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Twilight is a young adult vampire-romance novel written by author Stephenie It is the first book of the Twilight series, and introduces seventeen-year-old Jacob scoffs at the stories, saying his father is a crazy old man. Rate this book To ask other readers questions about The Twilight Saga, please sign up. .. previous four (yes, I wrote four more of this shit) parts of this ramble may be found in my reviews of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Full Story: Twilight A/U of Twilight with male Bella. .. I did some reading, deciding to study Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights', my favourite book.

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Twilight (stylized as twilight) is a young adult vampire-romance novel by author Stephenie Meyer. It is the first book in the Twilight series, and introduces seventeen-year-old The novel was named one of Publishers Weekly's Best Children's Books of The film .. Twilight; New Moon · Eclipse · Breaking Dawn. Twilight is a series of four vampire-themed fantasy romance novels by American author The books have been adapted into The Twilight Saga series of motion . more books: New Moon (), Eclipse (), and Breaking Dawn (). Find the complete Twilight book series listed in order. includes books Twilight, Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, New Moon, and Eclipse - Book #3 of the Twilight · Eclipse. Maria Postema, Stephenie Meyer Breaking Dawn - Book #4 of the Twilight The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide - Book # of the Twilight.

Twilight is a young-adult vampire-romance novel by author Stephenie Meyer. Twilight was initially rejected by 14 agents, but became an instant bestseller when published originally in hardback in , debuting at 5 on the New York Times Best Seller list within a month of its release and later peaking at 1. The novel was also the biggest selling book of and, to date, has sold 17 million copies worldwide, spent over 91 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list, and been translated into 37 different languages. It is the first book of the Twilight series, and introduces seventeen-year-old Isabella "Bella" Swan, who moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington and finds her life in danger when she falls in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen. A film adaptation of Twilight was released in

Likewise, he is too much in love to push her away, even for her own good. He takes her to watch while he and his family play vampire baseball, and while they are there, another, more violent vampire coven comes by. There he almost kills her, but the other vampires arrive in time, and Edward saves her.

He has bitten her, though, and Edward must use all of his self-control to suck just enough of her blood to get the vampire venom out without killing her. He succeeds, and Bella is left with only a few broken bones and a cut on her forehead. Bella heals and goes back to Forks, where Edward surprises her by taking her to the prom.

She tells him that she wants him to change her into a vampire too so that she can be with him forever, but he is staunchly against it, not wanting to take her life from her while she still has another choice—and while she still has her family. Twilight 1 book. Twilight study guide contains a biography of Stephenie Meyer, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis of Twilight.

Twilight essays are academic essays for citation. The pair wandered into the area one day, Alice said she had seen a vision of them, and they wanted to live the Cullen lifestyle. Jasper was a Confederate soldier in the Civil War when he was made a vampire.

Oddly, Alice has no recollection of when or where she came from, a total mystery to this day. Edward also ashamedly tells of a time when he went through a rebelious stage, and left Carlisle to hunt humans. He tried to feed on only "bad" people, like murderers, but one day he looked in the mirror, saw his dark, blood red eyes, and penitantly returned to his father. In Edward's room, Bella claims to Edward that she was not afraid of him. Seeing through this, he teases "You really shouldn't have said that", and pounces on her, landing on top of her on his couch.

Just then, Alice and Jasper burst in, and Alice announces that there will be a thunderstorm that evening, so the Cullens would be able to play baseball without the sound of their equally thunderous batting drawing attention.

Bella tags along. They take Emmett's jeep up a road until it ends, then the vampires run. Left behind by the others, Edward tells Bella to get on his back, but remembering how sick she felt last time, she refuses.

Leaning her agaisnt the jeep he kisses her softly until she agrees, then kisses her hard once, and like their first kiss he has to stave her off. Making it clear that he is far from completely mastering his self-control around her, he exclaims she'll be the death of him, then slings her up, and they run to join the others in another clearing.

Bella and Esme as referee watch the others play baseball, and all is well until suddenly Alice halts the game, warning that other vampires are on their way Three vampire nomads - Laurent, James, and Victoria - enter the clearing and are intrigued by the gathering.

Zeroing in on Bella, they ask if the Cullens will share their "snack".

