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Tranter utas. Our examination of Sydney Morning Herald articles to shows that Kelly appears in print more often than all other bushrangers combined, with the mythology surrounding Kelly sustained through this process. Kelly is less likely than other bushrangers to appear in articles of an historical genre and is rarely the central focus of stories. Continual media exposure of Ned Kelly enshrines his place in Australian mythology years after his death and contributes to his continuing relevance as a symbol of Australian identity. Introduction This is an extension of our previous research on Australian identity, part of an ongoing project that considers the influence of colonial figures on contemporary Australian identity Tranter and Donoghue ; Tranter and Donoghue Through a content analysis of a large circulation newspaper - The Sydney Morning Herald SMH - we examine media coverage of bushrangers between and

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PressReader current 3 months View the complete content of over forty current NSW titles and around newspapers and popular magazines from 97 countries, including ads, images and tables. Please note: The title was formerly known as PressDisplay. Koori Mail : the Koori Mail is a fortnightly newspaper that has reported the stories of Aboriginal Australia since Ancestry is only available onsite. Select the 'Click here for direct access' link.

Queensland Trove: Contains nearly four million pages of Queensland titles prior to PressReader current 3 months View the complete content of over fifty current Queensland titles and around current newspapers and popular magazines from 97 countries, including ads, images and tables. Established in , it has the longest history of publication of any Australian newspaper National Library of Australia website , while New South Wales is the oldest and most populated state with rich history of bushranging Macdougall The resulting articles were carefully scrutinised in order to determine the frequency of each bushranger reference, and a qualitative measure was developed to assess the centrality of bushrangers to each story.

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Analyses Ned Kelly was by far the most frequently mentioned bushranger, appearing in There was then a substantial drop in percentage terms to the next mentioned bushranger Captain Thunderbolt on 9. Surprisingly, the other three Kelly gang members were only rarely mentioned during this period. On the basis of these data, Ned Kelly is by far the most frequently mentioned bushranger in the print media. The increase in Kelly stories is predictable in terms of the renewed interest in historical figures during the celebrations of the Centenary of Federation, but the mid s are more puzzling.

Analyses of the articles from this period reveal no clear patterns.

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It also suggests that Kelly 9. It is apparent from Figure 2 that Ned Kelly is not only the most popular of the bushrangers, but that in recent years has become even more popular relative to other bushrangers. However, even when we remove articles that refer to books, paintings and films from the analysis not shown here , coverage is overwhelmingly dominated by articles mentioning Kelly.

Ned Kelly has become the equivalent of a brand.


A renewed interest in the Ned Kelly story among Australian academic…artistic…and literary communities…suggests that for cosmopolitan elites a bushranger on the bookshelf is better than a convict in the closet.

In Table 3 we contrast Ned Kelly articles with those containing other relatively popular bushrangers. We included a dummy variable to control for the articles that mentioned bushrangers but were actually focussed upon particular artists, novelists or films. Ned Kelly did not differ significantly from the other bushrangers in terms of his centrality to articles.

Pdf herald sydney morning

However, articles of an historical genre were 4 to 5 times less likely to contain Ned Kelly OR 0. Bushrangers per se do not comprise an important element of Australian national identity Tranter and Donoghue However, Ned Kelly still matters years after his death, as he is one of the few enduring characters to exhibit the brave, larrikin, anti-authoritarian qualities many Australians claim as part of their national identity.

We eschew such notions. Yet representations of Kelly in the Sydney Morning Herald differ markedly to those of other bushrangers. By contrast, Ned Kelly tended to be associated with the arts — articles on exhibitions, films, novels or theatre performances. Kelly not only appears in print far more often than all other bushrangers combined, if the SHM is a reliable source, but to a far greater extent than other bushrangers, the mythology surrounding Kelly is re- constructed through his media depiction.

The myth lives on and is perpetuated through its retelling in film and literature. While word of mouth transmission of the exploits of this Australian social bandit has diminished among the literate, media dominated citizens of contemporary Australia, the creators and re-creators of culture — particularly artists, film-makers and authors now carry the torch.

One cannot understand the Australian spirit without coming to terms, like it or not, with his life and legend anonymous, SMH Of course popular national characters such as Kelly also have great commercial potential that has not passed unrecognised. Articles on Ned Kelly not only contribute to the Kelly myth, presumably they also help to sell newspapers.

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As Jones points out in the first edition of his book, Ned Kelly: A short life: Ned Kelly has become a commodity to be packaged and promoted. A till to clink, a drum to thump or a banner to be waved. The Kelly helmet has become a piggy bank… Bushranger articles in the SMH both tap into, and also propagate the mythology of the folk hero.

Or rather, versions of his legend are known, with most Australians likely to be somewhat sketchy on the details surrounding his life and death.

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The legend of Ned Kelly then, is an important part of the Australian mythscape. Aesthetes and journalists tap into the wellspring of myth surrounding Ned Kelly for their own creative and commercial ends, and in the process sustain the myth of Ned Kelly the bushranger in Australian folklore. References Anderson, B.

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Calhoun, C. Carey, P. Cochrane, P.