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Agatha Christie's most famous published as 'TEN LITTLE RED INDIANS'. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None Unlockables Alternative Endings.

Also available as: Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for download. One of the most famous and beloved mysteries from the queen of suspense, Agatha Christie! More than million copies sold and now a Lifetime TV movie. Ten people, each with something to hide and something to fear, are invited to a isolated mansion on Indian Island by a host who, surprisingly, fails to appear.

Six little Indian Boys playing with a hive; A bumblebee stung one and then there were five. Five little Indian Boys going in for law; One got in Chancery and then there were four. Four little Indian Boys going out to sea; A red herring swallowed one and then there were three. Three little Indian Boys walking in the zoo; A big bear hugged one and then there were two. Two little Indian Boys sitting in the sun; One got frizzled up and then there was one. Over the next two days, Mrs Rogers, the cook, dies from a lethal dose of chloral hydrate , a sleeping medication "one overslept himself" put into her brandy, and then General MacArthur is found dead from a blow to the back of his skull with a life preserver , having predicted earlier to Vera Claythorne that none of them would leave the island alive "one said he'd stay there".

In each case the death matches the rhyme and is accompanied by another broken figurine. Three of the men search the island but there seems nowhere on the bare rock for a stranger to hide, and the bad weather would not allow any boats to visit. They decide that one of the remaining visitors must be a mad killer.

And Then There Were None

To the puzzlement of the guests a skein of grey wool from Miss Brent and a red oilsilk shower curtain turn up missing. The next morning Thomas Rogers, the butler, is found dead in the woodshed, having been bludgeoned with an axe "one chopped himself in halves" , and later that day the fifth death occurs when Emily Brent is killed by an injection of potassium cyanide "a bumblebee sting" after being drugged with chloral hydrate. Justice Wargrave suggests they lock up any potential weapons, including Dr.

Armstrong's medical equipment and his own sleeping pills. They use two locks, giving one key to soldier of fortune Philip Lombard and the other to ex-policeman William Blore. Lombard admits to bringing a revolver to the island and initially refuses to turn it over until the others force him to do so. When he goes to get it, he seems genuinely confounded that it is missing.

To stay safe, they agree that only one person will leave the others at any given time. Ex-governess Vera Claythorne screams after her face brushes against seaweed which has been hung from a ceiling hook in her darkened room, causing the others to run upstairs to help. Once upstairs they realize Wargrave is not with them and rush back downstairs after hearing a gunshot. He is found sitting dressed in the missing shower curtain and wearing the wool skein in mockery of judicial robes with the mark of a gunshot through the forehead "one got into Chancery ".

Armstrong confirms the death, and Lombard appears confounded when he discovers that his gun has now been returned to his room. That night, Blore hears someone sneaking out of the house and catches a glimpse of someone in the moonlight.

Realizing Armstrong is missing, Blore, Vera and Lombard decide that he must be the killer. The next morning the three try to signal the mainland and remain in the relative safety of the beach. However Blore eventually goes to the house for food, and is later found under Vera's bedroom window, his skull crushed by a heavy bear-shaped clock "a big bear hugged one" dropped from the window, and shortly afterwards, shocking Lombard and Vera, the corpse of Armstrong washes ashore who has drowned — his absence now appears to have been designed to mislead everyone as to the identity of the true killer "a red herring swallowed one".

Vera and Lombard, the last two survivors, both now believe each other to be the killer, shock and panic overcoming reason. She persuades Lombard to help her drag Armstrong's body away from the tideline, as a pretext to get hold of his gun, which she does.

When Lombard makes a sudden move towards her, she fires, managing to shoot him through the heart, killing him instantly an early version of the rhyme " Ten Little Injuns " contained the verse "One shot the other and then there was One".

She returns, relieved, to the house, which she notes does not "feel like an empty house", decides she is not hungry and ascends to her room.

