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Thus, this project on “Book Review of Bumi Manusia authored by Pramoedya . rest of the tetralogy novels; “Anak Semua Bangsa,” “Jejak Langkah,” and. Moral and Aesthetic Values in the Novel Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Utile Et Dulce) - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or. pdf. TRANSLATING “BUMI MANUSIA” NOVEL INTO ENGLISH: SOME In translating an Indonesian novel entitled “Bumi Manusia” into English, the translator.

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PDF | Menerapkan teori poskolonial pada dua karya sastra yang ditulis oleh dua pengarang yang berbeda nasionalitasnya dan ditulis dalam kurun waktu yang. Bumi manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, , Hasta Mitra edition, in Indonesian - Cet. ke The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader).

The result of this study shows that there are cultural terms found in the novel Bumi Manusia. By using qualitative method, the cultural terms were categorized into 12 cultural categories including personal life, social life, ecology, public life, customs and pursuits, private passions, toponyms, anthroponyms, forms of entertainment, means of transportation, fictional characters, and measuring systems Espindola, ; Newmark, The English translations of the cultural terms were analyzed based on the types of equivalence, whether the translations belong to natural equivalence or directional equivalence Pym, According to the data analysis, 38 of those cultural terms found in the novel belong to personal life category and the remaining cultural terms are distributed into the other 11 categories. Personal life is a cultural category which encompasses food, housing term, and clothing Newmark, This shows that Indonesian culture has many specific terms in referring to traditional food, clothes, and housing terms.

Angkasa Bandung. The literary works must have both. Pusat Pembinaan dan Pengembangan Bahasa. Jakarta Timur: Lentera Dipantara. Bumi Manusia. PT Kiblat Buku Utama. The Mirror and the Lamp: Orientation of Critical Theory. The Liang. Kritik Sastra. When a work of literature functions successfully. Pustaka Aura Semesta Semi.

Sosiologi Sastra Sebuah Pengantar Ringkas. Instructing is addressed to young readers. Teori Pengkajian Fiksi. This is what can be proved in a novel Bumi Manusia that instructing and pleasure both are related. Classical Critical Theory: From Ancient Greek to Victorian England. Filsafat Keindahan. Theory of Literature. New York: Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Brandir International, Inc. Cascade Pacific Lumber Co.

Manusia pdf bumi novel

Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta. Jump to Page. Search inside document. By literary works, authors can tell what is seen, felt, and experienced.

Bumi pdf novel manusia

Indirectly, the literary work is place to accommodate and convey everything from the author's perspective. It reveal untold because it is using connotations that are rarely used by humans in everyday life.

The purpose of texts in the literature is to communicate between author and reader. Literary work is imaginative, aesthetic and delight the reader. This is in line with the opinion of Damono Horace's dulce and utile: Either adjective separately represents a polar heresy with regard to the function of poetry probably it is easier to correlate Dulce et Utile on the basis of function than on that of nature.

The Concept of Utile Et Dulce. Paul Henrickson. Anthony Bellavista. Kevin Villalta. Mohammad Naeem Raza. Su Paman. Sudeshna bhar. Joana Joaquin. Hanif Hafiz. As well as the description of her house is not much different from the reality. This is the aesthetic objective because house is the object seen. Someone will say that the house is beautiful because he see how the house, he do not see who the owner is. The aesthetic objective is shown to object.

Sesungguhnya: kecantikannya memang memukau. Di tengah-tengah kemewahan ini ia nampak agung, merupakan bagian yang mengatasi segala yang indah dan mewah. In literary works, aesthetics is needed in order not to make the reader feels bored.

The quotation above shows Anneliess facial beauty. This is the aesthetic subjective because there is in the eye that sees.

Not all of the readers can believe how beautiful Annelies. Your play must not demand that the audience believe anything you take a whim to portray Nurrachman, Beberapa orang perempuan menahan Annelies dan mengajaknya bicara, minta perhatian dan bantuan. Dan gadis luar biasa ini seperti seorang ibu melayani mereka dengan ramah tamah. Hunter Mead in Gie, said that aesthetic values that give a certain meaning to other things objects, ideas, events.

For example fun events that will always be remembered. The beauty is not only seen from the shape of its form. An aesthetic beauty is not something that is always beautiful to the eye, but also beautiful to value.

Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Also occurring in these points. From the novel snippet above, the beauty of the values that occur inside of Annelies.

She is European nobility but she does not feel disgusted to natives and she is not arrogant, Annelies it has no such behavior. She is happy to hang out and help the natives. To Sidney, poetry, by definition, has a purpose to achieve certain effects in an audience, it imitates only as a means to the proximate end of pleasing, and pleases, it turns out, only as a means to the ultimate end of teaching; tor 'right poets are those who 'imitate both to delight and teach, and delight to move men to take that goodness in handed Abrams, As a result, throughout this essay the needs of the audience become the fertile grounds for critical distinctions and standards.

The great classical exemplar of the application of the rhetorical point of view to poetry was, of course, the Art Poetica of Horace.

Horace's criticism is directed in the main to instruct the poet how to keep his audience in their seats until the end, how to induce cheers and applause, how to please a Roman audience, and by the same token, how to please all audiences and win immortality.

The context shows that Horace held pleasure to be the chief purpose of poetry, for he recommends the profitable merely as a means to give pleasure to the elders, who, in contrast to the young aristocrats, 'rail at what contains no serviceable lesson. The pleasure of literature, we need to maintain, is not one preference among a long list of possible pleasures but is a "higher pleasure" because pleasure in a higher kind of activity.

And the utility the seriousness, the instructiveness of literature is a pleasurable seriousness, not the seriousness of a duty which must be done or of a lesson to be learned but an aesthetic seriousness, a seriousness of perception. When a work of literature functions successfully, the two "notes" of pleasure and utility should not merely coexist but coalesce. This is what can be proved in a novel Bumi Manusia that instructing and pleasure both are related.

Bumi manusia : sebuah roman

The literary works must have both. Instructing is addressed to young readers, while pleasure showed to elder readers in order that the reader does not leave the enjoyment in reading literature.

References: Abrams, M. Damono, S. Sosiologi Sastra Sebuah Pengantar Ringkas. Jakarta: Pusat Pembinaan dan Pengembangan Bahasa. Gie, The Liang. Filsafat Keindahan.

Bumi manusia

Teori Pengkajian Fiksi. Ia tersenyum, mengangguk padaku, berdiri kemudian juga pergi. Pelayan membereskan meja. She smiled, nodded to me, stood up then left too. The servant cleared the table. When reading the TL version of the novel, the reader will strongly excerpt the strong SL forms, style and culture and not natural in TL. The translator then included a glossary to explain the meaning of these words at the end of the novel. Catford , p. Problematic Issues in Applying Formal Correspondence As formal equivalence translation attempts to make the reader be able to perceive the SL local cultural elements in convey meanings, the reproduction of the text will ingest the word as it is and this lead to problems of inaccuracy in translation.

This study identified some problems in the translation of the novel when applying formal correspondence and found out that some un-natural expressions and meaningless string of words in the TL were occurred. There are also some loss of meanings phrases and mis-translated of idiom in the TL version. For instance, as formal equivalence translation translate its units only such as matching the nouns to nouns and the verbs to verbs some sentences have no meaning since such as buaya darat, which is an idiom, translated into crocodile on land.

The following are samples of the TL un-natural expressions in the novel: The translator must not use a word or phrase that sound intuitively unnatural or artificial for him.

Who knows if leaves or if meat? Idiom SL: This is not always so obvious.

Bumi Manusia

Phrase Mis-translated of phrase were found as the following example. This was conversation between Minke and the concubine when Minke tried to propose to marry her daughter. Aku ceritakan tentang kesulitan yang menimpa usahaku mencari order. Aku harap kau bisa mengerti. I hope you can understand. Conclusion This study has described how formal equivalence can be used as the translation strategies to produce a translation that is faithful to the original text.

However this strategy can create significant problems such as un-natural expressions of the TL, meaningless string of words of the TL and even mis-translation of the TL expressions.

When facing problems finding equivalence words in the TL Hatim and Munday , p. In the case of a failed strategy, the translation problem can be sent back to the intuitive workspace Munday, , p. References Ananta Toer, P. Hasta Mitra Publishing House. Ananta Toer, P. This Earth of Mankind. Penguin Books Australia Ltd. Baker, M. In other words: A course book on translation.

New York: Catford, J. A linguistic theory of translation. Oxford University Press Hatim, B. Teaching and researching translation. Pearson Education Limited.

Hatim, B.