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(Warhammer 40,) - Wikipedia Space marine pdf codex - Codex: Space. Marines (6th Edition) - Warhammer 40k. marine&charset=utf-8 6/22/· Codex: Space Marines (6th Edition) is a Codex Isuzu 4jh1 Engine Specs File Type Pdf Computer Basics Absolute Beginners. emperor, and the greatest fighting force of the imperium. each space marine is a genetically enhanced super soldier space marines 6th edition codex pdf.

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Codex: Space Marines within 12" of me Warlord use his Leadership .. all of a Chapter's Assault Marines, Scouts and the entire 6th. Company should master. 6th Edition; Chaos Space Marine: Space marines codex 6th edition pdf -. Battle Company consists of six squads of Tactical Space. space . Codex Space Marines 6th Edition - [PDF] [EPUB] Codex Space Marines 6th Edition Download codex space marine.

The weapon of choice for your Bike or Terminator Captain, as Relentless will let you use this thing to its full potential every turn. Overall, not the strongest choice of the relics, but it is the cheapest so it might be an okay choice if you only have a few points left over after army building. However, one often overlooked use is fire support. A Note! Watch as big blobs of guys melt away Standard of the Emperor Ascendant - A standard that gives the usual benefits to friendly units in 12' using the same chapter tactics as the wielder.

In assault with a Servo-Harness, he gets 2 Power Fist attacks. It's a deal for downers. You pay almost as much as the Master of the Forge, who has an extra wound, an extra pip of stats, and unlocks Dreads as Heavy Support. Never take one, unless you have points to spare and nowhere else to spend them and how the flaming pants did you do that? Servitors - Who forgot about these? They help the MotF or Techmarine repair stuff add 1 to the Blessings roll for each one that has a servo-harness.

That's all you will use them for, because a 10pt Heavy Bolter or Multi-Melta and 20pt Plasma Cannon at BS3 is kinda wasteful, as they will need to be running around with their master repairing stuff. Stick the whole lot in a Land Raider or Thunderhawk Gunship you rich testicle-deprived bastard and laugh as the single gun your enemy's volley of Krak Missiles shot off repairs itself and shoots back.

Oh, and don't leave them alone, they will probably Mindlock and stand there soaking up bullets with their faces. Although the most expensive in terms of real money, point-wise it's one of your cheapest HQs. Armed with nothing but a Storm Bolter and a Searchlight for defense, with no transport capacity, it may not seem like an obvious choice.

In fact, the Damocles' true power lies in its incredible support abilities - it allows a single Orbital Bombardment in the same way as a Chapter Master but does not have the 'Orbital' rule so can use full BS if scatters , lets all teleporting units within 12" arrive without scatter, and allows the owning player to modify reserve rolls by plus or minus one.

In a Deep Strike-heavy army, with Terminators or such like, the Damocles is one of the best choices you can make. Also, don't download it. Converting a normal Rhino is easy enough. Special Characters[ edit ] Space Marine players also have access to a variety of special characters, most of which change how the whole army works.

They're all fairly expensive, and, as such, should be viewed as force multipliers rather than stand-alone units. Ultramarines Marneus Augustus Calgar - Aka "Big Papa Smurf", is the most expensive character in the codex, and also the most powerful in hand-to-hand, other than Lysander.

He can also swap-out his artificer armour for Terminator armor allowing him to deepstrike and even gets a free teleport homer, it should be noted he can still Sweeping Advance in terminator armour. He also has a power sword, you know, in case you don't want to hit at Initiative 1, but nobody ever uses it. It's worth noting that his powerfists are NOT specialist weapons, meaning that if some dickish Eldar player tries to disarm him to reduce his attacks, use the sword and a powerfist and keep on fisting that Avatar.

He also has the most useless rule that lets him take 3 Honour Guard units which is pointless outside of Apocalypse games, if only because no one has that many spare points lying around.

If you've noticed, pretty much his entire arsenal makes a mockery out of armor saves, even his ranged weapons. Also lets you choose to pass or fail any and all Morale checks great if someone charge your devastator centurions.

