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The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco - “Books are not made to be believed, but to be subjected to inquiry. When we consider a book, we mustn't ask ourselves. The Episteme of The Name of the Rose: Umberto Eco's Encyclopedia and i will provide an example from eco's novel, The Name of the Rose. indeed, this. Read The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco for free with a 30 day free trial. Umberto Eco's first novel, an international sensation and winner of the Premio.

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disappeared—taking Abbé Vallet's book, not out of spite, but because of the A scholar—whom I prefer not to name—later assured me that (and he quoted. THE NAME OF THE ROSE UMBERTO ECO Translated from the Italian by William Weaver A Warner Communications Company. 2. Umberto Eco — THE NAME. Umberto Eco's novel The Name of the Rose portrays a library, which is designed as a labyrinth and has a mysterious feel. This library.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The Episteme of The Name of the Rose: Paolo Desogus. Their belonging to the struc- turalist movement was not dogmatic and often in contrast with its main members and the fashion that it gave rise cf. XXi-XXV; foucault The size of the two theoretical objects of comparison, encyclopedia and episteme, is wide and, thus, this essay risks to neglect some specif- ic aspects that characterize the respective theories of eco and foucault.

Both facets are framed by an unfinished story, the narrative of a scholar who finds an interesting tale within a number of manuscripts. Perhaps because the space this framing story is given is so slight compared with the density of what is to follow or perhaps because of the tone of the scholar, these first few pages remain with the reader as the text goes back to the source of the manuscripts in the early 14th century. In a young Benedictine novice, Adso of Melk , and a learned Franciscan , William of Baskerville, visit a Benedictine monastery in northern Italy for a theological debate.

The Name of the Rose

That evening William debates with the monks about the theological uses of laughter; an elderly blind monk, Jorge of Burgos , condemns laughter as disruptive. William learns about a secret entrance to the library, and a monk tells him that Adelmo had a sexual relationship with Berengar, the assistant librarian, and likely committed suicide out of shame.

William and Adso enter the library and get thoroughly lost before finding their way back out.

George Popescu, Bucharest: Pontica, ; ed. Excerpts Romanian How to Write a Thesis, trans. Lector in fabula, Milan: Bompiani, Lector in fabula, trans. Bouzaher, Paris: Grasset, French Lector in fabula.

La cooperacion interpretativa en el texto narrativo, trans. Ricardo Pochtar, Barcelona: Lumen, ; 3rd ed. Die Bibliothek, trans.

Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose, 1980.pdf

German editor, with Thomas A. English Im Labyrinth der Vernunft.

Selected essays. German I limiti dell'interpretazione, Milan: Bompiani, English Les limites de l'interpretation, trans.

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Myriem Bouzaher, Paris: Grasset, ; repr. German Los limites de la interpretacion, trans. Portuguese Ta oria tes ermeneias, Athena: Ekdoseis Gnose, Romanian Il secondo diario minimo, Milan: Bompiani, English Comment voyager avec un saumon. Nouveaux pastiches et postiches, trans. Collection of Eco's essays on mass culture from the s through the s.

The Name of the Rose - Wikipedia

English with Carlo Maria Martini, In cosa crede chi non crede? Brazilian Portuguese Belief or Nonbelief? Romanian Cinque scritti morali, Milan: Bompiani, Vier moralische Schriften, trans. French Cinci scrieri morale, trans.

Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose, 1980.pdf

In addition, a number of other themes drawn from various of Borges's works are used throughout The Name of the Rose: labyrinths , mirrors, sects and obscure manuscripts and books. The ending also owes a debt to Borges' short story " Death and the Compass ", in which a detective proposes a theory for the behaviour of a murderer. The murderer learns of the theory and uses it to trap the detective.

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In The Name of the Rose, the librarian Jorge uses William's belief that the murders are based on the Revelation of John to misdirect William, though in Eco's tale, the detective succeeds in solving the crime.

Eco seems also to have been aware of Rudyard Kipling 's short story " The Eye of Allah ", which touches on many of the same themes, like optics, manuscript illumination, music, medicine, priestly authority and the Church's attitude to scientific discovery and independent thought, and which also includes a character named John of Burgos. Eco was also inspired by the 19th century Italian novelist Alessandro Manzoni , citing The Betrothed as an example of the specific type of historical novel he purposed to create, in which some of the characters may be made up, but their motivations and actions remain authentic to the period and render history more comprehensible.

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There are also discussions of the philosophy of Aristotle and of a variety of millenarist heresies, especially those associated with the fraticelli.