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The book on “Professional Spoken English for Hotel & Restaurant Workers”, 1st edition consists of the subjects that will enable the readers to learn English for. Everyday English for Hospitality Professionals helps future workers in the hotel and restaurant Be My Guest Student's Book: English for the Hotel Industry. An English conversation book, PDF formatted, for hotel and resort staff which focuses on common expressions, functions, situations and vocabulary used in the.

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Working in the hotel industry you will come across many types of travellers. Chances are, plenty of your guests will speak English. Whether your job is to take reservations or clean the hotel rooms, these pages can help you learn important words and expressions to use on the job in. English for Hotels is designed to help train the following hotel staff: hotel management, hotel reception, concierges, There are no books or CDs in this course. English for hotel staff Identificar el vocabulario relacionado al tema RELATED TO HOTEL STAFF BOOK VERB arrange to stay in a hotel;

Written in Easy English that anyone with very basic English knowledge can read and follow. Course Summary Hospitality Introduction to Hospitality has been evaluated and recommended for up to 3 semester hours and may be transferred to over 2, colleges and universities. Every staff bows as you enter. How can I help you today? Ways to prepare and cook food basic English lesson What will I learn from the English lesson different ways of food preparation? The first part of lesson you will learn the vocabulary for different ways of food preparation and ways cooking.

Mobile and tablet ready Our reponsive design works on any size device.

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Certification Ready Includes Hotels and Tourism English certificate that students can download and print out. A built-in QR code is used to help ID verification.

Teachers can customize the certificates with their own school names and classes. Partner with Us Inquire about our cobranding options, partnerships, etc. Certification Included Students who complete the course will get a printable certificate they can share with friends and potential employers. What is the pedagogy behind this? We only have bed and breakfast or room only options. You seem to have just booked the room, but we can certainly add breakfast to your bill. Rich: To my bill? Could you tell us where our rooms are?

Jack: Certainly sir.

At a hotel (guest – receptionist) – Sentences in English

The lift is broken but it will be fixed by Monday. Like in my hotel last weekend!

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In our practice conversations, the receptionist said How can I help you? Rich: This is when you tell them that you have a reservation or booking at the hotel. In the conversations, I said I have a booking for tonight or I have a reservation for tonight Jack: You might be asked a question like what name is it under?

You just need to give your name or the name of the person that booked the hotel. Some of the language can be quite tricky. Rich: You can have a single room, a double room, twin beds, double beds, you might need a triple room or a cot if you have family, you might have an en-suite … Jack: OK, I think single room and double room are quite obvious.

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A single room is for one person and a double room is for two. Rich: Then it gets a bit more complicated.

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Double rooms often have a double bed which is one bed for two people, or twin beds, which are two separate single beds. Jack: And if you are a family you might have a double bed and a single bed for a child or a cot which is what a baby sleeps in. Rich: And then there are meals. I think the main types are room only, bed and breakfast, half board, full board and all-inclusive. Jack: Room only means no food, you just pay for your room. This is sometimes called self-catering, but this is more common in apartments where you have cooking facilities.

In hotels, if you have room only you have to go to restaurants or buy your food separately in the hotel. Rich: Bed and breakfast is easy.

You get your room and breakfast. Jack: Then we get this word board. Board means the meals that are given to you by the hotel and are included in the price you pay. Rich: You get half board, which is usually breakfast and dinner and full board which is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Jack: And finally you have all-inclusive. This is usually for longer holidays and it is when everything including drinks are free at the hotel. Jack: And if you want to learn more hotel language, watch an episode of the English Game. It sees Shuna from Japan against Claudio from Italy. Jack: I think a lot of our listeners from Minato in Tokyo, Japan will be cheering on Shuna in that episode. Rich: Yes, a big hello from us if you are listening in Tokyo!

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We saw that we had lots of listeners from there last week! Rich: Tell us where the hotel was, how long you stayed, what type of room was it, what type of board did you have, what you could see from the windows and why it was a bad stay.

Jack: Write your hotel reviews in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Hotel guests may ask for WiFi password at the reception desk. The multi-millionaire is staying at the royal suite. People a male worker at a hotel who carries luggage for guests.

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Please, let the bellboy carry the bags for you. Don't worry about the car! The valet will park it for you. Verbs To reserve a hotel room. I want to book a hotel room for next Friday. Let's check in at this hotel before visiting museums.