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Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 1

Hikaru runs into the rest of the Host Club, including Tamaki who is relieved to see he is okay. Hikaru tells Tamaki that he confessed to Haruhi and hasn't got a reply, but he is going to fight for her.

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He tells Tamaki that he should also do his best and not give into his 'traumas'. Tamaki wonders what Hikaru means, and what Haruhi will reply to him.

He wants the Host Club to stay a family forever. Later at the party, Haruhi tells Mei she was dense not to realise Hikaru's feelings and goes outside to speak to Hikaru privately. Outside, Haruhi tells Hikaru that she doesn't feel the same, but he's an important friend to her and hopes that won't change.

Hikaru asks if she likes Tamaki.

Ouran High School Host Club

An embarrassed Haruhi admits she respects Tamaki, but says he's also annoying. Hikaru teases that he still has a chance with her then!

Highschool club ouran pdf host manga

Later on, Hikaru tells Tamaki that Haruhi rejected him. The Club make plans to visit a shrine together in the New Year, and Hikaru invites Haruhi to let her know they can still be friends.

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His father reassures him that family bonds can't be broken by distance. Tamaki wakes up and mentions that he wasn't invited to the New Year party at the main residence again and so it's unlikely that he will succeed his Grandmother, who is chairman of the Suoh business and lives at the main residence. He realises he's late to meet the others at the Asakusa temple. On meeting up, Hikaru notices that Tamaki is distracted and challenges him to a competition to download something that Haruhi will love the most.

They split up, but later on Tamaki runs into Haruhi. Tamaki mentions Hikaru, and Haruhi confesses that she hates herself for not realising his feelings sooner and questions how she can succeed as a lawyer if she's so dense.

Tamaki reassures her and tells her to be more confident. He gives her an Ootoro Ring, which he bought earlier as part of Hikaru's challenge, which cheers her up.

Seeing her happiness, Tamaki wonders what kind of love he feels for Haruhi and absent-mindedly touches her face - embarrassing them both. Tamaki explains to Haruhi that he's not really her father, and Haruhi calls him an idiot and says she never thought of him like a father. Embarrassed, she runs away and Tamaki chases after her. He finds her Ootoro Ring on the ground, but Haruhi has disappeared. They trace her mobile phone to find her location, and Kyoya works out that the kidnappers are people having business problems with the Suohs.

Tamaki, Hikaru, Hunny and Mori reach the location and find Haruhi unharmed. Kanazuki's Big Date. Mori's Day Off. The Very First Day. Kuze's Happy and Unhappy Everyday Life. Love or Dream? Seizaburo Tachibana, Ohtori Staff Member.

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Please Please Me. Hitachiin Family Background. Mori's Secret.

Club ouran pdf host highschool manga

Ouran Suspense Theater. Daily Life in the Fujioka Family. Romantic Egoist. Honey's Bun-Bun.