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Sword Art Online Volume 02 -, Mar , M Sword Art Online Volume 04 - Fairy, Mar , M. Sword Art Online - Volume 01 - Aincrad [L1][Baka-Tsuki][SAO Archive].pdf .. Sword Art Online - Volume 12 - Alicization Rising [L2][Baka-Tsuki][hp].pdf. Sword Art Online 12 - Alicization Rising - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Sword Art Online Light Novel.

Edit After entering the Central Cathedral, Kirito and Eugeo went to retrieve their weapons, while, along the way, Eugeo had an inner conflict about his actions since he left Rulid Village. After retrieving their weapons and changing their attire, they were confronted by Deusolbert Synthesis Seven, who fired a hail of arrows at them using his Divine Instrument, the Conflagrant Flame Bow. They beat the Integrity Knight and banter a bit with him about the Central Cathedral and the nature of its rule. Finally, they convinced the Integrity Knight not to pursue them. Part 2 Edit They then met two ten-year-old girls, Fizel and Linel , on the 29th floor of the Cathedral. The girls talked to Eugeo, as Kirito was "bad with kids", asking if they were really monsters from the Dark Territory. When the boys claimed that they were real humans and they had come to the Cathedral to rescue their friend, the girls asked if they could take a closer look at them to confirm that they are not monsters.

With the explanation complete, a final deadly ray is fired at the black swordsman. However, Kirito who used the time while Fanatio was busy talking to chant a Sacred Arts ritual used the finished ritual to create a mirror through a combination of crystal and metal elements. Although the mirror was not powerful enough to stop the ray, it did download Kirito enough time to dodge the ray, while part of the ray was deflected back at Fanatio. The reflected beam however was only partially as strong as the original, and Fanatio was able to avoid it, with only their helmet struck by it Having hit the helmet's weak point, the ray caused the helmet to break into two, revealing that Fanatio was actually a woman.

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Fanatio became angered due to Kirito's surprise, mistaking it for an unwillingness to fight her seriously now that he knew her true gender. Kirito used the opportunity to close in on Fanatio, who was distracted, with his outstanding speed, coming too close for her to use her light rays. While crossing his sword with hers, Kirito explained that he was actually surprised by how Fanatio's resolve in her sword decreased so much after her helmet broke and told her that he had no intention of going easy on her, saying that he himself had experienced how powerful swordswomen are.

The two then began their magnificent ultra-high speed clash of swords. After an exchange of numerous sword blows, Fanatio complimented Kirito's ability, while the latter used the opportunity to try and persuade her that he is trying to help the humans of the world live normally. However, Kirito refused to give up and managed to obstruct the ray by blocking the tip of Fanatio's sword with his own.

With this, from the ground a wave of ice quickly spread through the floor and icy tendrils to started forming around the Integrity Knights, who had not been quick enough to avoid the attack. The four knights were frozen into blocks of ice with blue ice roses blooming out of them, however Fanatio managed to see through the nature of the attack in time and jumped to avoid it.

She is stopped by Kirito, however, who used the advantage of knowing about the Blue Rose Sword's ability beforehand to jump up a few seconds ahead of her in anticipation of her next move and then used her as a stepping stone to escape further into the air, while Fanatio is sent falling back down to the ground, where she is then entrapped in the ice.

Kirito then somersaulted backwards several times to Eugeo's position where, despite his injuries and Eugeo's protests, he began chanting the lengthy ritual for his own sword.

Meanwhile, Fanatio, who refused to give up so easily, was able to use her sword's light rays to melt the ice enough to move her sword bit by bit towards the two youngsters, until, despite Eugeo's efforts in containing her, she unleashed her sword's final and greatest beam of light at them. At that moment, Kirito finished chanting the ritual for his sword and unleashed a pitch-black torrent of darkness, which clashed with the spear of light with explosive impact.

The powerful clash of light and darkness continued for a while, until Kirito's ray of darkness managed to break the balance of power and shattered the spear of light into thousands of streams, some of which hit the four lying Knights, until the torrent of darkness reached the source of the torrent of light, hitting Fanatio with a tremendous impact.

