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James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper is the second book in the for free digital download at the series website in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats. James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper its successors are available for free digital download on the series website in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats. 'James Potter' Series by G. Norman Lippert (Pdf+Epub). Sourov Roy·Saturday, December 22, JAMES POTTER AND THE CURSE OF THE GATEKEEPER. pdf .

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(Note: this book is a sequel to another story called “James Potter and the Hall of Elders'. Crossing”. —GNL about it is something called 'the Curse of the Gatekeeper'. James Potter and the Crimson Thread (Print PDF 34 MB) · James Potter and the Crimson Thread BOOK 2: James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper. James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper book. Read reviews from the world's largest IndieBound · Download eBook. Or download for. ebook, pages.

Fan Fiction by G. However, while searching for something else I stumbled across fan fiction by G. Normal Lippert and I now want to read his stories. I just need to find the time to do so! Apparently, author J. Rowling allows fan fiction of her magical world as long as no one profits from them and they are kid friendly.

Ralph from the first book was a slow character, new to the world, rather clumsy and awkward, but with a lot of hidden potential under the rough rocky exterior. What are the faults of our three new characters? I can't really tell you, but I can tell you their "problems"--which are that someone else in this established world doesn't like them or has trouble accepting them for "who they are".

Curse gatekeeper potter the pdf james of the and

An eleven year old knows who they are already? The idea of the world being against a character isn't an issue so much as long as you give them faults that are the real reason for which they have a hard time with dealing with the world and thus they've built up the "outer shell of confidence" as a kind of protection against facing that reality. That's the case when the "someone is against me" problems works.

I need to get off of characters before I turn this into a longer rant. In terms of plot, the story did well with pacing though I think Mr. Lippet realized he'd set the bar too high in the last book in terms of stakes with the "will Merlin be evil if he comes back and ruin our world" issue.

He ups the ante rather than maintain or decrease it--which is something that Rowling did actually, decreasing the level of threat from the first book on into the second and third book being less dangers to the Wizarding World and more threats to the immediate school environment. Instead the entire universe is in danger, from a being from "beyond" our world and yet a part of it.

Lippert G.N. James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper

I also would like to thank Mr. Lippet at this moment for actually making the actions of the first book have consequences on this second book, which is an idea that didn't come into effect until the fourth original Harry Potter book, with the first three Rowling books being more independent adventures. Instead Mr.

Lippet has the consequences from his earlier book play a larger factor and I have to say that that's a nice touch of well developed writing as it informs the plot better than if something lesser and independent of the issues of the first book were to have happened. Plot is obviously Mr. Lippet's strong suit in writing this novel--which I give him full credit for as that come two thirds of the novel it was about the only thing keeping me going.

I do like how the personal Weasley-Potter family problems from the beginning of the book are brought back around and solved in a satisfactory manner come the denouement.

I also liked the calling into question the safety of getting onto the train that the original Potter series fell into which was undone in the last few pages of the book, psyching you out into thinking the climax had already happened, but then bringing the true climax to its conclusion on the train back from Hogwarts.

One small regret I had was that Merlin, who'd been portrayed in the first book as being rather untamed--seemed to have diminished as a character in this second book into a much more "tame" version, but this is a rather small concern in the long run as this was bound to happen eventually, though I didn't expect it to happen as quickly as it did.

Overall, if you can look past the missing sense of "age development" and a few "supercharged" characters, the plot and the developments on the consequences of the first book are rather superb and are what save this second book from falling completely into the "dislike" category.

Pdf james the gatekeeper of the potter and curse

There are parts of it that if I were to re-read that I would skip over, but on the whole the story itself is still well intact and worth a casual glance if you have the time. May 16, Lilla rated it liked it.

I only just started reading, but I wanted to say something about the scene at the Burrow. Simply, I almost cried. Someone in my family just died last month and not too long ago my great grandfather died as well. It's been a hard year. That scene reminded me of how it felt, even after I thought I was done mourning, and even reminded me of back when I was little playing at my other great-grandparents the last who died in '07 house, with the yard of many pecan trees and the secret passage fro I only just started reading, but I wanted to say something about the scene at the Burrow.

