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Find here a vast collection on free online EBooks, Electronic and Digital texts ( Etexts) in various categories for study and research. which religious and moral teaching is to be given in all Institutions under its control. The object of the Central Hindu College being to combine Hindu religious. Download holy books, sacred and spiritual texts in full length at All e-books are free to read and download in full length as PDF. This translation is the sixt attempt to make the Hindu epic Ramayana available in English from.

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Sama Veda – PDF English Translation. The Sama Veda or The book consists of poems rooted in the ancient spiritual wisdom of India. Most of the poems. Download the free PDF e-book here (71 pages/MB): .. poems, inspired by medieval Indian literature and ancient Hindu spiritual verses. Download holy books, sacred and spiritual texts in full length at All e-books are free to read and download in full length as PDF. Category: Hinduism.

There is no central ancient text that succinctly sums up the religion's basic tenets, no single leader that Hindus can call the founder of their faith and no single modern-day organization to which all Hindus belong. What people call "Hinduism" today is actually a collection of different philosophies, teachings and traditions. If you're seeking to explore Hinduism more deeply, you've come to the right place. This week, our ReligionReads series features essential books on Hindu spirituality that both practitioners and religious seekers can use to learn more about this ancient way of life. Are there any books that we missed? Tell us in the comments below. Comprising 24, verses in seven cantos, the epic contains the teachings of the very ancient Hindu sages.

Nachimani Charde, Hinduism Researcher. Page 5 Vishitathvaitha: it tells that both, the Atvaitha and Thuvaitha seemed to have happened due to time changes. The living beings are always subjected to. The ghost possessor and the soul of death body are still categorized in the above mentioned two Atvaitha and Thuvaitha categories due to the state changes. It tells that living being is classifying themselves sometimes as Atvaitha and Thuvaitha due to state changes.

The teacher was Sri Iramanujar. Note: Uniting with supreme power is neither Atvaitha nor Thuvaitha. It is Moksha! Tamil might have been written by Aathi Sivam who is also known as Shiva.

His sons have contributed a lot for the grammatical part of Tamil and therefore Lord Murugan was called as Tamils God. Everyone who created grammatical part in Tamil also has praised Lord Murugan as ultimatum. There is a sign in the Tamil language to reveal who had written it. There is an alphabet called Uyir Illa Yellutthu.

This is the column where the lords hide themselves.

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Shiva has three 3 eyes and Yoga Sastra proves this by introducing Kundalini yoga. So he hides himself as noting by introducing his sign. Lets look at it below. This is an alternate sign of Shiva which emphasizes that every man has third eyes somewhere in the middle of forehead. Lets check the Sanskrit. Sanskrit might have been written by Maha Vishnu who is also known as Vishnu.

The wonder is the three dots that have been separated by two alphabets. The position is exact as Tamil language.

Page 6 Lets look at the similarities of languages existed in India. People are encouraged to analyze the following languages.

Tamil and Sanskrit have been classified as two oldest languages out of five oldest languages of the earth. The Vyakarana is the detailed science of the grammar of language.

Chandas is the patterns of stress and intonation in a language. Nirukta is the study of the sources and development of words. Siksha is the science of pronunciation and intonation. End of Part 7 Hinduism is a way of life: Part 8 Palmistry, Numerology and Astrology Palmistry: Indian Palmistry is the first ever introduced palmistry system in human history.

The prediction was almost correct and it was related to Ayurvedic system. We dont include anymore specific info about the lines here because the modern prediction online causes conflicts with these lines. Feel free to check such things on Vedic scriptures. Numerology: Numbers have played important role on Hinduism.

Every Hindu god or goddess has a number to show their characteristics. Page 7 Astrology: In Sanskrit astrology is called as Jyothisha which means the science of light. Astrology is the science which deals with the influence of the planets.

Planetary influences on humankind can be classified into three categories: spiritual, mental, and physical. Astrology postulates that people are always under the influences of planetary rays and that those influences can be understood scientifically.

The science of astrology has been used in India for thousands of years. Vedic astrology accepts that a person takes a position in this birth according to the karma accrued in past births. Furthermore the symbols used here were found from the stars constellation and it was not blindly created. Hindus are the first ever in the earth who predicted twelve 12 zodiac symbols In Tamil, twelve Rasi and twenty seven Nakchatras.

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An ideal equivalent is found in music as twelve 12 chromatic notes and twenty seven 27 ragas in carnatics music. It tells that a child is born in the world due to past karma which was calculated by Brahma Sutra.

Hence, the new born child is called as Sudra. Once a child started his patasalas learning at the age of five 5 , the child has to complete it at the age of twelve Once the stage two 2 is successfully completed, the child is classified as Vaishya, then. During gurukulam period, the child has to learn about pujas, mantras, Vedas, Upanishads and etc. Once the stages three 3 is over and have teachers Visuvamithrar, Nachimani Charde, Hinduism Researcher. Page 8 Vashittar, Patanjali and etc to guide, the child is now categorized as Kshatriyas.

Those days, only kings children will be achieving the 3rd level of caste system. The 4th caste system is called as Brahmins which means a disciplined-man.

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A Brahman has following characteristic. He has not to lie at all; he has not to love more than one woman; no stealing; no cheating; be kind always and etc. He has to learn and teach Vedas. No drinking; no smoking; and no mistress.

