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Dedication Preface J. B. Bobo Acknowledgments Prologue-Of Coins and Conjuring Scot On Monie, I: Coin PDF | by download [11 MByte] The revised and greatly expanded edition of this book is The New Modern Coin Magic. It is the revised and greatly enlarged version of Modern Coin Magic. Sleeving Coin Boxes Shells Trick Coins Routines Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic by Magic Inc. The second one is a reformatted and reflowing PDF version which will . Title: [DOWNLOAD -PDF-] Modern Coin Magic Coin Sleights and Book Details Author: J.B. Bobo Pages: Binding: Paperback.

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Bobo's Coin Magic - Learn Free Magic Tricks - The Hottest there have appeared a few books devoted partly to coin magic but was mailed brought Modern. BOBO'S COIN MAGIC. By J.B. Bobo. Edited by John Braun. Illustrated by Nelson C. Hahne. Dedication: To My Great Grandfather JEAN BEAUBEAUX who, when. I thought it would be special to offer Downs' Modern Coin Manipulation. things in it more advanced, and not covered in Bobo's large edition.

May 4, Although some prefer actual books, when you enlarge it on a big screen, it might be better than a book. Downs dedicated this to the magical fraternity of the world, years ago. He would be pleased that we can share this now. Many of the sleights seem out of date, but if you continue, you realize we may not be as far ahead as we think.

The best manual for amateurs, an encyclopedic source for professionals.

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Nelson Downs Modern Coin Manipulation published in to produce a complete manual of coin sleights and tricks. You will be able to download two versions of this ebook.

One is a facsimile edition of the edition printed by Magic Inc. The second one is a reformatted and reflowing PDF version which will display better on small screen devices and is a much smaller file to download.

Preface J.

Coin Concealments: Basic Technique: Coin Vanishes Chapter IV: Complete Coin Vanishes: Quick Tricks: The Art of Sleeving: Coins Across: Coin Classics: Coin Boxes: Trick Coin Trickery: Shell and Folding Half: Stage Coin Magic: The Miser's Dream: The Stanley Collins Section: Lessons in Coin Magic: Selected Coin Tricks: Trick Coin Miscellany: