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Hidan no Aria, EPUB and PDF Download. Aria the Scarlet Light Novel. Authors Digital Manga. Total Chapters. 29 Volumes (Ongoing). Latest Chapters. Vol. Author Topic: [Light Novel] [English] Hidan no Aria (Read times) An spin -off manga adaptation called Hidan no Aria AA and centered on Aria's Amica started on you can get the pdf of volume 11 hope it still works. Can anyone upload links for Hidan no Aria volume 13+? Either translated or raw I have up to (EDIT: Volume in pdf, in epub) volume 11 in PDF and Epub formats. Likes: Animes (Hiatus), Manga (Hiatus), LN, VN.

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IRC Chat (Yes, we're piggy backing off the /r/manga IRC.) Meme submissions featuring no Light Novel content will be removed. Hidan no Aria. Hidan no Aria. Subscribe; Add to favorites Alternative Names. 緋 弾のアリア; Aria the Scarlet Ammo Volume CH 1 · CH 2 · CH 3 · CH 4. Posts about Hidan no Aria written by bakakabasan. Volume Unbidden Ocean Mist–Aquamarine Kreuz, Chapter Five: Unbidden Ocean Mist– Aquamarine.

That girl is well deserving of those magnificent titles of a war god. Watch this. The laser…! What should I do? Son leveled her Nyoibou…against me.

I want to understand Onii-chan, let us get to know each other more. GIV said, pointing a finger at me. Then, she grabbed the knife at her chest IV! You dare to disobey my commands! GIIs roar resounded throughout the theater. In a moment, Watson's and my eyes widened. I know. This one, I know. This murderous look that resembled a ghost and a dragon! Before the Butei system in Japan was implemented, the person who worked directly under the Ministry of Justice and was an armed prosecutor and died my father, Tohyama Golden Cross!

That reaction by GIV had never been shown, neither when she was attacking me nor in the video It was obvious fear. That was an expression of fright. Yes, sorry! Im, Im only, slightlyplaying, playing too much. Thats all. Her attention is away from me! At the moment I was aware of this, I relied on my habits trained in Assault and took action.

Dont attack! Watson grabbed my hand and pulled me, who could not exert force on my right leg, onto the floor. You saw the fear in that girls expression, didnt you!

That guy is stronger than the girl who defeated the entire Baskerville by herself! Constrain yourself, Tohyama! The current situation is like what Jeanne said! Those two people can just kill us! If that happens, even rescuing Aria and the others would be impossible! Watson was absolutely correct. If we were to attack, we would lose.

More importantly, we still need to rescue Aria and the others. Attacking would be a bad option. I know, Tohyama Kinji. Ssss Ssss He disappeared slowly. He seemed to become less opaque, just like how he did at the Far East Warfare conference. Light camouflage! It has already been improved to the point where it has practical applications!

Tohyama Kinji, you seem furious at us. But unconsciously, you think Ah, I can be exempted from a fight, hence you are even more furious.

Aria novel volume no hidan pdf light 10

Am I right? What are you talking about? Why dont you try opening fire? Im sure you can still see where I am. GIII, who was about to become fully transparent, kicked the heavy door of the theater. Come back after both of you are accustomed to HSS. From this time onwards, our combat plan is switched to Gamma. After you two have become a strong pair, I will contact you. After that, just as he finished speaking His figure had disappeared. He had disappeared. He was there just a moment ago! After GIII disappeared GIV slowly paced past us in small steps Starting by walking towards Aria and the others who were lying on the floor, she then revealed an innocent and lovely smile.

Ive called for the car. Take the worms that harassed Onii-chan to the hospital. GIV, who revealed a smile, seemed to have lost her killing intent. Even so, I still couldnt put down my guard. ImIm not your brother. How am I supposed to trust you! I pressed my right knee which had been kicked by GIV as I glared at the broadsword on her back. Nn Then so be it. Ssss Vapour-like particles were ejected from her protective gear.