There, in a dreamlike disoriented state after shooting Lombard, she finds a hanging noose and chair arranged beneath it in her room. Feeling the presences of Cyril, the boy she allowed to drown, as well as that of her former lover, Hugo, her lover and the boy's uncle, she places the noose around her neck and kicks away the chair "he went and hanged himself, and then there were none". There are no clues as to the owner, nor from any of the visitors' diaries which broadly agree about the sequence of events on the island up to the final day on the deaths from Marston to Wargrave.

However the situation they find apparently contradicts any theory they can suggest - Vera's fingerprints on Lombard's pistol and the clock that killed Blore coming from Vera's room point to Vera as "U. Owen" yet the chair Vera kicked away is found neatly set against the wall, Lombard's revolver was not found on or near his person, Armstrong's body has been dragged above where any tide could have taken it, it is inconceivable that Blore could or would have dropped the clock on himself, and the inclement weather combined with the distance from the mainland would have prevented anyone else from entering or exiting the island before the first boats arrived after the weekend-thus someone must have been alive after the deaths of Vera; Lombard, Armstrong and Blore.

The novel proper ends with the investigators thoroughly confounded by the apparently impossible situation they must unravel. Postscript by the killer In a postscript, a fishing ship picks up a bottle containing a written confession inside its trawling nets, which is sent to Scotland Yard and explains the events, but has been left to chance whether it will be discovered.

It is signed by Justice Wargrave, who states he has, since childhood, relished causing suffering, but in adulthood he determined that such pain be meted out only to the guilty. Upon hearing of a chance remark of possible suspects having gotten away with murder and having learned he was terminally ill with a relatively short time to live, he decided to commit murder himself, locating ten individuals who had knowingly or intentionally caused the death s of others but escaped earthly justice.

Ebook and then none there were

He lured nine of them to the island he had downloadd with the help of Isaac Morris, and pretended to be a tenth visitor like them. Experienced in observation, he confirmed all were guilty by their reactions to the phonograph recording. His tenth killer and first chronological victim was his sole go-between and contact, Morris, who had been responsible for the death of the daughter of Wargrave's friends from a drug overdose.

Morris, a hypochondriac , constantly complained of maladies, both real and imagined. For this reason, he accepted a cocktail of sleeping medication given to him by the judge, who promised they would cure his upsets, however proved fatal. Wargrave first killed those he considered less culpable, saving the "prolonged mental strain and fear" for the more cold-blooded perpetrators, slipping potassium cyanide into the drink of Marston whom he felt was amoral and chloral hydrate into the drink of Mrs.

Rogers who acted largely under the influence of her domineering husband. After bludgeoning General MacArthur with a life preserver and Rogers, the butler, with an axe, the judge used the remaining chloral hydrate as a sedative in Miss Brent's coffee before injecting her with potassium cyanide when she was left alone in the kitchen, using one of Dr Armstrong's syringe.

He then played upon Armstrong, who trusted the judge, whom he persuaded to go along with a plan whereby the judge would fake being shot dead , but would, actually, remain alive and thus be able to investigate who was the "real killer". After Wargrave's "death" was "confirmed" by Armstrong, the judge met with his dupe secretly that night along the rocks overlooking the sea and pushed him off the cliff where he drowned, at a location where the body would wash ashore with the tide.

After dropping the clock on Blore, he correctly surmised that Vera and Lombard would turn on each other but that she would be more than a worthy opponent and manage to turn the tables on the latter. At which point he placed the noose and chair in her room as a "psychological experiment" — which, combined with her "hypnotic" posttraumatic state from shooting Lombard, he again correctly anticipated would lead her to hang herself.

After her death, Wargrave describes how he returned the chair back against the wall, and wrote his confession , admitting a "pitiful human need" for recognition, which he will throw into the sea in a bottle before shooting himself.

