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Find out more about Becoming Sister Wives by Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Robyn Brown at Simon & Schuster. Read book. In the book Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage, Janelle admitted she sank into a horrible postpartum depression. Reading the prologue of the new book by the stars of "Sister Wives," I learned two things about polygamist family patriarch Kody Brown.

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Becoming Sister Wives book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The stars of the hit show Sister Wives present an uncensored. Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage [Kody Becoming Sister Wives and millions of other books are available for site Kindle. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. The Brown Family—husband Kody, wives Meri, Janelle, In this book each one of the sister wives and Kody give a very short background of themselves before they met Kody, and then when and how they.

Shelves: non-fiction , gender , religion So I read this overnight while awake with a head cold, and looking for something diverting and light. It certainly is that. I think I spent longer writing this review. It was hard to know how to rate this book. The Browns are engaged on a crusade to rescue the reputation of polygamy from that of abuse, incest and discrimination and the book is part of that attempt at image repair. That doesn't mean it is dishonest exactly, but it would be naive to think material that would download into those images So I read this overnight while awake with a head cold, and looking for something diverting and light. That doesn't mean it is dishonest exactly, but it would be naive to think material that would download into those images isn't skimmed over.

Anyone who chooses to practice as a polygamist is excommunicated and is then not a member any longer. Just thought I would set that "perception" straight. Hi Mrs. Good Food! Welcome to the Blog! It is a fundamentalist Mormon sect, plain and simple.

Nothing against Mormons at all. I've had many Mormon friends, and I'm happy to report none of them practiced polygamy Is it true that Mormons still hold the belief that there is plural marriage in the afterlife?

I've read that this denial of polygamy is all part of something called "Lying for the Lord". What are your thoughts on this? I'm not trying to pick an arguement with you, I'm interested on what your thoughts are, as viewed from your unique perspective as a Mormon! It is completely untrue that polygamy came about because of a lack of good LDS men! Joseph, Brigham and the rest of the exalted leaders at the time found a way to have their cake and eat it too! There were actually more men than women in the faith at that time.

The leaders definately hoarded women as plural wives. There was a sudden revelation from the Lord about how polygamy was no longer necessary - in this life - when it looked like the good ol' USA was not going to grant statehood to Utah because of this practice. Good Food is correct,,,, please check your research and then facts. I believe I can try and explain the "plural marriage after death".. Mormons when married in the Temple.. So when the husband dies.. Actually LDS church prohibits plural marriage It's definitely only because it's illegal in the U.

Never stopped Joseph Smith though, did it? Some of his wives were even already married and living with their husbands Also, it's of note to mention that if a widower marries again, he is with both wives in the celestial kingdom.

So, the LDS church does believe in a form of plural marriage. You can't read doctrine and covenants and pearl of great price without seeing that Joseph Smith believed strongly in the necessity of plural marriage. But, then again, the whole religion is a fraud so, both camps are wrong. Moot point. I had a chance to see the new season preview [limited to a few people] ahead of time.

Get ready for a pending divorce and. Ah ha! Well if you're referring to the preview everyone's seen then yes it appears Christine is calling it quits. I would tune in just to see one of his sex groupies to tell him sayonara sucker! That would give him a whole new season to find another lonely wretch to replace her.

I like reading blogs I don't like and calling people insecure narcissists and haters. I'm just a hypocrite I guess. Carry on. I wonder if his mother named him Kody I mean , I can just see him at some point earlier in time saying " Yeah man, kody Ya know? It just sounds like a neame he would choose for himself.

Book sister wives

In response to something Mrs. Good Food wrote, a correction: Mormonism developed in the s and '40s, not "about years ago.

Sister Wives Blog: Becoming Sister Wives: Prologue and Part One: Matrimony

As for the Browns, I enjoy the show and think I could be friends with any of the women though whether they would befriend a liberal feminist childfree atheist is unclear I question the wisdom of them taking on the debt of these houses, but also realize that what I see on TV is a fraction of their lives, and probably only bears a slight resemblance to "reality.

I wish them the best. I am sorry if someone has already posted this and I missed it, but it seems weird that Kody said he had such a hard time with courting Robyn in the beginning because she was divorced What is up with that?

Did I miss something? No you didn't miss anything. I think the difference was Janelle did not have children with her ex, but Robyn did. For all of Kody's pontificating about love, initially he said he was "grossed out".

Like Robyn use to love to say, children are the proof that a woman is having sex relations with her husband or something like that. So Kody had to face the fact with Robyn she had sex at least 3 times with another man. And of course they "changed" her eldest child's name from his father's to a generic city name like many of the other Brown children as if that will erase the fact who the child's father is.

Her kids still have a relationship with their father - when she was pregnant she sent her 3 kids to their father for the summer, so I assume they go every summer.

It would have been nice if the Browns would have cared enough about their future reader to hire an editor for this "book". It's not even a story, it's just so here and there, and over there, and back there, and then here. Ugh, it's hard to read without banging your head off a wall!!

I suspect they didn't "write" this at all. I think they recorded themselves speaking and then someone transcribed it word for word. It reads like a spoken word.

In fact, it's a bit spooky. Since I watch the show when I am crafting, sewing etc I'm always listening to the show more than sitting and watching it. I go back and re-watch it, especially when someone on the blog discusses a particular scene. But I know their voices very well. I can hear them speaking when I am reading their parts.

Creepy, it's like they are reading the book to me. Meri and Kody are truly in love, I don't remember which episode or a clip or somewhere she say's "If I had to have sister wives to get this guy I would" I don't know if I'm remembering it right.

