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newspapers:,Cronica Văii Jiului",,,Gazeta de Dimineaţă" şi,,Ziarul Văii Jiului" .. to disclose who gave me the stick, so-called personal, newspapers in pdf. ziarul vaii jiului - nr. - 25 februarie Documents · 5 say Documents · stadtmagazin lebach 25 06 Documents. ziarul vaii jiului pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Mar 26, am. Looking for ziarul vaii jiului pdf. Will be grateful for any help! Top.

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PDF | In order to create a clearer vision, more profound about the particularities of evolution or Gazeta de Dimineaţă" and,,Ziarul Văii Jiului". Ziarul Vaii Jiului, 10–11– Societate Națională de Închideri Mine Valea Jiului. edit. Books. •. The Analysis of the content of newspapers:,Cronica Văii Jiului",,, Gazeta de Dimineaţă" and,,Ziarul Văii Jiului"more. by Cremene Cosmin Sergiu.

I'll be really very grateful. Un nou inceput ; Anunturi Imobiliare Petrosani: apartamente si garsoniere de vanzare Apartament Strada Avram Iancu bloc 5 pret fix. Vezi anunturi si gaseste-ti garsoniera pe care ti-o doresti. S-au aprins luminile de sarbatori in Petrosani.

The communists, Moscovici wrote, "have to come up once in a while with a proposal to create the united front, without ever bringing it about, so as to maneuver against other workers' parties and compromise the leaders of said parties.

He was a very well-read man. It managed to attract into its ranks Moscovici, Popovici, and eventually Cristescu, who had been deposed as PCdR leader. Moscovici was injured in the attack, and recovering at home. After Premier Ion G. To Moscovici's chagrin, the FRN was also able to enlist some of the right-leaning socialists, who justified themselves as supporters "of the king against the Iron Guard.

Antisemitic measures and the clampdown on dissident activities reached a peak.

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When Moscovici presented his certificate of service in World War I, guaranteeing him special treatment, the officials objected that he was not a war invalid. He was advised to seek an interview with Antonescu, but he rejected the idea outright. His young friend Belu Zilber, at the time involved with the clandestine PCdR, recalls a brush with the anticommunist Moscovici some time after the Battle of Stalingrad.

According to Zilber, Moscovici shouted at him that: "those Katyn people are coming, and they're going to kill you! Kept under medical supervision by his socialist friend Nicolae Lupu , Moscovici had severe edema in his feet, and developed chronic infections. He was not dissuaded by vain ambition. He was not frightened by poverty. He was not influenced by persecution. Both leaders ended up as political prisoners of the regime Jumanca died in prison.

The archaeological material discovered there date the fortification from the end of the 2nd c. BCE to the 1st c. Among these artifacts there are iron nails and bolts belonging to ballista projectiles. Such offensive weapons were discovered during the surveys carried out in , with the occasion of the building of a forrest road which crossed the fortification. We presume the the ballista bolts can be linked with the conquest of Dacia by Trajan.

However, there are multiple factors which can determine the presence of an object in a far-off region from the production site and based on the information offered by typology or discovery contexts it is not always possible to distinguish them.

As a result, the issue of the luggage accompanying different individuals moving from one place to the other has received little attention in the archaeological literature of the Roman period.

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The organization of the north Danubian territories as a Roman province under the rule of Emperor Trajan determined the movement of different populations of the Empire, as well as military troops to this new territory. The archaeological traces left by these first colonists and soldiers can sometimes be identified inside settlements or forts.

Pdf jiului ziarul vaii

The presentation will focus on bronze and glass discoveries, coming mostly from the military sites of Dacia Porolissensis, which can be interpreted as items accompanying the first persons who inhabited the sites. The main criterion which will be taken into consideration is the production period of the objects and the fact that, very probably, they could not have been distributed as a result of active trade connections at the beginning of the 2nd century AD.

Francis de Paola Raveline.


The project aimed to highlight the archaeological and historical potential of the area around the Legio XIII Gemina's fort, given that there were no extensive archaeological investigations to restore and preserve the remains of the Roman period. The first campaign of systematic archaeological research at this point began in autumn and continued in , by investigating the NNW side of the raveline. There were discovered two Roman buildings C1, C2 whose walls have been unearthed after removing a substantial layer of Roman tiles belonging to the collapsed roof.

It was discovered the SSV side of the buildings and several rooms. A street of large plates of greenish sandstone was discovered along the Roman buildings. A circular trace of reddish clay that indicates the existance of an cooking oven was discovered between the two buildings.

A thick layer of charred seeds and burning debris from the clay oven walls were found at the same depth, surrounding two pillar bases and corresponding to the stepping level inside C1. Several fragments from a dolium were found in the same context. The dolium has a flaring horizontal rim and curved body decorated on top with incised horizontal bands alternating with wavy bands and it can be dated in the 2nd - 3rd centuries. The existence of this type of vessel in the context can be related with household activities carried out in the area near the legionary camp.

The upper part catillus of a Roman flour millstone was found inside building C2 and also a fragment of a meta. The presence of numerous fragments of mortaria and a substantial amount of utilitarian pottery used in domestic and household activities indicate the character of production of food resources and supply for the legionary camp situated nearby.

Also, inside the two houses, fragments of amphorae used for the storage of wine and olive oil were found.

Vaii pdf ziarul jiului

Among them, a fragment of painted amphora was found in the two house, parts for transport and storage amphora, including a fragment painted with the abbreviation of Legio XIII Gemina titulus pictus. On account of planimetric, technical and stratigraphy issues of the buildings and the characteristics of the archaeological material, it can be assumed that there are two Roman houses in the civilian area of the legion XIII Gemina camp, dating mainly from the end of the 2nd - first half of the 3rd century with a last phase of habitation after the half of the 3rd century represented by some later constructive arrangements.

Ciprian Dinu - Wikipedia

The archaeological contexts, the types of artifacts and archaeological material discovered here indicate a pronounced character of domestic production and supply activities. Most of these contexts can be identified as regular urban dwelling structures, with only a few having different functions, like storage or religious ones.

All of these amphora fragments belong to the variant C of the Dressel 24 similis type, which was generally dated elsewhere in the Roman world between the beginning of the 1st century and the first decades of the 3rd century AD.

Some recent studies have shown that this variant was mostly produced by a series of specialized workshops from the central Aegean area, notably at Chios and Erythrai.

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According to a handful of previously discovered tituli picti, olive oil was the main foodstuff transported in this kind of amphorae. Most of the tituli picti identified on the Dressel 24 similis amphorae from Apulum are connected in one way or another with the supplying system of the Legion XIII Gemina, even if only a few were found in proper military-related contexts. Accordingly, the paper is going to discuss the impact of military olive oil supply on the local civilian one on the basis of these finds.

Still firing on all cylinders, fingers crossed But the biggest change came out of self preservation, when I stopped hosting pictures from schools on the web site. But, in eliminating picture hosting, I've been spared dozens of hours of work in the past few days. So what to do I should have done this months earlier, but I started up a Facebook Group and a Flickr Group , hoping people might put pictures there.


Considering the lateness of getting the word out, I think response has been not too bad. Below is a slideshow from the Flickr Group, which contains pictures, at this writing: I believe these are moves in the right direction, e.

What does not feel good is that the vast majority of schools cannot access them Flickr and Facebook , at least in the US.