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National Sunday Law. Facebook · twitter · google_plus · reddit · pinterest · linkedin · mail. Audiobook Cover. All chapters. ZIP · PDF · EPUB · MOBI. 1, On this page you will find the latest news relating to the national and international Sunday law, which is the mark of the beast. If you come across any Sunday. National Sunday law. byMarcussen, A. Jan. Publication Topics Bible, Sunday legislation Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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National Sunday Law. Author: Jan Marcussen. Chapter 1: The Two Horned Beast . The nation trembles. Passenger jets explode into buildings. Mountains of fire. A national Sunday law is a question of national interest. While it is true that the Sunday-rest bill did not become a law, the legislation having died with the. National Sunday Law Crisis by the Editor of Harvestime Books. Published by Harvestime Books. Altamont, TN USA. Printed in the United.

If you come across any Sunday law news that isn't listed below then please feel free to email us and let us know Thank you. And as we know from Revelation 13, it is America the earth beast that causes the world to worship the sea beast bow to the "authority" of the Vatican and to take her mark. Daniel The church, therefore, demanded that the state interfere, and promote Sunday observance by law.

Keep in mind that even though the war was over, attitudes towards slaves and slavery remained largely unchanged in the South. Many former slaves were forced to work seven days a week to survive. Lawmakers argued that Sunday laws were good for everyone because every human being should enjoy the benefits of a common day of rest.

Most Protestant pastors agreed. Church leaders also favored Sunday laws because business interests would not compete with attendance at worship services; therefore, most religious and non-religious people alike considered the "blue laws" a win-win situation.

There seems to be a truism that says, "Every time a new law is created, unintended consequences occur.

National Sunday law

During the late eighteenth century, non-religious people were arrested for playing games on Sunday, working in their own fields, or for doing menial work around the farm, such as repairing a wagon. During the nineteenth century, blue laws changed focus by becoming more business oriented. This transition was necessary because personal freedom and civil rights became increasingly important in the United States. Currently, some cities still enforce blue laws. They allow grocery stores and drug stores to remain open on Sunday, but only certain items can be sold.

Only items defined as necessities can be downloadd on Sunday. Nonessential items cannot. Liquor stores are permitted to open on Sunday in some states, but only during certain hours. The state of Texas permits a car dealer to open his business on Sunday, but only if it is closed on Saturday.

So, while blue laws may seem harmless to most Christians today, Jews, Seventh Day Baptists, Seventh-day Adventists, Muslims and other religious groups that do not worship on Sunday often face the unintended consequences of Sunday blue laws. For example, a Seventh-day Adventist may close his businesses on Saturday due to religious principles.

Because blue laws also restrict business opportunities on Sunday, his businesses is limited to operating five days per week instead of the six that Sunday observers would typically enjoy.

Maryland, U. Even though the Supreme Court does not acknowledge the sacredness of Sunday, it justifies Sunday blue laws for the same reason that legislators justified Sunday blue laws in the South after the Civil War.

The justification was that everyone benefits from a common day of rest. I have wondered if the Supreme Court would have reached the same conclusion if the state of Maryland had selected Tuesday as a common day of rest.

Why Seventh-day Adventists Anticipate a National Sunday Law For the past years, Seventh-day Adventists SDAs in the United States have anticipated the enactment of a national Sunday law, and to a great extent, they believe this event will initiate a worldwide "time of trouble.

To understand the origin of this anticipation and their keen interest in a national Sunday law, a short review on the prophetic beliefs of SDAs is necessary. Many of the pioneers who would later form the SDA Church grew up within the Puritan influence that permeated New England Protestantism during the early nineteenth century.

Most Protestants living in the United States were gratified by news that the pope had been imprisoned and no longer had papal authority over Europe In , William Miller, a licensed Baptist evangelist from New York, concluded that the Lord would return "around Based on his preaching, a movement largely centered in New England attracted between 50, and , of his followers. After the bitter failure of the Millerite Movement in , prophetic interest within Protestantism generally waned.

However, a tenacious group of Millerites went back to the Bible to see why Jesus had not appeared in The year was and war between the states was raging. SDAs believe they are the heirs of the Protestant Reformation that began centuries earlier in Europe.

Like the Puritans before them, they believe it is their divinely appointed duty to point out the heresies that originated within Catholicism by teaching Bible truth. To this end, SDAs believe that a time is coming when everyone in the United States and ultimately the whole world will be forced to recognize Sunday as a holy day. Once a national Sunday law is enacted in the United States, SDAs believe that all who obey the fourth commandment will be persecuted for refusing to recognize the sacredness of the first day of the week.

In some cases, they believe there will be torture and even death. White, Ellen G. White, p.

Jan Marcussen

White, pp. This anticipated law, they teach, will require everyone to respect Sunday as a holy day. Trial and persecution will come to all who, in obedience to fourth commandment, refuse to worship this false Sabbath. Here is a mystery.

