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The Sources for Gramscis Concept of Hegemony Derek Boothman This article attempts to single out key sources, avoiding any unilateral attribution, for the concept of hegemony as developed by Antonio Gramsci throughout the entire course of his prison writings. Among these sources one may point to the wellestablished albeit usually ignored use of the term by Italian socialists when Gramsci was a young journalist. Major inputs, as seen from the Prison Notebooks, also stem from Benedetto Croce and from various aspects of Machiavelli, including language. Overriding all, however, is Gramscis reading of the concrete situation. Key Words: Antonio Gramsci, Hegemony, Italian Philosophers, Language, Bolsheviks Downloaded By: [Duke University] At: 20 February In this article we attempt to identify the principal theoretical origins, about a halfdozen of them including a strong linguistic input, that converged to influence the concept of hegemony as subsequently developed by Gramsci throughout the whole of his Prison Notebooks, from its first appearance there, where leadership and political hegemony are used synonymously.

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Epub download 1377b

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Epub download 1377b

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Download 1377b epub

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