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Who had such characteristics; he is categorized as Brahmin. Disciplines make a man true, better, and perfect. An example is Lord Rama. Although he was born as sudran, he achieved all the stages accordingly. So he claimed himself as Brahmin. However Rawana had lost his kingdom, position, and powers to an ordinary man who was born as Sudra, Grown up as Vaishya, Lived as Kshatriya and Left the world as Brahmins.

This is how a man can turned to be the living lord. Mahabharata also tells that Brahmins born from head; Kshatriyas from shoulder; Vaishyas from stomach and Sudras from leg of god. Further to this, the color and job of each caste has also been mentioned. Note: Mahakavi Bharathiyar, Ramanajur and many others were fought against the false caste system-explanation.

There is no caste as Dalits in Vedas. Somebody has created it for their benefits, somehow. They are also given their life partners as goddess Saraswathy education , goddess Mahalectumy finance and goddess Shakthi bravery accordingly; as to show how the other human beings have to live. Thereafter the trinities Gods are responsible for every creations, preservations and destructions of this universe.

They created everything in this universe, inclusive of natural elements and nine planets to deliver past karma to living beings. According to the planetary position changes, human mind changes too! Lord Shiva was identified with his wife Goddess Shakthi and two children.

His children were born by wisdom not by sexual contact and they were lived in a family to show how children behave with love or giving headache to their parent. They lived as family to show us the way of life. They have faced all the problems that being faced by human.

However their life stories were shown a bit complicated manner but it is giving significance to human life. The same situation was followed by Lord Vishnu as having families and helping mankind.

Whenever evil conquers the world, avatars existed to show us that we were protected by gods and explained the proper way of life! This is where all the avatar worship Nachimani Charde, Hinduism Researcher. Page 9 started.

On the other side, Vedic schools were teaching that livings being are made of five natural elements.

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Hence human started to create Idols using five natural elements and perform pujas using mantras as how god has created human with universal mantra AUM Upanishad and so on. As such avatars and Idols worship is also part of Hinduism. For an instance: Saint Bogar did an ayurvedic statue of Navapashana-Muruga who seemed to be as equal as human being. Saint Bogar was order by Lord Murugan to do so in his dream.

End of Part 10 Hinduism is a way of life: Part 11 Doctrine of Reincarnation Hinduism is the one and only religion that teaches reincarnation re-birth. Before that it was not suck anything while in the womb.

The food was supplied through umbilical cord thoppul kodi. How does the infant know that it has to cry, move forward, look for breast and suck then? How does this happen once come out from womb?

New born babies knowledge is almost zero medically. Human being needs to learn slowly in this world how to live the life. In another perception: when human died then the knowledge brain ; itself, is also died together. There is nowhere to store the knowledge that gained before. As such every soul needs to be well known about the process of eat, drink, sleep, dispose, birth and death.

Scientifically the souls cannot carry knowledge as it does not have memory space as how the photon cannot carry a mass. Experience is guide for souls to do the above mentioned processes without any knowledge.

The experiences are essential to continue these processes physical the only physical for their Nachimani Charde, Hinduism Researcher. God is in the Sun, Moon and the planets. God is in fire and God is in water. You can even have a God who is half human and half animal. Ganesha is a God with the body of man and the head of an elephant.

He is revered across India as the God of knowledge and the remover of obstacles. He is worshipped before any major undertaking. The Philosophy of Hinduism The core philosophy of Hinduism states that there is one God and that God is all pervading.

He exists everywhere and in all things. However, the individual worshipper is free to imagine God in a form which is convenient and easy for him. Hindus are thus described by some scholars as people who worship their God but do not deny the existence of other gods. Then there is the Hindu way of organizing our lives. In the first stage, he is a student and a bachelor. This time is spent in learning a useful trade and knowledge to lead a good life. Then he becomes a householder. He marries, has a family and enjoys all the pleasures of a family life while earning and taking responsibility for the family.

In the third stage, one retires to a forest and lives in harmony with nature and in the final stage one gives up all attachment to worldly desires and aims to merge his soul with that of the Creator.

Hinduism also states that at every stage of life one also seeks to balance out the various goals of life. These goals are fourfold.

The first goal is to follow a moral code - dharma. The second goal is to earn enough so that one is prosperous and can get the material possessions needed. This is called artha. Third goal is to experience the pleasures of life. This is called kama. Finally one needs to strive for the ultimate liberation - moksha.

These goals ensured that all human needs are completely covered. Everybody needs to earn money. Everybody needs to have the basic necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter. Everybody needs and deserves to have pleasures like sex, love, family and other enjoyments in life.

Finally everybody also deserves to reach spiritual fulfillment. All of these needs are important and they need to be taken care of. Hinduism does not suppress any of these needs as evil or ungodly.

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This is a quite contrast to many later religions which treated money, sex and material possessions as shameful or ungodly. Caste and Superstition Caste system is a major part of Hinduism. It is one of the negative aspects of Hinduism. In Hinduism, there are broadly four castes. A caste is basically a social group to which you belong.

At the top are the Brahmanas. These are the teachers, priests and scholars. Next are the Kshatriyas. These are the warriors and rulers. Next come the Vaishyas. These are the farmers, merchants and mainly traders. Finally there are the Sudras. Sudras are basically manual labourers, servants and workers. The problem with this system was that it allowed the oppression of lower castes by the upper castes. The original caste system was a much more broader and inclusive system which tried to reduce discrimination.

However the caste based oppression and discrimination worsened after the arrival of the British rule. The British tried to rigidly force fit the entire population into specific castes and this made the system very cruel to the ones in lower castes. Concepts of Buddhism. About Jayaram V. Translate the Page.

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