National sunday pdf the law

What will cause the United States Congress to enact a national Sunday law? What will cause Protestants and Catholics to "join hands" and eliminate religious freedom in the United States? Will the United States and the Catholic Church someday impose a universal Sunday law on all nations of the world containing seven billion people?

The recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq prove that the outcome of war is hard to predict. The United States has sacrificed thousands of lives in Iraq. It has spent trillions of dollars and invested six long years setting up a fledgling democracy in a tiny country of only twenty-five million people. For comparison, the state of California has a population of thirty-six million. If establishing freedom a democracy in tiny Iraq has been this deadly, expensive, and lengthy, how will the United States and the Catholic Church impose the holiness of Sunday on billions of devout Moslems, Hindus, Jews, Pagans, and Communists?

This is a valid question and it deserves a biblically reasoned answer. What Is the Next Prophetic Event? Revelation clearly indicates that worship will someday become a hotly debated topic all over the world, but what will trigger this conflict?

What event should Christians anticipate? What will trigger the enactment of a national Sunday law in communist countries like China, North Korea, and Russia? What will trigger a national Sunday law in the Jewish state of Israel where conservatives insist on observing the seventh day of the week?

What will cause seven hundred million Hindus in India to worship the God of the Christians on Sunday? So, how is a universal Sunday law possible? Ironically, SDAs claim to have a prophetic end time message for the whole world, but they have little or nothing to say to the world about coming events because a their eschatology is essentially limited to events occurring within the United States, and b they insist that most of Revelation has already been fulfilled.

What will cause the entire world to worship the beast? According to the book of Revelation, a national Sunday law in the United States is not the next prophetic event, and a national Sunday law in the United States is not the signal event that marks the commencement of the Great Tribulation for the whole world!

Like the rest of the world and the ten virgins , the SDA Church will be caught by surprise.

A Horrible Mistake! By using the correct timing for the seven trumpets, a Bible student can understand how, when, and why false worship becomes an issue that engulfs the whole world. SDAs and other evangelical groups both embrace a prophetic schematic that denies the importance of the seven trumpets. The SDA Church teaches the seven trumpets happened centuries ago, whereas other evangelical groups teach the seven trumpets will occur after a pre-tribulation rapture.

Tragically, the end result in both cases is the same: Both groups conclude the seven trumpets of Revelation are personally insignificant. This is a horrible mistake. Let me say it again, "This is a horrible mistake! The rejection of Messiah at the first Advent and the bitter Millerite disappointment of prove that a failed prophetic schematic can be spiritually fatal.

Law the pdf sunday national

Several hundred million Christians are about to wake up and discover they have been misled by church leaders, and the irony is, there is no need for this. The SDA Position on the Seven Trumpets Before we investigate what the Bible has to say about the seven trumpets, please consider the historical interpretation which SDAs hold and vigorously defend: There are some variations on the timing of the seven trumpets among SDA scholars.

The positions stated here are taken from Thoughts on Daniel and Revelation, Edition, pages , , , Uriah Smith. Mervyn Maxwell. Trumpet 1: A.

National Sunday Law PDF

Trumpet 1: Burning hail falls. A third of the trees and all of the green grass burned up Revelation Trumpet 2: Something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, impacts an ocean — water turns to blood, kills sea creatures, sinks ships Revelation ,9 Trumpet 3: A blazing star impacts a continent — rivers and springs contaminated, people drink poisoned water and die Revelation ,11 Trumpet 4: Darkness — the light from the Sun, Moon, and stars is obscured Revelation Trumpet 5: An angel king and his demons are released from the Abyss — the wicked are tormented for five months Revelation Trumpet 6: A great war starts and Lucifer takes control of Earth — one third of mankind killed.

The answer is clear when one studies the early history of the church. IV, Washington D. To make the book of Revelation meet their prophetic needs, they researched history and invented "historical fulfillments. Perhaps the most notable change, in terms of timing, concerned the worship of the beast in Revelation and the seven last plagues. Since nothing occurred in , these events were moved into the future. The first four trumpets are four literal, physical judgments that will soon befall Earth.

The first four trumpets must be treated as literal descriptions of literal events for three reasons: If the first four trumpets were symbolic, God would have clearly defined the symbols with relevant texts. Notice the clarity of symbols defined with relevant texts. See Daniel ; ; ; Revelation ; , Consider this: The Bible says that people will die from drinking poisoned waters from rivers and springs during the third trumpet. Now, let us ask a few clarifying questions.

What are people if they are not literal people? What are rivers and springs if not literal rivers and springs? What is poisoned water if not poisoned water?

If the language of the third trumpet is symbolic as SDAs claim, where is the relevant text that defines these symbols? What about the fourth trumpet? If the Sun, Moon, and stars are not literal, what else could they be? What else could turn dark so that a third of the day and night is without light?

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