With the battle finally over, Kirito collapsed onto his knees due to the suffered injuries. Eugeo made haste to immediately seal Kirito's wounds to stop his bleeding and then chanted a ritual for transferring Life to share his own Life with his unconscious friend.

With nearly of half of Eugeo's Life transferred, Kirito finally opened his eyes and stopped Eugeo from continuing with the ritual. Worried about Fanatio's condition, he started walking towards her, before he remembered about Fizel and Linel and threw the bottle of antidote to Eugeo to cure the girls, while making sure that their venomous swords are destroyed. After doing so, Eugeo joined Kirito and attempted to help him seal the fallen Knights' wounds before she ran out of Life.

However, even with their efforts, the bleeding was too intense to handle, thus Kirito cried out for help from the Knight Leader and Cardinal.

In those days that is, two hundred years ago, there was a young missy, at the sheer age of ten or so, studying sacred arts on the lower floors of the Central Cathedral as a nun apprentice of the church. Her name no, Ive forgotten her name She was born in a family of furniture craftsmen in Centoria and through the fluctuations of the randomizing parameters, she possessed a slightly higher system access authority than others.

As such, she was bestowed the sacred task of being a nun.

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She was a scrawny little miss with brown eyes and curly hair of the same color I involuntarily blinked my eyes and checked the appearance of Cardinal on the other side of the table.

I could only imagine that she was describing herself with that description earlier no matter how it was rephrased. Administrator had that little miss brought up to the living room of the top floor of the Cathedral and welcomed her with a smile filled with kindness like a holy mothers. That being spoke thusYou will be my child from now on. A child of god that will guide the world. It was the truth to an extent, in the sense of the girl inheriting information from her soul.

Until that being was at the age of a hundred and fifty, reached the capacity limit of a fluct light, and tried to take over the soul of a pitiful miss, that is.

But according to how the story went, the soul from Administrator that took over the daughter of the furniture shops owner was a perfect copy of the original, right?

In other words, that soul would have its emotions frozen too so, why were you able to appear at that one time? Cardinals gaze wandered elsewhere for a while at my question. She must be peering into the other end of these extraordinarily long two hundred years. Before long, an extremely, extremely soft voice streamed out from those petite lips. And that succeeded without a hitch. What resided within the miss had its useless memories erased, what could be said to be a compressed version of Administrators, no, Quinellas individuality.

The initial arrangement should have been for the original Quinella, who expended her life span, to erase her own soul after confirming the success however When I noticed, Cardinals cheeks, adorned by a healthy blush as befitting a young girl, had already lost its color like a sheet of paper.

She asserted that she didnt possess emotions, but I couldnt imagine what she felt at this moment to be anything but a deep fear.

However, the duplication of her soul was completed the instant we simultaneously opened our eyes at point-blank range we were assailed by some sort of tremendous impact. That was essentially the thought of avoiding a situation where there are two of the exact same human, a situation that would have originally been impossible I believe it would be something close to that? I no, we stared at each other and immediately after, sensed an overwhelming hostility. No matter the circumstances, we couldnt permit the soul of the existence before our eyes, that was how it was That exceed sheer emotion, into instinct no, it might have been something like the number one rule engraved upon the beliefs of beings capable of intelligence.

If that situation were to remain as it 33 Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Chapter 07 The Two Supervisors was, both souls were have probably been unable to bear the shock and be annihilated. However Im not sure if I should call it a pity, but that did not happen. After all, the fluct light copied into the daughter of the furniture shops owner broke a moment faster and in that instant, I, the sub-individuality, established the right of control.

We recognized each other as Administrator, residing within the original Quinellas flesh, and Cardinals sub-process, residing within the flesh of the daughter of the furniture shops owner. At the same time, the souls ceased breaking down and stabilized.

A soul breaking down. Cardinals words brought to mind the gloomy and wondrous phenomenon I saw two evenings ago, one that I wasnt sure to be sad or glad for. I crossed swords with the head elite swordsman-in-training of the Master Sword Academy, Raios Antinous, and slashed off his two arms with the Serlut-style secret move, Whirl Current.

It was a major injury that could have been a fatal wound in the real world, but his life would not have ended in the Underworld if he gotten proper treatment.

