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Find all the GHSEB Books STD: 11th (Commerce) in pdf format. STD – 10th GSEB Books PDF with New Updated Syllabus – Click Here. find all the GHSEB Books STD: 11th (Arts) in pdf format. STD – 12th GHSEB( Commerce) Books PDF with New Updated Syllabus – Click Here STD – 10th GSEB Books PDF with New Updated Syllabus – Click Here. Find all the GHSEB 12th Commerce books in pdf format. Trending. STD – 11th Commerce NCERT Books PDF Format Sidebar; Log STD – 10th GSEB Books PDF with New Updated Syllabus – Click Here. Tags: Std.

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GSEB Standard Commerce Gujarati Medium/English Medium Textbook Download, Download GSEB Standard Commerce's Gujarati Medium/English . HomeTextbooksStandardComputer Studies. Standard Computer Studies. Sr. No. Chapter Name, Download. 1, Index, Gujarati · English. Textbooks STD CHEMISTRY PART-I Gujarati Medium. STD CHEMISTRY PART-II STD BIOLOGY Laboratory Manual Gujarati Medium. STD

These books should be the starting point of all your preparation. Studying NCERT books requires going through the appropriate study material and solving questions given at the end of the chapter. Simple to read, understand and practice Apart from all these, S. Chand Publication books are recommended for all the subjects, if you are not taking any coaching. Those books are excellent for self-study and help in understand concepts better.

Compulsory Subjects in 11th Commerce: 1. Accountancy: Accountancy is the basis or we can say the stepping stone to enter in the field of commerce. Not only in the 11th standard, but if you establish a career in commerce, Accountancy is going to be an indispensable component of your entire study.

Further, accounting shall be an integral part of your 12th commerce subjects list as well.

You shall start off with an introduction to accounting, meaning, useful terms, basic accounting principles and concepts, golden rules of accounting, debits and credits, financial accounting and so on.

Accountancy includes theoretical as well as numerical part, the later one being a highly scoring component in the examinations. In fact, this is the most interesting subject for a commerce student.


You shall become well versed with the ways to analyse and represent the financial information of a business entity. As you climb up the ladder of success, in your graduation or any other professional courses after graduation , accountancy shall be an integral part of your curriculum. It further deals with the production, distribution and consumption of various goods and services. The concepts of demand and supply, privatisation, globalisation and comparative development of various sectors shall be broadly discussed.

Although, a theoretical subject but consists of meaningful charts, graphs, statistical data to support different events and occurrences. A lot of times, English is neglected in the higher classes, especially when Maths and Science get tougher in Classes 11 and But you need to remember that English can help you in scoring well in your board exams. With a thorough understanding of the Class 11 NCERT study material, English can be the most comfortable subject of the lot and consequentially boost your board exam marks by a significant margin, which is why Vedantu gives you comprehensive NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English to make learning easier and more efficient.

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Each chapter in the subject is covered in our study material along with probable questions and their answers. This ensures that you are prepared for any question that may appear in your exams.

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The systematic approach to learning in our guide ensures that you understand each chapter and its characters well. Download Vedantu App Now! To ensure this, it is essential that you have the right study material at your disposal. The solutions cover all the chapters of the NCERT textbook and also comes with a list of questions and its answers to make learning more efficient.

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Some of the best teachers in the country come together to create an excellent guide for you. So the student can study maximum questions answers. The App have two modes In this mode students can do practice of different subjects as per their requirement 2 Exam Mode: At the end of practice student can get the summary also.

They can update their knowledge by getting the current answers of their wrong answers.

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The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on The program can be installed on Android. Just click the green Download button above to start. Until now the program was downloaded times.