Still, the Papa is horribly expensive for what he does and the new codex upped his cost. That said he does have a few new bluffs to make up for the points raise, namely the fact he can allow you to use an Ultramarine power twice and you roll the warlord traits three times picking one. Alternate Take: Calgar should be seriously considered for any Ultramarine player out there. Trying to make a similar Chapter Master will end up costing about the same without Calgar's exceptional special rules.

Need to make sure that one marine stays on that objective last turn? Don't want to run off the board turn one since 2 marines died in shooting? Calgar stares them down and makes them stay. Pretend your Imperial Guard for a bit. Hell, his Honour Guard rule can even be used to take 3 minimum size squads and give them options to either attack the 3 man squad and ignore your scoring units or get assaulted by a fairly nasty cheap CC squad.

Using a combat doctrine twice allows for you to deal with threats you army may not have the best tools to deal with. Flying circus? Devastor doctrine twice. Fighting Tau? Assault doctrine twice. General fire fight? Pop tactical doctrine again. And you don't have to choose which you need until you use it the second time. Calgar relies on clever usage to be effective, just like he should be.

Yes, he's expensive, don't forget that, but he is costed right for all the buffs he gives your army unlike other special characters. Looking at you Khan One argument made against Calgar is his price, especially when you consider that you have to put him in a land raider for him to be effective. Rush them onto a contested objective late game, destroy the opposition, and then next turn hop back in the ride.

That objective is yours, whether they like it or not.

Edition 6th marine space pdf codex

Cato Sicarius - A somewhat expensive Captain. He's stuck with the crappy one-use Furious Charge warlord trait. Cato is pretty average in hand-to-hand combat.

But other than that, he's just got 4 power-weapon attacks. He's got a nice laundry list of utility, great durability, and fair combat prowess, though it comes at a fairly high price. By the way, his loadout is the default loadout for 4th Edition Captains, so he is somewhat nostalgic. And he is a glory whore, really. Varro Tigurius - Tigurius has gotten cheaper in the 6th edition codex while retaining the ability to re-roll reserves. He has access to all the BRB disciplines including the much vaunted Divination and can also re-roll psychic powers which makes him much more likely to get a set of powers that you want.

He's still your only option for Mastery Level 3 from the base Codex, and his exclusive Psychic Hood lets him re-roll failed psychic tests. If you make him your warlord then his warlord power also lets him grant one unit re-rolls to hit in the shooting phase once per game which isn't amazing, but always useful. It may be best to keep him behind the lines where he can place numerous blessings on your units and improve reserve rolls as his baseline stats are relatively fragile.

A good supporting HQ. Ortan Cassius - Special character Chaplain. If you're planning on taking a Chaplain in power armor or even terminator armor , it might as well be this guy, he's only 10 points more expensive than a stock Chaplain with Terminator, and a lot more survivable.

He and his unit now cause Fear thanks to his Warlord Trait. Make a squad with him and Calgar for some majority toughness dickery. Imperial Fists Darnath Lysander - One of the toughest kids on the block.

His utility has mostly been lost from the previous edition, and his price has been increased by 30 points, but the destructive power of Lysander is undeniable as very few units in the space marine codex can deliver strength 10 close combat attacks and take the equivalent in return. It is worth noting that Lysander also allows all friendly Imperial fists within 12" to reroll morale and pinning checks, including himself, which ensures your battleline remains intact and friendly units are always on hand to respond to any changes in the field.

Seriously though, his unwieldy initiative and 4 attacks mean he won't be clearing tarpits very well, but in a challenge, he has been proven one of the greatest character slayers in the game. He can go toe-to-toe with Calgar, Moloc, the Swarmlord, or Abaddon with a good chance of winning. Pedro Kantor - While Pedro boasts the same statline as a regular chapter master, his viability is assured in the numerous support special rules he carries, including the ability to treat sternguard veterans as scoring units, which allows these flexible units a greater degree of use on the field, holding down any objectives they might have cleared rather than waiting on a troops choice to move in and pick it up.

In terms of equipment, Pedro suffers from the lack of artificer armour and eternal warrior, making the character rather squishy in comparison to other special characters out there, this of course is evident in close combat, where his powerfist is more of a hindrance than a boon.

Alternatively, Pedro can sit just outside of close combat, as one of his main strengths is his storm bolter, a 4 shot weapon with an AP of 4 which allows Pedro to suppress light units and deal quite a few casualties to any unit in the open, this is topped by his orbital bombardment, allowing him to deliver a high explosive payload on any unit you see fit.

