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With the DC ADVENTURES roleplaying game, you can create your own super hero and take DC ADVENTURES is built on the MUTANTS & MASTERMINDS. The DC ADVENTURES: HEROLS HANDBOOK provides the rules to play games set in the DC Universe. The HEROES & VILLAINS books gives you. DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest RPG City of Heroes RPG Quickplay Pack · Dresden Files RPG Casefile: Neutral Grounds · Shadowrun: Quick-Start Rules (Free RPG Day ) · D6 Space.

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folks at DC Comics; to Ray Winninger for getting the ball rolling; and to all the fans for In the DC ADVENTURES RPG, you take on the role of a super hero. DC Universe RPG - Core Book - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Fight alongside the Justice League. Battle against the Joker. Match wits. DC Universe RPG - Narrator_s Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online . Narrator's Book - Includes all the information and rules a game master needs.

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For example, if you try to hit someone, that person can dodge out of the way. She would roll her dodge skill and you would roll your brawling or martial arts skill.

Her roll opposes yours, which means the number of successes she rolls becomes the new difficulty number. Attributes Rated on a scale of 1D to 5D, with 2D being average for a normal adult human. Reflexes: this attribute represents the character's balance, limberness, gross motor abilities, and reaction time.

Characters who can climb well or walk a tightrope have high Reflexes.

DC Universe Roleplaying Game

Roughly analgous to MSH Fighting. Coordination: this attribute is a measure of fine motor skills, manual dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. A character who is a great shot or can pick a lock easily has a high Coordination. Roughly analagous to MSH Agility.

DC Universe - super hero role playing - Wayne's Books RPG Reference

Physique: Raw physical strength and endurance are covered by this attribute. Knowledge: This attribute deals with the acquisition of knowledge, including the capacity to learn. Skills that primarily involve information-gathering and recollection with secondary emphasis on application are governed by this attribute. Roughly analagous to MSH Reason. Perception: This attribute measures mental quickness, attention to detail, and creativity.

Skills under this attribute essentially relate to imaginative application of information and awareness of surroundings. Roughly analagous to MSH Intuition.

Presence: This attribute describes emotional strength, personality, and physical attractiveness. Skills needed in interpersonal communication are governed by this attribute. Enhancements and limitations are also included in a revised form. JLA Sourcebook — The members of the JLA are profiled alongside their most notorious villains, and the supplement also includes stats for their headquarters and the members of Young Justice. This page release also features data on World War II, plus stats for the teams most lethal foes.

Magic Handbook — If you want to play a sorcerer, this guide walks you through all the necessary steps. The various arcane forces are examined in detail, as well as those who manipulate them. Over 60 heroic and villainous magic users are included in this page supplement.

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The Daily Planet Guide to Metropolis — Includes all the best restaurants, hotels, laboratories and other businesses in Metropolis, the adopted city of Superman. Written as a travel guide featuring narration by those who live and work in the city. This page supplement also has more write-ups for notable residents. The Daily Planet Guide to Gotham — Written as a travel guide by the Daily Planet newspaper, this clever supplement details a massive number of locations in Gotham City.

Descriptions of locations are provided by characters who live and work in Gotham City. Hero Dice — Hits and misses can be recognized by the color of the dice.

DC Universe RPG (WEG) -- Basics & Characters

One aims to open the White House doors to the nation's criminal refuse. Another is a target for assassination.

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Can the Watchmen hunt down the villains, or will garbage rule the world's greatest nation? ISBN download at site Blitzkrieg "Amidst a vile axis cloud which threatens to suffocate the free world with its contemptible stench flies a group of patriots dedicated to the perseverance of democracy. Enlisted on a top-secret assignment by Winston Churchill, the valiant blackhawk squadron , the allies' greatest force against the oppressive axis scourge, must infiltrate a hidden nazi outpost and defend allied leaders from a deadly military aSSault.

Against a darkening WWII backdrop, the fates of Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, DeGaulle, and the security of all allied nations rest in the hands of these seven courageous men.

Jeff O'Hare It's happening now. And mankind's only hope is the outcast group of heroes known as The Doom Patrol. It contains a full-length, pull out adventure, as well as a page Sourcebook by Doom Patrol co-creator and current author Paul Kupperberg.

You'll find schematics and descriptions of the Doom Patrol's new headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. It's everything you ever wanted to know about the old and new Doom Patrol, the heroes dedicated to protecting the world that shuns them! Then out of the stillness In the serene isolated lands of Themyscira, discord burns fiercely, seeking to rekindle the sparks of prejudice and force the people of Earth to ever remain In a new page sourcebook, they open up the whole world of the the greek gods to you, with histories of Olympus and Themyscira, background on the gods of Olympus Zeus, Hera, Heracles, Hermes, etc.

Interior art by George Perez. Why is he different? How is his plan different from mine?

The key to what? He said that he didn't want us, he wanted New York. My God, what does he want from New York? First, a maniac starts randomly shooting at commuters on a subway platform. After stopping this killer, Flash is informed by the police of a terrorist bomb threat in the Wall Street area. Flash is caught in a race against time as he attempts to untravel a web of mystery and intrigue.

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Determined to live up to the heroic legacy passed down to him by his predecessors, Flash must uncover the truth in time to prevent a disaster which will transform New York into a.