I tried to maintain the numerical value of his Lifewhat served as hit points in this world, binding the open wounds on his two arms to stop the blood flow. However, it happened quicker than that. A bizarre scream gushed out from Raios as he collapsed onto the floor and met his end. Blood continued flowing out from his wounds at that time. That is to say, his Life value had not gotten to zero yet, which, in other 34 Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Chapter 07 The Two Supervisors words, meant that Raios died from a reason other than the total loss of Life.

Right before collapsing, Raios found himself in a situation where he had to choose between his life and the Taboo Index, one to protect and one to break. He was unable to choose, trapped in an infinite loop state, and his soul finally ended up breaking itself apart, didnt it?

I wondered if the phenomenon that assaulted Quinella upon meeting a duplicate of her very own self was fundamentally the same thing.

I couldnt even begin to imagine the horror that came with the situation of having another existence with the exact memories and thoughts as oneself. During the few days after I woke up in the forest south of Rulid, I couldnt form a conclusion on the possibility that I was an artificial fluct light copied from the real Kirigaya Kazuto.

There was always a fear somewhere in my mind until I got cooperation from Selka of Rulid Church and affirmed that I could go against the Taboo Index while recognizing it as the absolute law.

If nothing but my consciousness was thrown out into an endless darkness, and my own, familiar voice spoke. You are my duplicate.

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You are merely a copy for experimenting with, one that can be deleted with a single keypress. How severe would the shock, confusion, and fright I would taste in that moment? How is it going, have you understood everything so far? Those aged-teacher-like words were thrown at me on the opposite side of the table, pondering over everything with my head 35 Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Chapter 07 The Two Supervisors overheating.

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Raising my head, I blinked countless times before nodding in a vague manner. Ah well, somewhat Im finally about to reach the main point of my tale, so it would be a problem if youre already going to whine with merely this much. The main point I see, thats right. I still havent heard what exactly you wanted out of me.

Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 12

I did continue waiting through those two hundred years ever since that day to tell you this, after all Now then, I believe I was at the part where I split up from Administrator? Cardinal spoke as she fiddled with the now-empty tea cup, spinning it with both hands. On that day, I finally acquired a physical body of my own. To be accurate though, it was of that pitiful apprentice nun, but her individuality was utterly annihilated the moment her light cube was overwritten with data.

Born out of that ruthless ceremony and the result of that unforeseen incident, I stared at Administrator before my eyes for 0. In other words, I tried to eliminate her with sacred arts of the highest level. I was a perfect copy of Administrator, which meant I had a system access authority at an equal level, you see.

I predicted that if I could gain the initiative, I could shave away her Life before the resources in the surrounding space were exhausted, even if it became an exchange of arts of the same class.

My first attack magnificently landed and what ensued after went according to my expectations. A 36 Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Chapter 07 The Two Supervisors death match of clashing immense lightning and whirlwinds, infernos and ice daggers unfolded with the top floor of the Central Cathedral as our stage, and our Lives rapidly plummeted.

Our pace was exactly the same in other words, I, the one who let loose the first attack, should have been the one to win. The offensive sacred arts I knew of were limited to the extremely rudimentary ones that changes the shapes of elements, like those used in the battle against Knight Eldrie. Their offensive abilities were far from reaching a single hit from a sword, struggling to even act as restraints or distractions, hardly able to take away the Life of anyone around Huh, wait a moment.

You said that even Administrator wasnt capable of killing somebody, didnt you?

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Then shouldnt that restriction apply to you as well, as a copy? Why were both of you able to attack each other? Cardinal slightly pouted at her story getting interrupted at the good part even as she nodded and replied. Mgh that was a good question.

True, it is as youve said, even Administrator, unbound by the Taboo Index as she was, could not break the prohibition on murder given to her when she was young, as Quinella, by her parents. Even through my long years of deliberation, I have still yet to elucidate the origin behind the phenomenon why us artificial fluct lights are unable to disobey all orders without exception however, this phenomenon is not as absolute as you might think.

Which means? To show an example Cardinal moved her right hand that held the tea cup above the table. But for some reason, she was not lowering the cup onto the 39 Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Chapter 07 The Two Supervisors saucer, but onto the right side, an empty spaceimmediately before its bottom touched the table cloth, her arm came to a precise stop. I am unable to lower this cup any further. Cardinal explained as she scowled at my dumbfounded response.