He has the stats of a regular chapter master with artificer armor, a combi-melta, a master-crafted power sword that gives him d3 bonus attacks on the charge, and the Imperium's Sword Warlord trait.

However he lacks an Orbital Bombardment. His wargear isn't anything special, but he's pretty point efficient for what you get. With the bonus from his sword he can get an ungodly seven attacks on a charge , meaning he's likely to eat most of a squad if someone doesn't accept his challenge.

His special rule Crusader of Wrath, grants him and all other space marines hatred and fleet for one assault phase, making for a truly horrific army-wide charge. Also, due to the rules for Hatred units already locked in close combat will not get the bonus from it when he uses Crusade of Wrath, so don't expect it to break your units out of tar pits they're already stuck in. Chaplian Grimaldus - Another Black Templars character.

He also has the Zealot rule and projects it to any Black Templar units within 6" of him.

Emperor's Champion - The third Black Templars character. He retains most of his original stats and has all the same wargear. He is no longer mandatory for lists over and isn't restricted to joining troop squads, but you no longer get to take vows. He always issues and accepts challenges, and can now choose between two stances when in challenges.

One makes the black sword a Relic Blade with unwieldy, the second makes him cause instant death on a roll of 6 to wound. Except that he comes with an AP2 sword and he doesn't need BS, he's not going to be shooting. He's a good choice if you want a substitute to handle an assault that the Captain is too busy to, but in most cases he's too expensive to justify that. You're only gonna take him if you wanna play a fluffy list. Shrike himself has Stealth and Infiltrate, but can only join Jump Infantry units before deploying.

A captain with the same wargear and artificer armor costs less, so you must carefully consider how valuable the special rules he lends to himself and one squad are.

For people who can think for more than 5 seconds: Shrike is about subversion and misdirection. He can infiltrate a Vanguard Vet squad near an opponents weak point in their front line or on a flank to wreak havoc in their back field.

He is not designed to go toe-to-toe with Abaddon. He exploits weakness in the true Raven Guard way. Go hunt some skimmers, Long Fangs or the like then cut back in and slaughter their front line from behind the moment your line connects. Shrike requires more prowess than a player starting out to use properly. On top of this, he makes assault marines troops so long as you have a squad of scouts in the army.

Not a bad choice, all things considered. Pair him with shrike if you want an entire army of fleet, troops ASM. Salamanders Vulkan He'Stan - Previously one of the most commonly used special characters, Vulkan is now Salamanders-only.

Use him to kill any and all infantry short of TEQ. He adds onto the "Chapter Tactics Salamanders " rule by making meltaguns, combi-meltas, and multi-meltas master-crafted. Enemy vehicle crews will shit themselves at the very thought of drop podding melta squads.

Taking him results in a chain reaction — he is only worth it if you really focus on melta weapons, which are short-ranged. Being short-ranged means your army is open to assault, thus you need combat units read: Assault Terminators yourself to defend.

So, Vulkan drastically changes the way you approach list building, even more so than the base Salamander Chapter Tactics rule does. There is also an exploit using RAW concerning the master-crafting of combi-meltas.

If you take He'Stan and Sternguard and give them combi-meltas then the special ammunition portion of the boltgun part of the combi-weapon is also technically master-crafted as well. He has some interesting tricks in close combat, and can do some Calgar-like morale magick with his squad.

For 40 points less than He'stan, he could be a rather good choice. Harath Shen Forgeworld : Master apothecary with artificer armor, plasma pistol and power weapon. For pts. While he has no invuln, you get to reroll Look Out Sir rolls. Of course, he is extremely expensive at both points and pounds, but he totally worth every point and penny.

Put him into Lucius pattern drop pod. Drop him in to the middle of enemy gunline. Laugh maniacally. Field him against Bjorn and make compensating jokes. Fire Warriors in melee - sure, his burning wrath could kill a lot of them, but at initiative of 1, which might be too late after he got haywired. White Scars Kor'Sarro Khan - This crazy Mongol adds onto "Chapter Tactics White Scars " by giving every bike squad and squad with a dedicated transport scout, which in turn allows for outflanking, allowing them to come in from the side of the table; additionally, he has Furious Charge, does not confer to is unit Other than that, he's an average Captain who can be upgraded to ride a bike whose power weapon just so happens to cause Instant Death on a roll of 6.

