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Total English Upper-Intermediate. 54 Pages English Grammar In Use 3 Intermediate Upper Intermediate Book Total English Intermediate teachers book. Veja grátis o arquivo Total English Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book enviado para a disciplina de Inglês Categoria: Aulas - 17 - New Total English Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book and Teacher's Resource CD Pack by Araminta Crace, , available at Book Depository.

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Total English Upper Intermediate Teachers Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. total english. Crace a., gallagher f. new total english upper-intermediate. teacher's book. views. Share; Like; Download. Total English Upper Intermediate - Teachers Book - dokument [*.pdf] Over view Summary Lesson 1: Ss read atext about different people's.

Vocabulary in Use upper-intermediate. Michael McCarthy. Felicity O'Dell. The highly acclaimed and successful approach of 'Language in Use' Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-intermediate is now extended downward in L Felicity O'De". I00 units of vocabulary reference and practice self-study and Nov 6, - Language Practice revised for the exam and Advanced Language.

After focussing on the use and form of question tags, Ss can gel to know each other further by using question tags to check what personal information they know about each other. We first met because Get Ss to tell the class about their partner's friend.

Intermediate upper book english total pdf teachers

Ask Ss to discuss the question in pairs. Get brief feedback about their ideas. Ss quickly read the text and check which of their ideas are mentioned. Get 5s to read the text again and write down the name or names of the person or people in the text that correspond to each of the statements.

Then get feedback from the whole class. Answers: t Lanza '2 Mlck. Haruki 3 Mercedes.. Ask a few 5s to talk about their opinions to the class. TV drama series: Friends; film: About oboy; song: You've got 0friend. SS discuss in small groups which are their favourites and why.

Book total pdf teachers upper intermediate english

Encourage them to discuss the type of friendships depicted. Ss give feedback to the class. Writing 4'" Get Ss to discuss the question in pairs focusing on the different reasons for writing notes and messages.

Get class feedback. Read out the five reasons listed.

Get Ss to read the notes and messages A-E quickly and match each one with one of the reasons. Ask 5s to check their answers in pairs and then get feedback from the whole class. Ask Ss to read the messages again and decide who might have written each one. How r u?

Natural English Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book

Do the first one as an example. Get feedback by asking individual Ss to read out the complete message. AnswNts: A Ishould be. Do 'INI toney lunch? I will see 'OU at tM restaulflnt fit about 7p. I hope you Check that Ss know that we often use abbreviations in text messages to save time. Get Ss to decide in pairs what the abbreviations in the message mean.

Total English Upper Intermediate: Students' Book And Dvd Pack by Araminta Crace

Then get whole class feedback. Ss listen to three answerphone messages and note down the purpose of each one. Play recording 1. Answers: 1 to check the evening's arrangements '2 to get authorisation for a credit card payment 3 to arrange to see a car for sale b.

Play recording t. Encourage them not to Iry to write the whole message, but just the most important bits. Remind them to leave out words and use abbreviations. Get class feedback by asking a few 5s to read out each message and briefly compare each one.

Pdf book teachers english total upper intermediate

Jackie and Steve can't come. You stili want to SO to the Him? Please call Keith on mobile. Encourage them to justify their opinions. Get feedback from the class and establish which of the statements most 5s agree with.

Focus 5s briefly on the photo of two friends, Harry and Fiona. Answer: New friends will replace old friends. Get 5s to check their answers in pairs then get feedback from the class. Answers: Harry talks to Get feedback from each group and find out if most of the class identifies with Harry's or Fiona's situation.

Lifelong learning.. Read the questions with the class. In pairs 5s share strategies that have helped them Improve their English. For homework, 5s ask these people for advice on improving their English. You like football, don't you? Elicit that you are using question tags to check information that you think you know but are not sure about. Get Ss to check their answers in pairs then get whole class feedback. Active grammar 1 1.

Isn't II?

New Total English Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book and Teacher's Resource CD Pack

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