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Internext - Revista Eletrônica de Negócios Internacionais. Carlos Luis H Index. A total of articles were obtained for citations made until June, Accessed el. Revista Eletrônica de Ciência Política, vol. 6, n. But Peter Feaver posits that is not viable a total .. Internext - Revista Eletrônica de Negócios Internacionais. Carlos Luis A total of articles were obtained for citations made until June, Most articles Accessed el 10 jul.

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Eletrônica Total Uploaded by. Marcos Pizzolatto · Eletronica Total Uploaded by. mariokkanai · Eletronica Total Uploaded by. nelcino · Revista. Download revista Eletrônica Total em PDF. See More. Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book - RASPBERRY PI ACCESSORIES - The Pi Hut. PDF | This paper presents a citation analysis of Internext-Review of International Business to detect Internext - Revista Eletrônica de Negócios Internacionais.

The field of machine learning is becoming even more important in the last years. The ever-increasing amount of data and complexity of compu- tational problems challenges the currently available technology. Meanwhile, anaerobic digesters represent a good alternative for renewable energy produc- tion in Brazil. Usually, such tools are made for a specific sce- nario and may not fit with particular and general needs. Our goal was to cre- ate a SaaS for biogas data analytics by using a neural network. The results have shown the SaaS application is able to perform pre- dictions.

Rev Lat Am Enfermagem. Manejo de paciente agitado ou agressivo. Rev Bras Psiquiatr [Internet]. Integrating clinical trial data into clinical practice. Intraoperative frozen section analysis in revision total joint arthroplasty. Clin Orthop. HRSA Careaction. Differences in prevalence, awareness, treatment and control of hypertension between developing and developed countries.

J Hypertens. It shows that emerging markets such as Brazil represent good opportunities for offshoring call centers operations, based on a low cost strategy, but not wasting service quality. The survey involves a wide range of call centers aspects: The same basic questionnaire, applied in all countries adapted, where possible, but not changing the general purpose of the project, was used in Brazil. Call centers were invited to answer regarding their internal practices, wages, training procedures, scholarship, and organizational structures among others.

This list needed to be refined because some of the members were not call centers but instead consultants or equipment providers. At last, with a total of contacts, companies agreed to respond to the questionnaire and a total of questionnaires were obtained. In some cases, a company answers as a whole and not for all sites available in the company.

This explains the discrepancy between participating companies and the number of questionnaires.

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There is no precise number of active call centers in Brazil, but after this survey and cross referencing with some secondary data, the estimated number is somewhere between 1, and 1, call centers, employing around , employees. The period for collecting data was six months, from May to October, and was done by personal interview, e-mail or telephone. The occupation of the responders was at lowest a human resource manager up to directors, CEOs and presidents of the companies which provided us with different views of the sector, the business and their strategies.

Specifically, for this article, part of database was used to identify outsourcing and off shoring activities and their respective modes of work, strategies and performance.

Differentiating call centers which provide for international markets from those who provide for national, regional or local ones, some items are separated.

Performance in sales in the last 2 years and the perspectives for hiring new employees for next year are used for comparison. The human resources evaluation is based on wages paid for call center operators compared with some countries in addition to language-peaking possibilities and information within the composition of Brazilian society. Another important analyzed topic is that regarding technology. The implementation of new technologies and telecom shows that Brazilian call centers are at the same level as other international call centers and finally, an analysis of the Brazilian market is done showing a competitive environment with national and multinational large, medium and small call centers.

But the number of Brazilian call-centers providing the international market ICC is still very small. As can be seen in figure 4, only 2. It appears to be only the beginning but some comparisons of the results from the survey provide us with some good surprises in the performance of those call centers. It seems that sub-contractors call centers did not identify or consider offshore operations as good business opportunities and only small call centers are charged with this segment as niche players only for their own consumers.

Same results were observed from prospects for next year HR politics. It shows a superior performance for those call centers which provide their services to international market as well. National, regional or local only call centers had lesser financial results and lower prospect for the next year. Regarding employees wages, Figure 5 provides valuable information. Considering all call center operators, the average is still lower: This contrast was done to show that even with hiring operators with a better education level, the Brazilian market is still competitive.

Brazil is also a multicultural country. During the XX century many immigrants came to try a new life there and contributed to the development of the country.

Nowadays, there are many colonies up to cities that keep the original characteristics of their countries. Based on Memorial do Imigrante the number of immigrants and descendants table 1 can be a source for the workforce for all those countries with a not-so-different accent. Memorial do Imigrante This multicultural advantage is not found in many countries and can be used to complement operations for all those countries with low-wage advantage and low-accent problems.

Another interesting point identified in Brazil is related to the use of technological innovations. In comparison with some G8 countries, was expected to observe a great difference in state-of-the-art among those countries and Brazil, representing emerging markets.