He's an awesome character for a White Scars army. Outflanking is also a gamble if you take Kor'Sarro Khan in a No Bikes Mech army, screwing up the outflank rolls can put all your scoring units on one side and anti-tank fire will make them all footslog. But goddammit, an outflanking squad of Assault Terminators in a Land Raider?

Hell yeah.

Pdf 6th space codex marine edition

If you take a character with the Chapter Tactics of one of the Forge World Chapters, you have to take them in a detachment of that Chapter. Most of these characters also have updated rules not yet discussed here. Commander Carab Culln: Same Guy, but back when he was first captain. Most of the same wargear, except his sword is a regular relic blade, and he doesn't gain extra attacks or a teleport homer, and doesn't give you apothecaries. Only advantage is saving 25 points.

Sevrin Loth: Chief librarian. Master lvl. Also, he can have honour guard, except better. Because of this, and since axes aren't specialist weapons, they get 4 ap2 attacks each on the charge, 5 for the champ.

Not so bad compared to assault termies now, eh? Remember, he can take from telepathy. Meaning invisibility. This guy will destroy in challenges. Astral Claws Lugft Huron: Chapter master, with terminator armor, heavy flamer, and AP2 lightning claw which forces opponent to reroll successful invulns.

He can come back from the dead But he is expensive as hell for pts. At pts. But why the heck would you do that when you can poison Terminator storm bolters or with the new pdf update a Bike Squads twin-linked bolters? Think synergy people! Ever poisoned a Wraithknight to death? It is great fun! And he's surprisingly cheap, assuming his shiny wargear - maybe, to compensate those schizophrenic combination of ranged-oriented and close-combat-oriented bits.

He also gives assault grenades and fearless to his squad and his "Sanctioned Fratricide" rule give his whole army the Preferred Enemy: space marines any non-chaos at a cost of making all of them desperate allies.

He is VERY expensive, but he has one of the few AP2 close combat weapons without unwieldy in a vanilla marine army, and with so many loyal marine armies around, preferred enemy could work more often than not. Can select D3 units of Tacticals, Devastators, Sternguard or himself and any Command Squad he has with him to Deep Strike via teleportation rolling 3 dice for scatter dropping the highest if the don't get a 'hit' Ahazra Redth: Mantis Warriors chief librarian.

He is not a monster-psyker, like Tigurius or Loth, and only cast 2 powers per turn. Which is beyond awesome. His Warlord trait also gives any squad he joins Night Vision and Interceptor, which is pretty cool. On top of this, epistolary librarian cost only 15 pts less than Redth.

Also, he is the only vanilla marine with access to divination psychic powers, meaning he can make his squad durable with mirage, and then make them shootier AND killier with prescience.

Take Redth and assault termies in Land Raider. Cast Mirage on LR and screen it with some tall, fast and cheap models allied Rough Riders comes in mind. His warlord trait is a swooping hawk-like blast attack when he deep strikes which he doesn't need to scatter around, but he is unlikely to be your warlord with Ld9.

He cost 30 pts. Plasma pistol and chainsword? What the fuck? Why points?

Warhammer 40k space marines codex pdf download

He got nerfed in the update, But then you realize that he has Stubborn and Tank Hunters Zhurukhal Androcles: Star Phantom captain with power fist and combi-melta. Though not as devastating as Vale, he is cheaper and actually have some decent wargear. Lias Issodon: Reasonable Marines Raptors chapter master. He has no Invulnerable save, but this is made up for with artificer armour and shroud. The main reason you would like to take him is his special abilities: he forces a -1 on enemy reserve rolls, can reroll his own reserves even successful ones , and he can cripple or even kill one enemy's MC or vehicle before the game even starts.

For some reason he doesn't have an invulnerable save or orbital bombardment, but he is relatively cheap, so shut up, camp his raptors in the covers and shoot people to death like reasonable marines should do. Tyberos The Red Wake: Carcharodons chapter master with terminator armor and two weapons, which could count as lightning claws or chainfists and allocate hits with either as he wants with 5 base attacks.