Then, all of her equipment, including the broadsword, fell onto the floor. The only gear left on her body were- shoes that resembled ski boots and a black form-fitting suit. The form-fitting suit was as thin as a pair of stockings. It was made of the latest bulletproof fibers, and made GIVs immature body curves look obvious. Her waist line could be clearly seen, and as I looked closely I I realized she wasnt wearing! I was utterly petrified.

Dont, dont look, Tohyama! Good, good one, Watson! Erm, Tohyama Do you have a sister? Im very sure I dont! It was that person who proclaimed it herself! After strong denial, I wriggled out of Watsons grasp. Hmm, lets take them away. Bring them to that place called Butei Hospital, is that ok? It seems like that kid is serious about saving the four girls that she defeated. I carried Shirayuki on my back Their condition isnt too serious, whispered Watson, who was carrying Riko on her back. III has ordered me to do something tonight, so I have to separate from Onii-chan.

GIV seemed to have heard what Watson said, and winked cutely at us. You seem to strictly follow GIIIs commands, is he stronger than you? GIV glanced at Watson who seemed to be interrogating her. Then She answered the question, which Watson and I hoped the answer to it would be No.

Yup, he is much stronger than I am. And I- will definitely not defy people who are stronger than me.

Hidan No Aria Volume 10

At the entrance of the building, there was a black Hummer jeep. Standing next to it was a man wearing a suit. As he bowed, we could see his pure white hair. Lady IV, you have performed well.

The man raised his head, showing his twisted expression. He looked as if he could not straighten his back and was hunching over. Although he was a Caucasian who just entered old age, his hunch was probably not caused by his age, but a disorder in his nervous system. Thank you, Angus. What about III? GIV threw Aria and Reki into the car that the man opened, then the man Angus, talked with a strong tone.

Sir Tohyama and that man, are you going back in that car? We are going to bring the ladies to Butei Hospital, said the man, showing a smile. Thus Watson turned towards GIV and the old man. I understand that you already have no intention to fight, but that doesnt mean that we trust you. GIV shall sit in my car. Tohyama shall sit in the other car. Although I thought of calling Logi for a car, if there was an accident on the journey, we would be implicated.

Moreover, we need to bring Aria and the others to the hospital as fast as possible. Just as Watson said, as hostages of the unarmed GIV, it would be better to travel in two cars. After seeing me nod, Watson searched the old man for suspicious items. Watching this scene, GIV laughed gently. How unreasonable. Angus will definitely never bring a weapon. Dont be long-winded. Come, ride my Porsche.

Let me remind you, my Porsche has an explosive function, so remember to not do anything suspicious.

Trollo WN/LN EPUB: Hidan no Aria vol [LN]

Nah, dont worry. Come to think of it Watson, your face is really cute, just like a girls. Without a reason, GIV glared at Watsons cute face. Y-y-y-youre too rude! I am a male! Let me emphasize that, I am a male!

Hey, hey, Watson. Dont blush when you are denying that. You really will give her a hint. Also, did you just say that your Porsche has an explosive function? I will never ride it again. It feels like both of you are compatible.

Volume pdf no hidan aria novel light 10

How do you put it Its like a double man team. You you, what kind of weird things are you thinking? Are you perverted? Lets not talk about her. After I carried Riko and Shirayuki into the Hummer, I sat on the sparkling clean leather seat of the car. The old Angus limped towards the car and got into the drivers seat I still couldnt trust him, so I couldnt help but glance at him.

Please do not worry, Sir Tohyama. I am merely Sir IIIs butler. He twisted his neck to look forward The Hummer, which looked like a military vehicle, made its way to Butei Hospital. Angus skill in driving seemed to be a notch higher than any driver in the world. As we traveled towards Academy Island, the old mans driving was as if he was chauffeuring nobility; careful and well-behaved, complying with the road laws.

