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collecting and playing with an Ork army in the Warhammer 40, wargame. While Codex: Orks contains everything you need to. for Warhammer 40k or any other system. The term . The Ork stat line is based on their 3rd edition codex, which assumed simultaneous melee engagements. The latest Ork codex we've all been waiting for is finally in the hands of a Stompa & Stratagems SPOTTED BREAKING: More 40k Ork Codex.

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Warhammer 40, The Rules contains all the rules you need to fight battles with Codex: Orks contains everything you need to collect your very own. A little peek into a possible future before the Ork Codex appears Warhammer 50K - The Shape of The Nightmare To МБ. Codex Orks - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ork 8th ed. Codex: Orks, GW, Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer.

Guest Martin 5" move for Orks makes me sad. No more run re-roll and can't hop out of our trukks after they move and then assault either. Not sure about the claims that Orks are going to find it easier to get in to combat. Vote Up15Vote Down June 1, PM Guest ShadarLogoth I think the fact that the Trukks themselves are considerably more resilient, not to mention being able to charge into CC, soak up some Overwatch, and fight reasonably well with a Wreckin Ball, are where you are going to see the biggest gains from the changes in 8th in terms of assault. Sure, Trukks use to be able to move and drop their cargo, but they were so easy to take down that you rarely saw one survive past turn 1 to do so.

This aspect of the myth has been given protectors, breeding them to be as strong and fierce as possible. If the Brainboyz ever existed, however, they do not do so Whether or not the legends told by the Runtherds or theories now. The Orks — though ignorant and brutish Brainboyz were even more warlike than their servants, and — are born survivors. Whatever the truth, almost all Runtherds they got that way. They scurry around the larger less-direct ways. Knots of them squirm on any given day only a few dozen Snotling greenskins on scrawny legs, their grasping through air ducts, sabotage or loot vital attendants will be devoured alive by their fingers overtly snatching and covertly machine components, and overwhelm ravenous charges.

Gretchin have triage stations full of helpless, wounded large, bulbous heads and wide tattered ears combatants. These grizzled Sharp fangs fill their jaws, ever ready to be battle, the foe quickly learns to fear, if not and merciless slavers use a variety of sunk into the flesh of the weak or infirm, respect, these nasty little greenskins. Their scrawny limbs afford them a similarly advanced sense of are too small to bear weapons larger or hearing, and their eyesight is acute even in more complicated than shards of broken the dark.

These traits, combined with an glass or chunks of scrap. Lacking the innate talent for self-preservation, mean violent tendencies of their larger kin, they that Gretchin can not only survive, but are predominantly kept as little more than thrive in a society dominated by vicious pets for their Ork masters, although predators.

Some grots have their survival they make excellent ammunition for instinct honed to such a degree that they the strange weapon the greenskins may possess a rudimentary sixth sense, call the shokk attack gun.

Though braver Gretchin will valuable function in Ork society. In this way, Snotlings provide Grots are fast learners and quick to spot an food, drink and medicine for the opportunity, meaning that many wind up rest of the greenskin race. Snots also as assistants or servants to more important inhabit cesspits, areas known in Orks like Mekboyz or Nobz. Their amidst scrap piles or warrens of tunnels natural affinity with these too constricted for Orks to squeeze their life forms is far greater than bulk down.

When the time comes to go that of other greenskins. On his own, a single Gretchin poses little threat to a human-sized adversary.

However, if there is one quality the grots have in abundance, it is quantity. On the field of battle, Gretchin advance in great mobs, firing volleys of scavenged ammunition from their poor-quality weapons before diving upon the fallen and tearing them apart in their scrabbling haste to loot the corpses. Even the most accomplished warriors have found their arrogance punctured when cornered by an entire mob of shrieking grots. Much like their approach to everything else, Orks do not waste time pondering why they do things, or how they might do them better.