But that has not happened. As can be seen in Table 2, Brazil is well positioned in all compared items. One reason for that could be the age of call centers in Brazil. The Global Call Center Industry Project Reports In a first overview of this table, it can be seen that call centers based only in telephony interactions are moving for a contact center approach with multiple different ways of contact available to customers.

More sophisticated technology such as CRM have a high percentage of use, indicating a good prospect for relationship marketing and a better understanding and knowledge about customers during in-bound and outbound interactions.

Voice over IP VoIP is not so important for customer interactions aligned with Internet growth, but it is very important for cost reduction operations. In comparison with the other countries, the Brazilian percentage is very significant with potential for providing this kind of access abroad.

Web enablement tools show Brazil well-positioned also and if the voice interaction is a problem, written interaction is easier to satisfy customers. Fax still an important form of interaction in some countries, but in Brazil and Germany it is less frequent than e-mail, showing a technology transition from telephony- based infrastructure to an Internet based one.

Related to CRM, Brazil is the country with the highest percentage of use of this essential tool for relationship marketing and customer loyalty. VoIP is a relative new interconnection technology providing synergistic services and low cost operations. As can be seen in the picture above, Brazilian call centers have the highest percentage of VoIP implementation which means, in addition to the HR advantage, a cost-based strategy can be implemented and it can mean be profitable outsourcing call center services from Brazil to other countries.

As an overview it is clear that the database average is impacted to up for in-house average wages. It is not a common call center but an international relationship center! For all analyzed complement technologies, e-mail, fax, crm and voip, the percentages for ICC are much better than other call center types. The amount of possible variables for analyses is expressive but the subjective one, average level of customer satisfaction, seems to be a good way to evaluate the level of service provided by national and international ICC call centers.

All values are around 4 in a scale from 1 to 5 but the high value was detected in ICC column. It is at least curious because a call center service provided in another language English, Spanish could have a worse evaluation from customers but it was not observed.

So, when comparing call centers from developed countries with Brazil and among different kinds of call centers in Brazil, good perspectives can be identified for Brazilian call centers to provide offshoring services but, for many of them, some improvements are needed to be a good player.

Some of greatest international call center companies are competing against great national call-center companies. All of them have more than 3, operator seats. At the conclusion of the survey and the preliminary presentation of the survey results, some other call center companies not included in survey showed up as offshoring operations providers.

Company A provides offshore services in English, French and Spanish through college-level operators to many countries and intensive usage of VoIP. The types of services provided involve inbound and outbound sales, reservations, customer service and B2B applications. Company B provides English, Spanish and German operations and is one of the 50 biggest call center enterprises in Brazil. Besides offshoring operations, during Brazilian Carnaval and year-end parties, they provide multilingual support for tourists in Brazil.

Company C is a kind of B2B call center and the operators are specialist in many areas in order to help other companies in their relationships.

Their main markets are Zone 1 countries and 12 hours or almost countries such as China, Korea, Australia and India. They got these specialized operators through immigrant associations and have clients in China and Korea, speaking Mandarin and Korean.

With the worldwide telecommunications liberalization and the multiplicity of companies providing international services, the interconnections among countries is not as expensive as in the past and the impact in a business plan is not so significant.

Brazil has submarine cables and satellite communications with USA, Europe and many other countries with no delay and a ready infrastructure for IT and IP connections.

So, based on table 2, Brazil is in a state-of-the-art technology to compete with other countries for call center services as has been done in steel, agro-business and up to in medium scale airplane manufacture.

In this competitive environment, the fight for the best clients for outsourcing operations means the application of best practices in all companies internal areas, production, IT, marketing, HR, and applies to companies with capabilities to act in international market in competitive conditions, quality and low cost.

The provision of services is easier than for manufacturing production when plants need to be transplanted. For services, and in special cases for call centers, simple installations based on networked workstations with headsets and chairs provide services to any place in the world. Based on technology and human resources, and solving cultural differences, a call center can provides services to countries with same language.

As with is happening with India and English language, it can be transferred to other countries with same capabilities. The mother-tongue is Portuguese; however, Brazil has a multicultural society with many immigrants that came to the country during the beginning of century XX.

Brazil opportunities for ICC can be done for the Portuguese mother-tongue countries as Portugal, but also for many other countries as Japan and Germany. In addition, college students with a second language Spanish or English can be contracted and trained for ICC with no loss of competition in comparison with other countries.

So, the prospect for Brazil as an international call center player seems to be ready and the trends are on the way.

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In the beginning of , an important and great call center company published an advertisement in one of the main Brazilian newspaper asking for bilingual operators.

In a Folha de S.

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