That scene reminded me of how it felt, even after I thought I was done mourning, and even reminded me of back when I was little playing at my other great-grandparents the last who died in '07 house, with the yard of many pecan trees and the secret passage from the middle bathroom to another room which led back to the front of the house.

I remember the time that followed when the family decided to demolish the house, which my great-grandfather had helped build when he was a boy, entirely. It was a very sad time, and is still a very sad memory, and to feel that again through your words, to be reminded of it is Thank you. There's a bit too much foreshadowing, in my opinion, so that it's quite easy to tell who's good and who's bad in the story. I mean, there were points when I had my doubts, but the course of the "evidence" wasn't enough to sway me from my predictions, which were right.

I'm not saying I completely trust Merlin, but I doubt he'd do anything intentionally evil. He just doesn't seem to me to be the kind of person that would turn to the dark side. He's simply from a different time period, with different perspectives on what's right and wrong, respectful and disrespectful, etc. Overall, he's a good guy. Petra, on the other hand, was too obvious as being the bloodline, especially with all the clues only pointing to her. When I say that, I don't mean none of them pointed to Tabitha, but her character just didn't seem the type to hide such a secret.

Other secrets, yes, but not that one. In the end, when she revealed her belief, it was already too late. She was simply, in my mind, a wannabe. Petra, on the other hand, seemed to be fighting everything that pointed to her connections. And the common element of when that scar, which I admit I wasn't particularly fond of, burned was when Petra was emotional.

So, yeah, it was a bit too much foreshadowing for me, but overall it was a good story.

The beginning was a lot better than the previous one in the series, and it was easy to continue reading it. My only concern was at the end when the story seemed to have climaxed and everyone was on their way home, when, suddenly, bam they're off on anther troublesome train ride Then, almost just as quickly, it all calms down again.

It just seemed a bit too fast and without enough cause.

James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper | James Potter Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It's like it was there simply to cut off loose ends dramatically and unnecessarily. Looking back, I seem to only comment on the parts of the story I dislike, aside from the 'thank you' at the beginning of this review. The reason is not to put down the author, because I believe that would be an injustice to his abilities and potential, but simply to offer my perspective as a reader.

I loved the Harry Potter series, and this fanfiction is encouraging to say the least, but I do believe in the concept of constructive criticism. And I hope that I've provided that here as well as in my review of the previous book in this series. My best wishes to your future endeavors, Lilla Jul 03, Mandie Mc rated it really liked it Shelves: This book could have used the firm but loving hand of a copy-editor.

Everyone's smile was crooked, and you really want to slap the hero around for the first half to two-thirds of the book.

James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper

I guess he's supposed to be young and stupid and all, and that's very authentic, but I think a reader is also supposed to relate to the hero of a book. I also don't think the old characters are very true-to form. And Dumbledore should have been the same, since it was his portrait that was doing the talking.

The new characters are all quite well-developed, though, and I was glad to see Hermione's daughter Rose take on the Hermione role in the group, of a strong, level-headed, studious young woman. As with The Hall of Elder's Crossing, though, the story was excellent, and kept me reading through to the end.

I'm really looking forward to reading Girl on the Dock a spinoff story of one of the characters and the third installment of the James Potter series. Jan 30, M1ssb3rry rated it liked it. May 13, Elizabeth rated it did not like it Shelves: Just like the first, I couldn't finished the second.

Maybe I just can't stand double L'd words to never be double L'd, maybe I didn't like the story, perhaps I just don't like the style of writing - I don't know what it is about these, I just can't dive into them.

There are only two types of people for this series - the haters and the lovers. I regret to say I'm in the former group, but hope anyone in the latter group enjoys this as much as they no doubt squealed over the first.

The james gatekeeper pdf potter the curse of and

Furthermore, the i Just like the first, I couldn't finished the second. Furthermore, the introduction was just plain rude and off-putting, and certainly did not help when I tried to ease into the second book in hopes of some enjoyment after failing to with the first.

Mar 29, Marizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: Lippert's sequel to the James Potter series follows a very similar path as Rowling's second Harry Potter. We see through James' eyes, as it were, and therefore cast suspicions on those James is least inclined to like. Like his father before him, James seems to have a very black and white idea of good and evil. His suspicion is similarly aroused by those of the Slytherin house, unsurprisingly. Also like his father, James is often blinded by his initial feelings of disdain, and misleads himself wil Lippert's sequel to the James Potter series follows a very similar path as Rowling's second Harry Potter.

