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Part Number: CSKSZ Manufacturer: Cirrus Logic Description: Audio Amplifiers Stereo Digital Volume Control Download Data Sheet Docket: CS . CS datasheet,CS Pinout Pin out,CS application circuits can be of CS,If you need more pinouts please download CS's pdf datasheet. The CS is a complete stereo digital volume control designed specifically for audio systems. It features a bit serial interface that controls two independent.

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The CS is a complete stereo digital volume control designed specifically for audio systems. It features a bit serial interface that controls. CS datasheet, CS pdf, CS data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Cirrus Stereo Digital Volume Control, Download CS datasheet from. CSKP datasheet, CSKP pdf, CSKP data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, Stereo digital volume control, Download CSKP datasheet from.

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Daisy Chaining Digitally controlled, multi-channel audio systems often result in complex address decoding which complicates PCB layout.

In this manner multiple CSs can be loaded from a single serial data line without complex addressing schemes. Daisy Chaining Diagram DS82F1 7 8 Changing the Analog Output Level Care has been taken to ensure that there are no audible artifacts in the analog output signal during volume control changes.

A volume control change occurs after chip select latches the data in the volume control data register and two zero crossings are detected. If two zero crossings are not detected within 18 ms of the change in CS, the new volume setting is implemented. The zero crossing enable pin, ZCEN, enables or disables the zero crossing detection function as well as the 18 ms time-out circuit.

Analog Inputs and Outputs Input Code Left or Right Channel The maximum input level is limited by the common-mode voltage capabilities of the internal opamp. Signals approaching the analog supply voltages may be applied to the AIN pins if the internal attenuator limits the output signal to within 1. As with any adjustable gain stage the affects of a DC offset at the input must be considered. Capacitively coupling the analog inputs may be required to prevent clicks and pops which occur with gain changes if an appreciable offset is present.

A6Specs - Assignment 6 CS3310 Spring 2012 due Friday April...

The ESD protection diodes on the analog input pins are reversed biased during normal operation. A characteristic of a reversed biased diode is a non-linear voltage dependent capacitance which can be 8 DS82F1 9 a source of distortion if the source impedance becomes appreciable relative to the reversed biased diode capacitance. Source impedances equal to or less than ohms will avoid this distortion mechanism for the CS Mute Muting can be achieved by either hardware or software control.

Hardware muting is accomplished via the MUTE input and software muting by loading all zeroes into the volume control register.

Pdf download cs3310

The mute is activated with a zero crossing detection independent of the zero cross enable status or an 18 ms timeout to eliminate any audible clicks or pops. MUTE also initiates an internal offset calibration. A software mute is implemented by loading all zeroes into the volume control register. The internal amplifier is set to unity gain with the amplifier input connected to the maximum attenuation point of the resistive divider, AGND.

A soft mute can be accomplished by sequentially ramping down from the current volume control setting to the maximum attenuation code of all zeroes. This sequence sets the serial shift register and the volume control register to zero and performs an offset calibration.

Stereo Digital Volume Control

The device should remain muted until the supply voltages have settled to ensure an accurate calibration. The offset calibration minimizes internally generated offsets and ignores offsets applied to the AIN pins.

External clocks are not required for calibration. DS82F1 9 10 PCB Layout, Grounding and Power Supply Decoupling As with any high performance device which contains both analog and digital circuitry, careful attention to power supply and grounding arrangements must be observed to optimize performance.

Decoupling capacitors should be located as near to the CS as possible, see Figure 5. Figure 5. The CS should reside in the analog region as shown in Figure 5. Care should be taken to ensure that there is minimal resistance in the analog ground leads to the device to prevent any change in the defined attenuation settings.

Extensive use of ground plane fill on both the analog and digital sections of the circuit board will yield large reductions in radiated noise effects. Performance Plots Figure 8 displays the CS frequency response with a 3. Figure 9 shows the frequency response with a Vp output. The System One panel settings are identical to the previous test.

Both channels were set to unity gain. The right channel input is grounded with the left channel driven to 2. The FFT plot is of the right channel output. This indicates channel to channel crosstalk of db at 20 khz. The output was set to 2 Vrms. Frequency for 1, 2 and 2. The output load was open circuit. The Audio Precision System One was bandlimited to 22 khz.

Pdf download cs3310

DS82F1 11 AMP k 4. Frequency Output levels of 1, 2, and 2.

Pdf download cs3310

Positive analog supply. Negative analog supply. Nominally -5 volts. Analog ground reference for the left channel. It was running before I even had the cord pulled all the way out.

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CS3310-KP datasheet

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Pdf download cs3310

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CSKP Datasheet pdf - Stereo digital volume control - Cirrus Logic

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