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Editorial Reviews. Review. This book was truly amazing! I'm I started reading it and I could . I never expected it to be so full of faith and inspiring messages. Don't get me wrong, it still seemed a bit cheesy and unrealistic, but I easily looked . Arousing Love, a teen novel I was very confused with the whole idea of this book, it started out nice and simple with this Read full review. Read free online: Can it be true love when you're only 15? Read the first 3 chapters of this popular teen novel - one of the highest rated books on iTunes-US with.

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Arousing Love: A Teen Novel by M.H. Storm, is a great book about romance. . a interesting book made you think about sex, religion, and love in a whole new. Arousing Love, a teen novel - Read online for free. Can it be true love One of the highest rated teen books on iBooks USA with over five star reviews on me, but she came right back, her hands full of wet sand, and splattered me with it. Arousing Love, a Teen Novel (): M. H. Strom: Books. I never expected it to be so full of faith and inspiring messages. Don't get.

There was an uncomfortable silence as I tried to think of something to say. You left your swimsuit here. Ill go get it for you. She looked embarrassed at the mention of her swimsuit. I started towards the shack.

Thats cool. So youre camping here? Yeah, with our parents. She smiled with such unguarded friendliness it took my breath away. We come here every year. Her lips were a soft, natural pink. Its a family camp. Her long, golden hair shimmered as she combed her fingertips around one ear. What about you? The dark-haired girl I presumed was Lizzie asked, distracting me from my stare. Uh, I live here. My parents own the store up the road. It sounded lame, but oh well.

Youre lucky. I looked at the pretty girl again as Lizzie continued to talk. When she fell silent I realized I hadnt heard a word shed said and now she was looking at me expectantly.

Um, yeah, I said, non-committal-like. Lizzie smiled. Me too. Id love to live near the sea. The pretty girl looked into my eyes then glanced away, a slight blush coming to her cheeks.

The skin from her throat down to her neckline was so smooth it shone with reflected sunlight. Its beautiful here. She looked again into my eyes and this time she held my gaze.

I was shocked at how pretty she was. We were just staring at each other and I knew I had to say something, but the conversational part of my brain had stopped working.

I swallowed. You wanna play? Lizzie called, looking past me. I turned to see a young boy approaching the booth and I stepped back to give him some room. The blonde girl gave me a wistful smile. I flashed her a grin, turned and walked away. I was on an adrenaline high, it was such a rush talking to a pretty girl like that. I started replaying our conversation in my head, inwardly groaning that I hadnt even said one semi-intelligent or witty thing the whole time.

I turned and my heart jumped. She was right behind me. Whats your name? She asked. She grinned. Im Joanna.

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She stood there for a moment just smiling at me. Well, it was nice meeting you, Zach. Hope I see you around some time. She whirled and danced away before I could say anything else. I stood watching after her. She really was something to look at. The next day, full of nervous energy, I jumped the fence and took a shortcut through the campground. I could hear the noise of the festival through the trees, and caught a whiff of popcorn and hotdogs reminding my stomach I hadnt eaten yet.

I came out into the wide-open blue of sparkling ocean stretching to the horizon, and joined the festivities on the beach. Various stalls were set up around a stage area where a small crowd had gathered to watch a performance. I wandered past them to the booth with the painted backdrop of the Eiffel tower and the words Taste of Paris scrawled above it. She wasnt there, only Lizzie sitting on a stool.

Hi, wheres Joanna? She went somewhere with her parents. Whenll she be back? I decided to stick around a while and wait for her. I leaned up against the booth. She likes you, ya know. She does? Yeah, she talks about you. I smiled. How old is she anyway? Fifteen, same as me. She didnt look that young. Lizzie gave me a sideways look. How old are you? Im eighteen. I watched her for a reaction but she just looked away.

A bubbly voice said behind me. I swung around to see Joanna with a beaming smile, obviously pleased to see me. She was wearing a dress with string straps showing off her smooth, tanned shoulders.

Hi, I said, suddenly self-conscious. We were just talking about you. Lizzie smirked. What were you saying? Joanna looked from her friend, to me, and back again. Oh, nothing, Lizzie teased, and I laughed. Joanna tried to frown at us but couldnt hold her expression long before breaking into a big grin. Hey, you wanna go to the games room with me? She looked right at me, waiting so expectantly for my answer that for a moment everything seemed frozen in time. Okay, I said, breaking the spell, and she smiled happily.

