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This book includes practical materials of Business English initially designed for students of the Institute of International Management of Tomsk This book uses a variety of learning strategies to introduce new words. 1. New International Business. English. Leo Jones. WORDLIST pobočka, filiálka business associate /'b zn s 's t/ obchodní partner business card. /'b zn s k: d/. This. New International Business English. publication was reported as an alleged copyright violation. Publishers may not upload content protected by copyright.

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TESTS WITH ANSWERS New International Business English Test UNIT 1 Face to face Vocabulary EXCERCISE 1 Choose the best word to fit the gap. EX 2. 1 Would you mind. 6 Do you mind if. 2 I'm sorry but. 7 Sure, go ahead. 3 Would you like a hand. 8 Do you think I could. 4 That's very kind of you. 9 I'm afraid. Test. New International Business English. UNIT 10 Marketing. Vocabulary. EXERCISE 1 Choose the best word to fit the gap. 1 The company will be a new range.

Play the recording. Students will hear five extracts from some typical interactions that might be overheard in an international company. Students should note down their answers to the questions in their notebooks, rather than rely on their memories. Point out that they will have to guess some of the answers, basing their guesses on their own interpretation of the situations. For example, no one in the first extract actually says I am a sales rep you have to work this out from what they say. There are no definitive right answers to this exercise: describing relationships can only be done in an impressionistic way so students are asked here to form impressions as they make notes.

You have to use your own ideas.

New International Business English Student's Book

But as you get to know someone better, you learn what subjects are suitable for small talk with that person. If you have a video camera available, all or part of the activity can be recorded on video for playback and analysis later.

An audio recorder with a good microphone can be used in the same way. Before they begin the role-play, students should work in pairs and note down some suitable subjects that they like to talk about with people they dont know terribly well. Ask everyone to look at the expressions in the speech balloons, and play the recording, which demonstrates how the role-play might go. Thats pretty important to know. Ted Douglas is the chief export clerk. Susanna: Ah, right. Mr Allen: ErBarry, youre going to be working with Susanna very closely here.

Mr Allen: AnderI think its very important, Barry, that youerget together with Susanna over there and try to work out thethe letter filing system here. Barry: Uhuh. Mr Allen: Now, as you can see, weveeras you can see on your fact sheet here weve got it marked Urgent and Non-urgent. You go to the airport.

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Mr Green: OK. Terminal 2. Martin: Terminal 2. Mr Green: Pick up Glenn Donaldson. Martin: Glenn Donaldson. Mr Green: Now I want you to write this down. Martin: Yeah, Ive got it down. Mr Green: Have you got that? Martin: Yeah, Ive got it.

Mr Green: Right, off you go. Get back here as soon as you can. Martin: Yes, sir, Mr Green. Mr Green: Thank you. Geoff: Yes, sure.

English new international pdf business

Mandy: What do you think? Geoff: Aha, yes, well youve put a lot of work into it, thatsthats very good. Im not too happy about this border round hereum Geoff: Maybe you could try another go at that. Mandy: I will, Ill try again. Mrs Lang: Oh, yes, Tony, of course.

Tony: I wondered if I might have next Friday off. My sisters arriving from SwitzerlanderId like to meet her at the airport. Mrs Lang: Oh, Fridays rather difficult. What time does she arrive? Tony: Well, the plane gets in at four pm. Mrs Lang: Oh, I know, Tony!

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Why dont you go off just after lunch, then youll manage to get to the airport on time to meet her at four. A bonus B batch C bill D salary 6 H e was asked to a thorough review of the health and safety provision within the organisation. A quick B brief C essential D rough 8 As a of the review, they decided to close the factory down. A conclusion B finding C purpose D result 9 There is a danger that the new regulations will be misunderstood by many staff.

A unnecessary B bad C unfortunate D grave 10 The consultants the importance of managers involving staff in the issue of timekeeping. Underline each mistake and put the correct punctuation mark at the end of the line. The first one has been done as an example. Underline the word next to where it should be and put the correct punctuation mark at the end of the line. You also asked for my views on how to deal with unions I mentioned unions.

She said the union 2 would always insist on the break being left as it is. In conclusion it 3 seems important to draw the Boards attention to possible difficulties 4 which the installation of clocking in machines could bring.

A section B sector C area D part 2 She took the job there because they provide good child-care. A equipment B conveniences C schemes D facilities 3 Siemens is a highly leader in the electrics and electronics market. A innovative B reliable C extensive D traditional 4 M any employees are eager to try new ideas. A in B up C on D out 5 Some companies have all their secretarial posts. A abandoned B collapsed C abolished D failed 6 O ver the decades, the name of Siemens has become with progress.

A symptomatic B synonymous C systematic D synthetic 7 The development of new technologies means that there are fewer jobs for manual. A workforce B staff C employees D workers 8 downloading in can reduce unit costs. A bulk B amounts C volume D weight 9 If the workplace is a happy place, then staff is usually low.

A structure B turnover C changes D takeover 10 The Department is responsible for sending out invoices. A primary sector 3 Vehicle manufacturing has been an important industry in Western Europe B secondary sector for many years.

