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The classic medical novel from #1 New York Times–bestselling author Arthur Hailey takes readers behind the scenes of a great hospital. Change is in the air. As a raging blizzard wreaks havoc at Lincoln International Airport outside Chicago, airport and airline personnel try to cope with this unstoppable force of nature. Arthur Hailey - In High Once again, Arthur Hailey captures a world between the covers of a book. . Arthur Hailey - The Final

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Author: Hailey Arthur The Final Diagnosis Medical Fiction · Read more Final Diagnosis: A Sector General Novel (Sector General) · Read more. PDF | On May 5, , Sanjay A Pai and others published The Final Diagnosis. Arthur Hailey, too, recognised this fact when he wrote. Arthur Hailey, too, recognised this fact when he wrote The Final Diagnosis in While most novels and movies dealing with medicine revolve around.

While today some may not entirely agree with the sweeping generalisation of the statement, it remains a fact that pathology forms the bedrock of medicine. Arthur Hailey, too, recognised this fact when he wrote The Final Diagnosis in While most novels and movies dealing with medicine revolve around clinicians, particularly surgeons, Hailey decided to make the department of pathology and the pathologist the core of the action. Surgeons and other physicians in the hospital are, of course, important players; they have to be, because, after all, pathology makes its existence felt after the surgeon has made the first move. When I first read the book just over a quarter of a century ago, I fell in love with the idea of working in a big hospital. Small wonder then that I chose this book as a must read for all doctors BMJ ;

Joe Pearson is the chief of pathology; once an excellent pathologist, he is now out of touch with the latest methods in laboratory medicine. Change is under way at the Three Counties Hospital, and Pearson faces the possibility of losing his job.

The Final Diagnosis by Arthur Hailey

That, however, could lead to loss of a substantial donation to the hospital, from a rich benefactor, who is a friend of Pearson's. Just as the surgeon-administrator Kent O'Donnell weighs the pros and cons of his decisions, Hailey balances O'Donnell's professional life with his love life. Tragedy surfaces in the book, as it does in real life in hospitals, when doctors make errors, or when terrifying diseases strike young, likeable people.

The story is readable nearly 50 years after it was first published. Undoubtedly, some of the scenes are melodramatic, at least from a physician's viewpoint. However, the issues that Hailey deals with are as relevant now as in Equally striking—and a reflection of the meticulous research that the author was famous for—is the fact that there are no bloomers in Hailey's descriptions of various medical procedures.

Perhaps for the first time, non-medical readers were introduced to the concept of frozen sections, clinico-pathologic conferences, and doubt and uncertainty in medicine. Arthur Hailey - In High Places. As the day begins at First Mercantile American Bank, so do the high-stake risks, the public scandals, and the private affairs.

It is the inside world where secret million-dollar deals are made, manipulated, and sweetened with sex by the men and women who play to win.

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Arthur Hailey - The Moneychangers. Arthur Hailey - Wheels All the human emotion. High stakes adventure and hidden secrets of America's 1 industry Once again, Arthur Hailey captures a world between the covers of a book Wheels roars through the authentic action and intrigue of America's richest business - automobiles.

Wheels - by the author of Hotel and Airport. Arthur Hailey - Wheels.

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For seven hours of suspense, a blocked runway, suicide, pickets, an aerial stowaway, pregnancy, smuggling, mass demonstrations, and a psychotic with his home-made bomb build to a nail-biting climax Arthur Hailey - Airport. Arthur Hailey - Hotel The "gilded youth" party has turned out a disaster A noble foreigner has killed two people in an accident and tries to get away with it A daughter of a millionaire, saved the hands of her rapists, falls in love with her rescuer No, that's not a detective story.

That's a day by day routine of an immense luxury hotel.

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