Instead they simply act, instinct and ability driving them on in a never-ending cycle of violence and conquest. Though some Warbosses rise to only war and the preparations beforehand past. Though likely a corruption of prominence through shrewd scheming, really bring out their innate talents. Perhaps this of brute force. His decisions are enforced fighting. Most of the day-to-day running can understand. The as mobs. These in turn belong to larger coming up with new ways to kill things. Goff warbands in role.

They bear little resentment towards Greenskin Kultur as Warlords, are the most powerful Orks of all. These monstrous killing machines tower over their lackeys, and their sheer particular are famous for the sheer number of Boyz that they can field in a conflict, often outnumbering their foes several their superiors, for to them Orks are just a fact of life.

Questioning this usually leads to a clip round the ear, and not much else. Weirdboyz, Mekboyz and Runtherds worked in concert to support the anarchic Ork assault, unleashing psychic blasts of force, searing beams of energy and hordes of manic grots to tear open ragged gaps in the Imperial defences and left the humans ripe for slaughter. In fact, the will become involved in larger and more If Orks were just single-minded killing Gretchin have created an entire enterprise violent conflicts, ranging from border machines they would be dangerous culture of their own within greenskin skirmishes to all-out war.

Orks fixate upon enough, but they would be unable to society, with many operating their own things they enjoy, and the heightened sustain the level of technology required to black-market businesses on the side; these state of excitement they experience during ply the stars. Gretchin, though obedient range from selling fungus beer or roasted battle can mean that over the course of if beaten with sufficient regularity, are squigs on sticks, to coordinating bets when a particularly epic conflict an Ork will not inventive enough to maintain the a fight breaks out and then looting the become addicted to one facet of warfare weaponry that the Orks possess, nor to resulting corpses.

These highly technical demands are Like-minded tribe members who share the met by a caste of Orks known as Oddboyz. An There are many types of Oddboy in everything from a personal to a galactic Ork who has experienced the exultation of greenskin society, but the most important level.

Conflict governs their entire society, destroying an enemy tank or walker may are Mekboyz, Painboyz, Runtherds and their technological advances, and even their join the ranks of the Tankbustas, whereas Weirdboyz.

Mekboyz are responsible individual growth. Painboyz are medics, Prolonged periods of fighting lead to with the local Burna Boyz. However, the though their penchant for bizarre and a proportional increase in the size and largest and most popular of all of these inappropriate surgery can make their strength of an Ork, and those who have subcultures is the Kult of Speed.

Weirdboyz are potent psykers combatants. At the climax of Warlord Orks love to go fast. There is something who can discharge great blasts of Waaagh! They like to feel the wind whipping into their faces and hear the Although it may seem strange to When there are no enemies to fight, the throaty roar of supercharged engines. It is humans, these Oddboyz all possess an Orks will test their mettle against any native hardly surprising that bikes and buggies of innate understanding of their fields of predators they can find, and if that fails they all kinds are popular with the Orks.

A will fight amongst themselves simply for the Mekboy knows how to create engines and joy of it. Disputes between Orks become From Shokkjump Dragstas and generators even though he has never been almost hourly occurrences if they are not Boomdakka Snazzwagons, to burly taught to do so, and a Painboy instinctively engaged against a common foe.

If capacity to move fast and blow things to asked where this knowledge comes from, Such power struggles are resolved through bits. These up-gunned vehicles may not be an Oddboy might reply that it was in his methods ranging from low cunning to high as sturdy as those used by the Imperium, blood all along. Pit fights are popular, as they available battlefield scrap, can pack a It has been suggested that the abilities entertain the ladz and establish the victor massive amount of firepower and, most of Orks to build machines, practise as Warboss beyond dispute.