Book twilight story

When Edward moves protectively to sheild Bella, James, the Tracker, notices. Now it is too late, this is what James loves: a challenge. To save Bella, the Cullens split up. Jasper and Alice will take Bella to Phoenix the idea being that James would not expect her to go where she said she was going , Esme changes clothes with Bella and along with Rosalie will try to draw James off, and Emmett, Edward, and Carlisle will hunt James down - though Carlisle abhors violence he sees no other way.

Bella stops by home, Edward telling her she only has moments to grab some things, and make an excuse to Charlie why she must leave so that he won't worry and search for her.

It breaks her heart, but she must break his heart. She shreiks at him that she hates it here, and is going back to her true home, even throwing in the last words her mother had said to him before he left him. Sobbing on Alice's shoulder, she falls asleep as Jasper drives the three of them to Pheonix. Jasper, Alice, and Bella are stuck in a hotel room together.

Bella feels awful - guilty and frightened.

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Jasper begins to use his ability to calm her. Talking with Alice while Jasper is out, Bella learns that usually people die when bitten by a vampire because like a shark, they go into a feeding frenzy. In order for someone to become one of the undead, they must be bitten but not drained, and that takes more self-control than most have. The vampire venom works in them then, for three days of unimaginably excruciating pain, one of the many reasons Alice says Edward refuses to change Bella.

Later, Alice has a vision of a dark room with mirrors, and she cries out "Bella! Jasper is concerned for her, and sits with her while she draws the room from her vision.

Bella looks over her shoulder, and recognizes it as the ballet studio she went to as a child. This worries the two Cullens even more.

The cell rings, and Bella answers in hopes that it's Edward. It's James. In the backround Bella hears her distressed mother. James says he will let Renee go if Bella meets him in the ballet studio. He gives her until noon to break away from her protectors, which seems impossible to Bella. The three head to the Phoenix airport, where Bella and Edward will meet up and fly somewhere safe.

However, worried sick about her mom, Bella goes to a bathroom that she knows has two exits, and runs out the far side, just barely managing to get away from Jasper, and jumping into a nearby cab. Arriving at the ballet studio, James is waiting for her.

She is releaved to find that he had been playing a home video from her house in the background of the phonecall to trick her into thinking that he had her mom. James sets up a camcorder so that Edward can watch him kill Bella later.

He sniffs her, mocks her, trips her as she tries to flee, breaks her leg, and throws her into the mirrored wall. She lies bleeding to death amid shards of glass on the floor, and James goes in for the kill, biting her wrist. Just then the Cullens rush in, and drag James off of her.

Three of them: Edward, Alice, and Carlisle kneel over Bella. Alice braces Bella's head as Carlisle works on her leg. Edward holds her hand and begs her to live. Bella's whimpers turn to screams as the place where James bit her wrist begins to burn. Carlisle who was the one to change the others realizes what is happening, and tells Edward he will have to suck out the venom or she will become a vampire.

Terrified, he proclaims he can't, that he'll be unable to stop himself from draining her dry. But Carlisle urges that he must because the only other person that could is himself, and her leg must be tended to immediately. Steeling himself, Edward sucks on her wrist, which initially makes Bella hurt worse, and Alice has to brace her harder, but then after awhile she starts to feel sleepy and the pain numbs.

All that is left to be seen is if Edward can stop himself before killing her By this time James is dead having been ripped to shreds and set on fire - that's how you kill a vampire and the ballet studido is burning down. Edward picks her up, and Bella loses conciousness as he carries her. Waking up days later in the hospital, Bella finds herself hooked up to various machines, sporting casts, an IV in her arm, a bandaged hand, and Edward at her bedside.

He tells her that Alice had seen the videotape that James was making in a vison. To add to the insult, James had told that he knew where Alice came from. He even knew her last name. The reason she couldn't remember anythign was because she had been locked away in a dark cold hole of an insane assylum because of her visions.

Her unfeeling family had faked her death and sent her there to rot. James found her and wanted to make her his, but an older vampire beat him to it, and he had wanted vengeance ever since.

Story book twilight

After Bella is through absorbing this story, Renee comes into the room, Carlisle having called her Alice had too much fun fabricating an "accident" at a hotel , and Edward pretends to be asleep. To please her mom, she proclaims Edward to be just a crush, and her mom leaves.