We walked through the campground, the girls leading the way. Joanna danced around me as she talked, spinning in front of me and walking backwards, then spinning around again. She was so excited. Man, what am I doing? This girls way too young for me.

But we can still hang out and have some fun, right? Well just be friends. We came to a building and Joanna grabbed my arm, pulling me through the side door. Arcade games lined the walls. There was a lounge area where some teenagers were playing cards, and in the middle of the room was a ping-pong table.

A group of kids of various ages stood in line beside it. Joanna followed my gaze. Ins and outs. I was pretty good at table tennis. The three of us got in line and it wasnt long until it was my turn as an older boy was getting all the little kids out. Hed met his match with me though as I quickly dispatched him to the back of the line. The little kids cheered, glad the boy was finally out. I looked at Joanna who was next in line.

She gave me a big smile then pushed Lizzie ahead of her. I laughed. Be nice. Im not too good at this, Lizzie pleaded. I gave her a gentle serve and she managed to hit it back a couple of times before she got out. Joanna took the paddle from her.

Be nice to me too. I served her a nice, easy one which she smashed back at me low and fast. I tried to get to it but the ball flew past me. I looked at her in amazement and she gave me a big, cheeky grin. I laughed, shaking my head as I went to the back of the line. I watched her while I waited for my turn.

She was nice to the little kids, giving them easy shots they could hit, but not so generous with the older ones, especially the boys. She was still in when it was my turn again, and I soon got my revenge, smashing her loopy serve.

She made a face at me, poking out her tongue as she went to the back of the line. A real camaraderie soon developed among our little group of players. We teased each other with silly banter, and I sometimes lost to the younger kids just to make things interesting for them. I was enjoying hanging out, giving them high-fives and encouragement. I kept glancing at Joanna, and I noticed she was looking at me a lot too.

I started showing off, acting like a professional tennis player, keeping light on my toes and grunting as I returned the ball.

I did big tennis-like serves, throwing the ball into the air and whacking it as it came down. I was enjoying myself and getting laughs, especially from Joanna, the crazy girl was giggling at everything. When I played her again she beat me.

She laughed at my exaggerated expression of shock. Other kids in the room had noticed how much fun we were having, and the line became so long the people at the end could sit on the sofas in the lounge area. I went and sat down on one of the love seats and was soon joined by Joanna herself. Shed lost to a little kid and everyone was teasing her about it.

I wondered if shed deliberately lost so she could come and sit with me. A little boy nudged me, Hey, youre sitting next to a girl.

That means you must like her. Yeah, shes my girlfriend, I joked, then glanced at Joanna. She was blushing, but she grinned back at me. She didnt seem to mind that the boy was loudly telling everyone what Id said. When Lizzie got out again she came over and whispered something to Joanna.

Hey Zach, we have to go. Joanna gave me a cute little pout. Its okay, I better get going too. Some of the younger kids begged us not to leave, even pulling at my arms to keep me there, but most of them decided to quit along with us and the game looked like it had come to an end.

Joanna was waiting for me by the door. That was fun. Yeah it was. We should do it again. How bout tomorrow? I could meet you here after five? She nodded and smiled.

I walked home feeling light and happy. Joanna obviously liked me, and I liked her. She was pretty, and funny, and. I couldnt wait to see her again. The next day, after I got off work, I headed over to the games room. As soon as Joanna caught sight of me she broke into a beautiful smile, and I couldnt help but smile too.

This girl just had a way of making me feel so good. Lizzie wasnt with her this time, in fact there was hardly anyone in the games room, and no one was playing ping-pong. Where is everyone? I dont know, theres no paddles, but I found this under the chair. She held up a ping-pong ball. You wanna play with me? Without paddles? Just use your hands. She giggled. It was actually a lot of fun.

The ball didnt travel as far from our hands but it made it over the net and was easy enough to return with a good slap. Joanna was giggling a lot, and I soon caught her mood. Sorry Im being so crazy. Its okay, I like you like this. You do? We stood there grinning at each other. Lets play a real game.

She slapped the ball at me. We played a game up to Lizzie came in and watched us while we were playing. You guys wanna go to the beach? You want to, Zach? I didnt want to. I was having too much fun with Joanna all to myself. Lets keep playing for a while. Joanna smiled at me, then gave Lizzie her cute, little sorry pout. Lizzie slumped onto the couch. When are you guys gonna be finished? Im so bored. We kept playing for a while, but it wasnt the same with Lizzie thereJoanna wasnt giggling anymore, the mood was broken.