Tyberos himself is a terrifying murderous machine in close combat, when subject to RAGE! His warlord trait 'savage beyond reason' gives him and his unit preferred enemy infantry. He also allows you to take one LC-terminator unit as troops. And he costs less than a vanilla chapter master with two chainfists. Vaylund Cal: Iron Hands Sons of Medusa master of the forge with iron halo, thunder hammer, servo-harness, and monstrous creature stat line.

While being expensive as hell, he could put a lot of hurt in close combat and extremely hard to kill for his T6. For further expense, he can give devastator units in the army Toughness 5 for 50 points per squad, but don't expect it to save you against plasma firepower.

Also, despite being a vehicle he also becomes a Scoring unit if he's the only HQ left in the army and can also benefit from Ultramarines chapter tactics. For 15 pts. Troops[ edit ] Tactical Squad - Your bread-and-butter scoring units. These guys don't excel at anything but are decent at everything. Unfortunately, their balance tends to be their downfall as most other basic troops tend to be better at everything than they are see: Grey Hunters , and they're a tad expensive when fully kitted out.

Keep them at a distance if possible, but keep in mind to make effective use of your Rapid Fire range. Great for camping objectives as the one thing they're best at doing is staying alive for a good while. Always take Rhinos or Razorbacks with your Tacs, even if they're camping an objective. Metal Boxes make excellent walls and mobile shields for your troops. Take at least 2 squads of these guys in every army. Veteran Sergeant Haas Red Scorpions - An upgrade to a tactical squad sergeant, 60 points gives you a 2W, artificer armoured, Iron Halo sergeant with a power sword and a pistol.

That's not why you take him, however. Yes, that is every bit as awesome as it sounds, for a squad so reliant on "heavy" and "rapid fire" weapons. Allows for rhino hatch-firing shenanigans.

Important side note, if you plan to assault with these men remember they all have Bolt pistols, meaning you can unleash 10 bolts while still being able to assault. If you manage to run away and your enemy catches you, your Marines aren't auto-killed but continue the fight instead 6-th ed threw No Retreat rule away. Remember this! Next thing to remember, if your enemy does not catch you and you broke out in their close-combat phase, on your next turn which comes right up your Marines are auto-rallied as usual.

They also count as not having moved. In other words, rocket launcher in the face or 9" move you do get your 3" regroup move as well as usual 6". Loadouts for Tacs will usually consist of a few configurations: Flamer, Multi-Melta, and Combi-Weapon or Power Weapon on the Sergeant is the tried-and-true kit that threatens Infantry and Tanks both, and discourages either from getting close to your squad.

And finally, a Meltagun, Multi-Melta, and Combi-Melta on the Sarge, aka the Meltabunker, which decks your squad out for anti-tank duty. Thanks to the revised Combat Squads, you can leave the Multi-Melta in the Rhino to take shots from mobile protection a pseudo MM turret for your Rhino while your Sarge and Meltagunner can get out and hold an objective while discouraging enemy tanks from approaching them.

Never take a CC weapon, grav or plasma pistol on the Sergeant. They're worthless, and they scare nobody. Not Orks, not that nasty squad of Terminators, not the rampaging Khorne Berserkers. The key thing here is that the Damage phase comes after the Action phase. This means that each of your units will still get to be activated even if they have taken damage that may take them out of action.

To this end, Apocalypse movement trays will prove incredibly useful for moving your large infantry units and ensuring that all your models remain in coherency.

Warhammer 40,000/6th Edition Tactics/Space Marines

It completely reverse the advantage of being first player in a turn as you can now wait to see who's getting shot at before moving out. Ie : If your knight have taken 20 wounds already you can use him for a Glorious Charge because you already know he's dead anyway.

I wonder if Some Strategic Assets are going to cancel death or stuff like that. Datasheets Let's take a look at the Warhammer Apocalypse Datasheets now : Roughly the same than Warhammer 40k , Armor save are changed to remove the need to us AP everywhere. Attacks and Wounds are correlated to the squad size i think. I think it's a genius Idea that could have worked for warhammer as well.

This rule represent very well that a Lazcanon while super duper powerfull is not handy to target Infantry.