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First Night By Lauren Blakely - FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. First Night Seductive Nights 05 Lauren Blakely plan for the way you live your life, you'll become part of someone else's” bangkok pdf guide - bangkok. Get Free Read & Download Files First Night Seductive Nights 05 Lauren Blakely PDF. FIRST NIGHT SEDUCTIVE NIGHTS 05 LAUREN BLAKELY. Download.

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It was only supposed to be one night When the sinfully handsome man walks into her bar in San Francisco, Julia Bell simply wants a break from the troubles. First Night book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An erotic novella from the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling au. Seductive Nights Series by Lauren Blakely - Goodreads nights julia clay book 3 Download nights with him seductive nights michelle and jack in pdf or read.

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I turn my focus back to Penny, whose expression is hard to read. But back to what I was saying—you look so familiar.

I tilt my head, trying to make sense of her comment as she grabs the slice from my fingers then pops it in her mouth. A small, sexy murmur slips from her lips as she bites the fruit. Are you going? I need to leave. The chef at least called me and told me, though. But I assure you, I will be there.

That is, if you want to work together. But we should talk again. About the menu. Go over it. My words come out more nervously than I expect, but the prospect of her walking away feels strangely unsettling. But I will still work all day and prep the sauces and plan the specials. I need to see her again. The look in her amber eyes is a challenge. Can you be there? She feels like one—wispy, beautiful, just out of reach.

The guy waves back. To help her out, the mastiff bends his top half down to the ground, his hindquarters in the air. I point at my girl. The overdog? He seemed so legit when he kept asking if we knew each other, and it made me want to tell him. I was just waiting for him to fully make the connection. Truly, I do. Delaney is a tactile person. Makes sense, since she does massage for a living. But from what you told me, it sounds like he was trying hard to connect the dots.

Do I look that different? Penelope Jones, the twenty-one-year-old Wall Street research analyst with the short news-anchor haircut? Or Penny Jones, lover of music and dogs, who abandoned the financial business after half a year to pursue her dream of working with animals and at thirty-one now has crazy long hair and tattoos along her shoulder?

I was busy making a roast. I was planning on telling him who I was. Lord knows I needed to. The mastiff rolls onto his back, his front legs in the air. Shortcake paws his snout from that position. Mitch laughs loudly then returns to his phone. Delaney laughs loudly. Delaney shakes her head. I mean Gabriel. Perhaps too insistently.

She nudges her shoulder into mine. She shakes her head, her lips quirking up. She holds up her hands. You want him to grovel. But I have a serious question for you. Did you not admit it was you because of him…or because of Gavin? Thank God you dodged that bullet. I was sure he was going to propose. A pilot, he was one of those roguishly handsome captains who made women swoon.

In New York. In Los Angeles. In Chicago. In Dallas. He had a lady in every port. When I learned about his out-of-the-cockpit escapades, he tried to grovel his way back into my heart but I kicked him out.

Night lauren blakely pdf first

I sigh. Meanwhile, Shortcake tugs on the ear of a basset hound. Delaney and I crack up in unison. I was young and foolish, and it lasted only three days, so maybe that was my fault for wanting more. I moved on. Is that possible anymore in this day and age? As I ponder dating and mating and truths and lies, a beautiful russet-coated Irish Setter mix rushes into the park, bounding through the beasts.

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Her name is Ruby, and all the canine heads turn and immediately follow her. Right behind Ruby is her owner, who is perfectly paired with her pet. When she spots us, she waves and calls out a hello. She heads over and gives me a big hug, then says hi to Delaney, too. The mastiff follows her and wags his tail as he rubs his haunches against her thigh.

Nicole arches an eyebrow. Is he trying to win you back again? I suspect he had a layover in New York and wanted a lay more than a do-over. I ignored him. Penny saw someone she used to have a thing for many years ago. The first adage she ever shared was about her long-lost engagement ring. I scratch my head and try to remember which love lesson might apply to my situation.

Like the ring that went bye-bye. The redhead takes a quick bow. Be sure to tip the waiters on the way out. I send him a message. Tina lowers the shiny metal and cuts a fine, thin slice.

I hold my arms out wide as the singer croons about love lost. You will be my sous in no time. My new neighbor is a world-renowned cellist. After three decades traveling the world and playing classical music so beautifully that audiences wept, Tina retired recently, finishing her career with the New York Philharmonic. Because of her nomadic life, she never learned to cook for herself. When I moved to Manhattan and into the building earlier this summer, Tina and I hit it off, and soon she was passing along tips about which washing machine in the basement was always on the fritz and which delivery service was the most reliable, while I wound up helping around her home.