I sighed. Alright, lets go to the beach. We hopped over the hot, white sand and found a place to sit. A couple of guys came and joined us, and Joanna introduced them to me.

One was Mattblond, tanned, and muscular. Her friends didnt seem to mind me being part of their group. Lets go swimming, Joanna said, looking at me. She got up and pulled her tshirt over her head revealing a light-blue bikini top underneath. Is she really only fifteen? Come on. She grabbed my arm to pull me up. Im not wearing swim shorts. She grinned and pushed off her shorts revealing a matching bikini bottom. I sat staring up at her, unable to take my eyes from that perfect skin, taking in every curve of her smooth, sculptured body.

She just stood there letting me look. When my eyes finally met hers she smiled and held out her hand. I didnt know what to do. I could swim in the shorts I was wearing, but for some reason I felt uncomfortable swimming with her like that. None of her friends were getting up either. Come on, Zach. She tugged at my arm, trying to get me up, but I resisted, staying firmly seated on the sand.

I was feeling so awkward and unsure of myself. She left me there and went down to the waters edge. I thought shed given up on me, but she came right back, her hands full of wet sand, and splattered me with it, giggling with glee as she rubbed it through my hair. Her friends were all laughing as I stood up, shaking my head and feeling wet sand dripping down my back.

I took off my shirt and chased a squealing Joanna down to the sea. She looked back to see me coming in after her. Im sorry! She laughed and screamed as I came closer. I was close enough to grab her but I hesitated. I was still shy about touching her like that, especially when she was hardly wearing anything. We stood there looking at each other for a moment until a big wave broke over us, wetting the last of our dry skin, making Joanna squeal.

I laughed, and she lunged at me, but I easily resisted, grabbing her around the middle and lifting her up. Her screams were cut short as she plunged head first into the water. I swam away, and she gave chase, grabbing my legs and dunking me. We played in the surf, splashing and laughing and innocently touching each other as much as possible, and somehow we ended up holding hands and floating over the waves together. Something was stirring in me.

Dont get any ideas about her, Zach, shes too young. But as I looked into those perfect, blue eyes, I knew it was already too late. When we came out of the water and joined her friends on the warm sand, there was another guy there with them. Hed been passing something around that theyd quickly put away when they saw us coming.

I didnt want to hang with her friends, I just wanted to be alone with Joanna. Lets go for a walk, I whispered. We strolled along the beach, the evening sea breeze cooling our wet skin, making us shiver. I placed my unbuttoned shirt around Joannas shoulders to keep her warm, and she wrapped it around herself, smiling up at me appreciatively.

Sorry bout my friends. What were they doing? Is it drugs? She nodded. Not Lizzie though, shes not into that. Of course not, Im a good girl. She laughed. I was glad about that. For some reason it mattered to me. So where are you from? I changed the subject. That far. How long are you staying?

Two weeks. She spoke with a noticeable shiver. At the end of the beach was a large rock. I put my arm around her and directed her towards it, and we squatted down out of the wind. I kept my arm there and she didnt seem to mind. It got cold all of a sudden. Her teeth chattered. Yeah, it can do that. I pulled her a little closer. We do activities and stuff, like the beach festival, and theres a talent show. Weve been here before so I know lots of people here. Thats how I knew Matt and Lizzie from last year.

Its cool, you know. I just live here. I know that. She exaggerated her words. Tell me something about you, like. I wondered if my age bothered her. Im sixteen, she said matter-of-factly. I gave her a doubtful look, and she blushed.

Well, Im nearly sixteen. August was still a couple of months away. Are you going to college? She changed the subject. Im still deciding what I wanna do. I was thinking about art school. Youre an artist? I wouldnt call myself an artist. I hate all the baggage that goes with that label. What do you mean? You know, artists have that whole mystique, like theyre something special just because theyre artists.

Most of the art these days isnt even that creative. It doesnt have much to say about anything, and most of it isnt even beautiful. Its meaningless, and anyone can do meaningless. Theres nothing to it. Maybe youll be a different kind of artist. She was sweet. I watched as a drop of water from her hair trickled down her face, pooling briefly at the corner of her lips.