I secretly glanced at his face Although his eyelids were twitching and looked distorted, he seemed like a tamed herbivorous animal. I wonder if that would cause trouble for me. Thus, I was silent throughout the journey.

After we successfully arrived at Butei Hospital, we brought Aria and the others into the hospital. Watson, who had a British physician's licence, told me not to put our guard down. After that, she went into the hospital.

Angus merely bowed in respect, and then drove the Hummer away. I ended up with GIV, who was standing beside me for no specific reason.

Looking closely, GIV was wearing a long body coat. That looked familiar, it was probably Watsons. We can now be alone together, Onii-chan. After GIV said that, she looked up at me with inexplicably intoxicated eyes. After our eyes met, she narrowed her eyes happily. That action really resembled those of a fourteen to fifteen year old girl. As the evening breeze blew, the sweet scent of caramel came from her hair. Dont come too close to me Also, I dont have a sister. There is, isnt she here?

I told you not to come so close! Fine, since Onii-chan says so, its ok to be separate for a night. After all, I do have many things to prepare. Riko used both the wheel brakes and the chute. In short, she deployed the parachute behind the car, slowing us with the air drag.

In application, the method is very efficient and is used by drag racers, space shuttles, and even fighter jets. Thank you, Kin-chan. At the other end of the long chain that reached down past the edge of the road there was a steel ball… Looking down from the precariously perched car, Son held on to the metal counterweight at the end of the chain.

The Z8 continued to fall onto the concrete tetrapod wave breakers, the front half underwater, as the back half blazed. If Son had fallen as well, her life would have been in danger. Even though whether Son can be considered human or not is unclear… you still found a way to avoid breaking Butei Law! I smiled back at her absent-minded slip of calling me by a pronoun instead of nickname. Wearing her honey-coloured underwear.

Then she began to purr. As per usual, Riko pushed things even father and began rubbing up against me. You have such a gentle touch! If that is the case, it is because of who it is. If they were to fight, it would be a problem. You should take care of them. It must be due the violent impact, do you think? You and I are even.

Across from her, Shirayuki and Riko glared daggers back. I had merely evened the score. To decide things, we need another fight. Do you want to settle this now?

Volume pdf no 10 light novel aria hidan

At a glance, I understood the situation perfectly. We were outside the effective range of handguns, while within that of the M machine gun. What was that…? It was cute though. Seeing my puzzled expression, Son turned and spoke.

Scary, right? Satisfied with that, they grinned like cats and dispersed, each quickly entered the armoured vehicle through different hatches. Are we going to fight? A laser sight from a sniper rifle. After making sure Son had seen it, the dot vanished.

Hidan no Aria

That has to be Reki. Her pink twintails fluttering softly, she landed a short distance from Son… eyes blazing. First, she looked at me and the flowers I held in my hands, then the Saracen.

Just in case, I sent a message to Aria as I was fighting, but…I wonder if not contacting her would have been better, as I begin to consider my personal safety. Aria had followed us in our car chase. I thought so all the way back on the first day we met after Riko had sabotaged my bicycle. That must mean there is some kind of message.

Reki usually shoots her opponents without warning. When we fought Patra at Daiba and the enemy was also a sniper, she aimed between the eyes. Reki told me the reason when she explained her actions in the fight with G3. What are you going to do, Son? You might be fast enough to dodge or stop a bullet with your teeth, but that was when your opponent had a handgun. Reki is a sniper. Besides the countless number of buildings in Hong Kong, there are countless numbers of windows from which she can draw a bead on you.

Tohyama Kinji is a sophomore student who has a unique body that activates a "super mode" when it is stimulated by "something". He tries to hide it from others in order to live a peaceful life, but trouble comes to find him when he becomes the victim of a bombing incident, where he meets the Butei High "Assault" department elite, Aria H. Vol 1 - 10 http: August 14, , Quote from: Hey guess what? If you want to pay a visit here, https: I love this series and have been looking everywhere for these.

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