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Best Free Books Ho Tactics Uncut Edition (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by G L Lambert Free How to be Irresistible (eBook) I Love Books, Good Books, Book Club. Ho Tactics Savage Edition - iTunes Edition~ From G.L. Lambert, the bestselling author of Solving Single comes the most controversial. Grab your phone right now, go one by one through every man in your contacts, and place a check next to those who you know for a fact will do the following.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. I had my apprehensions when first asked to review Ho Tactics: How Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Politics & Social Sciences. Updated Uncut Version!!! From G.L. Lambert, the bestselling author of Solving Single comes the most controversial book of the year, Ho Tactics: How To. Download pdf Read Online Ho Tactics (Uncut Edition): How to Mindf**k a Man Into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring By G.L. Lambert TRIAL.

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She lets him be a man, but she pushes him to act as such.

And notice she is both warm and sassy at the same time. The author says the ho hints at a powerful sexuality and strong chemistry.

Tactics ebook ho

Second Date Maria is touchier and tells him she dreamed about him. If the mark started pressuring for sex or showed up without earphones, Maria would drop him.

Ho Tactics

But in a subtle way. He has the power to arouse that side on you, not everyone. Hos leverage their vulnerability.

Tactics ebook ho

Then she tells about her life and struggles. She asks his opinion to make him feel important. And just as they are bonded like bro and sis Maria drops again the sex bomb.

Ho Tactics For Non Hos

My Note: This part was wicked genius. For the details of the moves and conversation get the book. But revenge is a waste of time. A great exit is to simply fade out and stop calling.

Because those seem great strategies to me. Lambert says sex is a mistake. My Note: I disagree sex is always a mistake.

I have discovered a group of women who refuse to be exploited, are immune to manipulation, and who never settle in the name of love. These ladies know what they want and take what they want by beating men at their own game.

My ebook ho tactics (uncut edition) how to mindfk a man into spending…

Utilizing the secrets exposed in this book, these women gain power, money, and status. Men call them Gold Diggers, women call them Hos, but they call themselves Winners.

This is the book that society doesn't want you to read Ho Tactics: Stop spending nights with men that can't offer you anything but conversation, stop being understanding of men who are underachieving, stop settling and submitting, and learn how to seduce and destroy! You tried to play by their rules, now it's time to play by Ho rules.

New Bonus Chapters Include: How to turn the table on Male Players, How to be a Sugar Baby without giving up Sugar, Tactics for women already in long-term or new relationships, and so much more!