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Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Walkthrough - We've just finished a complete walkthrough (with images) for Dream Chronicles 4: The Book. Download Dream Chronicles 4 - The Book of Air, or play this game and + others online instantly in English for free on Zylom!. dream-chronicles-book-of-air:SCHOOLjpg. 8. examine the book on the left, 2nd desk from the front – puzzle · use the decipher dream jewel · pick up 4 dream .

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Gather the 10 DREAM PIECES circled in red. Place the HAMMER a total of 4 times on the Crystal Mountain (K) on right. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air was first presented limitedly as a beta version on March 12, for the publisher. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air is a hidden object game for the PC by PlayFirst. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and.

Story[ edit edit source ] Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air is the first part of the second Dream Chronicles trilogy called Lyra's Destiny, in which the player play the part of Lyra whose daughter of the previous games' main character named Faye. It has a light connection with the first three games, in which events occur ten years after those in Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child. On the day before the eighteenth birthday, a mortal girl named Lyra has a strange dream. All Lyra's friends and family are present here to celebrate this special event, and her grandfather Tangle prepares "an amazing gift" for her. But then Lyra hears a whisper, and everyone quickly disappears. Waking up from that dream, Lyra finds herself alone in her beloved Town of Wish, as she is trapped in a parallel dimension which is very similar to her own. Guided by the messages left by Tangle plus using her father Fidget's airship , Lyra tries to find the Clockmaker — the only stranger who can help Lyra get back home, and reunite with her family and friends.

There are only 3 rooms in the clockmakers tower. The one on the left where you talk to the clockmaker himself, The one at the top where you take all the keys, and the one on the left for fuel.

I have completed the music island puzzle but I don't see a key anywhere. I have done the game to this point twice. I have looked on the beach where the instruments are, in the room with the press to mark the tablets, and on top of the building where the columns are.

I used the locate button in each of these locations and it indicated there was nothing to locate. Getting bummed out Paige it should show up on the same screen as the beach, I'm really unsure why the key wouldn't be there: Maybe contact support from the site you bought it from, and see what they have to say? They might ask you to reinstall the game and try again which means you will have to start over: Could you maybe post a screenshot of the beach after you solve the puzzle?

The key should be there. I'm stuck in the final puzzle, fixing the time machine. I have all the keys, unlocked all three doors, used the iron key to unlock the left-most door.

The air of book 4 chronicles dream

But I can't either take or move the gears on the sides. Thanks in advance for any help. For some reason, I was able to go to the location to fix the gears, but I only had two keys and an iron key and still can't get into the 3rd gear. I need to get to the water collector, but can't. Hello - I just finished wind island of music, got my key went to the ship and my map will not reveal!

I filled the tank and everything. Why would it give me a key and then not reveal the next destination? I checked the walk-through and even used my locator at all the spots to make sure I didn't miss a jewel. I correctly solved all the puzzles. Any thoughts or advice?? Have played through the hard version three times and collect - dream perls every time, have the title: The bonus content is only if you downloadd the special edition.

There is nothing important in it, just some extra artwork. I found all three keys, got the clock working, and was told I could return home. I do not have any fuel to go home. I've checked all three rooms in the tower and can't find any fuel. I have just completed the clockroom and got my fuel stones however i can't get back to the airship to carry on can anyone tell me what to do or where I have gone wrong.

Dream Chronicles 4 - The Book of Air | Zylom

All it does for me is take me outside the clockmakers house. I have done everything at the music place, but I cant find where the string stone goes and therefore cannot go on.. I am the clockmaker's and have opened all of the doors, including the top one. I have the key, I have collected everything. I have done everything behind the doors.

I have fueled up my ship, but the reveal spell will not work I have weighed all of the goblets and they all chimed but the key still has not appeared. Please help. Great Game! Felt shorter than the others, but that could just be because I'm getting used to the play style Hoping the next one has a few more screens and a little harder tasks as I finished this game in about 2 hours including a coffee break, lol.

