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New HD Courses exclusively for Marty Music! These courses Let me show you how to play the guitar and have more fun than you ever thought was possible!. Free Guitar Chord Ebook! This free download is .. Acoustic chords I bet you NEVER played (Taught by Marty Schwartz) - Duration: 10 minutes. GuitarJamz. Learn to play guitar from our all-star roster of teachers, includin Plus Bonus Chord Ebook Learn How To Play Super Easy Beginner Songs on Acoustic Guitar Stand By Me ben e. king john lennon marty schwartz Show less. Read more.

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Download our guitar learning materials. Category: Ebooks. Blues Scale Ebook · Guitar Soloing Charts Manual · Guitar Chord & Rhythm Manual. Hey Marty Schwartz here. Here's why you need to grab these lessons right now: Playing guitar is way easier than you think! I'm not just saying that — between. Step-By-Step Guitar Instruction for ALL levels. skill like guitar.) Marty Schwartz Instructor. Get Our 10 Free Guitar Lessons + Ultimate Ebook Right Now!.

Home Reviews Guitar Jamz Review — Marty Schwartz Guitar Jamz Review — Marty Schwartz Every once in a while you come across a lesser known program that really blows the bigger names out of the water in terms of content, availability, value and simple class. This is the GuitarJamz review. Well, that depends on what you want it to be, which is already a leg up on most programs. It also covers a variety of medium—there is both online sources hundreds of video lessons and DVD packages. Not many programs give you so much versatility or choice in terms of lessons and usages. This is one thing that really makes GuitarJamz shine; it allows you to pick and choose how and what and where you learn, something most programs want to control for you.

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This 6 hour course is designed for the straight beginner that has always wanted to try the guitar! I will show you where to start, and guide you through your journey of guitar discovery!


Some of the most iconic melodies and solos come from the legendary Pentatonic Scale. In this course I will walk you t Welcome to my mini course on "Power Chords"! This is an entry level course introducing you to these awesome but power This 6 hour cours As a beginner guitar player who can strum the basic open chords, barre chords can be one of your first obstacles for Hey guys Marty here, and I'm excited to present you with my brand new Beginner Blues course!

I've taken the la What's up you guys!

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All you need is a good webcam which most laptops built within the last couple of years have built in and high quality teaching skills. The Viewer Comes First Time and time again, I come across fantastic players and teachers on YouTube and have no idea who they are because I only see their hands and Marshall stacks. Viewers need to see a guitar teachers face so that they can make a visual connection.

Keeping your face on camera, for at least for the intro and ending of a lesson, is the most important rule of making online videos. Zoomed in shots, like the picture below, are fine for parts of the lesson, but there should be at least a short introduction with your face shown on camera.

How To Make Engaging YouTube Guitar Teaching Videos

Being able to see who you are gives viewers a feel for your personality and helps them connect with you. Viewers will always invest in you as a person before they invest in your business. The thing that separates each of these lessons is the teacher.

Ebook marty schwartz guitar

In every video that you post, ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, like you on Facebook, and check out your website for details on teaching packages and products. The picture below is a screenshot showing one of my videos. Notice that I have links to the lesson accompaniment and one of my ebooks in the description which I actually make reference to in the video.

Try to look into the camera as much as possible and keep yourself positioned with the centre of the screen as show in the picture below.

You need to share each video on social networking sites, emails and forums so that you get as much as viewers as you can. To give you an example, every single video I make gets shared on my Facebook Page, Facebook groups, my email list, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and across a few different online forums.

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Remember, each viewer is a potential student, so more views equals more students. Besides recruiting new students to my home studio for lessons, online videos have also meant that I can teach in countries such as Australia, North America, Ireland, Canada, France, and the United Arab Emirates through Skype.

But perhaps the best aspect of teaching online for me is that I get to teach my favorite styles of music. All of the students that come to me through seeing online videos want to learn what I like, so I rarely have to teach something that I have no interest in.

A common misconception about making YouTube Guitar Teaching Videos, is that you need an expensive setup to make good videos and this is not true at all.

Ebook marty schwartz guitar

Although good sound and video quality can certainly enhance lessons, there is no need to invest in expensive recording equipment in the beginning. Teaching through YouTube videos is a great way to build up a bigger following and reach a wider audience with your guitar teaching business. Share your comments and questions in the comments section below.