From the beginning I always kind of thought Meri was the push for the sister wife part, but I think she is very ingrained in the belief. She MUST submit to this for the prize in the end. I think she is a self centered, egotistical woman who is also very selfish. She wants that man to herself, but she forces herself to endure the pain and emotional turmoil that a plural marriage brings for the Celestial Prize.

She always states that she wanted 8 kids. My-Way Meri would have been a tyrant to that many children. She was lucky to have the one daughter that she had, but it's sad to see on the show that her daughter just isn't enough.

Quantity over quality I guess. Must have been great to grow up knowing you aren't enough. Back to the book. Janelle's story was of a sad, lonely woman looking for something. We don't get a lot of back story with Janelle, but I suspect loneliness in her life was part of it. Not belonging etc. Her stories of wanting to go to the wilderness to find herself, of spiritual searching, well, it sounds like a lonely woman in search of something to belong to, searching for herself.

She was very vulnerable to being taken by a cult. Hey, she really was. Janelle threw herself at Kody. They didn't have any chemistry or romantic feelings when she basically said "Take me!! Meri discusses knowing Janelle and being close friends, she really doesn't touch on anything from the fact that Janelle was briefly married to her brother. I suspect with something like 27 siblings she may not have been close to that brother.

Janelle said that she was closer to the family and even after the divorce she remained close to the family. However, Meri didn't learn the first rule of roommates.

Don't move in with your best friend, and set clear ground rules from the beginning. Just because you are friends, doesn't mean you can live together. Especially when that means sharing the love of your life, emotionally and sexually. It sounds like living with My-Way Meri isn't fun, not then, and not now. I would love to know more about the dynamics of her family.

She describes it in the book, and on the show. I think that story is supposed to show us how solid she is in her plural marriage path. I think it shows how much pain she is in. That is just too much work. Too much emotion you mean. You have to be in love, you have to want to be with that man, you want to take care of him, have him see you when you are vulnerable, and see him at his best and his worst.

She had it all worked out. Most plural marriages have two or three wives at best. If she entered as the third wife she would most likely be the LAST wife. There to take care of hearth and home for the others. There to nurture others as a way to mask the fact that you need the nurturing more than anyone! She would also know everything, and everyone she was getting involved with. Christine is silly and lighthearted for one reason. To keep everyone around her silly and lighthearted. If she stops the silly, flirtatious behavior things might get serious, she might have to feel real emotion.

Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage

It might hurt. Better to keep it silly and lighthearted. Not just pills. Real therapy. Nothing really new from what we have seen on the show. Just cements in my mind what an egotistical ass he really is. A true narcissist. Well, this book review is from May of and I am reading the book in Sept A lot has come out about Robyn since then and her story in this book is a bunch of bullshit.

I know from here and there that she has a step father, she never explains which father was the honeymoon father. Reading her story is the worst of them all. The whole She-Rah crap is just too juvenile for words. They are vague with that and when it happened.

On the show she is a needy, clingy woman with needy, clingy daughters. In the book she is a victim. Just lay her down in the street and paint tire treads over her, gag me.

However, I think Robyn is there for one person, at least in the beginning. Meri wanted Robyn for her own reasons. Meri wanted a friend, someone she could have a real, deep relationship with. Someone who would be on her "side", two against two. She even states that they all went to counseling together before Kody married Robyn. She never did that with Janelle or Happy Christine.

Well Meri, be careful what you wish for. I'm watching this whole show on Netflix right now just because it's sociologically and psychologically fascinating. Unfortunately, it's also pathetic. These women are constantly talking on the couch about "getting through" the jealousy of the new wife etc.

Well, in a monogamous marriage to your best friend there's none of that unhealthy crap unless the man is a felanderer. The first wife, Meri, talks almost like a clueless bipolar when she says things like "today, it doesn't bother me I don't know why! They are kids and are put in the position of having to put up a front of support for the "lifestyle" but meanwhile they're fielding ridicule from other kids etc.

Book sister wives

Then 2's teen boy gets clinically depressed in Las Vegas. They should take ALL their teens to a psychologist for evaluation so they at least have an outlet to discuss how the "lifestyle" really is affecting them.

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Becoming Sister Wives

Okay, now with that off my chest, I can begin. Now, that's bad For a break and my own amusement I ventured over to the Brown's Twitter land pages. One person wrote " Oh, your book was so great, I spontaneously burst into flames while reading it" and another wrote "I just love your book so much I can't put it down and I need to go to the bathroom, reeeelllly baaaaad!

So, I girded up my loins and started reading the book again, and promptly fell asleep.

Wives book sister

Woke up, started reading again and yep, fell asleep again. Is it just me? I am positive that the way this book was constructed had a lot to do with my sudden onset of narcolepsy. I mean, we all know who the grandparents are, they are mentioned in the book -- sometimes by name.

Couldn't we see at least one generation back? Guess the grandparents really didn't want to be connected with this mess of book and demanded anonymity. Or maybe Kody wasn't willing to share royalties. That's OK, I feel your pain This book is constructed so oddly But there are some real gems in some of those pages. If you've seen the movie 'Bridesmaids', there is a scene where Kristen Wiig accuses her roommate of reading her diary, and the roommate deadpanned " I thought it was a sad, handwritten novel Her thoughts were laid out so matter of fact, until she wrote about her love for Kody.

Then she became animated.

One thing for sure, Meri loves Kody and Kody loves Meri. They really are soul mates, no doubt about that. But the one wife whose recollections were the most eye opening was Christine's. Now, I'm not sure if this was on purpose or was innocent, but Christine related a story that definitely was not part of the reality show.

It seems that Meri and Kody, in their quest for a sister wife 2, started courting a girl from their congregation.

Book sister wives

Now, even though Christine had introduced this girl to Meri and Kody, she felt this young lady was a bit too young.