Also like his father, James is often blinded by his initial feelings of disdain, and misleads himself willingly by pursuing those he dislikes. Obviously, if you read Harry Potter, it is usually not the obvious person who is the true villain.

He reunites with his formidable friend Ralph Deedle, a Slytherin, and the two lament that their American comrade, Ravenclaw Zane Walker, is attending the American wizarding institution Alma Aleron instead of returning to Hogwarts beside them. Not to fear, Zane makes some appropriately kooky cameos throughout the year, imparting wisdom from a safely disengaged viewpoint that makes James' headstrong and conclusive first impressions a little easier to deal with.

Merlinus Ambrosius is now Hogwarts Headmaster, and as he is still of questionable character, the new trio James, Ralph and Rose spend a lot of time evaluating strange occurrences and Merlin's possible involvement in them.

The students become aware of a strange and possibly evil plot when James becomes aware of the sensations of pain caused by the phantom scar of his father's. Additionally, the new Defense professor refuses to teach the students actual spells, convincing the Gremlins a small society of capricious and cajoling albeit bright students that James must take up his famous father's historical defense club.

Having no skills in defensive technique yet himself, Rose suggests that the teaching fall to Scorpius Malfoy, none other than Harry's nemesis Draco's son.

Scorpius becomes a sort of tenuous ally, one that James cannot quite trust, but without whom the club has no leg to stand on. Scorpius becomes an invaluable asset to the trio as the plot thickens and Rose begins to understand that Malfoy may be the key to defeating the evil threat of the year Lippert's writing style is still mesmerizing in it's own way.

While the story definitely follows a similar recipe as Rowling's second Potter novel, there is a flavor of his own. I have only one complaint: Otherwise, it's an engrossing story, sure to capture the imagination of HP fans and definitely JP fans looking for more imaginative explorations of the Potterverse.

Jul 25, Tori rated it really liked it Shelves: Possible spoilers!!! This was even better than The Hall of Elders Crossing. I think the first one got a bit bogged down in the technomancy stuff. I think the dynamic that Rose, Albus, and Scorpius brings to the story is something we Potter fans find familiar. STop reading now if you don't want to have the story spoiled I actually gasped aloud when Scorpius Malfoy was sorted into Gryffindor and when Albus did in fact end up in Slytherin.

I got giddy when Scorpius actually helps Rose a Possible spoilers!!! I got giddy when Scorpius actually helps Rose and James throughout the story almost as if he is what Neville Longbottom was to Harry and gang. I thought the filler scenes of what was happening on Voldemort's side during the The Deathly Hallows the dagger scene that Snape remembers was excellent.

Rose being in the story and being so much like her mother, Hermione, was like having an old friend back for a visit. Hermione has always been my favorite character and I love that her daughter is following in her footsteps.

Lippert G.N. James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper

It's not realistic for the Muggle world and it's certainly not something we saw with Harry until Dumbledore started giving him some clues in Half-Blood Prince. All in all, I am sucked in and hope Lippert does a book 3. If nothing else, I wonder what will happen to Albus and I'm curious as to if little brilliant Lucy Percy's daughter will end up in Ravenclaw. It seems that this is the only house that doesn't have a Weasley grandchild in it.

I liked how Victorie is a Hufflepuff and how Lippert is trying to spread the Weasley grandchildren throughout the houses. Dec 29, Karina rated it liked it Recommends it for: I have to admit, the first book was so much better than this one. In Lippert's story, he incorporates many of the basic idea and concepts of the epilogue into the beginning of his story, and the best part is that it makes sense!

Yes, it is a fan-fiction and for those of you who don't know, a fan fiction is basically a writing done by a fan using the characte I have to admit, the first book was so much better than this one.

Of course, all fanfiction should be credited if characters from the original books are being used. As said in the review of the first book, Lippert has managed to recreat the wizarding world for us, continuing on with the stories and adventures that happen in Hogwarts.