Even now, loosely wrapped in my shirt, her hair limp, her skin blotched with sand, she was still so beautiful. Youre very pretty. Whats pretty about me? You have really pretty eyes. Keep going. Joanna coaxed. I laughed, and looked her over again. I actually think youre the prettiest girl Ive ever met. Wow, I thought youd say something dumb, but that was pretty good. What did you think Id say? I donno, Matt once told me I looked good in a bikini. I thought guys only noticed boobs and butts.

Well, theyre nice too. I grinned. She laughed and playfully smacked my arm, then she became coy, lowering her eyes. I like the way you look too. She tilted her head to one side and smiled at me. What do you like about me? I dont know. She stroked my arm. Youre strong, she glanced up into my eyes, and I like your face. You smile a lot. So do you. You have a nice laugh too. I felt her shiver and pulled her close again. Can we go somewhere warmer?

Wheres your place? She looked up at me with large eyes. My place? Yeah, just somewhere warm Its up there. I pointed up the hill behind us. I stood up from behind the rock and offered her my hand, just as I caught sight of an old friend from high school walking his dog on the beach. He saw me. Hey, Zach, what ya doing there? Joanna stood up next to me, and my friends expression kind of froze. I didnt say anything, just smiled awkwardly.

I took Joannas hand, and we started walking up the hill towards the road. Who was that? No one, just a guy I know. Are you embarrassed to be seen with me or something? No, it was just an awkward moment, thats all.

I slowed down a little and we walked hand in hand. I looked at her again, her face aglow in the warm colors of the waning sun. How could I be embarrassed to be seen with her? We walked into the parking lot of the convenience store. Thats my parents house over there behind the store. This is my little shack back here.

Arousing Love, a Teen Novel

I led her to the dilapidated guest house in the backyard. We went inside and she looked around. The room was a bit of a mess. My computer desk and dresser were piled high with junk. The set of shelves against the wall were filled with books and art supplies, and on the floor were some dirty clothes which I pushed under the bed with my foot. I straightened my bed so she had somewhere to sit. Oh, youve got a guitar. Yeah, I grabbed a new shirt from my closet.

Just started learning it. Ive mastered three whole chords so far. Erin didn't want to think about him over there having bedroom activities, either. She only wanted to sleep, but hours ago, the music had started and then hadn't stopped. Intending to kick the wall, Erin yanked down the covers, opened her eyes and blinked at the brightness. With a gasp she grabbed for her clock. Eight forty-five? What had happened to her alarm? Normally, Saturday mornings were for sleeping in, but not this Saturday.

This Saturday, she had to be on the phone by seven-thirty when the Jones Hall ticket office opened. Antonio Zamora, the Antonio Zamora, the violinist recently named one of America's sexiest men, was coming to Houston in November. Ever since he'd made that list, tickets to his concerts sold out instantly. Just thinking of being in the same room —okay, auditorium — with Zamora gave her a little thrill.

Looking at the shirtless picture of him in People magazine gave her a bigger one. Still, as a fellow musician, Erin counted herself as a true fan and not one lured by his bulging biceps or the smoldering looks he gave the camera as he caressed his violin. Squinting at the concert advertisement in the paper, Erin grabbed the telephone and punched in the number for the ticket office.

She'd expected the line to be busy, but she'd expected to be trying to get through much earlier. She wanted a ticket. Just one. At any price. She was even raiding her dining furniture fund — that's how badly she wanted a ticket. And because of Mick Armitage and his late-night entertaining, she might not get it. She hit Redial. Still busy. She hung up and hit Redial again. Okay, she smiled, Ill see you at five then. I watched her walk away then remembered I hadnt given her back her swimsuit.

I sighed and went back to the store. My dad was waiting for me. Who was that?

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What is she, a friend? A girl I like? Shes someone I met. He frowned. A little young isnt she? Why does everyone think shes too young? Shes less than three years younger than me. Thankfully, he didnt say anything else and went back to what hed been doing. Just before 5 oclock, Joanna came into the store. Her bright smile took my breath away, I was so glad to see her. I was thinking, Zach, Id really love to see some of your paintings if you have any you can show me?

Yeah, theres some in the house I can show you. I was happy to show her my art. As soon as I finished up, we went over to the house and I led her into the living room. Thats one I did last year. I pointed to the large painting above the fireplace.

And this one too. I went around the house pointed out my paintings to her.