The reason is because when I was young, my motherof course, that would be Quinellasbrought me up with the trivial rule that tea cups should be placed atop a saucer and its effect is still valid, even now. The only significant taboo was murder, but there exist seventeen other foolish prohibitions such as this. I am unable to lower my arm any further no matter what I do and if I forcibly put my strength into it, an annoying, intense pain emerges in my right eye.

A pain in your right eye Even so, this is a huge difference compared to the average inhabitant. They would be unable to even imagine the thought of placing the cup upon the table in the first place.

In other words, they would not even be able to gain the awareness that they are bound by many unbreakable rules.

That might have been the best for them, however Probably aware that she was a completely artificial being, an unfitting self-derisive smile ran over Cardinals young face and she quickly straightened back her arm. Now then Kirito. Do you see this as a tea cup? It was made of white ceramic, simple curves for its sides, with a plain handle attached. No images or logos could be seen aside from a dark blue line against its edge.

Well I do see it as a tea cup, there was tea in it, after all Fm. Then, how about now? Cardinal reached out the index finger on her left hand, then lightly tapped the cups edge. Liquid immediately gushed out from the cups bottom like earlier and a stream of white vapor rose. However, the aroma was different this time.

My nose instinctively twitched. This smell, fragrant with its richness, was definitely not any sort of black teait couldnt be anything but cream of corn soup. As though showing it to me, stretching out my neck, Cardinal tilted the cup slightly. It was a pale-yellow, gooey fluid as I expected, filling the cup to its brim. There were even croutons, carefully baked brown, floating in there. Co-Corn soup! Thank you, I just started feeling peckish and You dolt, Im not asking about its contents.

What is this vessel? But now that she mentioned it, it might have been a little too simple, too large, and too thick for a typical tea cup. Aah A soup cup?

When I timidly answered, Cardinal broadly grinned as she nodded. This is now a soup cup. After all, there is soup within it now, at any rate. And, as if to amaze me, she placed the cup, as it was, onto the table cloth without any hesitation, ringing out a thud. This is how ambiguous the taboos given to us artificial fluct light are. They can be overruled this easily simply by changing our subjective perception.

Even while I was shocked into silence, that particular scene two days ago replayed in my mind once again. Back then, Raios was about to mercilessly swing his sword down at Eugeo, cowering away, at that exact moment I barged into the bedroom. If I hadnt received it with my own sword, Raioss sword would have probably severed Eugeos neck in a single slash. Murder was obviously the greatest taboo. By recognizing that, he easily leapt past the taboo engraved upon his soul.

As I continued to brood in silence, a light sound rang out from the back of the chair opposite. Upon looking, Cardinal was lifting up the tea cup-correction, soup cup once again, and moved it to her lips. The meat buns and sandwiches I ate tens of minutes ago have already converted to numbers in my Life, with a tight, squeezing sensation in my empty stomach.

Could I have some of that too? You certainly are a gluttonous fellow. Hand over your cup. While shaking her head as though she was astounded, Cardinal still reached out with her left hand and flicked the edge of the cup I pushed forward with a ping. The empty cup was immediately filled with the fragrant cream-yellow liquid.

After pulling the cup back in excitement and sipping it after blowing at the steam, my eyes unintentionally closed at the nostalgic, rich flavor spreading within my mouth.

There were soups somewhat similar in the Underworld too, but it had truly been two years since I drank such perfect cream of corn soup. I let out a satisfied sigh after drinking two, three mouths, then Cardinals story resumed, as though she was waiting for that. Understand this; the taboos that bind us are things that can be overruled with merely our perception, as I demonstrated with the cup earlier.

We Administrator and I did not think of each other as human the moment we broke into battle. In my eyes, she was a broken 43 Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Chapter 07 The Two Supervisors system that would harm the world, and in hers, I was a bothersome virus she could not eliminate There wasnt a single shred of hesitation as we blew each others Lives away.

We exchanged arts of the highest class, and I was finally two or three attacks away from eliminating Administrator or at the very least, bringing it to a draw. Perhaps Cardinal had recalled the vexation from that time, as she firmly chewed on her small lips. However however, you see. At the end of ends, that depraved woman realized the existence of that decisive difference between herself and me.