Either rivals importantly of all, they can achieve truly medicine or even use psychic powers are are dispatched by the incumbent Warboss, suicidal velocities. No studies of the greenskins used to settle other grudges and disputes. These grinning loons roar into battle on exhaust-belching jalopies Whatever the source of this latent Other tests of mettle popular in greenskin and crude but effective flying machines, knowledge, as an Ork matures it will start kultur are squig-eating contests, in which intent on getting into the thick of the to make itself apparent, leading him to rival Orks attempt to eat a face-biter squig fighting before their ground-pounding assume the role in greenskin society for before it eats them, and breakneck races comrades.

Due to the large number of which he is best suited.

It is generally disapproved of to have several of the Oddboyz known as join the vast throng of Boyz at the heart of open fire upon a challenger in such a race, Meks amongst their number to keep their each tribe and content himself with a life of or at least during the first lap. What others see as stupidity is in fact a simplicity of focus, an uncomplicated drive to fight and to win, time and time again. Theories abound that Orks harbour the disease. Each Ork biology that gives an Ork his remarkable finally withers and dies.

In this way, some worlds cellular makeup. Such a substance could new tribes of greenskins multiply in the become the unintentional focus of a break down and repair damaged tissue at shadowed corners of their lands.

At the Waaagh! Keen to have a go themselves, fresh from Ork invaders both within and for some time after being severed from the hordes of Orks soon descend upon the without becomes unendurable, leaving body. These attacks increase in severity, wave or flee with whatever they can salvage, after wave of greenskins from space soon abandoning their stricken world to Yet for all the questions that hang over the supplemented by the feral tribes that have the greenskins.

The Nature of the Beast greenskin race, what cannot be disputed is its relentlessly bloodthirsty nature. The defenders of worlds isolated in the darkness of the Imperium Nihilus have nowhere to run, and precious little chance of reinforcement.

Thus they can only stand their ground, trapped behind their own barricades and forced into a war of attrition that they cannot possibly win.

With fierce battle raging across the entire galaxy between the servants of Chaos and the forces of the disparate stellar races, a number of hotly contested war zones have been thrown into absolute anarchy by the sudden arrival of an Ork Waaagh!. In these cases, both sides of the conflict — already stretched to capacity by their efforts to annihilate and resist annihilation — are fallen upon with reckless abandon by the belligerent greenskins. The results are horrific. Grand strategies collapse in a matter of hours as the Orks smash everything in their path.

Hard-won supply lines are severed and long-defiant worlds overrun. The resultant civil war against the 68th Vostroyan Firstborn benefited only the Ork parties is crushed, leaving the barbaric invaders, who gleefully attacked both of the bitterly divided human factions.

They do not have priests or raise grandiose temples, but instead honour their deities by hurling down the idols and shrines built by others. What effigies the Orks build are towering walkers, around whose metal feet the greenskins surge into battle, offering praise only of the most instinctive and gestalt kind. The Orks are a powerful force in the galaxy, An idea of the appearance of the Ork possibly Mork urging them on during the their character traits having a reflection gods can be gained from looking at heat of battle.

The Mekboyz create war cries of the Ork gods ring out louder the belligerent Ork gods known as Gork these titanic engines of war to capture the and clearer. Visions of battle and carnage and Mork. Gork and Mork are divine powerhouses, gods, lumbering about and leaving a trail after Waaagh! They go where galaxy into anarchy.

You can choose an infantry unit that already fought this turn to make it fight a second time. Unsure if "fight again" also allows the pile in move, otherwise many of your boyz wouldn't be in position to contribute. Nobz, Bosses and, ooff, Ghazzy become nightmarish with it 18 A!! Goff units can make even more out of it, with their exploding attacks and S5 on boyz.

Aka Grot infantry bubblewrap. It is quite good for protecting your units from massed anti infantry fire, especially turn 1 if you go second. But wait for an enemy to shoot something with a lot of shots like Land Raider or buffed IG infantry blob to use it as otherwise enemy can switch big guns to another target.

