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Hi, I work for General Motors. We use the Nextel i phones here. Direct Connect only. I use the iDEN Phone Book Manager for keeping out. Contacts ontrol & customize. Start. Home screen & app. At a glance. Google Apps ™. Browse. Photos & videos. Type. Messages. Locate & navigate. Protect. Google Play™. Contacts. Maps. Drive. Music, movies, TV & Youtube We'll guide you through startup and tell you a bit about your phone's.

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Note: You can store a phonebook entry on your phone or on your SIM card. In the entry, select Store To and choose Phone or SIM. Entries stored on the SIM. Follow the steps listed below if you would like to access the Address book features of your phone. Transfer your contacts. o To transfer your contacts from your. Enter the name and other details for the contact. Use the navigation keys and Center Select Key to select and edit the details. Press Save. Delete a phonebook .

Motorola Android. The phonebook is the stock Android app People, which hasn't been much changed since its major redesign last year with the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich. It uses tabbed interface with Favorites, Contacts and Groups as separate tabs. The People app. The contact list has a dedicated search filed plus it offers and an alphabetical scroll bar.

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How do I add a phonebook entry? -

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Hardware Install. Importing contacts from an Android. There's different ways to get the contacts from an Android phone. These steps show you how.

Book motorola phone

On your Motorola, open the Migrate app. Using a Google account To get your contacts from your old phone to your Motorola with a Google account, you just need to back them up to your Google account and then they'll sync with any account you sign into. Open the contacts on your old phone. Choose the Google account that you're backing up to. Importing contacts from an iPhone.

On the iPhone, open the settings and choose iCloud.

Book motorola phone

Install Motorola Migrate on your Samsung and Motorola. Connect both phones to Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Choose a transfer mode — "Send data TO this device". And select your old phone type — "Android". Then hit the tab "NEXT". Tap "Contacts" and "Messages". Then you will be required to install Migrate app in your Samsung phone.

If you have done it, hit the blue tab "Press here". If not, choose "NEXT" to install the app. Droid Turbo uses the Google People app to determine which contacts to download so that you can choose a different set i. Can you please try this Open the People application from the menu to bring up your contacts 2. Open the menu on the bottom right corner 3. Select "Contacts to display" From there check if "All contacts" selected. Or if an account or "customize" is selected. If possible can you send screen shot no personal info needed, just to see what the setup is.

After a lot of frustration finally able to download all contacts to my car. First pair the phone to your car.

Motorola Migrate: Transfer Samsung Contacts/Messages to Motorola

Once done go to your contacts on the phone and open menu. Choose "export" then pick "Bluetooth" for the transfer. Completed my contacts in under one minute. Worked perfectly. Use the customize menu in the People app to select a subset of contacts as visible this will help see if there a contact in the list that is causing an issue.

If you still have previous phone, can you put your sim in it and sync the same contacts to it and try? Maybe a new contact has been added since previous phone or contacts joined. We've seen some contacts especially joined ones that can cause an issue for some receiving devices. When I connect to the car and open the People app opened to the list view, not a specific contact , the only export options I see are "Export to storage" which exports all contacts as one.


If I use the "Share visible contacts" option, I get a message that says "this contact can't be shared". Not sure where Yashud is seeing this option. I tried this "export" method as well as pairing and re-pairing with a few different subsets of contacts selected, including "Google", "Corporate", and "All Contacts".

If I pair either of these devices to my Droid Maxx using the same two accounts Google and Corporate, both of which have contacts synced , all of the contacts get shared automatically without issue so I'm quite certain it is phone specific.

Besides Yashud, has anyone else tried to use this feature and it "just work" the way it does on other Android phones? This website uses cookies. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Learn more.

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