He frequently revisits many of the books and the characters we love will adding in his own spins and turns to the story and new characters.

In this book, Zane has unfortunately returned to the States, but it is not the last we hear of him! New characters are introduced and you learn to love them just as well. Some mysteries begin to arise and once more James is set a task worthy of a Potter. With unexpected events happening all around him, James needs his friends more than ever to keep him on his path, and not the one his father led.

The book actually deserves 3. It may also not be one of my best reviews, because after all it is three in the morning. Apr 20, PurplyCookie rated it really liked it Shelves: But there are changes from the last since this time around, he's joined by his younger brother, Albus and his cousin, Rose Hermione's daughter.

At first I thought, oh no, the author's re-creating the Golden Trio take a look at the book cover and you'll see why I assumed this. Fortunately this wasn't the case. The mother of all surprises was that Harry's second son was sorted into the Slytherin House while the only child of Draco Malfoy gets sorted into the Gryffindor House.

HP fanatics will like the extended magic that the Mirror of Erised functions as as well as the time travelling bit, back to the time of the Hogwarts Founders. If you haven't figured it out by now, yes, the story takes much inspiration from "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" literally and in terms of the plotline.

In concept this seems to be a great premise but unfortunately it feels strained written under the pen of Lippert. The big issue this time is trust: Is Petra to be trusted? What about Albus? Book Details: Norman Lippert Reviewed By Purplycookie Nov 21, Cecille rated it liked it. He would have known better. Jun 04, Adam rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Harry Potter fans. Recommended to Adam by: This one was actually just as whimsical and enjoyable as the first one.

Of gatekeeper potter james and curse pdf the the

The way that everyone is traced back to the Harry Potter books is pretty well done, and how things from the past have other meanings like the mirror of Erised.

Potter feud but with some surprising twists. There are a lot of deaths which go with the end where the mysterious gatekeeper tries to use to get a new host to begin his new world domination with: Petra, Tabitha, Voldemort, Harry, or James. But some of them require the help of others to escape the gatekeeper people like James, Harry, or the new headmaster Merlin where it comes down to trust of one another.

Nicely done Five out of Five Stars!! Jul 21, Mounica rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lippert does an amazing job depicting it, and I doubt HP fans will be disappointed. There is still much left unanswered, and questions like "What did that ending scene mean? The story can't definitely end here, can it? There must surely be more, right? En la linea del libro anterior de James Potter que es totalmente continuista con los de Harry Potter.

Comparten personajes, escenarios, lugares comunes Aug 25, Cynthia Morgan rated it it was ok. Good effort in fan fiction and probably one of the more interesting reads since the Potter series stopped, but missed almost everything that made those books so wonderful. The characters are flat, so I don't really care about them. Rowling defined spells and rules of magic with a few deft strokes; this book spends pages and pages defining them and lifts central concepts from other fantasy authors, like Piers Anthony.

It establishes incontrovertible rules and then breaks them a few pages later. Mostly, though, the book never captures the language or style of Rowling. The phrasing is too American, and too many illogical sequences. Nice try, but in the end unsatisfying. The sequel is just as good as his first book, James Potter and the Hall of Elders. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoyed the first book. I highly recommend both of these James Potters books to any Harry Potter fans open to reading a sequel.

Having missed the end of the original, I've thoroughly enjoyed the fanfic sequels and they were done incredibly well. Jan 12, Hannah rated it liked it. A much better story than the first James Potter. They actually sit together and chat about what their parents did and there's a similar reference at least every 10 pages. It's unnatural. Kids dont think so much about what their parents do, especially when they're so young.

After all, I know by heart what Harry did and if I have forgotten it I'll just get my book and read it, I dont want Lippert to remind me every 5 minutes. They're not like them. In the beginning Harry tells James about his father and Sirius Black and He talked about them as if they were total strangers..

And I kind of felt bad I dont like those books The rest can be read at no cost to you. Most of the links are to the author's official website and GoodReads, where you can download the books in several formats for free. It is much like the original series, only a generation later.

There are also other short stories that take place before the James Potter series or in the middle of them. I have listed the books in the proper order so you don't have to figure out what came first.

Just keep in mind that Lippert's world is not faithful to Rowling's.