Dakkajets' Supa-shootas simply won't cut it. The Wasbomm Blastajet has better weapons Bonus points for freebooters and hitting on 3's using this. Loot It! A unit can only benefit from this once per game, and cannot be targeted by 'Mob Up! Doubles a painboy's healing output. Mob Up! They must share the same datasheet, so no protecting Nobz among Boyz.

Good if your mobs are starting to grow depleted since it lets Mob Rule stay at its full effectiveness. Also in vp games lets you save that last nob from being killed if you have a sufficiently big boyz unit nearby.

Perhaps best used to increase the efficiency of stratagems such as More Dakka, Show offs, and Get Stuck in Boyz, and psychic powers like Warpath and, especially, Da Jump. But don't abuse it, as you'll need the CP for your other great stratagems. FAQ Update: Can now only be used on boy squads. Well it seems GW is back to their old ways. Orks just cannnot have nice things. It took a lot of fun things you could try with this strategem.

As a way to balance loots Star which had already some hard counters it sucks. More Dakka! For this turn, that unit's 'Dakka! Even Snazzguns and Deffguns will only kill 1 more guardsman on average - that's not scary.

Codex orks pdf 40k warhammer

Thus, this is more an "ignore -1 to hit modifiers" stratagem with some more damage out of it. And that's useful. Even more so on Tankbustas because every hit will generate another shot that is also rerollable on vehicles.

You could combine it with Show Off, for those times you want to spend 4CP on ork shooting. Single use, take an extra relic or two if you spend 1 or 3 CP, respectively. Orks is never defeated 2 CP : Use when a character is killed.

The character can fight or shoot for the last time.

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Very thematic. If Ghazz is going down you can at least ensure whatever killed him will die with him. Very good synergy with tellyporta strategem, and 'Ere We Go makes it so that you can actually reroll all, one or two dice. Tellyporta 2 CP : During deployment, you can deep strike any Ork unit with a Power Level of 20 or less instead of setting it up normally. Where other armies may teleport only up to two infantry units, as long as you have the CP and the unit or the transport that carries it costs less than 20PL then you can deepstrike it: While this gets Nobz and Meganobz into combat easily, ork transports are great.

Great an open topped. Besides the classic Nob-full Battlewagon or Bonebreaka, you can fill them up with Tankbustaz bringing bomb squigs into position or Flash Gitz who can shoot and melee.

Or deepstrike Lootaz inside a Trukk - mobile, cheap, long ranged, and if the trukk gets destroyed Lootaz have a chance of getting armour for free. You're also one of the few armies that can deepstrike a flamer and fire it in the same turn, the Big Trakk's S6 AP-2 Supa-skorcha. If you use this on a transport vehicle it will land on the table on turn 2 at best in matched play and outside your DZ and then you will have to wait until turn 3 to be able to disembark its occupants and charge with them.

So you are basically resigning from using embarked unit for CC during the first 2 turns. Account for that. That being said, that's true for almost any unit inside a transport. Or screw subtlety! Bring a Gorkanaut with Nobz. Hell, if we really want to push this, Kill Tanks are still 15 PL despite their previous point increase, and they have a transport capacity of You can also tellyport a whole Speed Mob or Dread Mob.

Pay only once, deepstrike them within 6" from each other, play them as separate units afterwards. Choose a unit of Boyz with less than half of the models it had at the beginning, remove it from the field and field it back at full force within 6" from borders and within 9" from enemy units. Can be used only once. Cannot be used on units formed by Mob Up!.

Remember when Valhalla's Second Wave was nerfed to death by making it cost points, and they come from the deployment zone? Ain't Codex creep a beauty?. Of course this is most effective on units that have few models left. Basically paying for another unit of boyz entering late game. To rephrase that to really frame how good this is: You are paying 3 command points to Outflank a ish point unit anywhere you want.