Decisive difference? But the only difference between Administrator and you would be the outward appearances the system access authority as well as the sacred arts the two of you were versed in were exactly the same, right?

It was obvious that the one who succeeded with the preemptive strike, me, would be the one to gain victory in the end. Therefore she threw sacred arts aside. Converting one of the heaps of high priority objects in the room into a weapon, she also designated the entire space we were battling in into a system command prohibited address at the same time.

If if she did something like that, wouldnt she be unable to lift the prohibition too? Yes, as long as she remained in the space, that is. I realized her aim the moment she chanted the command for weapon creation. However, there was nothing I could do by then. I couldnt lift it either once commands were sealed away, after all I reluctantly made a 44 Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Chapter 07 The Two Supervisors weapon as well and attempted to put an end to her via physical damage.

Cardinal stopped talking and lifted the staff set against the table. She presented it to me in silence, so I reached my right hand out despite my bewilderment.

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A weight unimaginable from its slim appearance assailed my right arm the moment I held it and I panicked, using my left hand as well, to barely hold onto it until it reached the table. The staff, that laid down onto its side with a thick thump, evidently possessed a priority higher than both my black sword and Eugeos Blue Rose Sword. I see its not just your sacred arts usage authority thats god class, but your weapon equipping authority too, huh?

When I said so while rubbing my right wrist, Cardinal shrugged her shoulders as though it was only natural. Administrator copied not only her memories and thought processes, but all of her authorities and Life levels as well, you see.

The sword that person generated and that staff I generated had the exact same level of ability. Even when stuck with physical combat after discarding sacred arts, I thought I would be the one to gain victory in the end.

However, upon assuming a stance with the staff, I finally realized Administrators true aim, that is, that decisive difference between her and me Thats why Im asking, what exactly is that difference? Its simple. Look at this body. It was the figure of a young girl, slim and petite; one that contrasted her manner of speech, like that of an elderly sage, far too much.

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Feeling as though I saw something I shouldnt, I instinctively cast my eyes down as I asked. Exactly what about that body? Her robe fluttering as she restored it to how it was, Cardinal groaned as though she was irritated. Goodness, youre certainly slow, arent you?

Try imagining yourself getting thrown into this body. Your perspective and arm lengths would be utterly different. Would you be able to wield and fight with a sword as youve always done like that? Ah Until that moment, I had always been in Administrators that is, Quinellas body which was rather tall for a woman. I didnt take much notice of it during our exchange of sacred arts, but at that point when I wielded this staff and braced for the enemys attack, I finally understood that I was chased into a critical plight.

I certainly could agree now that she pointed it out. Even in the numerous VRMMOs in the real world, quite an amount of time was required until one got used to judging distances in close-range physical combat if one were to choose an avatar with a size much too far away from ones real body. It ought to be easily over fifty centimeters. That broad grin she had on her face as she looked down on me from her height is still vivid in my memories.

The battle started anew immediately after, but upon crossing weapons merely two or three times, I had no choice but to admit my defeat was certain Th-Then what happened? She obviously struggled out of it somehow, seeing as she was talking to me, but I still ended up involuntarily holding my breath. Administrators advantage was decisive, but she committed a mere, single mistake as well.

You see, if she had only locked the rooms exit before prohibiting the usage of system commands, I would have been killed with no path of escape. Possessing no human emotions, I Cardinals expression appeared truly vexed, but I wont be cutting in the conversation with that. All while Administrators sword, swinging down from behind, reduced my Life as it grazed my back Th-Thats scary, huh I do expect you would end up in a situation like mine too, someday, though.

With how youve been ogling and flirting with females everywhere in this two years and two months. I strongly rubbed my mouth upon receiving that unforeseen assault, then abruptly frowned. N-No, wait a minute. Two years and two months dont tell me youve always been watching me? Of course I have been.

It may have been two years and two months among the two hundred years I went through, but it was still long, unexpectedly. Whaa I could feel nothing but astonishment. So that meant my every action here and there were observed by this young sage down to the last detail? It wasnt like I was purposefully taking any action of questionable conduct that I couldnt let others see, but neither did I have the confidence to say that I didnt take any.