Edward then tells Bella that he really is just a crush, and she can't beleive he could think that! Bella demands Edward to promise to never ever leave her. He feels that all this is his fault, and will only agree to promise not to leave her so long as she needs him. He kisses her softly and the heart moniter goes wild. Dissapointing her mom, Bella says she wishes to continue living with her dad, and goes with the Cullens back to Forks, where she apologizes profusely to Charlie.

Months later, the delighted Alice gets Bella all dolled up — who is not sure why.

The Twilight Saga

Edward comes and picks her up, in a tux, and she is horrified that he takes her to the prom. However, Edward is suave enough that despite the fact that her leg is still in a cast, she has a good time. At the prom, Jacob shows up and says that his dad payed him in car parts he loves to fix up old cars to come tell her to beware of Edward. Embarrased, he shrugs and leaves. Edward and Bella exit the dance to sit outside. Bella is saved by Edward again in Port Angeles when she is almost attacked.

Driving a silver Volvo, Edward takes Bella to dinner and then back home. As they drive, she tells him of the stories that he is a vampire. Edward says he tried to stay away, finding her scent too desirable. Over time, Edward and Bella fall in love. Their relationship is affected when a nomad vampire coven arrives in Forks. James , a tracker vampire who is intrigued by Cullens' relationship with a human, wants to hunt Bella for sport.

Full Story: Twilight Chapter 1: TWILIGHT: First Light, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

James calls and claims to be holding her mother hostage. When Bella surrenders, James attacks her. Before he can finish her, Edward and other Cullens rescue her and kill James.

He still attacks the girl. Edward prevents her from becoming a vampire, and she is treated at a hospital. After they return to Forks, they go to the school prom together. Bella says that she wants to become a vampire, but Edward cannot help at the time. Bella's desire to become a vampire increases throughout the series.

Edward continues to refuse as he hates being immortal, and does not want Bella to suffer the same fate. Meyer claims that the idea for Twilight came to her in a dream on June 2, She dreamed of a human girl and a vampire who loved her but still wanted her blood.

Inspired by her dream, Meyer wrote the draft of what is now Chapter 13 of the book. At first, Meyers didn't name her two main characters. She named the female lead Isabella, thinking she would have chosen that for a daughter. Rosalie and Jasper were originally named Carol and Ronald. Meyer continued writing to the end chronologically, not worrying about the backstory.

She lettered the chapters instead of numbering them, Chapter 13 being E. The last chapter of the first draft kept getting longer and longer, so she wrote epilogue after epilogue. However, she realized that she wanted to explore many of the events in the backstory and the reasons behind the events in the chapters, so she planned to write a chapter backstory.

Instead, these turned into twelve chapters by the time she was finished. Her sister liked the book and encouraged Meyer to send the manuscript to literary agencies. An inexperienced assistant at Writers House responded to her inquiry, not knowing that young adult books are expected to be about 40, to 60, words in length. Stephenie Meyer has said the apple on the cover represents the forbidden fruit from the Book of Genesis and Bella and Edward's forbidden love. She uses a quote from Genesis 2: It also represents Bella's knowledge of good and evil, and the choices she makes.

Meyer's inquiry letter was initially rejected by 14 agents. For the tenth anniversary release Meyer released Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined alongside the original Twilight. Life and Death is a reimagining of the story with Beau a male human and Edythe a female vampire as the leads.

Initial reviews for Twilight were generally positive, with Publishers Weekly called Meyer one of the most "promising new authors of ". Martin of School Library Journal addresses the appeal of the novel to be due to its clear and understandable nature, allowing readers to become fully engaged [39] Norah Piehl of TeenReads also wrote, " Twilight is a gripping blend of romance and horror".

She also praised the depth of emotion shown between the main characters for pinpointing "the angst of teenage love.

Twilight Summary

Kirkus gave a more mixed review, noting that, "[ Twilight ] is far from perfect: Edward's portrayal as monstrous tragic hero is overly Byronic, and Bella's appeal is based on magic rather than character. Nonetheless, the portrayal of dangerous lovers hits the spot; fans of dark romance will find it hard to resist.

A little more "showing" and a lot less "telling" might have been a good thing, especially some pruning to eliminate the constant references to Edward's shattering beauty and Bella's undying love.

Twilight was adapted as a film by Summit Entertainment. The screenplay was adapted by Melissa Rosenberg.