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Downloads high resolution covers for Kindle editions from site Creates a Hierarchy of Author Book Counts designed for perusing complex Co-Author. Select the book whose cover you want to design and click on the "Edit metadata" button in the main toolbar. A new window opens. In the cover. Edit metadata individually: Allows you to edit the metadata of books one-by-one with the option of fetching metadata, including covers, from the Internet.

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If you're an avid reader and would like to update your e-books with beautiful book covers, here's a step-by-step guide to add a book cover in. OH NO! Somehow I managed to remove the covers of all books in my Calibre Library. I subsequently tried running Quality Check to find books. Drag the book onto the Calibre software UI. It will get imported. The cover will be updated in your Kindle device. If its not updated try restarting.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. The cover will be updated in your Kindle device. If its not updated try restarting the device. It will work after some time. The steps for epub files are similar, you will just need to copy the file to a different directory.

Choose the toolbars and menus where you want the plugin option to appear. Locate EpubMerge and highlight the plugin. Again, click on Install in the lower right-hand corner. And again, choose the toolbars and menus where you want the plugin option to appear. To use the plugins, click on the book you want to merge or split in your library, select the correct plugin in the menu bar, and choose the sections you either want to split or merge.

Well, Calibre makes this possible. Find the title you want to read and—if required—enter your paywall login credentials. Next, in the right-hand panel, mark the checkbox next to Schedule for download and hit Download Now. Lastly, you need to force Calibre to send your newly downloaded magazine issues to your e-reader.

Note: For automatic downloading to work, Calibre needs to be running on your computer. Turn Calibre Into a Sharing Server If several members of your household have a Kindle, or if you own multiple Kindles, continually syncing your data manually quickly becomes tedious.

How To Organize Your Ebook Collection with Calibre

Instead, why not turn your Calibre app into a content server? By doing so, you can make your entire Calibre library available on all your devices.

You can even upload new content to your Calibre library from those devices. The process is remarkably straightforward. Your computer might prompt you to allow the app through its firewall. Make a note of them. How do I make it happen? Guide to programs, online editors and getting feedback If you set out to design your cover by yourself, you can either use a picture editor software, like Photoshop or its free alternative, Gimp, or go online and try a book cover designer app, like Canva.

They save you most of the work, but you lose out on customizing and fine tuning your cover. It goes without saying that the same applies for your cover picture: if you are trying to fit a small picture onto a large cover, do not just drag the corners to make it bigger. Our advice is that you only use a program like this if you know what you are doing. You want to avoid anything looking like this image, unless your book is about 80s video games. There are several crowdsourcing websites: you ask your question and collect the answers from nice strangers.

PickFu , for example, is specified for book covers: if you would like to know whether you are as good a designer as a writer, you just upload your cover to test it. They can also help you to decide between to competing titles. If you become part of a self-publishing community, you can both get help and advice from like-minded individuals and start building valuable connections you can use once your book is out.

How do I make it look nice when printed? Resolution refers to the actual number of pixels when printed, and is nicely explained here.

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Here you see dimensions this can be measured in inches, centimeters or pixels , book cover size width and height and resolution measured in dpi dots per inch. Make sure to keep the original high resolution, just in case you end up with a print version or you need to change something later.

For file size, unfortunately you will have to stay under 2MB for being accepted at most stores. If your file is too big, you can try and reduce dimensions but keeping the original ratio but still staying over pixels. If a book has more than one format, you can view a particular format by doing a right-click on the button.

Covers calibre book

The Send to device action has eight variations, accessed by doing a right-click on the button. Send to main memory: The selected books are transferred to the main memory of the e-book reader. Send to card A : The selected books are transferred to the storage card A on the e-book reader.

Covers calibre book

Send to card B : The selected books are transferred to the storage card B on the e-book reader. Send specific format to: The selected books are transferred to the selected storage location on the device, in the format that you specify. Eject device: Detaches the device from calibre. Set default send to device action: Allows you to specify which of the options, 1 through 5 above or 7 below, will be the default action when you click the main button. Send and delete from library: The selected books are transferred to the selected storage location on the device and then deleted from the Library.

Fetch Annotations experimental : Transfers annotations you may have made on an e-book on your device to the comments metadata of the book in the calibre library. Also see The calibre template language. Normally, the newly created e-book is added to your e-book library, but if an e-book reader is connected at the time the download finishes, the news is also uploaded to the reader automatically.

The Fetch news action uses simple recipes lines of code for each news site. To learn how to create recipes for your own news sources, see Adding your favorite news website. The Fetch news action has three variations, accessed by doing a right-click on the button.

Schedule news download: Allows you to schedule the download of your selected news sources from a list of hundreds available. Scheduling can be set individually for each news source you select and the scheduling is flexible allowing you to select specific days of the week or a frequency of days between downloads.

Add a custom news source: Allows you to create a simple recipe for downloading news from a custom news site that you wish to access. Creating the recipe can be as simple as specifying an RSS news feed URL, or you can be more prescriptive by creating Python-based code for the task. For more information see Adding your favorite news website. Download all scheduled news sources: Causes calibre to immediately begin downloading all news sources that you have scheduled.

You could, for instance, create a fiction library, a non-fiction library, a foreign language library, a project library, or any structure that suits your needs. Libraries are the highest organizational structure within calibre. Each library has its own set of books, tags, categories and base storage location.

Quick switch: Allows you to switch between libraries that have been registered or created within calibre. Rename library: Allows you to rename a Library. Remove library: Allows you to unregister a library from calibre.

This list contains only the 5 most frequently used libraries. For the complete list, use the Quick Switch menu. Note Metadata about your e-books, e. If this file gets corrupted a very rare event , you can lose the metadata. By using the Restore database action under Library Maintenance described above, you can have calibre rebuild the metadata. You can copy or move books between different libraries once you have more than one library setup by right clicking on the book and selecting the action Copy to library.

This icon shows up automatically on the main calibre toolbar when you connect a supported device. You can click on it to see the books on your device. You can also drag and drop books from your calibre library onto the icon to transfer them to your device. Conversely, you can drag and drop books from your device onto the library icon on the toolbar to transfer books from your device to the calibre library. The Save to disk action has five variations, accessed by doing a right-click on the button.

Save to disk: Saves the selected books to disk organized in directories. Save to disk in a single directory: Saves the selected books to disk in a single directory.

How to Add a Book Cover to Ebooks in Calibre

For 1. Metadata is stored in an OPF file. Saved books can be re-imported to the library without any loss of information by using the Add books action. It also allows you to set up your calibre library for access via a web browser or email.

Connect to folder: Allows you to connect to any folder on your computer as though it were a device and use all the facilities calibre has for devices with that folder. Useful if your device cannot be supported by calibre but is available as a USB disk. When started, your calibre library will be accessible via a web browser from the Internet if you choose.

After setting up email addresses for this option, calibre will send news updates and book updates to the entered email addresses. Once you have set up one or more email addresses, this menu entry will be replaced by menu entries to send books to the configured email addresses.

Covers calibre book

It is context sensitive, i. If you have selected the Library, books will be removed from the library. If you have selected the e-book reader device, books will be removed from the device.