And the unit is free. Warphead 1 CP : Use before the battle. A Weirdboy knows one extra Psychic power and can cast one additional power each turn. Sadly no extra dispels. Not that great if you are cp farming with weirdboyz but if you are going for a limited number of them extra warpath or fists can go a long way. Then there's also the stratagems to upgrade regular Ork detachments to Specialist detachments.

Available to all klans because orks are best at everything. A detachment may be so upgraded only once, even if the Specialist Detachment upgrade affects different units in it.

All the Stompas in it gain the Stompa Mob keyword along with the extra options it enables, and one Stompa becomes a Character so it can benefit from the Specialist Detachment's unique WTs. Dread Waaagh! Useful if you want shooty walkers, it hasn't really got anything for melee. Almost every ork list has a few Battlewagons.

That unit can shoot again and can also target a different unit. Alternatively, for 1 less CP and more damage it can be combined with 'Extra Stikkbombs' to do Knight-killing damage: 22 unsaved wounds on average!

Warhammer 40, - Wikipedia

Cheaper than 'Tellyporta' when you're deepstriking a small unit - basically 20 Boys, 10 Tankbustas, 5 Nobz, 4 Meganoboz or any character Weirdboy-deepstrike-Smite spam anyone? Of course Creed stole this ability from the Blood Axes! Zoggin humies!!! The use of Purple paint is NOT optional. It can re-roll any Wound rolls that target enemy Vehicles until the end of the phase.

Because you really want that Imperial Knight dead. Combine with 'Extra Stikkbombs! It can move again, but it will be unable to charge this turn. Very good for objective grabbing or denial.

Boosta Blastas can advance to get their flamers in position, then dash away; Wartrikes can do the same, but they do want to get in melee. Meanwhile, Shokkjump Dragstas can pull silly stunts like teleporting into a firing position from the other side of the table, shooting and teleporting back to wherever you want them on the field.

Too bad its dakka is just so-so. Freebooterz - Kill Kruisa Broadside 3 CP : At the beginning of any shooting phase, choose D3 points at least 6" from each other in line of sight of any of your models. Roll a D6 for every unit friend or enemy within 3" of any of these points. Very meh especially for 3 CP.

Goffs - Skarboyz 1 CP : Use this stratagem before the battle. Their Strength characteristic becomes 5. Skarboys can only Mob Up! This will likely paint a huge target on the affected unit, so take the necessary countermeasures deepstriking, transports, Grot shields, etc.

If you're playing a propper, fluffy, GOFF list then you are probably running at least three big mobs of Boyz. Using this on all of them will not break your CP bank; even running one Battalion you have access to enough CP to get one of the big stratagems off. The important thing is that you need to either go all in on this stratagem or skip it completely: a lone unit of skarboyz will fall apart before they get a chance to deal enough damage for their investment.

A lone squad could maybe work as a distraction carnifex , but even then they probably won't be worth it. Great to combo with Warpath psychic power for up to attacks at S5. Snakebites - Monster Hunters 3 CP : At the start of any phase, pick an enemy model with 10 or more wounds. For the duration of that phase, all Snakebites in your army add 1 to wound against it. Note that despite its name, vehicles that fit the wound prerequisite are also valid targets for this Stratagem.

Does not stack with any other similar ability, so don't bother if you're taking Snakebites or a Painboy. It's too unreliable to be worth taking. Choppy Weapons[ edit ] These are all the melee weapons for our Infantry models. Attack Squig: The Warlord's best friend. S4 AP-1 D1, can make 2 extra attacks with this "weapon". Best part is: it's free! It is quite a nice upgrade to S7 for Nobz and to S8 for Warbosses S9 with Might is Right , especially as it does not confer the -1 to hit of the conventional Power Klaw.

AP-1 is quite decent for maiming things that are not TEQ or vehicles, too.

Burna: A Burna can be used in melee as a Power Stabba. Your bread and butter, and what makes both Stormboyz and Boyz so good. Most of your Nobz can now ditch their Slugga to go full on melee with an extra Choppa along side your main weapon! Grabba Stikk: Only for Runtherd.

