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CST FORM 1 FOR TAMILNADU - VAT. In this file not required now because all form are submitted to online e- file systems not in manual. (b) “FORM” means a form appended to these Rules;. (c) “GOVERNMENT General Sales Tax Act (Tamil Nadu Act 1 of ). 3. Omitted from 16th June. Form C online in e-C Tax Portal ( in Tamil Nadu Commercial Taxes Website. Rate of tax reduced by Notification under Section 30(1) and 30( 2) of the .. of transactions and if the details are found correct click Generate PDF . Commodities entered in return forms (CST i.e. Annexure 8 and annexure 9 of .

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FORM NO Area Code. Form Of Return. Under Rules 5 of the Central Sales Tax (Tamil Nadu) Rules, CST Regn. No. Return for the period from. FORM NO - 1 A, Statement of estimated turnover of the business, KB, pdf. FORM NO - 2, Notice of provisional Assessment and demand. CST FORM 1 - Free download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls), PDF File .pdf), Text File under Rule (5) of the Central Sales Tax (Tamil Nadu) Rules, FORM.

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1 cst tamilnadu form pdf

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Sales tax online filing

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Tamilnadu 1 pdf cst form

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VAT Forms for Tamil Nadu (TN) in Excel

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These present and potential customers will be asking all sorts of questions. To satisfy them in the bet possible way auto responders can be used. Thus to conclude only big banners or colorful ads are not sufficient to get traffic to your website. However, help desks are being created at every Central Repository locations in case of any difficulty.

The dealer may also approach to the concerned Central Repository officers in case of any specific quarry. The officer will verify the following points.

Purchases are properly disclosed in the return. Upon verifying these details the concerned officer of Central Repository would either approve or reject the application giving reasons. However, in any case, the dealer would be intimated about approval, hold or rejection through the e-mail address provided by him at the time of enrollment to e-services.

Once the application is submitted online, it is expected that an e-mail or sms, shall reach to dealer within 7 working days stating the decision regarding approval, rejection or holding the declaration. Once the application is approved the dealer should get declaration in another 10 days by post or courier. It will be the endeavor of the department to reduce this period as far as possible.

Re: Cst Form1-excel Format - Xls Download

However, dealer should make enquiries only after the above period is over. It may please be noted that request for any early issuance of declaration shall not be entertained in any case.

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It has now been administratively decided that no fees shall be charged for issuance of any declarations and delivery of forms. Thus dealers need not pay any amount as prescribed in the rule for obtaining declaration or any amount towards delivery charges.

Any application seeking declarations for the period prior to