There were quite a few my parents had hanging on their walls. Youre really talented. She peered at one of the portraits. Do you have any more like this? Theres another portrait in my room. My parents didnt want it for the house. Its a nude. Not really their thing. I grinned. She laughed. I wanna see it. Alright, but the subjects not as beautiful as another Ive seen recently. It took her a moment to grasp my meaning, then her mouth dropped open.

I cant believe you! She slapped my arm and laughed. I laughed too. Whos your friend, Zach? My mom had come into the room. Oh, Mom, this is Joanna. My mom smiled at Joanna then gave me her quizzical eyebrows look. Id never brought any girls to the house before so who knows what she was thinking. Joanna wanted to see some of my art, I explained. Oh yes, hes good isnt he? He is. Theyre all very good.

The portraits are my favorite. Hes done some nice landscapes too. Its a pity there arent more of them here. He keeps giving them away to his friends. Were going now, Mom. I ushered Joanna towards the door. It was nice meeting you, Mrs. Zachs mom. My mom smiled. It was nice meeting you too, Joanna. We went out to the shack and I unlocked the door. Your mom seems nice. I closed the door behind us and we looked at each other. I could feel the nervous tension between us like we were waiting for something to happen.

Maybe its not a good idea to come here. Its okay, I wont take a shower this time. She laughed, though it didnt really ease the tension.

I pulled my painting out from behind the shelf. Why do you keep it back there? Its not really something Id want on my wall, and Ive got nowhere else to put it. I thought I detected a slight blush as Joanna looked over the female nude figure in the painting. Its beautiful. How long did it take you to paint her? Not long. I work pretty fast. Who did you use for a model? She lifted her eyes from the painting to look at me. It was just a photo. Her eyes wandered a little before returning to mine.

Have you ever seen a naked woman in real life? Her question took me by surprise. Uh, you mean apart from you? She blushed. I dont know, probably not. I was ashamed to admit that. Actually, I had a dream about you last night. It felt like it meant something. What was it?

It wasnt sexual or anything, but you were naked. I smiled as she blushed again. She was so cute. I put the painting back behind the shelf as I recounted the dream to her. It was like you were seeing the real me and I was seeing the real you we accepted each other for who we really are. She smiled. So, have I seen the real you yet? You have, its just. You know what I mean? Yeah, but Im not like that, Im just me. You dont care what other people think of you? I care what you think of me.

She smiled a little smile that made her seem so vulnerable. You wanna know what I think? I think youre amazing. Youre beautiful and happy and free, and youre so much fun to be with. I really like you a lot. Joanna tilted her head to one side and smiled shyly. You know, I think teenagers are afraid of rejection more than anything else.

Yeah, I know. We tear each other to pieces trying to be accepted. Its a teen eat teen world. And the media feeds our fears. They tell us whats cool and whats not, and how to look and act to be accepted. I nodded.

Everyones trying to manipulate us and they know how to target our weaknesses. I hate it. I hate it too. Youre a bit of a deep thinker arent you, Joanna. I guess. Its good to be able to think for yourself. Therere people trying to force their way of thinking on us all the time. Like who?

You know, like the media and all the politically correct stuff. Theyre deliberately guiding our thinking in certain ways which is like social engineering. Its not all bad, but this is meant to be the land of the free, and its not freedom if were taught what to think. Its indoctrination. Youre a deep thinker too, arent you, Zach. I like to think so. Do you believe in God? Her eyes searched mine. Uh, yeah, I guess.

I dont see much good in Christianity though. Mostly a lot of hypocrites who think theyre better than everyone else.

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Im a Christian. Not that Im perfect or anything, as youve already seen. Well I didnt mean you. I smiled hoping I hadnt offended her too much. She smiled too. I dont think of myself as better than anyone else, but I try to be what a Christian is supposed to be. Im not always good at that, but I guess God is still working on me. Hey, can I play you one of my songs? Its kind of about this. You write songs? She just kept surprising me. She got my guitar and sat down on the bed. I dont usually play my songs for other people, so dont laugh or anything.

She gave the guitar a quick tune. Its called Why Me. She started plucking the strings in an intricate melody, and then began to sing in a sweet, lilting voice. It was a song about the love of God who saved her even while she was still a sinner. She closed her eyes and sang with a gentle intensity, it was amazing. When she finished, I clapped. Wow, that was so good. You sing with such emotion. Yeah, and youre really good with the guitar.