As she finishes chopping the vegetables for her stir-fry, I glance at the wall clock. She will never let me live down my stint on that reality show. It entertains her to no end. You are the true master. She sets down the knife on the cutting board. This is Pizza for Breakfast. That was my staple for years. My eyes drift down to my shirt, a dark blue button-down. Tonight is no different. Or my shirts, for that matter. I shrug an admission.

Lauren Blakely

When I first rose up in the ranks, somehow the food and dining press was as interested in my dating life as my cuisine. On the reality show, which I desperately needed to land a spot on, the producers made it clear that they liked that many of the women wanted my food and also wanted to go home with me.

I mean in life. As I was growing up, my family had very little. We scraped by for everything. My Brazilian father, an artist, fell in love with my French mother, a teacher, when he studied in France. Nor did I, even as I worked my ass off, desperately seeking the TV job and the chance it might afford me to leapfrog my career. And so, the nicknames have followed me—playboy chef, sexiest chef, and more. You win. Denial is impossible with her.

Tell me about her. Date her for her. The band. You love them. Though she sent me a text yesterday evening that reminded me so much of the girl I knew for three magical nights.

I should warn you in advance—I love dessert. This restaurant better bring it in that department. When the gorgeous brunette with the flower tattoos walks through the door a few minutes later, my throat goes dry. I rake my gaze over her, from the black heels, to the snug jeans that make her legs look long and sexy, to the bare arms exposed by the strappy silvery tank she wears. Her wrists are covered in slim, metallic bangles, and her lush brown hair is pinned up on one side in a small butterfly clip, showing the delicate ink curving over her shoulder.

I walk over to her, clasp one hand on her shoulder, and dust a kiss on one cheek, then the other. A soft gust of breath escapes her lips, and she shudders. I do, too. Oh, wait. It simply has to be against the law to look the way he does. He has the type of face for billboards, the kind so handsome it should cause traffic pileups from voyeurs staring at his jaw, his lips, his see-inside-my-soul amber eyes. Some are new, like the twin tribal bands below his elbow, but the vintage map of the world on his left forearm is so familiar that my chest aches from the memory.

The grass was cool and soft beneath us, and the air rich with the scent of earth, fragrant summer flowers, and desire.

There were no borders on him. I drew in the countries because I knew them well. When he asked my favorite country, I showed him that, too, by traveling along the outline of a boot. I blink, startled back to the present, and I raise my face and meet his eyes. He tilts his head, his expression quizzical.

I try to cover up my slip-of-the-tongue.

I assumed he would be against it, since sangria is such a punch bowl wine. I go for honesty. Do you like sangria is the more important question? But, oh shit. I just requested two drinks. God, I sound like a lush.

Thankfully, the waiter arrives, and Gabriel orders a glass of each. When the man leaves, my dinner companion shoots me a knowing grin. Tingles spread across my bare shoulders, evoked both from the past and from the present. From the memory of the day we met and split a Tarta de Santiago almond cake with a caramel layer on the bottom, and the here and now as we share wine.

When the waiter brings our two red beverages, Gabriel slides the sangria to me first. He gestures to both. Have your pick. He laughs. My eyes follow his fingers and their destination. This time I find myself wondering if his hair is as soft as it was then. In an instant, my imagination runs wild, and I want to know how those strands feel when I curl my hands around his head as he moves his lips down my body.

He brought me such highs with that mouth. That wickedly talented mouth. Oh, dear heavenly dirty fantasy. I press my thighs together as a pulse beats between my legs.

Will he mock me for toying with him, or toss down his napkin and announce he never showed up that day because he never cared for me? His voice drops further. Laughing, I shake my head. I do, however, think wine is one of the three proof points that the world can indeed be a good place. You did warn me in advance of tonight about your feelings for dessert. Four things. But my high-heeled feet are flat on the wood floor, and I have no inclination to inflict bodily harm on the man who broke my heart.

Perhaps the ice I thought had encased my heart when it came to this man is breaking. Gabriel When the waiter returns, we order our dinners. After he leaves, I turn my gaze to Penny, eager to know her better. Already, I like her for her. Confident, like when she issued her decree on the flavors in the wine, but playful and teasing, too. She keeps me on my toes, makes me laugh, and intrigues me. I slide right back into conversation without skipping a beat.

Or a long and abiding love? We try to figure out the color of our parachute. I nod, agreeing wholly with her. My mother used to say something similar. Setting one elbow on the table, I rest my chin in my palm. I smile. Like that, she looks younger.

Pdf blakely night first lauren

Her light brown eyes sparkle, and the grin makes her seem almost… I blink, momentarily transported to another place. I swear an image of Penelope slips over Penny, and the two seem one and the same.

That was why what happened next was so goddamn miserable. I fight like hell to stay in this moment. When she came to the shelter, she stood on her hind legs, put her front paws on me, and wagged her tail. When I leaned down to say hello to her, she covered me in kisses.

