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Mechanics, 1/e. Laxmi Duraipandian, Muthamizh Jayapragasam & P Duraipandian. ISBN: About the Book; Table of Content. Book Details. Introduction | Kinematics | Force | Equilibrium Of A Particle | Forces On A Rigid Body | A Specific Reduction Of Forces | Centre Of Mass | Stability Of Equilibrium| . Mechanics By Laxmi Duraipandian, Muthamizh Jayapragasam & P. Duraipandian. Book Summary: The book treats the subject systematically, using vectors in.

Duraipandian Book Summary: The book treats the subject systematically, using vectors in accordance with the present requirement. It is essential that the reader should have a proper knowledge of the fundamentals of vector algebra. Lack of proper understanding of the fundamental concepts of Mechanics, makes many students dislike Mechanics. Bearing this in mind, the fundamental concepts are presented, comparatively with more possible details, in such a manner that even of first reading of them will give the reader sufficient mastery over them. This feature will commend the book to the students. Audience of the Book : [For B. The book caters to the needs of undergraduates of Mathematics, Physics and Engineering courses of all Indian Universities.

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JK Rowling. Home Mechanics.

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Guaranteed service. International Shipping available. Other Books By Author. Analytical Geometry Duraipandian P,Laxmi. Trigonometry Duraipandian P,Laxmi.

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Complex Analysis Duraipandian P,Laxmi. Vector Analysis Duraipandian P,Laxmi.

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Monday to Saturday 9. E-Gift Coupon , click here. Thomson, T. Alexander - MacMillan , The work forms an elementary consecutive treatise on the subject of Internal Stress and Strain. The whole is illustrated by a systematic and graduated set of Examples.

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At every point graphical methods are combined with the analytical. Marsden, Tudor S.

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Ratiu - Springer , This volume contains much of the basic theory of mechanics and should prove to be a useful foundation for further, as well as more specialized topics. As the name of the book implies, a consistent theme running through the book is that of symmetry. Loney - Cambridge University Press , This little book is of a strictly elementary character, and is intended for the use of students whose knowledge of Geometry and Algebra is not presumed to extend beyond the first two Books of Euclid and the solution of simple Quadratic Equations.

The coverage of material includes some unusual topics in variational techniques and deterministic chaos. The treatment of relativity is more complete than usual.

Mechanics, 1/e

From the table of contents: Lagrangian mechanics; The central force two-body problem; Rotation and rigid bodies; The Hamiltonian formulation; Integrable and chaotic motion.

Topics include an introduction to Lagrangian mechanics, Noether's theorem, special relativity, collisions and scattering, etc. You will learn new techniques that will allow you to attack a wider set of problems than you saw in the introductory sequences as well as provide you a deeper understanding of physics. We will recast Newton's mechanics in languages Lagrangian and Hamiltonian which are not only practical for many problems but allow the methods of mechanics to be extended into every corner of physics.

Dewar - The Australian National University , We develop a more abstract viewpoint in which one thinks of the dynamics of a system described by a number of generalized coordinates, but in which the dynamics can be encapsulated in a single scalar function: the Lagrangian or the Hamiltonian.


The book emphasizes use of vectors, free-body diagrams, momentum and energy balance and computation. Intuitive approaches are discussed throughout.

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Baez - University of California , These are course notes for a mathematics graduate course on classical mechanics. The author started with the Lagrangian approach, with a heavy emphasis on action principles, and derived the Hamiltonian approach from that.

It is intended for the middle or high school teacher, and physics students.