Grot-Prod: Only for Runtherd. A Big Choppa with only D1. If you can somehow take two, they give you an extra attack. Better than its chainfist counterpart since Orks don't have a weapon that deals a flat 3 damage. Kustom Klaw: Ghazzy's personal weapon. A PK with no -1 to hit and flat 3 damage instead of d3. Mork's Teeth: Snikrot's knives. SUser AP-1 D2. Will rip and tear gits of all sizes, doing the exact same as before at the same point cost. The con this edition is that a PK reduces the user's To Hit roll by For 3 points you now have AP This is cheap, effective, and makes your three S5 attacks waaaaay better.

Conversion opportunities galore. Seriously, use the ripped off arm of a Space Marine that's still holding his power weapon! The original bit is in the Nob kit if you want to use it, it's one of the Cybork bitz, namely the harpoon arm.

Tankhammer: Tankbustas' kamikaze weapon. You only get one attack with this weapon, if you hit you cause d3 mortal wounds, but the bearer is slain. Weirdboy Staff: A Big Choppa with Dd3 instead of flat 2 making it worse against anything with 2 wounds, and equal against anything else.

Shooty Weapons[ edit ] These are all the range weapons for our Infantry models. Not as good as a Deathspitter anymore, but you can Advance and still shoot it.

Burna: The little brother of an actual flamer. Da Rippa: Badrukk's big ass weapon. Dakkagun: This one is actually not for our Infantry models, but Bikes are not vehicles either, so here they are. Basically a Big Shoota with Range 18", all Warbikes come with two of these.

40k Ork Codex

Deffgun: Lootas' weapon. Grot Blasta: Gretchins's pistol. The new rules for Kombi-weapons allow these weapons to see a lot more use, as anyone who takes these doesn't have to be so tight-arsed about firing their anti-tank weaponry anymore.

Unfortunate with Orky BS it is hard to justify the expense. It's important to note that thanks to DakkaDakkaDakka! Needs confirmation after FAQ, since melee weapons need to use same profile with Goff kultur Kombi-Skorcha: New Kombi-Weapons rules help here too, especially since the auto-hitting Skorcha isn't affected by the -1 To Hit for firing both weapon profiles.

Notably, you can Advance and still spray flames and bullets. Orks of course only fire on the maximum charge sayf-dee, wotz dat? S8 AP-3 Dd6 means this packs a fierce punch. As above, but Pistol-class Range 12" and you can shoot it in melee.

It is very cheap at 2 points and with 4 strength 4 shots you will usually hit at least once with Ork BS. Warbosses, Big Meks and Meganobz can use this. Nobz can use it too thanks to the Index, it's funny how the lore on page 35 says Nobz have them but GW forgot to include them in the Codex rules.

Tankbustas special rule to re-roll against Vehicles can make this a devastating weapon. Pair of Rokkit Pistols: Only for Tankbustas. Basically 2 Rokkit Launchas with one less S and Range 12", but being Pistols you can shoot them in melee. Shokk Attack Gun: Still the same and still disappointing. Shoota: Basic Bolter-type gun.

Inferior to almost all other armies' basic rifle see a trend here? Slugga: It's a Bolt Pistol. Always remember to shoot in CC. Doubling down on the buckets of S4 dice the enemy has to make saves against is critical to Orky success. Dubiously useful on Overwatch. Snazzgun: Flash Gitz' shiny weapons. Squig Bomb: Tankbustas' kamikaze Squigs. Can not target models with FLY, after firing it the bearer the Squig is slain. Stikkbomb: Common grenade for almost every unit. Tankbusta bomb: Don't let its name fool you, this grenade is carried not only by Tankbustas but also Boyz and Kommandos have them.