You think you could teach me to play like that? Sure, I could try. Actually, I was gonna ask you something. Whats that? You think you could paint me a picture?

She grinned. I smiled. Thats funny, I was going to ask if I could paint your portrait. Not nude though. I can just paint that from memory. She laughed and grabbed my pillow to swing at me, and thats when she saw her bikini laying where my pillow had been. She just stared at it. I was so embarrassed. Oh yeah, I was gonna give those back to you. She gave me a strange look then started laughing.

Id let you keep them since you obviously like them so much, but I kind of need them for swimming. Shes so amazing, she never makes me feel bad about anything. Hey, is that your camera? We should take some photos! Yeah, thats a great idea! I got the camera down from the shelf and we started taking photos of each other. We tried to take one with both of us in the same shot but we were giggling like crazy and all the photos looked like we were drunk.

We fell back on the bed laughing, and lay there looking at each other. She smiled at me and I leaned over and kissed her smiling lips, followed by another, and another, covering her mouth with tiny kisses. She responded with little kisses of her own, our lips opening and closing over each others, sharing each others quickened breath. The tips of our tongues touched sending sensations through me. I stroked my fingers through her soft hair. Youre so beautiful, I whispered.

We lay there for a long time, completely consumed with each other like nothing else existed, just staring into each others eyes, our souls communing. Joanna sat up. What time is it? She looked around and saw my clock. I should go, my parents will be wondering where I am. I could try and come back later, after dinner, if you want? I could paint your portrait then. She kissed me and climbed over me to get up.

At the door she glanced back and said in a teasing voice, Maybe Ill even let you paint me nude. She flashed me a cheeky smile and was gone.

Whoa, shes such a flirt. I went to the house to see if dinner was ready. As soon as I walked through the door my mom started asking me questions about Joanna.

Shes very pretty. How old is she? How did you meet her? Shes nearly sixteen, but shes mature for her age. What about her parents? What do they think of an eighteen year old boy hanging around with their daughter? I dont know. They probably dont know about it. Be careful, Zach. She might seem mature to you but sixteen year olds are still emotionally fragile.

They seek attention and flattery at that age, and they often have such a low self esteem theyll do anything to be admired or loved. Shes not like that. Shes very self confident. You still need to be careful. You dont want to break her heart. Yeah, okay Mom. I signaled an end to the conversation. She was right though, I had to be careful not to break Joannas heart.

But maybe it was too late for that. Maybe well both get hurt and theres nothing we can do except live through it and eventually get over it. I headed for the door with my dinner in hand. My dad was standing in the hallway and must have been listening to our conversation. He shook his head at me. If you cant see that girl is trouble youre a bigger fool than I took you for. You dont even know her, Dad. I saw her in that skimpy, little dress. I walked past him and out the door.

Hes so judgmentalas if hes so perfect and knows everything. In my room, I put on some music to match my mood and turned it up loud. I got out my paints and brushes and set up the easel ready for her portrait.

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I only had two canvases left. There was a quiet knock at the door and I leaped to open it. She breezed in and kissed me, her eyes dancing. What did you say to your parents? They just think Im with my friends. Sometimes Matt and Dave make a fire on the beach and we stay out til after midnight, so they wont miss me for a while. You want me to paint your portrait then? She seemed to shiver. You can paint me now. She smiled up at me.

I showed her the two canvases I had left. I can use one for your portrait and the other to paint something else for youwhatever you want. Maybe you can do two portraitsone for me and one for you to keep. Okay, if you dont mind sitting for two portraits? I sure didnt mind painting her twice. No, I dont mind, but the one I keep cant be a nude.

I looked at her and she blushed. You mean. I couldnt even say it. She nodded and smiled at me. My heart started racing. Okay, I gave her a reassuring smile, Dont worry, thisll be great.

I was saying it to myself as much as for her. I felt all jittery as I put the canvas up on the easel. So where do you want me? She asked meekly. Umm, you can sit on the bed if you want, or stand, any way youre comfortable. Are we doing the nude one first? Her question took my breath away. If you want to.

Is she really gonna do this? I took a deep breath and watched to find out. She was blushing, and fumbling with her clothes. She looked around at all the windows to see if anyone could see in, then she slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor with a flutter.

Wow, amazing how easy it comes off.