Being kissed all the time? The woman across from me. Chapter Six Penny Perhaps the ice has already cracked. Maybe it happened when Delaney pointed out that Greta was likely the flirt, not Gabriel.

Or possibly, the ice is melting because this man across from me is a man I want to know. And to know again. When he asks me about being kissed, my thoughts turn neon hot and electric. And you like that? And no one has ever kissed me like Gabriel. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — First Night by Lauren Blakely. First Night Seductive Nights 0. It was only supposed to be one night… When the sinfully handsome man walks into her bar in San Francisco, Julia Bell simply wants a break from the troubles that keep chasing her.

That escape comes in the form of sexy, confident and commanding Clay Nichols, who captivates her mind AND turns her inside out with pleasure. The attraction is electric and they share one scorchingly hot night together, but they also discover there is more than just off-the-charts chemistry; the connection between them runs deep.

Get A Copy. Published April 1st by Smashwords Edition first published December 9th More Details Seductive Nights 0. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about First Night , please sign up.

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First Night book 0. Long, thick, and perfectly shaped. Part 0. First Night Book 1: Night after Night Book 2: Clay, in town on business and tired after a long day of negations decides to stop by the bar, Cubic Z to meet Julia. He had been given her info by her sister the weekend prior.

The Only One - Lauren Blakely

Julia longed for eight inches. Or really, eight inches and a brain. Unbeknownst to her Clay well exceeds that criteria. They hit it off with great conversation and sexual chemistry. Five words to describe Clay: Charismatic, commanding, flexible, confident and open-minded. Five words to describe Julia: Secretive, assured, strong, focused, non-committal and spontaneous.

First Night ends abruptly , but no worries just jump to book 1: Night after Night for the continuation of their story. A steamy , quick-read with more of a emphasis of sex rather than plot! But since this is only the prelude I see potential for their story!

Would I re-read this story: Probably not. Would I read future books by this author: View all 75 comments. You like dirty-talking, sexy, but tender alpha males? Then wait til you meet Clay Nichols. He's got quite a mouth on him!!!! View all 15 comments. Was that so much for a woman to want? Perfectly reasonable request. Julia is a bartender who is craving some man action. But please a real one, not some wannabe who drinks sweet girl drinks in a bar. Scotch, Whiskey and Bourbon is just the kind of taste this girl is looking for and as luck would have it the right specimen just walked into her bar.

Clay, is an entertainment lawyer and he is just in town for a day. He was broad. He had the perfect amount of stubble on his jawline, and those eyes were to-die for — deep brown and piercing. Then there was his hair — thick, brown, and ideal for sliding fingers through.

The plot for this one can be summed up in one word. But that's not to say I didn't like this one. I just want to make sure you know what you're getting here. Well, in all fairness there is some really awesome flirting going on. Clay and Julia have this thing down to a T.

Really entertaining Some light BDSM is involved. Sex needed to be hard, hot and oh-so-rough around the edges. Told ya! All in all a solid start and it makes me want to read more.

First Night

I just hope the writing gets a little better. It's probably me, since I just finished reading a really good book, but the dialogue felt a bit wooden from time to time. Oh well Apr 22, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it really liked it Shelves: While in town for a business trip entertainment lawyer, Clay , gets a tip to check out a certain bar because of the smokin' hot bartender.

Julia , lives up to her description and invites Clay to stay after she closes the bar. Once the bar closes my kindle heated up with their one night of adult fun. I picked up this novella for free from site. Check it out if you are interested in this series. Continuing story with cliffhangers. To find out when book 3 will be released check here. View all 21 comments. Aug 19, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a hot little intro into some serious heat!

Let's just say this is one of those "hot guy walls into a bar Hot bartender serves him up a cocktail of holy hell! May 07, Plamena rated it really liked it. It is a promising start of the series. The writing style is great, the characters are likeable and the story sounds good.

And this happens when the sexy and captivating lawyer, Clay Nichols, enters her bar. He is the whole package- hot, intelligent, confident and charming. Julia is more than ready to spend the night with Clay It is a bit soon but I think she will be a really interesting heroine.

I liked that she knows what she wants and she is not afraid to go after it. What can I say about Clay??!! Maybe just this: Lol I really enjoyed it!!! So yeah I am definitely going to read the next parts of the story ; I hope they are as good as this one! View all 16 comments. Feb 27, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review Handcuffs Really entertaining Some light BDSM is involved.

Sex needed to be hard, hot and oh-so-rough around the edges. Told ya! All in all a solid start and it makes me want to read more. I just hope the writing gets a little better. It's probably me, since I just finished reading a really good book, but the dialogue felt a bit wooden from time to time. Oh well