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For a more technically comprehensive format, please use IPC/WHMA-A,. Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies. Table of . What Changed. When the final redlined document was completed, 40% of the document had changed between Revision B and. Revision C. IPC has a video. Home; IPC AC Secure PDF. ℹ IPC/WHMA-AC was developed by IPC and the Wire Harness Manufacturers Association (WHMA).

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IPC/WHMA-A Requirements and. Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness. Assemblies. Developed by the IPC Task Group (f) of the. Why earn IPC/WHMA-A certification? Certification in this industry-approved and traceable program demonstrates your commitment to continuous. IPC/WHMA-A PDF Download – Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies. IPC is releasing the newly updated revision C of IPC/WHMA-A, Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies. Providing the electronics industry with the most.

Shouldn't they both be minimum times? This test must continue for some minimum time. The same maximum-allowable current threshold is used throughout the test time. Longer times have better chances of detecting faults. The Insulation Resistance test IR detects a more consistent current flow between insulated conductors, stated as a resistance, by factoring in the applied voltage. When the voltage is first applied, the current usually peaks and then, due to humidity that might be dried out by the energy of applied voltage and something called "dielectric absorption", it trends lower over time.

Is there a difference of workmanship grades verses online print grades?


There is no difference. You manually enter if they are Competent or non-Competent. How can you change your email address? Emails can only be changed by IPC staff. Can a student review a passed or failed exam? No, the exams may not be reviewed after the student submits the exam for grading.

The exam for certification is not intended as a learning experience. The exam questions and answer must be protected so that the exam integrity and security is maintained. IPC will be enacting further security features for the exams in the coming months.

IPC-WHMA-A Rev C Certified Hands-on (Practical) - Advanced Rework Technology Ltd.

Do you have a user guide? Yes, click on the Help tab and you will see it in the drop-down menu. Am I required to do all modules?

Is there a practice test for the EDGE 2. No, there are no practice tests for the EDGE 2. Please use the FAQ and other help resources. Will the individual certificates be available for the instructor or company to download? No, the certificate is only downloadable by the individual who completed the certification exams. If the Company or instructor desires a copy of the certificate, the request should be made to the individual who holds the certificate. Instructors may view and even download class records from the certification portal enrollment website.

Can you do current revision or previous revision for CIS? A CIS may be trained in any revision as required by the company or contract. Not all past revisions will be available when the system goes live on August 27th The IPC Team will continue uploading older revisions until all available revisions are activated for the CIS candidates. Can you do current revision or previous revision for CIT?

Are we going to get updated training materials? Shown as CIT resources. All trainers who completed certification tests before April 22, will be enrolled gradually. Are the instructions sent to the student? The student will receive an email about their class. If you cut the time short for your students, their exams will be closed, and an attempt will be lost.

Therefore, it is of the outermost importance to avoid cutting students in the middle of an exam. Students will see a timer 30 minutes before their exam gets closed. Otherwise the timer is not shown.

What if my student fails? Any candidate who fails the initial attempt of any module will have the option of 1, free retest. Third party uses for my home address? No, it is for personal information, so we can validate you.

Just for our internal use only. Language available? If you select a language, the instructions will be in English, however, the exams will be in the language you select and the content. Will history in the old system be available in the new system? The old legacy system will not be going away, if students have started in the old system, they will still be available.

At some point next year, we will be shutting down the old system completely and the data will be migrated to the new system. So that is why we have two systems.

IPC/WHMA-A-620 PDF Download – Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies

Existing classes are in the old and the new classes are in the new system. When I download the Essentials course, why are there so many files to choose from? Which one do I download out? Look for the largest file and then download that file. Does the student have to update their profile? Yes, that will be required to gain your certification, along with the Mandatory and the prerequisites.

Are we able to set the times for greater than 1 day on testing? There are times where questions and classes take longer than expected and the test may not happen until the next morning? Times should not be set for any time the student will not be in the room with the instructor.

Does IPC provide a record of some sort documenting that the student has the certificate? We have some requirements regarding training records per ISO.? If the student does not want to to print the certificate, they are not required to do so. Do we still sign off module 5 on the J-STD when the student take module 1 thru 4?

If the student needs module 5, the grades for modules will populate module 5 exam score automatically. The hands-on for module 5 will still need to be completed and entered by the instructor.

620 pdf ipc

The system does not auto populate the hands-on. The hands-on must still be completed by the student, just as it is required now.

IF the student completes modules exams, the written exam grade will auto populate. The hands on must be completed for module 5 and entered by the instructor. Meaning, student actions trigger updates. He or she must go to the course, module 1 and download the updated certificate. Note that downloading the certificate from the dashboard is not enough, it must be from the course. Then all the info will propagate to the proper places.

How will the CIS extension work in the new system? Do we still need the CIS extension form? The process for CIS extensions is not changing, the only difference now is that you have to scan and email extension forms to certification ipc. The CIT should complete the extension form and provide a copy to the CIS and save another copy in their training records and email a copy of the form to us at Certification ipc.

Users will have the same credentials but will need to log in separately, or twice for the instructor. Do I need to keep the class open in the portal?

The end date is no longer relevant to the opening and closing of the exams. The end date as entered by the instructor is informational only. When a student is enrolled in a class, all modules are available for that student to use until the expiration date of the certificate as determined by the completion of the mandatory module. If someone fails, in order for their free retest to available, we have to push out the end date of the class, correct?

No, the end date does not need to be modified. The end date is simply for IPC information, so we will know and can have a paper trail of when the training was intended to take place. If a student fails a module, the 1, free retest remains available to that student. If a situation as just described happens one passes the other fails , the student who passed can print the certificate and move along.

Nothing must be submitted and no dates have to be amended. For the student who did not pass one exam, after the day wait has elapsed, the instructor can simply open the failed exam for the student to attempt the retest. If the student passes, then he printed his certificate and moves on. If he fails again, the system deactivates access to the exams and the student must be enrolled in a new class at full fee for any further exam attempts.

What are the new fees?

Please refer to the policies and procedures. Does this mean it will now be treated exactly at the CIT Space cert is?

Yes, this is correct. The Moodle programming system handles access a little differently than the older system. For add-ons like the Space module for J and , these will be a separate certificate. They will, however be a separate course fee. This seems backwards since the closer the spacing, the lower the voltage a connector is likely to be able to withstand.

It is true that smaller gaps between isolated conductors result in lower breakdown voltages. They also increase the chance of an intermittent or latent defect in the form of a short. In Class 2, just as in Class 3, small creepage distances can justify a reduction in the voltage applied for the high voltage test.

The A requirements specify that electrical tests should operate at such levels as not to degrade the electrical properties. However, the need for a good HV test increases as the spacing gets smaller. The costs of the testing should not increase when the voltage needs to be reduced. As a guide, you can see what problems you might encounter with your particular creepage distance using the Arc Gap Calculator.

When testing at VDC the gap must be larger than. At VDC the gap must be larger than. These are rather small creepage distances. The HV test voltage is most likely problematic for very small connectors in Class 3 applications.

I have insulated wires or connectors with a specified maximum working voltage that is lower than those required in the A test specification. Will these test voltages damage them? Am I caught in a double bind where these required test voltages are considered destructive and render the assembly unusable for service?

620 pdf ipc

This question most often arises from those doing work under military contracts where interpretations for different requirements may conflict.

If you have a reason to believe that testing will degrade your assembly, then you may want to perform some confirming tests and make use of a provision of the test section that requires electrical tests on good assemblies to not degrade reliability. We are not aware of any research or proof that the insulation used in good assemblies can be degraded by high voltage during brief applications in the IR and DWV tests.