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C tertiary sector 4 The discovery of oil in the Far East resulted in a rapid increase in the standard of living for many people. A administration B downloading 2 In charge of the welfare of employees. F production G accounts 5 Provides office services, e.

A supplies B suppliers C supporters D supplements 2 Unfortunately the recent takeover will result in a number of at the plant. A rationalisations B dealings C redundancies D exchanges 3 You will see from the catalogue that our prices are very. A competitive B competent C completed D compatible 4 The price of the catalogue is against your first order. A removable B replaceable C rechargeable D refundable 5 All items in this range will be from 27 April. A suitable B portable C available D accessible 6 The assignment arrives at the warehouse on M onday and will be immediately.

A unloaded B emptied C undone D unsent 7 Unfortunately it is to keep the complete range in stock. A insufficient B uneconomic C uncertain D invalid 8 After rationalisation the company was and its order book was full.

New International Business English, Student's Book PDF.pdf

A in good time B in good shape C in good spirits D in good health 9 Artemis gives us a good price on this because they are our suppliers. A single B one C individual D sole 10 I would be grateful if you could let me have a detailed , including prices and delivery terms.

There are two extra definitions you do not need to use. B This document is a receipt for goods loaded on a ship. G This price covers the ex-works cost of goods, but not the insurance and freight charges. There are three words you do not need to use. Thank you for your 1 enquiry about our AntiSpy SP computer screen protector. This particular model is available from 2 at this time. Please let me know by fax or e-mail if you would like to 5 an order at these prices as this offer will end on 31 M arch.

A downfall B downgrade C downturn D downward 2 It is important for many small businesses to improve their credit and ensure customers pay on time. A limit B control C risk D term 3 All letters of credit should include an expiry date when payment is. A called B complete C ready D due 4 We apologise for the difficulty we are experiencing in paying your account. A remittance B remission C remains D remuneration 6 The credit terms that payment should be on presentation of the goods.

A take on B take down C take up D take in 8 If you do not pay your bill within the next few days we will have to consider taking legal. A prosecution B action C instruction D presentation 9 H e was offered a bank when the company experienced financial problems.

A payment B credit C overdraft D debt 10 If customers fail to their bills you can be left with a serious cash-flow problem. A Fastest method of sending money abroad. B A cheque drawn on an overseas bank.

Dear M r Becker, 1 our records your account is still overdue. We would like to remind you that our 2 of business are 30 days net. We would prefer not to take this course. M ay we ask you to settle your account by 5. I am enclosing a copy of your invoice for your information. Yours sincerely, M rs Jones terms in the case of for example now according to policy instead of return Visit the New International Business English website: www.

A injured B hurt C destroyed D damaged 2 All the cars in this particular range were recalled because of a design. A fault B mistake C error D slip 3 The customer complained that the assistant he spoke to had been most.

A helpless B incapable C unhelpful D impotent 4 There was a in the order at the factory and the wrong package was sent. A mix-up B mixture C mixing D mixed-up 5 The delay in despatch was due to circumstances our control.

A above B beyond C under D in 6 There was a serious staff at the time so several shipments were held up. A shortage B reduction C decrease D contraction 7 The complaint about the cost of the item was soon out.

A dealt B sorted C taken D cleared 8 As we were entirely responsible for the confusion your account has been with the full amount. A debited B added C given D credited 9 The poor quality of the products was on inadequate supervision of the workforce. A caused B blamed C explained D put 10 The customer demanded a when he discovered the equipment was missing. There was a 2 fault that day which resulted in a number of errors being made.

Unfortunately, your order was one of those 3. This error has now been 4 and you should be receiving the goods in the next few days. We are very sorry about the 5 caused.

Yours sincerely, Jill South Customer Care O fficer electric affected put right inconvenience repaired confusion inefficient computer Visit the New International Business English website: www. A book B reconfirm C register D arrange 2 Their flight was delayed due to engine.

Construction commenced in November , and the terminal was inaugurated on 20 January after overshooting the previous deadlines of July and August The terminal is an L-shaped structure, containing six levels.

It contains check-in counters that utilise CUTE Common User Terminal Equipment technology, and has 78 immigration counters and twelve customs counters. The terminal is equipped with 18 aerobridges [36] and a further 57 remote parking bays. There are plans to construct an foot bronze statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in the integrated terminal complex. In the financial year from April to March , Kolkata airport served There has been a 25 per cent growth in international cargo movement to and from Kolkata airport and a 15 percent increase in outward transit.

Automobile parts accounted for the bulk of the growth in the movement of cargo from the city to other countries. The CPC has an area of Similarly the volume of import cargo increased from 16, tonnes to 18, tonnes, increasing over ten per cent during the same period.

However, in —09 the total volume of cargo handled by the airport declined by 4. On 3 June , Singapore Airlines operated the Airport's first A aircraft from Singapore to Kolkata, enhancing the weekly seat capacity. AAI officials have announced that they are prepared to execute Phase 2 of the Kolkata Airport expansion plan. This primarily involves around the construction of a meter ATC Tower to provide controllers with a better view of the planes at the new terminal.

The building will be accompanied by a 4-storey office complex. Kolkata airport director Atul Dixit confirmed that the next phase of expansion plan is under way, as the airport is on the verge of reaching its capacity of 20 million passengers annually.