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Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Time Management Made Simple (Audible Audio Edition): Brian Tracy, LLC Gildan Media: Books. Find Audiobook Self-Help Time Management books online. Get the best Self- Help Time Management books at our marketplace.

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Uploaded by: ENID's Time Management section offers several titles on how you can better manage the most valuable asset you have in reaching your goals. Written by Brian Tracy, Audiobook narrated by Brian Tracy. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book free. Get Your Free Audiobook. 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. The Productivity Habits of 7 Billionaires, 13 Olympic Athletes.

Listen to these business audiobooks when you need your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. But sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to devote to reading. Luckily, audiobooks are a great way to learn when you can't spare your hands or eyes. TED Talks have become the golden example of what a good, compelling, and concise presentation is, and this book will help you deliver high-quality presentations of your own. Gallo references many popular TED talks and dissects them to extract exactly what it is that makes them successful. This book breaks down the components of motivation so you can better understand not only how to motivate yourself but also your employees and clients. This audiobook is "Negotiation " and provides fundamental principles that can be applied to every type of negotiation, from a corporate merger to your toddler's bedtime.

Getting Things Done. The 4-Hour Work Week. Audio Download Free. Time Management. Think Like a Freak. Audio Download Audio CD. First Things First. Maximum Achievement. Audio Download Audio Cassette. Our Blog. Audio Books.

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Mind maps are an amazing organizational and creativity tool that can improve memory, concentration, communication, organization, creativity, and time management. But fascinating research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology has revealed another, far more likely possibility. One with the potential to transform your life in a dramatic way. Brian Tracy, the world's leading authority on success and personal achievement, gives you his proven principles and step-by-step tips for raising your self-esteem and improving your life.

This audiobook is based on his seminar program that has dramatically improved the income and lives of over one million graduates. It is based on proven principles drawn from psychology, religion, philosophy, business, economics, politics, history, and metaphysics.

Brian Tracy is the preeminent authority on showing you how to dramatically improve your life. Let him be your guide. I've learned so much from Brian myself that I can't thank him enough! Allen, number-one New York Times best-selling author. Whether you're trying to communicate your business idea to an investor, encourage your children to embrace your moral values, or break an addiction to endless web surfing - if you lack the skill of influence, you will be unable to convince yourself or anyone else.

The human mind is like a titanium lock. If you communicate poorly - through endless talking, inattentive listening, or over-the-top pressure - it's like spinning the numbers on the lock over and over uselessly. But if you develop the key skills of influence, it's like knowing the exact combination to that lock.

With this program, you'll have the tools, the techniques, and, just as importantly, the unflinching confidence to influence your readers and listeners decisively - both at work and at home.

You think you know what you want in life. You've tried to achieve those things. But if you still don't have them, the culprit may be closer than you think. In this perspective-altering program, the world-renowned Pitbull of Personal Development tm , Larry Winget, exposes the things you are doing right now to unknowingly prevent your own success in the most important areas of your life.

Are you sick of procrastinating, losing focus and leaving projects unfinished? Do you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities and unable to control the chaos of your day? Do you feel you could be more productive if only you knew how to manage your time? Based on the most recent research into the field of productivity as well as the author's personal experiences and those of his clients, Tracy argues that we may be stuck on something because of one simple thing: The timing isn't right.

Yes, you can become rich. No, it's not easy, but it's not as difficult as many people imagine - and it's definitely not impossible, as many cynics would have us believe.

The art of speaking can be systematically learned, and if you have the desire, discipline, and determination - not to mention one of the world's greatest presenters as your teacher - you too can become a persuasive and powerful speaker.

Tracy reveals time-tested tricks of the trade you can use to present powerfully and speak persuasively, whether in an informal meeting or in front of a large group of people. Most people think success comes from good luck or enormous talent, but many successful people achieve their accomplishments in a simpler way: Brian Tracy knows this firsthand.

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

But through the power of self-discipline, he changed his life. Why are some people more successful than others? What one great goal would you set if you knew you could not fail? What wonderful things would you want to do with your life if you were guaranteed success in anything you attempted? Your level of self-confidence determines the size of the goals you set, the energy and determination that you focus on achieving them, and the amount of persistence you apply to overcoming every obstacle.

More than any other practice in your career, your ability to manage time will determine your success or failure.

Book audio time management

The better you use your time, the more you will accomplish, and the greater your rewards will be. This exceptional guide reveals 21 proven time management techniques you can use immediately to gain two or more productive hours every day. Jason Selk and star business coach Tom Bartow combine the most effective elements of both their disciplines to offer an organizational improvement plan that anyone can learn and apply right away.

Organize Tomorrow Today is composed of eight simple, concrete, easy-to-understand guidelines - the multitasking myth, building and breaking habits, the two-minute mental toughness drill, and more. The key to high-level success is to pick one thing to change and master it. This book is a self-help manual and a rigorous analysis of the psychology of motivation. It will teach you to stop procrastinating, kick your addictions, circumvent laziness, take control of your actions, and achieve your goals, by thoroughly understanding the way your mind works.

Close That Sale!

Book audio time management

The 24 Best Sales Closing Techniques Ever Discovered is perhaps the most valuable small book in the world of selling and business today. In 25 fast-moving chapters, based on thousands of sales conversations, and the experience of more than 1,, salespeople worldwide, you learn how to make more sales, faster than you ever thought possible.

Brian Tracy is the top time management trainer in the world today - in 38 languages and 56 countries. In Time Management Made Simple he teaches you the best ideas learned worldwide in 30 years of research and teaching. In this fast-moving 12 lecture program, you will learn how to manage every aspect of your time and life - more efficiently than ever before!

PDF Workbook with Notes. I don't enjoy this as much as Tracy's other works because it was very obviously cut-and-paste from aforesaid other works. It's like he took a few podcast series and spliced them together, without bothering to order them into an overarching narrative. It's always a challenge to keep the big picture in mind when listening to an audiobook, but when there isn't a coherent structure, it's harder to retain anything.

Although I've listened to this book several times, I couldn't tell you one distinctive thing I remember about it that wasn't in his other books. The lack of structure makes the resulting read not very actionable. What disappointed you about Time Management Made Simple? I saw it was over 10 hours long and thought it would be very complete.

It was not. It is very repetitive. About one hour before the end, Brian even says: When I want to listen to good ideas several times, I expect to listen to the audiobook again, not hear it time and time and again in the same program. I suspect the real reason is that this is a loosely related collection that was put together to inflate the playing time. For those familiar with Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, he is a super judger, and in his mind that is the way to be.

Make all decisions now, throw away everything, when in doubt throw it out, and so on.

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Besides, Brian is very self-serving. It sounds like he's making a shameless commercial time and time again. For instance, something that goes on for several minutes is summarized as: You should always listen to audio programs in your car. I produce many audioprograms. With no exception, everyone who listens to my programs does a LO better one year later". Lastly, he makes all these claims: Which scientists, where was it published, where can I check it out?

What could Brian Tracy have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you? He could have summarized his points, be less self-promoting, offer names for his stories, be less patronizing. Any additional comments? There are several better books, succinct and to the point. What did you like best about Time Management Made Simple? What did you like least? I like Brian Tracy. He has solid advice and you know what you're getting when you download something he's done.

This book followed that formula. Unfortunately, it felt a bit too much like it was thrown together with bits and pieces from other books. Verbatim repeats of other material. Felt like it was more a compilation of other work than a new title. What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

If there would have been new information. Has Time Management Made Simple turned you off from other books in this genre? No it has not. Not really.