After an unsaved wound, if the target is still alive you roll a d6, if the roll is greater than the targets Wound Characteristic it's slain. Twin Big Shoota: Yes! You guessed it! With AP-2 and D2? We can run over guys again! It might be decent idea to stick a Battlewagon into CC with something that is not dedicated vehicle killer after emptying its embarked infantry.

It will be stuck, but it will be protected from shooting. Dread Klaw: Deff Dread's standard weapon for 15pts. Sx2 AP-3 D3, gives you an extra attack using this profile. Very effective at crumpin' almost everything. Dread Saw: Deff Dread's other close combat weapon at 10pts. Good for medium to heavy infantry, not too good at killing tanks.

Hits like a tonne of bricks. Smash: Doesn't boost the Naut's Strength, only has an AP of -2, but it does cause 2 guaranteed wounds per hit.

Which is handy, since it lets you make 3 hit rolls for each base Attack, tripling your Attack output. Mega-Choppa: A Stompa's go-to carving weapon.

Gives 3 attacks for each Attack roll multiply Attack stat by 3 for each Slash. This is for crumpin' tiny gitz that try to climb up ya feetz. Deffkopta use only, good for mowing down Guardsmen or Guardians in small numbers.

Can only hit with this weapon a maximum of 3 times, which is the maximum amount of attacks a Trukk can make, the unit most likely to have one anyway. At 3 points a pop, throwing them onto any Trukks you're running is not a bad way to spend floating points. Can help you actually deal damage if you decide to slam a Trukk into an opponent's shooty vehicles. If you charge a Dreadnought, don't expect the Trukk to survive the Dread's turn to fight. Frankly since Trukks die so fast it is probably better to get that extra Grot.

Twin Big Shoota: get 6 instead of 3 shots. Bubblechukka: A game inside a game. Roll 1D6 for the number of shots, Str, AP and damage respectivly. You re-roll the dice every time you fire it. Still more useful than last Edition. Note that you have to pick the target you're shooting before you know the stats of the weapon, which makes this thing a risky affair.

Its total lack of reliability is quite terrible though very amusing. Burna Bottles: Boomdakka Snazzwagon's grenades. Burna Exhaust: Kustom Boosta-Blasta's burnas. Deffkannon: Stompa's big gun. Deffstorm Mega-Shoota: Gorkanaut's main gun. Grotzooka: Only for Killa Kans. Kannon: Your day-to-day cheap-as-chips Kannon.

Shells come in familiar Frag and Krak varieties, although the Frag equivalent is S4 rather than 3. Killa Jet: it can be used either as a skorcha though it's called burna or as a multi melta: range 8" Assault 2 S8 AP-4 Dd6, if the target is within 4" roll 2 dice for damage and keep the highest. Mortally wounds itself on hit rolls of 1, because Orks don't fire plasma guns on low power.

Kustom Mega-Zappa: Morkanaut's main gun. Basically a stronger plasma gun, and the Dragsta's improved BS makes sure it can actually hit reliably. Lobba: Similar to other races' Mortars: Heavy D6 and indirect fire. The Lobba, however, has an above average Strength of 5 that should help offset your gunners' terrible BS even if it's still AP0. Ignoring line of sight helps with positioning it tremendously.

Smasha Gun: D3 shots that wound if you equal or beat their T on 2d6 instead of rolling normally. On top of this it has the best non-random AP in the army -4 and has Damage d6.

The first number for the number of shots fired is for the regular Squig Launcha, and the second number is for the Heavy Squig Launcha- the rest of their stats are identical, and all squigs share a 36" range. Your answer to stuff like Death Guard and Tyranid monsters. Simple, but solid against two-wound infantry such as Terminators.

Codex orks pdf 40k warhammer

Kind of like an autocannon, but with a chance to fire more shots guaranteed to do so if used with the Heavy Squig Launcha and deal more damage. Stikksquig: same as the Stickbomb with a different name.

Supa-Gatler: Stompa's gatling. Supa-Rokkit: Stompa's missile.