Keep up the good work! I'm in the clock tower and used the keys to open the locked hatches on the left and middle. I can't open the right one though. I used one key to open the right and one to go in the key hole, then the last one to open the middle hatch.

Now how do I get the right to open? I have opened all three door and solved everything except in the third where the iron key is supposed to be used.

I cannot locate the iron key anywhere. I have gone back and forth to all the different locations repeatedly.

Supposedly according to this thread the iron key is in the room with the three doors. I can not locate. Hey, I am stuck at the clock makers house.

I hav opened all the doors, but cannot reach the clock maker from the left door.

Air dream book of chronicles 4 the

Hav all the stones on the wall in the right place but wen I ring the bell nothing happens!! Wat am I missing?? TR and Melissa - Check the walkthrough posted above.

If you press "Ctrl F", you can even search for what you need. Could you please help me??? I try to enter the top room of the clockmakers house and I always have 33 stones for the illumination spell and I need 40, so I'm never able to make the last room light. Am I missing a room?? How come I never have enough dream jewels to activate that illumination spell?

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Check us back often! We add new games every day and only the best games! Free online and mobile games. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Walkthrough. By Kero June 25, Add to Favorites. Mac, Windows Categories: Comments 55 Views 9, Download Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air here: The Book of Air Walkthrough Notes: There are dream jewel pieces in total, however you only need to collect of them in order to beat the game If you are stuck finding an object you can use the locate spell to find one for you every minute or so.

Chapter One The Village of Wish Pick up the clock gear and use it on the box on the ground to open it. Collect your dream journal from the box, and a note from your grandfather.

Enter the school. The School Items to collect Collect the 11 dream pieces. Click on the chalkboard. Read the note from your grandfather, then pull the handle in the center of the chalkboard. Use your decipher spell to translate the text. Zoom out, and then click on the cabinet to the left. Collect the 4 dream pieces then pick up the letter from your grandfather.

Zoom out, and you will find books on 3 of the desks in the classroom. One of the books will have 4 dream jewels inside when you open it. The first book is on the left side, second table from the front. Open the book and use the decipher spell. The object of this puzzle is to place the letters that are missing into the column on the right. In Casual mode the missing letters are J, and P. I'm trying to find my way home.

Dream Chronicles – The Book of Air Collector’s Edition

I don't belong here Yes. I need to go back to my own dimension Where are they? That sounds difficult, but I will do my best Very well, I shall return. Column 1 Casual: Any order Challenge: Guide Instructions Complete Dreamer Follow.

I'm stuck in the Hut. How do you recreate the patterns? I've done that now, and had 'success' with all 5, but in spite of that it still won't give me the final key. Is there a sample solution for the water hut wooden tiles puzzle anywhere? I can't get the map to revel the The water collector what did i miss? Place the wrong tablets in the holes and you will get blank ones back. Make sure you have the key from the previous area first, then use reveal on the map.

Are you in the right room? Make sure you enter the room at the top of the stairs. Example solution for the water puzzle: Have you fixed the pipes outside, and done the scale puzzle yet?

BTW I received the iron key at the same time as key 1, in the tree area. Finally completed the game, looking forward to the next one. The fuel should be in the exact same place it was last time you were there. Bittu, where exactly are you stuck? At the water island?

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Dream Chronicles 4: The Book of Air Collector's Edition

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In the fourth installed of the Dream Chronicles series, you play the part of Lilith's daughter. She had a dream and everyone vanished, leaving her all alone her beloved town of Wish. Can you help her find her way? Dream Journal: This will guide you through the game, check it often. It also holds the Dream Jewels, see below. Dream Pieces: These are sparkling objects that go in your Dream Journal. They are needed to complete Dream Jewels to help you through the game.

Dream Jewels: Always pick these up right away, you can always return to where you saw them! Deciphers strange symbols. Shows things which are hidden. Turns gold into wood. Turns dark into light. Creates storms.

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Fire

You will find letters in every locale, read them! The magnifying glass helps you find dream pieces. Chapter 1 Wish 1. Chapter 7 Clockmakers 1. To be continued New Games. Through Abandoned Stormhill Mystery: