Yuffie protested. She asked everyone if they were all right about splitting up, now that they were friends. Barret was the one who told her that they could see each other whenever they wanted if they all lived.

Or maybe it was Cid. After promising to reunite one day, Tifa,Cloud and Barret seperated from the others, leaving for Corel Town. It was Barret's hometown. To him, the tragedies that occurred there because of Mako was what started everything for him. Standing silently for a moment, he told the others not to follow him. He too had to go on living, carrying sins.

They also went to Nibelheim. It was Tifa and Cloud's hometown. They didn't feel any nostalgia. They were clearly reminded of the incident that took place in the town. There waiting for them was Aeris' foster mother Elmyra and the girl that was left in her care, Marlene.

Two of Elmyra's relatives had a house in Kalm and that was where they stayed. Barret and Marlene were happy to see each other again. Cloud told Elmyra what had happened to Aeris. There were no signs that they were convinced, but Tifa, Cloud, and Barret apologized for not being able to save Aeris. There's no need for you to apologize," said Elmyra. Tifa and the others couldn't say anything in reply. Did we really do all we could?

There were many people who arrived in Kalm to take refuge. The normal houses became emergency shelters. The residents of Kalm didn't charge them even though they could. Even the inn provided free rooms for the people in need. It was like everyone was cooperating to rebuild the world. Tifa nodded too, but just like Barret, she wondered where they had a normal life.

The four of them arrived back at Midgar. The city had recovered from all the shock and chaos that took place right after Meteor was destroyed. People were on the move again looking towards their future Seeing this made Tifa blame herself again. When she looked at Midgar from the sky she had thought that it was fine if everything just got washed away. She didn't know there were still so many lives here.

Tifa wasn't going to be able to forgive herself for being so selfish. She told Cloud and Barret what she was thinking when they were on the airship. Even though Barret and Cloud understood how she felt, they scolded her. No matter where they were or what they were doing, they wouldn't be able to get away from the sins in their consciousness. We'll live on until we pay back for our sins. It's the only way," said Barret.

When Tifa and Cloud were alone, Cloud said, "It's not like you to be troubled by your thoughts. Just the way I am. You're much more cheerful and strong. If you've forgotten the way you were then, I'll be there to remind you. There was a lack of materials, but above all, there wasn't any information being passed around about where to get things. The three of them split up and went around sharing the information they gathered with those who were in need, about where they could get the things they needed.

They helped the people that couldn't move on their own. At night, they slept under a plate in Midgar where rumour had it that it could fall anytime. One day, Barret came back with an alcohol jar, heater, and various fruits. They were given to him as thanks for helping someone dismantle a house. It had been about two weeks and the alcohol had been left to stand since then. They found out that it was some special alcohol made in the town of Corel. Tifa and Cloud sipped their alcohol slowly.

Barret was drinking so much that you could probably bathe in the amount he drank.

He looked like he was enjoying it and talked about his memories of the peaceful times. Drunk, he fell into a well. It had been a long time since Tifa and Cloud burst out laughing. The next day, Barret was looking serious and said, "How about we start a business and sell this alcohol? We can't draw customers! Tifa will do it.

It was what funded the members' lives and activities. Tifa was the barmaid there, or more accurately, the bar's manager. Barret continued. I understand how both types of people are feeling. Everyone is facing their problems but they're just dealing with it in different ways, right? The solution to everyone's problem is alcohol. But when we were half-drunk yesterday, we laughed.

We forgot all sorts of things, right? That's the moment we're after. Hey Tifa, what do you think? She understood what Barret was saying. But opening up a store felt like going back to the times of Avalanche.

Cloud spoke up. If it gets too tough, we'll just quit. If Tifa doesn't work, she'll end up thinkin' about all sorts of things. Then she'll end up not being able to do anything. The three of them made preparations. They decided to build their new business in the new town of Edge that was north of Midgar. All the people that Barret and Cloud had helped before gathered together. They transported all the materials that would be used to build parts of the store such as the walls and pillars. Barret shouted out his orders while Cloud went around correcting them in a low voice.

Tifa, on the other hand, learned how to make Corel's alcohol and improved it so that it was better to drink. She also thought of the food she could put on their menu, using the steady supply of ingredients they could use. Marlene was like a mascot to the people who helped build their store. It seemed she was emphasizing at how she was the new store's barmaid. It was hard work solving the problems that arose every day, but there was some fulfilment.

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Sometimes, Tifa would find herself thinking about how deep her sins were when she smiled, but someone always called her over to ask about something, which interrupted her. A few days more and they might be able to open the new bar, Cloud said. Barret asked what they were going to do about the name. There were a few suggestions, but Cloud's ones were all boring and Barret's ones made them think of monsters.

In the end, it was Tifa who had to decide. The two men promised that they wouldn't complain no matter what the name was, but Tifa couldn't think with the opening day so close.

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One day, Marlene came and asked them what they were going to do about the bar's name. It was a name Tifa wanted to avoid. Just having the past in me was enough. There was no need to go to the trouble of making a name that would remind me of it. If we make it Seventh Heaven it'll be fun again. Adults had their ambitions but Marlene had nothing to do with them. To her, Seventh Heaven was a happy home where Barret, Tifa, and her friends were. I could only compromise and live on. Tifa decided she was ready.

The first day of Seventh Heaven's opening was a great success. Corel alcohol was something that you could make yourself when you felt like it, so the price was nothing special. Because of the limited ingredients they had, they couldn't make any special food. Even so, people sought places like this. A place where they could be with friends while drinking. A place where you could get over the sadness from reality or maybe forget about reality and think about the future.

People who didn't have money were allowed to trade items to get a drink. So that children could go in too, they prepared all sorts of juices. They only served the ones that Marlene tried and liked. She was someone who couldn't be missing out on anything. Marlene was the waitress who served until not too late into the night. Those who drank too much were ordered to go home without any hesitation.

Barret was sipping his alcohol in a corner. Maybe he was planning to be the bouncer. Cloud's job was to obtain the ingredients they needed for their food and alcohol. He didn't know most of the names of the fruit and vegetables. At first, Tifa was surprised, but when she thought about the life that Cloud had, she realized it couldn't be helped. It was funny when she thought how Cloud's new life was going to start by remembering the names of vegetables.

No, I can't laugh, Tifa thought to herself. Cloud wasn't good at socializing. He wasn't good at talking. Even so, he would go negotiate somewhere to obtain the ingredients they needed.

The ingredients had a value greater than what they were worth. Cloud was moving on too. After the first week of being open, Barret said that he would go on a trip seeing how well the business was going. He was going to leave Marlene behind. But I want to do that too. Don't just take. Try proving that you can give, too.