He states that he will fasten a rubber cord to Lombard's gun, using a handkerchief to prevent leaving any of his own fingerprints. If this plan works as intended, the gun will recoil after firing the fatal shot through the forehead, leaving him exactly as described in the others' diaries, with the gun fallen far from his own hand.

The cloth on the floor should "not attract any attention", he notes. He concludes that when the police arrive, "they will find ten dead bodies — and an unsolved mystery — on Soldier Island". Wargrave points out three clues by which the police could perhaps identify him as the killer, but surmises correctly that the police will not figure them out: Wargrave was the only "innocent" guest, since the man he sentenced to death - despite strong public belief in his innocence - was found after his execution to have been unquestionably guilty of the crime for which he was hanged.

And Then There Were None | Open Library

Therefore paradoxically the only innocent guest had to be "the" murderer! Characters The following details of the characters are based on the original novel. Backstories, backgrounds and names vary with differing international adaptations, based on the rules, censorship, cultural norms, etc. Anthony James Marston killed two young children John and Lucy Combes while driving recklessly, for which he felt no real remorse nor did he accept any personal responsibility, complaining only that his driving license had been suspended as a result.

He was the first island victim, poisoned with potassium cyanide slipped into his drink while the guests were listening to the fateful gramophone recording.

She was dominated by her bullying husband, who withheld the medicine of their former employer an elderly spinster, Miss Jennifer Brady to collect an inheritance they knew she had left them in her will.

Mrs Rogers was haunted by the crime for the rest of her life, and was Owen's second victim, dying in her sleep peacefully from an overdose of chloral hydrate in her brandy. General John Gordon Macarthur, a retired World War I war hero, who sent his late wife's lover a younger officer, Arthur Richmond to his death by assigning him to a mission where it was practically guaranteed he would not survive.

Leslie Macarthur had mistakenly put the wrong letters in the envelopes on one occasion when she wrote to both men at the same time. The general fatalistically accepts that no one will leave the island alive, which he tells Vera Claythorne.

Shortly thereafter, he is bludgeoned while sitting along the shore with a life preserver. Thomas Rogers, the butler and Ethel Rogers' husband. He dominated his weak-willed wife and they killed their former elderly employer by withholding her medicine, causing the woman to die from heart failure and inheriting the money she bequeathed them in her will. He was killed when bludgeoned with an axe as he cut firewood in the woodshed.

Emily Caroline Brent, a rigid, repressed elderly spinster holding harsh moralistic principles. She accepted the vacation on Soldier Island largely due to financial constraints. Years earlier, she had dismissed her young maid, Beatrice Taylor, for becoming pregnant out of wedlock. Beatrice, who had already been rejected by her parents for the same reason, drowned herself in a river, which Miss Brent considered an even worse sin.

She refuses to discuss the matter with the gentlemen, but later confides what happened to Vera Claythorne, who tells the others shortly before Miss Brent is found dead herself. Having been sedated with chloral hydrate in her coffee, leaving her disoriented, she was left alone in the kitchen and injected in the neck with potassium cyanide with one of Dr Armstrong's hypodermic syringes the "bee sting". Martin's Griffin. Martin's Paperbacks.

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Ebook and were none then there

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Ten Little Indians , Pocket Books. Readers waiting for this title: Dieci piccoli indiani , Mondadori. Ten little niggers , Fontana. Ten little Indians , Dodd, Mead. And then there were none , Pocket Books.

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And then there were none. Publish date unknown, Washington Square Press.

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Mass Market Paperback in English - Berkley edition. Mass Market Paperback in English - St. Martin's Paperbacks edition. Diez negritos Publish date unknown, Molino. Deka mikroi Indiannoi Publish date unknown, Ermias. History Created December 8, 33 revisions Download catalog record: Libraries near you: WorldCat Library.

Martin's Griffin in English - 1st St. Martin's Griffin ed. Martin's Press Paperback. Dziesieciu murzynkow , Hachette in Polish. Tien kleine negertjes , Lefrancq Hardcover in Dutch.

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