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We just finished designing your 8 Week Meal Plan to complement your Tone It Up Challenge, accelerate your results and completely transform your body!. Here's a PDF version of the chart I created if you'd like to plan ahead too! I keep this .. Hello, it's not letting me print the tone it up meal plan. Here's what yesterday's meals looked like on the Tone It Up nutrition plan! I'm a vegetarian so I follow the vegetarian version of their meal plan.

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Tone It Up Meal - Google Drive Low Carb Recipes, Healthy Recipes Tone It Up Meal Plan Week 4 #nutritionalmealplan Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan. All the recipes above are taken from and inspired by the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan , created by trainers Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. The plan contains over. TIME TO SHAKE YO BOOTY BABES! The 31 Day Challenge is HERE! If you haven't joined yet it's NOT TOO LATE!!! Sign up HERE and we'll immediately.

It has literally changed my life! Tone It Up was started by two best friends who are both gorgeous!!! Karena and Katrina decided to create a place where they could share their knowledge on how they TOO lost weight and got in shape all while making it fun and motivating in the process! They have a huge following on Twitter and Instagram as well and are very engaged with their readers, they love responding to their fans! It just makes you that much more motivated knowing that your trainers are checking in, no matter how busy they might be! Basically how the program works is first you join the nutrition plan and you can choose from regular, vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan or pescetarian.

I try to put mine in my life planner or on google docs! Makes meal prep much easier! You are doing great Kelly, love the photos. I joined WW and have lost 10 but I have a long way to go still. But I just keep on keeping on.

I joined the TIU plan about a year ago but never got started on it.

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Would you tell me what steps you took to get started? I downloadd the TIU Plan about a year ago and never got started. Do you mind sharing what you did to get started? Do you have a recipe for the chicken chili? Hi Kelly! Question about the TIU plan — where does drinking and eating out fit in, if at all? I love my wine and trying new restaurants, so I would really like to know the answer before joining up!

Hi Sara! I am such a fan of those girls! One of my friends is very close friends with them, and I am constantly asking her for scoop. They are so inspiring!

I love your blog found it from the link to cake dip on pinterest.

I have made several recipes and have loved them all. I am doing this too!! I am so happy i found it as well!! I have been debating whether or not to download the nutrition plan through TIU. I have been doing the bikini series and think that the meal planning would help. I just am not sure I will utilize it like I should. Kelly — I absolutely love your blog! I have one question- I was wondering, how often do you drink red wine?

I usually drink 1 glass a day…. I like how the tone it up plan seems to be very open minded with fruit, and fun stuff etc.

Just wondering if there was a place for wine with dinner. I am interested in trying your plan. Cause sometimes I get bored. Just curious.

I have no guidelines or balance in my diet and really need a good structured plan. I have been snooping around your blog and of course love everything about it…and then…I found this post…and fell more in love! I am also a crazy TIU girl and also following the 8 week bikini series! Love this post! Just signed up for TIU! Thank you so much! I read all of the above but still have some questions, so I hope you can help me.

Do you know what could I use instead? And do I have to work out 2 times per day 7 days a week..? I love following your recipes-especially your skinny dunkaroo dip which is when you first got me hooked. Not to mention,everyone goes crazy over that recipe when I bring it lol I am seriously considering the tone it up program as I have gained almost 20 pounds and feel awful. I have to be realistic though-do you have an info on the cost of food shopping when prepping for these kinds of meals?

I am also a Tone It Up girl and the plan seriously changed my life too. I have the TIU Nutrition Plan, but I am not very good at prepping for the week, so your meal plan chart is seriously a godsend! Thank you so much for sharing it! Hi there! I have been researching Tone It Up and came across this blog post. My question is, how do you handle going out to dinner with family and friends, the holidays, parties, etc? Do you just order a salad or do you splurge?

Thanks for such a comprehensive explanation to the program.. I am just starting the 7DSD today..

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However, it is difficult to get the Prefect Fit due to me living in Singapore.. Very excited to see the results.. I am on Weight Watchers now, but I have been trying to go as clean as possible lately. I stumbled upon one of their exercise routines on Pinterest and I was immediately interested.

I think I might try this! Im from Argentina and right now we cant download thing from the us!! This was so helpful! I am doing the bikini series, but I am not a paid member. So far, I like it a lot, but am finding it hard to fit so much working out into my day! Thanks for your post! Thanks so much for your post! I had been debating downloading the Nutrition Plan and thanks to your post, I finally decided to go for it. I bought it last month and LOVE it. Do you still follow it? Your 10 pound weight loss is inspiring!

Are you part of the TIU Community?

Diet tone it pdf up plan

If they ever reach out to me I would gladly work with them!!! I keep procrastinating. I have bought this plan several months ago and was completely overwhelmed! Can you tell me the page number s that completely lays out the meal guide for you? Nothing clicked for me and have been asking and searching for a meal plan for months! Please help. I would love to follow along with them but am completely lost in how to get started! Do I start out with the 7DSD and then do the normal toning plan?

Should I start with the Love Your Body? Any suggestions would be great!! Hey Kelly! Or both. I really want to challenge myself and tone and see the best results.

I am a little confused as to when to do the cardio, abs, and fine toning. I know they say 30 minutes of cardio twice a day, abs everyday, and toning.

Focus On: The Tone It Up Plan

But when do I do each? Any chance you can share a full week of what you eat? But maybe you haven't. Need a rundown?

Karena described the genesis of TIU as a run-in at Trader Joe's in which "Kat pep-talked herself down the aisle" to talk to her.

Diet plan pdf it up tone

I was talking to myself like, 'I'm gonna ask her; I can do this' [laughs]. A post shared by Tone It Up toneitup on Apr 29, at pm PDT Karena told POPSUGAR that Katrina "was one of the first fitness experts on YouTube , doing workout videos and cooking videos," while Karena was "competing in triathlons," and their "two different worlds with a lot of knowledge and experience" could help them combine and do something amazing. The first project? Aside from their goofiness, the two are unfailingly kind and positive.

We don't want that for ourselves, and we don't want that for any other woman. A one-time download gives you access to exclusive workouts, presales and discounts on new products and gear, seasonal challenges for the holidays and new year, exclusive recipes, and so on. In my personal experience with the nutrition plan, I've loved the simple, delicious recipes that are crafted to different dietary needs.

You can select a gluten-free, pescetarian, vegetarian, or vegan plan depending on your preference.

The plan is educational as well. I've tried a lot of different eating styles, and I have to say, TIU is probably the most reasonable, balanced eating plan I've ever tried. Morning Workout: The TIU ladies recommend a morning workout first thing to get your metabolism revved up. Supposedly, these free moves take into account which muscle groups you're working each day, so you theoretically don't need to take a rest day.

The daily moves were a lot tougher than they looked and definitely got my heart pumping! Related: Breakfast: Each day, I cooked myself a healthy breakfast after doing the Toning Moves fasted. Usually this meant a protein pancake made with Tone It Up protein powder or an egg scramble with veggies.

I especially love the chicken ones! Image Source: Maggie McCracken Dinner: The TIU ladies tell you to keep it lean, clean, and green for dinner, which usually means lean meat plus veggies on the side drizzled with healthy fats hello, olive oil!

There are Tone It Up member groups for nearly every large metro area.